The Tiamo House / Dom Architect Studio

Architects: Dom Architect Studio
Area: 130 m²
Year: 2020
Photography: Hoang Le
Manufacturers: Jotun Paint Vietnam, Panasonic, Thai Lan SCG, Thanh Wood, Xingfa
Design Team: Nguyen Anh Duc, Truong Anh Duc
City: Hà Tĩnh
Country: Vietnam

Dom Architect Studio’s 2020 project in Hà Tĩnh, Vietnam, articulates a multi-layered residential space of 130 m², intended to provide an inward-looking sanctuary from the urban hustle while maintaining a connection to nature. This residence exemplifies a thoughtful engagement with natural elements and urban demands. It incorporates mature trees into its design, reflecting a commitment to preserving existing natural features. The home’s layout progresses through layered spaces that enhance depth and privacy, utilizing materials like bare bricks and natural wood to reflect the client’s preferences and the architectural vision of fostering a harmonious indoor-outdoor relationship.

The tiamo house / dom architect studio

The architects received a brief to create a secluded space that shields the inhabitants from external chaos yet remains closely tied to nature. The design aimed to facilitate a unique living environment featuring green gardens and aquariums that allow intimate interaction with natural elements, crucial for urban settings. The preservation of mature trees on the property was a significant aspect of the project’s research phase.

The residence is conceptualized with a multi-layered spatial arrangement that transitions from public to private zones. The initial layer includes support areas like the garage, toilet, and small gardens, setting a recessed stage for the primary living spaces. This organization extends to a main living area comprising a lobby and kitchen, followed by an elongated porch, and culminates in a lush garden with an aquarium, creating a sequence that deepens the spatial experience of the home.

The tiamo house / dom architect studio

Spatial depth is further emphasized by the layout, with the main living block at the heart, opening expansively to optimize natural ventilation and moderate sunlight, enhancing the livability of the space. The second floor features minimalist sleeping areas and support spaces connected by an iron staircase and wooden bridge, offering functional simplicity and aesthetic appeal.

The elevation design considers the local climate’s challenges, including frequent flooding. The staggered arrangement ensures safe access and harmonious integration with the urban fabric while providing engaging views both from within and toward the house.

The homeowner’s preference for raw materials and craftsmanship is evident in the use of bare bricks, grindstones, natural wood, and concrete. These choices not only embody the lifestyle of the residents but also underscore the comprehensive journey of constructing and perfecting the home to best suit its functions and context.

The tiamo house / dom architect studio
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Address: Hà Tĩnh, Hà Tĩnh Province, Vietnam

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