Learn What Taupe Color is and How You Should Actually Use It

Ever heard of the taupe color? We wouldn’t be surprised if you answered “no” because this too falls under the category of colors that are hard to define. Yes, by hard to define we mean taupe is a color that is in line with names like chartreuse, Mikado, Xanadu, and others.

Despite being tough to classify, this color can be used to lay the perfect foundation that combines the chic factor of contemporary decor and the cozy elements of traditional design. We are of course talking about the design of your home interiors.

When it comes to grasping the complexity and depth of color and their influence in our homes, it would be wise to take a deeper look at what taupe means. So, keep on reading if you want to learn how to use this color in home interior decor in the best way possible.

Learn What Taupe Color is and How You Should Actually Use It

What is taupe?

In simple terms, we can place the color taupe in between Brown and Gray. Believe it or not, the word comes from the French word meaning “mole” as it was the rodent’s average color. However, since the 1940s, the usage of the word expanded to denote a broad range of shades.

In reality, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that taupe is actually a vague color term that may describe a variety of hues ranging from grayish brown to dark tan. What taupe is NOT is that it isn’t any way related to warm colors like pink or purple.

What we mentioned, of course, is Wikipedia’s description of the color name; home decors and interior designers may want to describe it as something else. Now, enough about names and meanings, let’s see some classic demonstrations that show the beauty of this color.

How to use taupe color in your home decor homesthetics 21

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How to Use Taupe Color?

On the floor

  1. Using wooden flooring

To demonstrate the versatility of this rather neutral shade, we will begin by giving you some examples of flooring. And the best part is that natural wood can effortlessly blend into this modern tone. Wood possesses a unique kind of natural texture and warmth.

When you mix the wooden flooring with pure white furniture and equally white walls, the taupe floor will make all of these elements look like they have been mixed into one. When the canvas is laid out in neutral shades, you can add colorful rugs and other decorative items to make them pop out.

Take a look at the example below: the wooden flooring blends in perfectly with the overall color layout without coming off as overbearing. The sky blue colored table stand is one example of how you can add more spice to the interior decor.

How to use taupe color in your home decor homesthetics 27

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  1. Using ceramic flooring

Similar to wood, ceramic tiles can also complement taupe colors effortlessly. While ceramic is perfect for the entire house, you stand a chance to get the best results by using it in the kitchen or for bathroom flooring.

That is of course if you have used wood in the living room, which has a slightly softer texture than ceramic. To achieve the perfect contemporary design, you can pair it up with minimal furniture and contrast in colors.

The image you see below is just a small example of how ceramic floors look like. Aren’t the small dents and bumps attractive? Do they not look like that they represent a classical design from the bygone years? Of course, they do!

How to use taupe color in your home decor homesthetics 1

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  1. Using stone flooring

The traditional stone floors have the incredible capability to blend in with many neutral color variations. Moreover, stones carry a unique texture that’s perfect to complement the taupe color inside of your home.

What are the best places to use stone floors? You can use natural stone to create a lavish -looking bathroom or utility driven kitchen flooring. Be warned though, as beautiful as stone floors may be; they still cost quite a hefty amount.

In the image you see below, stones have been used to create a wonderful tone in the kitchen room that leads up to the washing and drying section. Notice how the rest of the neutral colors blend in perfectly with the flooring? Yes, you can have this look too!


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On the walls

If you are unsure of where to begin testing taupe colors, we’d say the wall would be excellent! Since the walls serve as a background majorly for your decor and furniture layout, using this color in various forms will allow you to test its effect with natural light and furniture themes.

You have to be careful though; you don’t want to disrupt the room’s balance by overwhelming it. The two contrast in colors in between which taupe lies are beige and gray, so you can count on it with some degree of certainty to bring a gentle tone to your room.

  1. Using as wallpaper or paint

To start things off, you can use a simple paint or a choice of your favorite wallpaper design to see what kind of impression the taupe color brings. In a way, it’s safe to say that this color naturally brings a sense of warmth and elegance inside of every room.

Regardless of the theme of your interior decor, be it classical and modern, taupe will be able to complement them beautifully by capturing lighting. This color doesn’t trap darkness inside the atmosphere and brings a whole new level of glamour that white tones just cannot provide.

Don’t believe us? Check out the image below and see for yourself. See how the natural light is delicately emphasizing the wallpaper texture in the glamorous yet minimalist bedroom design? Well, this sort of a look is not too tough to accomplish.

How to use taupe color in your home decor homesthetics 18

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Also, check out this grayish taupe shade that is accentuated by beautiful fabrics and shiny metallic insertions that complete the comfortable bedroom look. Do you really need to look anywhere else when there are so many choices available here?

How to use taupe color in your home decor homesthetics 26

In delicate fabrics

You’ve learned about how to imbue the taupe color in flooring and wall, but did you know that this shade looks gorgeous in fabrics as well? It’s a fact that fabric textures play a huge role in making a piece of furniture look comfortable as well as desirable.

Sure, comfort might be the primary factor that anyone looks in furniture, but those who have a love for design cannot end up buying just something for the heck of it. In the spirit of elegant design, people often end up choosing all sorts of glamorous fabric too cozy their furniture.

For example, take a look at the fluffy taupe wool blanket that can act as a barrier to incoming wind on the balcony during chilly nights. Besides, ever wondered how beautiful the fabric will look if it matches the overall decor of your home’s interior?

How to use taupe color in your home decor homesthetics 31

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How to use taupe color in your home decor homesthetics 32

Source Unknown

In the bedroom

If there is one place you would want to imbue the touch of taupe, then it has to be in your bedroom. Why? Because for most of us, the bedroom acts as a sanctuary of sorts when we go to rest, throwing away all the worries and problems of our daily lives from the mind.

So, naturally, it makes sense for any bedroom to give out a feeling of tranquility and comfort if relaxation is the end goal. Sure, taupe is not the only color you can use to imbue a sense of serenity in your favorite room; but we guarantee that very few matches up to this one.

Instead of bold, intense color schemes, use taupe to exude decadence and glamour in a way not everyone might expect. Sure, some may argue that the ever popular white tone is still a fact today, but who cares right? You want something that stands out from the rest!

So without further ado, let us introduce you to a few taupe themed bedrooms that defy the traditional conventions.

How to use taupe color in your home decor homesthetics 30

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How to use taupe color in your home decor homesthetics 18

via www.decorpad.com

As you saw, the common theme in all the pictures above is how the fabrics including pillow and bed covers play a role in amplifying comfort. The fabric does it by becoming more highlighted due to the natural light coming through the windows.

The images show the bedrooms to be not only fresh but as a highly cozy environment that kind of resembles the “early morning” look that we love so much.

In the kitchen

If you thought taupe color only suited the quieter parts of the house, then you would be wrong. Even a place as busy as the kitchen can appear luxurious if you implement this color in the right way. With the right look, people will gather around the kitchen area NOT only for food.

You can create a rustic kitchen theme by using no more than a simple combination of a wooden cooking vent and weathered white flooring. Insert some coppery elements and taupe cabinets to complete the look of the kitchen room.

You may even go a step ahead and keep a brick wall exposed to make the reddish brick contrast perfectly with great taupe. Even people who don’t have an eye for interior decor will stop and admire the charm of the room and the cozyness it brings to the space.

How to use taupe color in your home decor homesthetics 33

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Things will get even better if you have natural light coming into the kitchen room. Sunlight is known to amplify the elegance of taupe shades, often even doubling up their warmth. Take a look at the image below to understand.

How to use taupe color in your home decor homesthetics 24

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But hey, don’t worry if your kitchen is tucked away in the interior sections of your home. You can still use mild natural lights to emphasize the beauty of taupe colors.

In the living room decor elements

The living room is probably the area that receives the most amount of attention. So, why should you compromise by using outdated design that adds no warmth? Luckily, you can express your taste in design just fine using the color taupe in the right way.

How to use taupe color in your home decor homesthetics 1

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How to use taupe color in your home decor homesthetics 16

Source Unknown

How do you accomplish the rich, elegant look? You can start by using rich fabrics and Scandinavian designs as they are made to imbue a look of comfort. Moreover, a design such as this will be open to many chic modifications, vintage elements, and others without being constrained.

In the bathroom

Coming second to the bedroom, our bathroom is another place that we retire for some peace, tranquility, and detachment. A place that provides refuge to our exhausted souls deserves something better than an ordinary design with bland colors.

The taupe color can completely transform the look of your bathroom by changing into an elegant place of comfort, complete with fine decorations, cozy bath fittings, and other decorative elements.

How to use taupe color in your home decor homesthetics 14

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The look that taupe brings is undoubtedly better than a scheme based on pure whites.

How to use taupe color in your home decor homesthetics 10

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Taupe Colors Inside Various Decorative Elements of the House

  1. Lavish curtains

In the room you see below, the luscious decor achieved by neutral colors is greatly amplified with the use of lavish taupe curtains. The room also excludes a feminine look with the combination of the beautiful wallpaper, the gorgeous mirror, and a slight contrast in pillows.

Nice bedroom with taupe plush curtains

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The off-white chandelier also blends into the theme perfectly, and so does the telescope placed by the window.

  1. Lovely luxurious sofas

These lovely taupe sofas would have been great by themselves, but the darker shade pillows add an element of mystery and romance inside of the room. See how the table sticks out from the rest of the colors? That’s the look you would want to achieve.

Taupe living room sofa collection 800x533

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The whole scene is brought to life with the background, giving us a glimpse of natural light of the outside world.

  1. Contrasting finishes

This sleek, contemporary room boasts a perfect framed finish with the taupe color making its presence felt. See how the accent outline of the wall and corner chair sticks out from the rest of the room? That’s the power of this neutral color!

Taupe white living room contrast 800x446

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The dark gray pillows and the neatly arranged black tables with white stands also bring in some much-needed break from the neutral theme. Of course, the hanging lamps play their part in maintaining the consistency of the room as well.

  1. Celebrating with plum

Take one glimpse at the room and you’ll see how great of an effect the color plum has on your attention. Some might say that the sofas steal the show, but we would just like to point out how beautiful the taupe color compliments the accent of this living room.

Taupe and plum

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The abstract watercolor painting on the wall, the plum curtains, and the red accent on the wooden table lends a bit of chic to the room as well.

  1. The Victorian affair

Fancy going back to the old times? As you can see this bedroom was designed entirely based on Victorian themes. The gorgeous combination of cream, gray, taupe works as layers of shades that exude an elegant look reminiscent of the bygone era.

Modern master bedroom with taupe design 800x500

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The best thing about this room is how you can see the stark difference in gray and taupe. Improving the decor of the room are the two-night lamps, the painting on the wall, and of course the old school telephone placed on the floor.

  1. Any shade you like

Leave aside the two mystic pillows staring at you from behind the other gray and white accented pillows. Just see how much this bedroom flaunts the broad array of taupe shades. This contemporary space has all the right shades of taupe, ranging from very light to deep and rich.

Taupe bedroom signature

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The Green of the lily plants is the only contrasting color that’s giving a touch of nature, in an otherwise flat and consistent space.

  1. Taupe for the babies?

Yes! You can even create a modern day nursery using taupe. This neutral tone provides plenty of room for experiment with its ability to be a solid background or the area of focus. Mix and match the tones, style the room right, and play with contrasting colors to imbue gender ideas.

Modern nursery taupe color

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  1. Orange for the win!

One of the best ways you can utilize taupe is by using it as a background to project bolder prints and colors. The room you see below boasts of a refreshing look due to the orange curtains and the sofa pillows with polka dots.

Chevron rug with taupe walls

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The pattern on the floor also matches well with the overall theme without becoming overbearing. The subtle and soft shade of taupe gives this room the luxurious charm that it deserves.

  1. The bathroom of luxury

Did we mention that taupe goes well in the bathroom as well? In this picture, you can see how the neutral color has been used to imbue a sense of luxury. What magnifies the effect is the gorgeous chandelier placed right opposite the mirror is to create a reflection.

Elegant bathroom with taupe walls

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We don’t agree with those who say excessive use of taupe gets boring. This bathroom is entirely composed of taupe’s different shades and that too without any stark color comparisons. However, it doesn’t even look close to being boring.

  1. A place of interest

Instead of natural gray or bright white, use taupe on the walls of your study or workplace. Not only will the interesting texture set the backdrop for creative placements, but will bring a sense of comfort into the room.

Creative office taupe walls

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Take a look at the image above as an example. You can see how bright the pink and yellow streak wall painting and the large collage frame stick out immediately. The presence of black has made the whole look of the contemporary office room even more appealing.

Oh! Don’t miss the small flower vase with a white, pink, and crimson flower.

  1. Getting creative with undertones

Grey and taupe are often said to be best friends, to the point where some people have a hard time differentiating one from another. The setting you see below is a perfect example of the clever use of gray having a strong undertone of taupe color.

Gray and taupe colors living room

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The rustic look brought forward by the trophies and the baskets placed on the shelf and table compliments the modern decor of the rest of the room without breaking it.

  1. Create a popping effect

Want to dazzle up your living room? Combine the elegance of taupe with popping colors like yellow to bring a sense of refreshment and joy instantly. The yellow-cushioned pillows peeking from a distance, the elegant pottery accompanied by yellow flowers looks incredibly flattering.

Pops of yellow taupe sofa

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Who wouldn’t feel jubilant in a room like this?

  1. Going all traditional

So far we’ve mostly demonstrated the effects of taupe in rather contemporary settings. However, in the image below you can see that this color goes equally well with traditional settings.

Be it the living room or your bedroom, you can always use a shade of taupe to bring a sense of tranquillity and comfort. The wall full of paintings, the shelf full of books right below, and the other classical furniture compliment the color really well.

Traditional taupe living room color

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The two yellow chairs also pop out a bit without attracting to much attention, and thus completing the old world look. Hey! There’s even a reading light overlooking the sofa.

  1. Catching the light

The image below is a perfect representation of comfort meets utility. As you can see, the luscious Bohemian curtains lend the look of free-spirit and femininity in an otherwise plain room.

While the room’s decor makes it looks like a place of study or work, we wouldn’t be surprised if anyone held a kitty party here. The natural light coming from outside perfectly complements the different shades of taupe, giving the space a more refined look.

Blue wallpaper taupe brown curtains bedroom

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We can’t help but admire the chandelier that blends in with the overall theme. The color of book covers and the lemon-tinted box placed on the table helps to bring some energy into the setting.

  1. The ultra-modern bathroom

No, this isn’t a scene from an upcoming sci-fi movie. It is, in fact, an example of how taupe can be used in an ultra contemporary scenario. The clean, sharp look of the bathroom elements not only exude a futuristic look but also make the taupe shades look strategically placed.

White taupe bathroom design

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The use of glossy white tiles, adjacent mirrors, and matched hardwood floor and wall texture make for an excellent combo. We’re not sure why the standing light has been placed there though. The minimalist design certainly works in this bathroom setting.

  1. The art of subtlety

For the all-embracing at heart, using taupe walls to serve as the backdrop for a room like the one you see below can work wonders in balancing the appeal. If you take a look at the color, you’ll notice that it has the perfect shade.

Taupe subtle foundation

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The color isn’t too bright, not too dark. Instead, the neutral look of the wall helps the color of the furniture and other decorative elements stand out.

Taupe is something else, something that is not necessarily understood yet very often used in interior decor; the color pallet presents warm, cozy tones that one always consider when in interior design. It is simple, calm, really splendid; what do you think?

We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below !

Featured Image Courtesy of sallywhitedesigns.com

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