19 Legendary and Timeless Furniture Pieces to Consider

How do you define timeless interior decor? Can it be something that is ancient or something that can be considered historical in years to come?

For people who love to have small pieces of history surrounding them, antique or timeless pieces of furniture are a high priority.

World famous architects have experimented with the idea of minimalist, timeless furniture pieces since the late 19th century. Most groundbreaking designs came from the heart of a war-stricken Europe. It was the necessity to use as fewer resources as possible.

What we have as a result today is a classic collection of iconic pieces of decor and furniture, which can blend in with any theme of interior design. These professional and simplistic looking furniture pieces will certainly add sophistication to any room, but without stealing the spotlight for themselves.

  1. Chesterfield Sofa


Let us start with this classic living room masterpiece. The Chesterfield Sofa has been among the choicest furniture collections in royal households of England since the 18th century. This simple couch is anything but ordinary, with its polished leather making it look more luxurious than it was originally thought to be.

Even though this piece of furniture is historical, it hasn’t gone out of fashion yet. With new inventions in the field of furniture making, leather has been replaced with other fabrics and linens of luxurious tastes. The buttoned tufts, curved armrests and comfortable cushions stay the same. A Chesterfield Sofa is sure to grace any room, regardless of the theme it follows, with bold color, sophistication, and luxury.

  1. French Provincial Carved Side Chairs


Straight from the majestic palaces of King Louis XVI, these classic French armchairs are known to be perennially in fashion. The French have never withheld their passion for luxury, prominently visible through their décor and lifestyle. These ornately carved wooden chairs are one of the most artistic furniture pieces ever crafted.

The Provincial Side Chairs have gradual roundness, nothing sharp or sudden, highlighting the elegant carvings on the wood. The floral linen cushions with muted landscape colors add a natural perspective to it. Adding a simple coffee table to this pair will make the room look more comfortable. Therefore, if you are looking for something luxurious but not loud, these chairs are a good choice.

  1. The Louis Mirror


These traditional mirrors are another type of royal and timeless furniture from French history. The Louis Mirror, also known as The French Mirror, was named after the same monarch named above, King Louis XVI. This mirror is available in various shapes and sizes, with different kinds of finishing to fit the design of your desire.

Although these mirrors are designed to fit the traditional French room decor, they can be paired quite well with modern and contemporary interior themes too. The gentle curves and straight sides accentuate each other. The carved metal frames will certainly add an elegant touch to your room.

  1. Longcase Clock

The Longcase Clock, most commonly known as The Grandfather Clock, has always been a furniture piece of intrigue and historical value. The large visible dial, the metal pendulum, the delicately carved wooden frame of the clock, and the accuracy of its timekeeping, have been the chief reasons why they are still popular.

The Longcase clocks can disguise an awkward corner, a landing, or an empty wall where they don’t attract all spotlight while still being highly visible. The versatility of the design of these clocks make it easier to pair them with any kind of décor, may it be modern or traditional. So a timepiece being timeless makes the most sense, doesn’t it?

  1. Bentwood Chairs


As the name suggests, these chairs are made with bent wooden pieces. It was designed by Michael Thonet in 1850. Thonet specifically designed classic furniture pieces from wood bent into various shapes and forms. Curving and bending wood made the furniture pieces graceful and increased the flexibility of the furniture too.

The Thonet’s Model No. 14 Chair is an instant charmer for anyone seeking a unique and solid design. This chair is minimal in its design and economical in its production. It has certainly set a trend of classic modernity into motion. This furniture piece showing simple luxury is certainly going to turn a lot of heads in centuries to come.

  1. LC Casiers Standard

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The LC Casiers Standard is Le Corbusier’s historical storage unit designed in 1925. Its compact design and unique features make it a timeless product. The perfect organization of space of this storage unit has made this design futuristic and flexible for modifications.

The main metal frame supports the wooden unit, equipped with shelves and drawers. It can be modified to have open shelves, hinged doors or lover folding doors. The simplistic design makes it suitable for residential installment, and the professional business attitude makes it fit for office use.

  1. LC Poltrona and LC Divano

Known as masterpieces of modern furnishings, the Poltrona and Divano seaters are Le Corbusier’s best products. This sofa collection was designed in 1928 and is still in production. This design was known for its rationalist approach to industrial production due to its simplicity and detachable components.

The Poltrona is a single-seater armchair, while the Divano is available in two- and three-seater sofa sets. Separate leather cushions are held together expertly by a single metal frame. The far-sighted appearance of this collection has made it desirable even today and will continue to be so in the future.

  1. Barcelona Chair

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s most recognized furniture, the Barcelona Chair, started a new movement in furniture innovation. This elegant design from 1929 proves true to Mies van Der Rohe’s motto of “less is more”.

The Barcelona Chair blends metal and leather-like never before. The chromatic finish of the outer frame makes it look futuristic and urban. While on the other hand, the tufted leather cushions give it a rustic persona. Pair it with a matching ottoman or stool, and witness this masterpiece elevate the entire feel of the room.

  1. Barcelona Couch


The Barcelona Couch, or Barcelona Daybed, is a simple companion to the Barcelona Chair. Designed as a part of the Barcelona collection in 1929, it uses the similar metal and leather pairing. The single bolster on the side adds a little more to this simple design.

The Barcelona Couch looks like something that would fit brilliantly in a small studio apartment. Arranging it with the entire Barcelona Collection would surely look amazing. It would also keep a homogenous visage of the room, without any mismatching furniture pieces.

  1. Brno Chair

The Brno Chair created by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1930 resembles the natural feel of the environment. It is well known for its lean design and sophisticated finish. The amount of thought that went into the detailing of this chair is visible from the very negligible junctions of the outer frame and the cushion.

The Brno chair is an exceptional product, which can be used in both residential, and office spaces. The availability of choice for flat or tubular bars gives you a scope to imagine the whole design of the room. The flat bars can look good for an edge, or rounded bars for a smoother finish.

  1. Risom Lounge Chair


This casual seating design has been very frequently used around the world. What makes Risom Lounge Chair so special is the comfort it makes you anticipate. You look at this classic piece of furniture, and you just want to sit in it and relax. It was assembled from scraps of wood and leftover nylon scraps from parachutes by Jens Risom in the 1940s, to make up for the lack of wartime material shortage.

This economic design since then has become classic must-have furniture for casual leisure areas. The elaborate webbed fabric makes the seat sturdy and durable. If you’re not shy of using pops of bright colors around your space, you can go for the Risom seating collection.

  1. The Straight Chair

Nakashima straight chair 2

Designed by George Nakashima in 1946, this chair is homage to the traditional Windsor chair. Although Windsor chair is an antique design in itself, it proves to be a bit difficult to pair it with contemporary interior styles. To overcome this dilemma, Nakashima came up with his modern interpretation of this classic seating.

The Straight Chair has the typical wood frame like the original, with a firm wooden seat. The best thing about the seat is its shallow depressive cut, specially designed for comfort. The splayed legs of the chair give a solid ground to it. The typical bow shaped backrest, modified to be lower than the original, adds a professional look to it. Overall, this product will be a great addition to your living room or office space.

  1. Womb Chair

Designed by Eero Saarinen in 1948, this chair is described as a physical interpretation of a hug. Saarinen specifically called it a Womb Chair meant to make people want to curl up in their vacuum of relaxation.

The seat is intended to be deep, with a slight recline for maximum comfort. It also has extra pillows for additional cushioning. It can be clubbed with a matching ottoman for your legs. This monochromatic design comes in bright colors so that you could match it with your surrounding furniture too. This product is also available as settee for two.

  1. Tulip Table

This designer dining table has been a trendsetter for modern furnishing. Eero Saarinen created it in the 1950s, as a hassle-free solution to large tables with multiple supports. His well-balanced circular table has now set a benchmark for futuristic furniture.

“Sleek” might be the only word to describe the Tulip Table. The subtly curved central pedestal of the table makes it look enticing. The laminated stone or wooden top on it gives a minimal texture to a simple design. The collection has introduced the oval shape and similarly designed coffee tables. Thus, if your room has many themes going on around, this table will surely act as a focus of attention.

  1. The Florence Knoll Sofa

Florence Knoll designed this simple living room couch in the 1950s. Her primary aim was to design a sofa that would justify its space between other flashy furniture items, without seeming too prominent. This sofa complements any décor and blends in quite well, inspiring many other classic furniture styles.

The Knoll sofa has a wooden framework with chrome finish. The cushions have a characteristic no-sag bounce to them, making them durable. The welted and tufted upholstery imitates the classic technique used to make the Chesterfield sofa. You could go for a rustic look with leather-covered cushions or try the authentic look with Knoll Boucles.

  1. Bertoia Diamond Chair


Transitioning old-fashioned elaborately designed furniture into simple geometric designs had been the most significant aspect of furniture designing in mid 20th century. The Bertoia Diamond Chair designed in 1952 is a classic and timeless example of that. Designer Harry Bertoia came up with this chair for his famous Wire Chair collection.

The mesh wire design gives an industrial central look to the chair. The main geometric frame gracefully combines with the curves of organic elements in nature. It can be modified with seat pads or upholstery covers in various pastel colors. This artistic marriage of metallic chrome and the bold color is sure to add charm to your room.

  1. Dining Side Rod (DSR) Chair

This tall dining chair was designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1948. The seat shell made from fiberglass, later plastic, was hoisted on a crossing metal rod base. This distinctive metal pattern made it famous as the “Eiffel Chair”.

This series of chairs is available with wooden base and armrests too. The color schemes of this chair are quite muted, yet natural. The pastel colors accentuate the metal or wooden frame it is built on. If you’re looking for a classic product to add simplicity to your room, look no further.

  1. Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

The Lounge Chair and Ottoman are the most revered works of the Eames that were designed in 1956. The design was Charles Eames’ idea inspired from the “warm, receptive look of a well-used first baseman’s mitt”. To provide that kind of comfort, this perfect co-ordinated product of leather and wood was designed.

The Lounge Chair and Ottoman are a modern rendition of a 19th-century English club chair. The molded wood is manually fitted to the cushions without leaving any marks on either. Thus, this handcrafted luxury furniture has become the iconic interior masterpiece of modern American households.

  1. Aluminum Group Task Chair

The Eames designed this classic yet contemporary piece of furniture in 1958. The clean finished and linear design of this chair makes it look professional and comfortable at the same time. The upholstery used leather or fabric, ribbed at equal intervals, giving it a deep and refined appearance.

The design was sculpted considering the gentle curves of the human body to make a flexible “sitting pocket.” The metal used is aluminum, making it light and durable. The Aluminum Group Task Chair is an amazing product for both residential and official use.

These are some of the most brilliantly designed timeless pieces of furniture, that can one day decorate your home or office space. Which ones did you like? If you know any more classic and perennial furniture designs, share with us.


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