Residential Minimalist Concrete House / NEBRAU

Architects: NEBRAU
Area: 360 m²
Year: 2017
Photography: NEBRAU
Lead Architects: Laurynas Avyzius, Andrius Gabrys
Project Team: Laurynas, Avyzius, Andrius Gabrys, Mantas Jankauskas
Landscape Design: Artūras Poškus, Domas Timinskas
Glass Art: Ieva Žilytė
Concrete Façade: “Betonika”, UAB NEBRAU
Bricks Façade: Wienerberger, PAGUS ILUZO GRIJS ZWART
Windows: Klaipėdos Doleta, UAB NEBRAU
Frameless Interior Door: “Primus NV”, UAB NEBRAU
Clients: Remigijus Drakšas, Lina Drakšienė
City: Aukštkiemiai
Country: Lithuania

Residential Minimalist Concrete House, designed by NEBRAU in Lithuania, harmonizes with the landscape, emphasizing natural surroundings. Completed in 2016, it features a division of spaces into four functional zones: living, resting-sleeping, SPA, and utility areas. The use of solid, sculptural concrete integrates the building with its environment, while traditional Lithuanian ornaments enhance the interior’s warmth and coziness.

Residential minimalist concrete house / nebrau

The intention behind the design was to create an architectural character that is clear, unique, and harmonious with the landscape, preserving and highlighting the natural surroundings.

The house is situated on an angular, square-shaped plot that initiates a row of villas. This small-volume turn maintains the built-up area’s line.

Residential minimalist concrete house / nebrau

The landscaping was delicately managed: existing trees were preserved, blossoming meadows were maintained, and new ones were projected. Attention was given to the gradual growth in terrain height, which, along with new mounds, creates privacy. Natural covers such as wood chips, natural stone, and various granite types were used. Two exterior terraces were designed with a close relationship to each other, the interior, and the yard environment.

The building’s functionality was achieved by dividing the spaces into four zones: the living zone (kitchen, dining room, and guest room), resting-sleeping zone (main sleeping room with wardrobe and bath, two children’s rooms with WC and shower), SPA zone (Jacuzzi, leisure room, sauna, WC, and shower), and garage and utility rooms. These zones are connected by a spacious corridor and an open-type interior yard.

Residential minimalist concrete house / nebrau

The architecture, with its volume, proportions, and material selection, integrates well into its surroundings. The building’s solid, sculptural concrete decoration outlines the volume, with shade lines emphasizing the contrast between volumes and materials. The facade’s horizontal lines are visible from the main street, and the intersection of the SPA and living zones is particularly striking. Facade materials include concrete slabs and seamless clinker blocks.

The interior aims for a warm, cozy atmosphere, using natural and reliable materials such as concrete for the fireplace and kitchen floor, natural wood for most other areas, and stone tiles for the corridor, SPA, and sanitation units.

Residential minimalist concrete house / nebrau

Traditional Lithuanian ornaments decorate the interior, with concrete slabs featuring honeycomb patterns symbolizing the “network of life” and glass art reminiscent of ancient Lithuanian house door symbols.

Residential minimalist concrete house / nebrau
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Project Location

Address: Ringelio Alley, Aukštkiemiai, Klaipėda District 92359, Lithuania

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