Tini S Cabin / tini

Architects: tini
Area: 23 m²
Year: 2022
Photographs: Paco Marín
City: Madrid
Country: Spain

The Tini S Space, a compact residential area designed by tini architects, offers a serene corner to appreciate nature. This 23.5 square meter space is optimally utilized to create an expansive feeling, significantly enhanced by two expansive corner windows. The layout concentrates private functions along the opaque facades, fostering a clean and open environment that perceptually enlarges the space.

A small corner of peace to enjoy nature is embodied in the Tini S space, which covers an area of 23.5m² and is designed for maximum utilization.

The sense of space is amplified by two large corner windows, while more private functions are strategically positioned along the opaque facades.

Tini s cabin / tini

This arrangement facilitates a clean and open space that effectively alters the perception of its size.

Tini s cabin / tini
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