The Wave / Henning Larsen Architects

Architects: Henning Larsen Architects
Area: 14,000 m²
Year: 2010
Photography: Jacob Due
Project Team: Søren Øllgaard, Jesper Høiberg, Per Ebbe Hansson, Maja Aasted, Dorte Nielsen, Pelle Munch Petersen, Hans Vogel and Peer T. Jeppesen
Engineering: Grontmij Carl Bro
Client: Bertel Nielsen A/S
City: Vejle
Country: Denmark

The Wave, a residential project in Vejle, Denmark, designed by Henning Larsen Architects, integrates sculptural and organic forms to create a new city landmark. The design leverages its location and views, challenging the area’s existing architecture and housing program.

The Wave in Vejle, Denmark, designed by Henning Larsen Architects, presents a unique housing complex that embraces sculptural and organic forms, establishing a new city landmark. The design capitalizes on its location and views while challenging the local architectural norms.

The wave / henning larsen architects

The building has won the prestigious Civic Trust Award, presented on March 4 in Manchester. British reviewer Michael Webb noted in Mark magazine that “The Wave demonstrates how Danish architects are responding to global trends without sacrificing practicality or well-crafted detailing.” Henning Larsen Architects won the project in a 2005 competition with real estate company Bertel Nielsen as the client. Two waves are complete, with three more to follow.

The wave / henning larsen architects

The housing’s form and material create a dynamic landscape element. By day, the white waves reflect in the sea; by night, they resemble illuminated multi-colored mountains. This design mimics the landscape and changes appearance with the weather and time of day.

Inspired by the fjord, bridge, town, and hills, The Wave’s recognizable form connects the residential area with the sea, landscape, and town.

The wave / henning larsen architects
Project Gallery
Project Location

Address: Ved Bølgen, Vejle 7100, Denmark

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