Samitaur Tower / Eric Owen Moss Architects

Architects: Eric Owen Moss Architects
Area: 465 m² (5,000 ft²)
Year: 2010
Photography: Tom Bonner
Builder: Samitaur Constructs
Structural Engineering: Arup
Facade: Toft, Denevers & Lee
Electrical Engineering: Lucci & Associates
Mechanical & Plumbing Engineering: Nibecker & Associates
Civil Consultants: Paller Roberts
City: Culver City
Country: United States

Samitaur Tower, an information tower designed by Eric Owen Moss Architects in Culver City, California, serves as a landmark for the re-developed zone. Constructed at the intersection of Hayden Avenue and National Boulevard, it symbolizes urban development and provides various informational displays. Completed in 2010, the tower integrates with the new Expo light rail transit line from downtown Los Angeles.

Samitaur tower / eric owen moss architects
Samitaur tower / eric owen moss architects

The tower has both introverted and extroverted planning goals. Internally, it symbolizes the new urban development, provides changing art displays for local viewers, and offers graphic content and data on its five high-resolution rear projection screens about upcoming events and tenant achievements in the area.

Samitaur tower / eric owen moss architects

Externally, it displays culturally significant content, local event information, and various art and graphic presentations to passing car audiences in Culver City and West Los Angeles.

The Expo Line, with an estimated ridership of 30,000 passengers per day, has two stations blocks east and west of the site. This ensures a large daily audience for the tower’s art displays and increases pedestrian traffic from the train stops to local businesses.

Samitaur tower / eric owen moss architects
Project Gallery
Project Location

Address: 3524 Hayden Ave, Culver City, California 90232, United States

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