Wooden Box House / Suzuki Architects

Architects: Suzuki Architects
Area: 79 m²
Year: 2015
Photography: Kenta Hasegawa
Lead Architects: Kosuke Suzuki, Hisako Yamamura
Construction: Home Buider Co., Ltd.
Structural Design: Seiji Ohkawa
City: Kawaguchi
Country: Japan

Wooden Box House, designed by Suzuki Architects in 2015, serves as a combined residential and work space in Japan. The project, encompassing 79 m², provides a functional environment tailored to the specific needs of its occupants. The mother operates a local hair salon on the first floor, while the father, a writer, utilizes the second floor as his workspace. This design enhances the connection between private and professional life within the same structure.

Wooden box house / suzuki architects

The Wooden Box House is a dual-purpose residence in Japan, combining living and workspaces. The house includes a hair salon for the mother on the first floor and writing area for the father on the second floor.

Wooden box house / suzuki architects

The ground level features a salon and a dressing/sleeping room for the mother. Open windows allow wind to flow through the large space under the eaves, connecting the interior to the town.

On the second floor, a writing/sleeping room for the father offers views of the garden. The dining kitchen serves as a buffer for the couple’s separate lives.

Wooden box house / suzuki architects

The architectural plan is simple, reflecting the couple’s lifestyle, and the use of wood adds warmth and character to the home over time.

Wooden box house / suzuki architects
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Project Location

Address: Kawaguchi, Saitama Prefecture, Japan

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