Residence Chez Léon / Quinzhee Architecture

Architects: Quinzhee Architecture
Area: 129 m²
Year: 2023
Photographs: Adrien Williams
Main Contractor: KEVLAR Habitations
Construction Contractors: Boreas Construction
General Engineering: MA-TH Solutions d’ingénierie
Project Team: Guillaume Fafard, Gabriel Lemelin
City: Charlevoix Regional County Municipality
Country: Canada

The Chez Léon residence, a residential building designed by Quinzhee Architecture in Charlevoix, Quebec, rises on stilts to merge with the treetops, enabling views of the St. Lawrence River. It features a contemporary chalet design that minimizes ecological impact through its structure and material choices, embodying both modernity and environmental sensitivity.

Residence chez léon / quinzhee architecture

Situated on a sloping, wooded plot in Charlevoix, Quebec, the Chez Léon residence, crafted by Quinzhee Architecture, is elevated on stilts to align with the treetops, offering views of the St. Lawrence River. The design was envisioned to integrate a contemporary chalet that harmonizes with its surroundings, aiming for a minimal ecological impact. This vision led to the construction of the residence on pilotis, with sleek, refined volumes adorned with expansive south-facing bay windows.

The design allows for a minimal footprint; the sheltered area beneath the main volume enables occupants to enjoy outdoor spaces even in inclement weather, allowing nature to integrate seamlessly with the structure. A concrete monolith extends perpendicularly under the pilotis. The entrance features a spacious vestibule, a laundry room, and a bathroom that serves visitors returning from skiing or mountain biking.

Residence chez léon / quinzhee architecture

Ascending the residence, the staircase and corridor serve as a transition from the social areas to the private quarters. The passage, finished with the same cedar used on the exterior, offers a visual connection to the mountains behind and the river ahead.

The main living areas are designed to maximize views, with the spa terrace at the rear providing a private retreat. Flanking the kitchen, glass doors open to a screened area, providing a space to enjoy the natural surroundings in comfort.

Residence chez léon / quinzhee architecture

For insulation, the architects selected double-framed walls to effectively manage thermal bridging. The comfort inside is maintained by a combined heating, air conditioning, and ventilation system that includes an air exchanger and a high-efficiency heat pump.

The Chez Léon residence is thoughtfully reduced to essential spaces and uses materials in their natural state, merging gracefully with the forest landscape. It evokes the nostalgic feel of a childhood “tree house,” while representing a modern, eco-conscious design approach.

Residence chez léon / quinzhee architecture
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Address: Charlevoix Regional County Municipality, Canada

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