Architects: MTT
Area: 1489 m²
Year: 2023
Photographs: Choi Young Joon
Lead Architect: Jeon Jae Hong
Contractors: DONGDO General Construction
Interior Contractors: MARU architecture
Civil Engineers: NAMDO Surveying & Design ENG Co., Ltd.
Landscape Designers: The Sup
Senior Designer: Kim Sang Hoon
Spatial Designers: Kwon Myeong-gi, Sung Eui-jin
Detailed Design: ppuri Architect
City: Mokpo-si
Country: South Korea

SUKSAN, an coffee shop situated on a rocky mountain in Mokpo, encapsulates the essence of the surrounding natural elements—sea, islands, wind, and forests. The architects aimed to interweave these components into the design, enhancing the site’s inherent beauty and promoting a deeper connection between people and the natural environment. By preserving the mountain’s original name and integrating natural materials, SUKSAN stands as a testament to sustainable and thoughtful architectural practices, reflecting the rugged beauty of its setting while inviting visitors to experience nature’s tranquility and power.

Suksan café / mtt

Sea, island, wind, forest, and people. On a brisk winter day, atop the boulder-strewn rocky mountain, the sunset over the West Sea was observed. The sight of the sun setting behind the bustling harbor and the calmly floating islands evoked a unique emotion exclusive to this location. Despite the chill, it appeared as though the warmth and abundance of the sea were being transferred to the mountain, sparking the inception of the project.

Sea, island, wind, forest, and people. Embracing the notion that “beauty is something one discovers,” the creation of SUKSAN was about rediscovering and assembling the overlooked elements of nature. A touch of warmth was infused into the neglected rocky mountain to craft a space where the vast sea, the continuous winds, and the vitality of the islands could be sensed. Amid the sea’s aroma and jagged rocks, trees were planted with the hope of flowers blooming. The architecture was named after the mountain’s original name, SUKSAN, to maintain a connection to its origins.

Nothing in this endeavor was accidental; all was a hopeful reflection of nature. Through SUKSAN, the designers hoped for people to fully engage with the natural essence of Mokpo and integrate into the landscape, breathing in unison with nature.

Suksan café / mtt
Project Gallery
Project Location

Address: 588 Goha-daero, Mokpo-si, Jeollanam-do, South Korea

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