The Mineless Heritage Restoration Project / DIVOOE ZEIN Architects

Architects: DIVOOE ZEIN Architects
Area: 790 m²
Year: 2023
Photography: Justin Kao
Lighting Designers: WEDO Lighting
Engineering Team: Micro Design
Landscape Engineering: Shenmao Garden Engineering Line
Design Execution: Zeng Zhigwei, You Ye Ye Ci, Hu Ruyan
Structure Consultant: Gao Peixiu
Water Protection Consultant: Wei Dejing
Visual Designers: Lin Nianru, Lin Fan-Hing
Site Area: 2,380 m²
Building Area: 395 m²
City: New Taipei City
Country: Taiwan

Mineless, a coal mine restoration project by DIVOOE ZEIN Architects in New Taipei City, Taiwan, repurposes a former logistical facility of the Chungyi Coal Mine into a sanctuary harmonizing history and nature. Completed in 2023, the reimagined 790 m² space is a testament to the team’s meticulous research and planning. Featuring preserved remnants of the original mining facility, a wild herb tea shop, a small theater, and a meditation hall, the transformation integrates contemporary uses into the decaying industrial structures, creating a unique blend of old and new.

The remnants of the mining facility include administrative offices, a mine entry from the Japanese colonial era, a crane base, coal-washing areas, and more. Since mining ceased in 2000, these structures remained abandoned until DIVOOE ZEIN Architects revitalized them. The restored complex now houses a wild herb tea shop, a small theater, a natural herb aroma room, an art exhibition area, a meditation hall, and a tea seating area.

Restoration focused on preserving original structures using reversible methods that are harmless to the historic buildings. The primary materials include black iron with an oil-shell luster and recycled old wood, blending seamlessly with the original architectural style. The use of native plants further enriches the landscaping.

After three years of research, planning, and construction, Mineless stands as a tranquil sanctuary amidst the remnants of the mountainous coal mine. DIVOOE ZEIN Architects envisioned a space fostering a connection with oneself, tranquility, history, and nature.

The mineless heritage restoration project / divooe zein architects
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Address: New Taipei City, Taiwan

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