Slash / Apollo Architects

Slash / Apollo Architects

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Slash / apollo architects

This house stands in a nature park with an ocean view, and a mountain behind it. It was designed as a weekend house for the owner to relax while enjoying sunset views. The site is along a busy road. Therefore, the problems of noise and privacy were solved by making enough distance between the road and the building, and by using a reinforced concrete structure facade with minimal openings.

Slash / apollo architects

A parking lot for several cars was made on the east side of the site for hosting many guests. The approach to the building is a shallow down-slope, which is intentionally curved to generate expectations for the interior space. Since the side facing the ocean is lower than the road side, occasional views of the sea horizon are glimpsed through the horizontal ribbon windows on the facade while approaching the house. The building is one story in order to create harmony with the environment. By designing a long north-south building, it was intended to hide the existence of the ocean from the entrance, so that the superb view can only be seen from the inside of the house.

Slash / apollo architects

Each room can be approached through the interior corridor behind the entrance door. A large bathroom is created on the north-west corner to ease exhaustion from marine leisure. While sitting in the marble bathtub, a stunning vista can be seen from the corner window. It is also entertaining to have dinner on the wood deck as you enjoy the indescribable sunset.

Slash / apollo architects

Wooden folding doors are made for security reasons and to protect the ribbon windows on the sea side from typhoons as well as salt damage. The combination of the exposed high-strength concrete and the teakwood, which is used for floors, ceilings, furniture, and the kitchen, create a resort atmosphere and the flavor deepens as the building ages.

Project Details:
Location: Futtsu city, Chiba, Japan
Type: Residential
Date of Completion: December 2006
Site Area: 383.00 m2
Building Area: 121.29m2
Total Floor Area: 97.60m2 (1F, 97.60m2)
Architects: Satoshi Kurosaki/APOLLO Architects & Associates
Photos: Masao Nishikawa


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