The Little Phoenix Kindergarten / Architectural Design & Research Institute of SCUT – TaoZhi Studio

Architects: Architectural Design & Research Institute of SCUT – TaoZhi Studio
Area: 6788 m²
Year: 2023
Photography: 明境建筑摄影
Lead Architects: Zijian Chen, Xiaoyue Su, Jia Guo
Design Team: Xiangrong Chen, Lina Deng, Yutong Cai, Hanjie Yuan, Jianhong Liu
Structural Engineering: Yi Jiang ,Weiwen Yi, Hong Zhou, Zhifeng Li
Water Supply And Drainage Design: Xiaolong Yu, Xiaogang Liu, Qihai Wang, Shuangqun Ma
Electrical Design: Xiaofeng Huang, Xiangyun Yang, Jiye Yuan, Minjun Liu
Intelligent Design: Zhiwei Huang, Ruichang Su, Fansen Gao
Landscape Design: Zhong Yan, Caixia Feng, Chaohui Wu, Shanshan Wang
HVAC: Zuming Chen, Qian Hu
Energy Saving Design: Gang Shi, Yuehang Li, Lingling Xu
Site Architect: Keyi Li
City: Puer
Country: China

The Little Phoenix Kindergarten, designed by the Architectural Design & Research Institute of SCUT – TaoZhi Studio in Pu’er City, China, provides a thoughtfully organized educational space despite its narrow and irregular site. Completed in 2023, this project features 12 classrooms and various activity spaces, fostering an engaging and flexible environment for children.

The little phoenix kindergarten / architectural design & research institute of scut - taozhi studio

The Little Phoenix Kindergarten has 12 classes, covering an area of 7776 m² with a total floorage of approximately 7000 m². Despite a relatively low floor area ratio, the land is narrow and irregular, posing design challenges. The goal was to create a comfortable space meeting lighting standards, activity venue requirements, and floor constraints within a limited budget and tight schedule.

The design maximizes construction efficiency and cost savings by using a well-organized room framework.

This approach places various types of rooms within a standard framework, addressing the narrow north-south land layout. Large class activity units and comprehensive spaces are divided into five small blocks, arranged to suit the site conditions. Classrooms are positioned in the south for optimal lighting, while office buildings are located in the north.

The framework leaves space for children’s activities, forming a topological relationship between functional rooms and activity areas. The flexible layout creates outdoor activity venues with different forms and locations, close to each class’s activity rooms, ensuring clear views and lighting, enhancing the sense of domain. Functional rooms and activity venues create a complete teaching space with a close vertical relationship.

Each activity venue is designed with unique forms and themes to accommodate various teaching activities. Features include starlight stages, corridors with variable lighting, deep tunnels, and sunlit shared steps. These elements make each venue unique, enhancing the overall experience.

Activity venues are arranged on different floors due to land constraints. The design envisions children freely moving around, observing weather, exploring nature, playing, resting, and learning with friends. These behaviors are integral to their childhood experience and the kindergarten’s educational goals.

The Little Phoenix Kindergarten in Simao District, Pu’er City, is a rational and child-friendly design created under various constraints. After completion, it was well-received by the principal and children. The architects hope that teachers and children will explore innovative teaching methods and develop distinctive features.

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Address: 68 Chacheng Boulevard, Simao District, Puer, Yunnan 665099, China.

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