Tiny House TEKITEKI-AN / 6lines studio

Architects: 6lines studio
Area: 9 m²
Year: 2023
Photographs: Ryo Oyama, Tsukamoto Laboratory
Structural Consultants: Wa-Kenchikukobo
Design Team: Ryo Oyama, Kaho Katayama, Sho Sasaki, Tsuyoshi Fuchino, Yukako Masui, Riku Miyazaki
Structure Design and Construction: Koji Oshida
Dry Stone Wall: Ishizumi-Gakko, Junko Sanada
City: Kamogawa
Country: Japan

TEKITEKI-AN emerges as a quintessential expression of architectural integration within the Satoyama village of Kamanuma, a two-hour drive from Tokyo. This project, designed and built by 6 lines studio, embodies the principles of sustainability and community engagement. Set in a picturesque landscape, the tiny house mirrors the cyclical nature of water, inspiring its name “TEKITEKI-AN,” where “TEKITEKI” represents the gradual water cycle and “AN” signifies a traditional Japanese small house. Constructed as a detached room of an old house without relying on external infrastructure, TEKITEKI-AN offers a panoramic view of the village and the sea, enhanced by a grass-covered roof accessible for orange picking. Local materials and traditional techniques define this 9m² space, promoting the sustainable use of resources and fostering a deep connection with the environment.

Tiny house tekiteki-an / 6lines studio

The architecture of TEKITEKI-AN is inspired by the natural water cycle, where rain initiates a journey from the mountains to the sea and back, symbolizing renewal and continuity. This theme influenced the decision to name the structure TEKITEKI-AN, with “TEKITEKI” reflecting the concept of a water cycle that progresses drop by drop, and “AN” denoting a traditional Japanese small house.

TEKITEKI-AN is situated in Kamanuma, a Satoyama village renowned for its harmonious blend of farmlands and mountain forests. This environment is actively preserved by the community through sustainable practices, supported by the group ‘Small Earth,’ which promotes urban-rural exchanges. Visitors and residents of Kamanuma engage in agriculture and upkeep of the Satoyama, vital for maintaining the landscape amid demographic challenges. The construction of TEKITEKI-AN was a collaborative effort led by the 6 lines studio. This tiny house serves as an adjunct to the older residence, Yugitsuka, and integrates seamlessly with its natural surroundings. It lacks conventional infrastructure, emphasizing a close connection with the environment.

The distinctive roof of TEKITEKI-AN, covered in grass, is accessible via a slope, allowing individuals to pick oranges and enjoy extensive views of the village and the distant sea. The house’s sloped site is meticulously crafted to accommodate its structure, while its various old windows create a patchwork that offers unique patterns of light, each window carrying its own story.

The studio completed TEKITEKI-AN in six months with local collaboration, involving artisans, villagers, and students from the Tsukamoto Laboratory of the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Materials gathered from small daily tasks were repurposed for construction, enhancing the area’s aesthetic while being mindful of environmental impact. Elements like soil, tree branches, and smoked rice husks were innovatively used in building, particularly in the grass roof and as insulation.

Tiny house tekiteki-an / 6lines studio

This 3m x 3m structure, although compact, is designed as a multipurpose space, akin to a traditional tea house, and connects to the broader network of Satoyama. It supports activities ranging from relaxation and remote work to dining, all while offering stunning views, thus underscoring TEKITEKI-AN’s role in linking tradition with modern needs within a sustainable framework.

Tiny house tekiteki-an / 6lines studio
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Project Location

Address: Kamogawa, Chiba Prefecture, Japan

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