Village Verde Sotogrande / L35 Architects

Architects: L35 Architects
Area: 17,663 m²
Year: 2022
Photography: Javier Bravo, Nau Creative
Project Architects Team: José Luis Querol Aragón, Borja Fernández del Vallado Fernández-Bravo, Marco Silva Montoya, José Carlos Martín Mateos, Marta Gómez Díaz, Diego Acón Segura, Sebastian Negro, Francisco Arenas
Project Interior Design Team: Marta Ollero Ruiz-Gollury, María Cabrera Millán, Angeles Imaz, Miriam Klingenberg
Construction: BS –Bonifacio Solís
Province: Cádiz
Region: Andalusia
Country: Spain

L35 Architects has introduced “Village Verde Sotogrande,” a residential project that brings the privacy and comforts of a single-family home to a communal living environment. Located in the lush settings of Sotogrande, Costa del Sol, this initiative challenges conventional housing models by blending upscale living with ecological sensitivity. The design features natural materials and seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces, emphasizing a harmonious interaction with the local Mediterranean environment. The extensive use of wood and light-colored facades enhances the integration with the surroundings, while innovative structural techniques minimize the use of pillars, allowing for expansive terraces and unobstructed views. The project, which prioritizes energy efficiency and environmental integration, has achieved a BREEAM GOOD rating, reflecting its commitment to sustainable design principles.

Village verde sotogrande / l35 architects

Village Verde, located in the esteemed community of Sotogrande, Costa del Sol, demonstrates that exclusivity is achievable with modest housing size while caring for a valuable natural environment. The project integrates seamlessly with the Village Verde area’s most characteristic elements; noble materials on the facade such as wood or light-colored whitewashes contribute to blending the residences with the Mediterranean setting. The exterior’s nautical-inspired shapes and undulating forms reflect the maritime atmosphere of the area; a design that, coupled with sophisticated interior finishes, exudes naturalness, tradition, and modernity.

“Village Verde” by L35 Architects brings the standalone house lifestyle to a residential complex, ensuring the privacy and comforts typical of single-family homes in a communal setting. The design focuses on creating extensive interior and exterior living spaces meant to be experienced collectively. This includes expansive terraces, up to four meters deep, and large floor-to-ceiling windows that enhance the flow between indoor and outdoor areas, providing a ground-floor sensation in every unit. The robust structural support, usually seen in high-rise buildings, allows for fewer pillars and facilitates landscaped terraces, offering each floor unique outdoor spaces with natural grass and panoramic views.

The white architecture of southern Spain inspires L35 Architects’ design; the whitewashed facades, predominant wood use, and anthracite accents create a contemporary yet historically rooted aesthetic. The project faced the challenge of integrating into a natural environment with rich biodiversity, particularly aiming to minimize environmental impact. This included preserving existing trees, such as cork oaks and olive trees, within the excavation area, achieving a harmonious balance between architecture and nature.

The interior design reinterprets Mediterranean simplicity and freshness, adding the sophistication required by such a distinguished project. It enhances the connection with surrounding nature, creating inviting, light-filled spaces with premium materials that reflect vitality and warmth. The design emphasizes functionality without sacrificing style, blending indoor and outdoor living spaces seamlessly. Furniture and textiles made from natural fibers help delineate areas, maintaining an open and airy feel, while the choice of materials and colors evokes a beachside ambiance.

Outdoor furniture continues the indoor themes, maintaining aesthetic and functional continuity. At night, the use of oak and neutral tones creates calm, naturalistic settings, enhanced by strategic color accents. The bathroom features standout elements like a Saman wood countertop and gray stone finishes, contributing to the overall serene atmosphere.

Village verde sotogrande / l35 architects
Village verde sotogrande / l35 architects
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Address: Avda. La Reserva s/n, 11310 Sotogrande, Cádiz, Spain

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