TD House / Skye Maunsell Studio + Jordi Veciana + Juan Gurrea Rumeu

Architects: Jordi Veciana, Juan Gurrea Rumeu, Skye Maunsell Studio
Area: 420 m²
Year: 2023
Photographs: Salva Lopez, Simone Marcolin
Lead Architects: Juan Gurrea Rumeu
Constructors: Construcciones Montiel Perez
Architecture + Interior Design: Skye Maunsell – Skye Maunsell Studio, Juan Gurrea Rumeu – gr-os, Jordi Veciana
Collaborative Architect: GAR Arquitectura, Joana Argerich – GAR Arquitectura
Program / Use / Building Function: Single-family home
Installations: Instalcat Smart Project
City: L’Ampolla
Country: Spain

TD House, designed by Skye Maunsell Studio, Jordi Veciana, and Juan Gurrea Rumeu, is located in a residential area of L´Ampolla. The project challenges the built environment by presenting a freestanding entity that reinterprets lost heritage from a contemporary perspective. Comprising three staggered volumes, the house features a large pitched zinc roof, vertical circulation rising to a terrace and green roof, and a shaded courtyard. The design emphasizes sustainability with elements like solar panels and a garden with Mediterranean native plants. The interior connects with the Mediterranean landscape and integrates functional materials.

Td house / skye maunsell studio + jordi veciana + juan gurrea rumeu

Located in a residential area of L´Ampolla, TD House aims to be both local and unique, challenging the existing built environment rather than continuing its context. The new dwelling stands as a freestanding entity, reclaiming lost heritage and reinterpreting it from a contemporary perspective.

The design incorporates the client’s desire for a viewpoint towards the “Fangar” lighthouse by creating three staggered volumes in plan and section. The first volume, on the ground floor with a large pitched zinc roof, forms a longitudinal barrier with the street and isolates the garden. The second volume, centralizing vertical circulation, rises three stories to a terrace and green roof overlooking the sea. The third volume, facing south, creates a small, shaded courtyard on the ground floor. This arrangement establishes a sequence of spaces and crossed views, adding complexity to the overall experience.

Td house / skye maunsell studio + jordi veciana + juan gurrea rumeu

The house features large, adaptable spaces that can be inhabited in zones according to the residents’ needs.

Td house / skye maunsell studio + jordi veciana + juan gurrea rumeu

The polished concrete pavement on the ground floor extends outward, forming continuous platforms that strengthen the relationship between the house and the garden. A concrete plinth runs along the entire built perimeter, extruding to create built-in furniture elements. The lime mortar-coated facade reflects Mediterranean typology, with openings simulating the depth of stone masonry walls, incorporating storage and facilities, and reducing sun exposure during summer. Sustainability is achieved through traditional architectural methods combined with modern installations like solar panels, mechanical ventilation, and an ASHP system, ensuring high energy efficiency.

Td house / skye maunsell studio + jordi veciana + juan gurrea rumeu

The interior connects with the Mediterranean landscape, the earth, and the native vegetation surrounding the house.

Spaces are distributed based on the building’s openings, extending the interior towards the garden and the sea, ensuring different living areas for summer and winter, protected by the building and its pergolas. The interior is austere, designed in harmony with its use and relationship with the garden in terms of color, materials, and space. Surfaces, furniture, and equipment are functional, combining wood, ceramics, color, textiles, raffia, and steel.

The garden is surrounded by a low wall along the perimeter of the plot and features Mediterranean native plants and trees adapted to long droughts. The swimming pool is integrated into the vegetation, framed by concrete platforms that extend and connect with the building’s interior. This seamless connection between the ground floor interior and the garden organizes and integrates all equipment and furniture according to their views and functions.

The project’s objective was to establish a relationship between urban and rural landscapes, connecting the countryside and the sea through the spaces created.

Td house / skye maunsell studio + jordi veciana + juan gurrea rumeu
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Project Location

Address: L’Ampolla, 43895, Tarragona, Spain

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