Wenzhou High-tech Cultural Square / TJAD

Architects: TJAD (Tongji Architectural Design)
Area: 79,516 m²
Year: 2023
Photography: Yuan Ma
Lead Architect: Limin Jiang
Consultants: China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau
Engineering: TJAD (Tongji Architectural Design)
Design Team: Tongji Sishifangyuan
Landscape Design: Yuhui Zhang
Curtain Wall: Shanghai Grimm
Clients: Wenzhou High-tech Investment and Construction Development Co.
City: Wenzhou
Country: China

Wenzhou High-tech Cultural Square, designed by TJAD, is a cultural complex in Longwan, Wenzhou. Completed in 2023, the 79,516 m² project features theaters, commercial spaces, and neighborhood centers, creating an open urban art park that integrates culture and art into daily life.

Wenzhou high-tech cultural square / tjad

Wenzhou Gaoxin Culture Plaza is located in the central area of Longwan, with a TFA of 80,000 square meters, consisting of a 1,216-seat Grand Theater, a 311-seat Small Theater, commercial, and neighborhood centers. It is the landmark of the city’s cultural complex and artistic halls.

The design aims to create an open, shared, and public urban art park. People can travel, relax, learn, and shop, providing a harbor of artistic life for the public. Four small white cubes, housing the main functions of the Grand Theatre, the Small Theatre, the Activity Center, and the Neighborhood Center, are lined up along the riverbank, floating on a green public podium at the bottom. The design uses small volume and light intervention to create an open and sharing public space.

The commercial retail space is dispersed within the two-floor public podium, shaping a porous spatial form using elevation, receding platforms, sky corridors, and a sunken yard. This contributes to the organic composite of diversified indoor and outdoor cultural and commercial spaces, integrating culture and art into daily life.

On the street side, the façade adopts a double-layer skin, covering the perforated aluminum curtain wall outside the glass curtain wall. It selects the natural picture of Yandang Mountain with wandering clouds and shadows, forming a complete “landscape scroll” and shaping the urban interface on a public scale. On the riverside, the vertical rods of perforated metal plates metaphorically represent the keys and strings of a piano. The upper part of the building towers up like a mountain, with a soaring roof curve that dialogues with the graceful mountain and traditional Chinese buildings.

The Grand Theater is set on the waterfront side, open to the water. The Lobby is supported by V-shaped steel columns and covered by a steel-ribbed tie rod plywood point glass curtain wall. The indoor public space is simple and elegant, integrating with various commercial facilities and cultural entertainment spaces to create a light and luxurious cultural and artistic atmosphere.

Wenzhou high-tech cultural square / tjad
Project Gallery
Project Location

Address: 13 Yangfushan Park, Lucheng District, Wenzhou, Zhejiang 325001, China.

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