Vertical Rainbow Office Building / SAKO Architects

Architects: SAKO Architects
Area: 690 m²
Year: 2019
Photography: Koji Fuji
Manufacturers: Musashi Paint Holdings
Lead Architects: SAKO Architects
City: Toshima
Country: Japan

The “Vertical Rainbow” office building designed by SAKO Architects in Tokyo, Japan, showcases the identity of a global paint company through a colorful facade. The project employs a gradient coating on tempered laminated glass, creating a dynamic appearance that changes with the weather. Completed in 2019, the building uses innovative in-house paint and minimalistic details to create a striking visual effect.

Vertical rainbow office building / sako architects

The former headquarters was a typical pencil building that barely met legal evacuation requirements. Now, as a global company, the new design features a “vertical rainbow” on the facade, symbolizing its identity as a provider of infinite colors.

Vertical rainbow office building / sako architects

Using a newly developed in-house paint for outdoor glass, a gradient coating was applied to tempered laminated glass. The facade appears to be made entirely of colorful glass, supported only by horizontal frames on the top and bottom two sides, which are wider than the terrace, in a minimalist detail.

Direct daylight is transformed into colorful light through the glass, casting beautiful shadows on the terrace floor and adjacent exterior walls.

Vertical rainbow office building / sako architects

On cloudy days, the reflection of the sky blends with the changing colors, creating a facade reminiscent of digital art.

Vertical rainbow office building / sako architects

The city view from the office through the terrace resembles a landscape photograph with added color layers, making the urban landscape appear like an unrealistic artwork. At night, the illuminated glass emits soft colors, forming a “night rainbow” on the street.

Vertical rainbow office building / sako architects
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Project Location

Address: 2-30-16 Minamiikebukuro, Toshima City, Tokyo 171-0022, Japan

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