Through House / Jim Caumeron Design

Architects: Jim Caumeron Design
Area: 300 m²
Year: 2024
Photographs: r-vis : kevin nuñez, lance sy, julian patric semilla
Lead Architects: Jim Caumeron
Contractors: San Gruppo Builders
Structural Engineer: Anabel Iluzada
City: San Fernando
Country: Philippines

Through House, designed by Jim Caumeron Design, is a retreat in San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines, for a doctor and his two daughters. The design expands the perception of space on a small lot by removing two opposite walls to foster spatial continuity. The ground level features seamless indoor-outdoor living areas, a double-height dining hall, and a continuous bench-like element integrating the swimming pool. Upstairs, horizontal planes divide rooms and create open spaces, with a billiard hall and balcony overlooking the front lawn. Lime-washed walls and operable windows enhance connectivity and ventilation, creating a tranquil, airy atmosphere.

Through house / jim caumeron design

The Through House project was designed for a billiards-loving doctor and his two daughters, who sought a tranquil retreat away from the city of San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines. Located in a gated community of modest plots, the design aimed to expand the perception of space on the relatively small lot. Inspired by the success of a previous project, Viewpoint House, the studio pursued minimal materiality while maximizing spatial potential, creating a calm and liberating atmosphere by thoroughly considering space, views, light, ventilation, connectedness, and interaction.

Through house / jim caumeron design

The concept started by reimagining the traditional enclosed structure, removing two opposite walls to create spatial continuity. This configuration, resembling a stack of alternating planes, guided the layout across different levels, tailored to the site’s orientation and specific needs.

At ground level, enclosing fence walls define the outdoor boundaries as per community regulations. The entrance, aligned with the concrete fence, provides a welcoming view of the accent plant and reveals the rear setback space and rear wall. The living areas seamlessly extend to the outdoors, with the front lawn and formal dining space flanking either side. A double-height dining hall enhances ventilation through operable windows in the second-floor hallway that draw air out. A continuous bench-like element integrates the swimming pool, enhancing the sense of expansiveness and linking the living area with the father’s room. Glass walls encourage connectivity between spaces, while operable windows promote cross-ventilation throughout the house.

Upstairs, horizontal planes function as room dividers or are segmented to create open spaces. Partial planes act as fins to control sun exposure along the hallway. The billiard hall features a pocket garden and a balcony with views of the front lawn. A protruding cube contains the daughters’ shared toilet and bathroom, softened by a facade of potted plants. This design, resulting from enclosing two planes for bathroom privacy, adds an accent to the house’s front elevation. Lime-washed walls blur the line between interior and exterior, allowing residents to experience a living environment similar to a Jenga puzzle, with shifting light and airy atmospheres.

Through house / jim caumeron design
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Address: San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines

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