Xiaomi Mi Roborock S6 Reviewed

Gone are the days when vacuum cleaners were bulky and cumbersome to use. The advent of smart appliances has led to robotic cleaners becoming wildly popular.

And why shouldn’t they be? Let’s face it; convenience is the biggest mantra for people these days, as their lives become more and more hectic. A robotic vacuum takes care of nearly all your floor and carpet cleaning chores. So it makes sense if you are considering investing in one.

That’s where it gets a tad bit challenging – how do you find the best robotic vacuum out of the many options available on the market? We cannot deny that it may seem like you’re finding a needle in a haystack.

But don’t worry because we have carefully handpicked the Roborock S6 to be your best bet! And this comprehensive review will tell you everything you need to know about this excellent product.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

Roborock S6 Reviewed

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Is Roborock S6 Worth Buying?

Before we get to the details of the S6, it makes sense to talk a bit about the brand itself. Roborock has done a remarkable job of creating goodwill in the market in a relatively short time. And one of its most significant milestones, since it was founded in 2014, was becoming a member enterprise of the Xiaomi group.

Roborock is focused on delivering top-notch robotic home cleaners through continuous innovation. Its first product became the bestselling robotic cleaner in China in 2016, which is no ordinary feat!

So, even if you aren’t familiar with the Roborock brand, you can rest assured that you won’t be disappointed with the S6. After using it extensively for over three months, we found quite a lot of praiseworthy features that you need to know.

  1. Value for Money

Robotic home cleaners come in a wide price range, with some products costing more than a thousand bucks. It is only natural that most homeowners are skeptical about investing such a significant amount in a robotic vacuum. But that’s where the Roborock S6 steals the show!

After all, it is a member of the Xiaomi enterprise, which is famous for providing affordable products without compromising on quality. The S6 offers unparalleled value for money, and we didn’t find any product in its price range to come even remotely close. In fact, the products that can compete with the S6 cost at least a couple of hundred dollars more.

If you do some research, you will know that the top-notch features like an adaptive routing algorithm, selective room cleaning, and integrated mopping are rarely included in most products. To cut a long story short, the S6 undoubtedly gives you the most bang for your buck!

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  1. Operational Efficiency

We can say without a shadow of a doubt that it doesn’t get much better than the S6 in terms of efficiency! It comes equipped with an intense suction power of 2,000Pa, which is enough to lift a AA battery. So you know for sure that it will pick up dust and small debris quite easily.

You will appreciate the integrated mopping function of this unit because it will leave the floor gleaming every time. The combined operation of sweeping and mopping facilitates complete dirt removal. What’s even better is that you can adjust the water flow rate to ensure that it does not leave the floor too wet.

When it comes to the S6, Roborock left no stone unturned to enhance customer satisfaction. If you compare it with the earlier models, you will see a drastic improvement in the cleaning volume. The Balanced Mode emits 56db of noise, which is equivalent to any normal conversation.

And that’s not all; the S6 comes with a built-in sensor that increases its suction power when a carpet is detected. 13 other sensors allow it to navigate your home accurately. And did we mention that it is equipped with a large battery that enables it to run for up to three hours on Quiet Mode!

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  1. Versatility

Perhaps the most significant selling point of the S6 is its versatility. And that starts right from it being available in both black and white colors. We recommend going for the black variant, simply because anything white gets dirty quite quickly.

The feature of the S6 that we liked the most is selective cleaning. For those of you who are always on your toes, it can get difficult to clean the house at regular intervals. What if you could set a specific schedule for cleaning the entire house or specific areas? That’s how smart the S6 is – it can clean designated areas at particular times of the day, according to the schedule you set.

You will appreciate the inclusion of a floating main brush as well as a variable speed side brush. The latter speed up to clear corner dirt but slows down near edges to prevent sending dust all around the room.

Another exceptional aspect of using the S6 is that housekeeping becomes seamless. It produces a floorplan map of your house that is almost 98% accurate. And you can use the app to quickly draw a no-go zone or drop a virtual barrier to prevent it from going close to obstacles.

  1. Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, the S6 checks all the correct boxes. Unlike some robotic vacuums that tend to be overly complicated, it ensures that you don’t have to fret over cleaning and maintaining it.

We especially liked the thoughtful inclusion of a tangle-free main brush that reduces trapped hair and can be easily removed. So, if at all, it catches a lot of fallen hair from the ground, you can quickly get rid of it. But that’s not all; even the front wheel and dustbin can be removed and replaced effortlessly.

You will not have to worry about cleaning the mop in the S6, thanks to the disposable mop pads. All you need to do is attach a new pad, mop, and then throw it when it is dirty.

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  1. Other Features

The S6 has some win-win features that make it one of the best robotic cleaners ever made. Take the Auto Top-Up feature, for instance, it ensures that the S6 will return to its charging dock when its battery runs low. Then, once the battery is recharged to 80%, it will go back to continue the cleaning process.

Its high torque motors and large wheels allow it to go up on carpets and climb over thresholds between rooms without any hassle. The S6 is capable of tackling an increase of 0.8 inches in the floor height without needing your help.

Roborock went ahead and put a 32-bit quad-core processor in the S6 model, which makes it nearly as smart as the majority of smartphones on the market today. And when you combine that with its adaptive routing algorithm, you can rest assured that it will always choose the best and fastest route for cleaning.

And how can we not mention that the S6 is 100% safe to use in a household with kids and pets! Looking at all these features, it should come as no surprise that it has been awarded the “IF Product Design Award.”

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What Could’ve Been Better?

We observed only a couple of downsides of the Roborock S6. But before talking about those flaws, we want you to know that they are not deal-breakers.

Firstly, the side brush on this unit is not ideal for carpets that have a lot of fibers. Its predecessor, the S5 model, comes with a bristle edge brush, which works fine on all kinds of carpet. But the S6 has a rubber edge brush that tends to get tangled up in fibers.

Secondly, integrating it with Alexa can be a tad bit challenging, especially because you don’t get detailed instructions. Some tutorial videos are available online, but they aren’t foolproof. We could not get it to work correctly in terms of programming for rooms, choosing rooms, and avoiding obstacles.

Lastly, if you have a big house, you may not be able to clean it entirely in one go with the S6. That’s where the S6 Pure comes to the rescue with its bigger water tank.

  • Customizable handle buttons allow a variety of use
  • Has a fast charging and long-lasting battery
  • Comes with two utility modes of regular and max
  • Lightweight and easy to hold design
  • Smaller dust box which you will frequently need to empty out
  • The swivel is not as smooth as we would have liked it to be


Like any other home appliance, Roborock’s S6 is not flawless. But as you saw, its positives significantly outweigh its negatives. It is by far the best robotic cleaner in its price range. Our overall experience using it has been nothing short of spectacular, so our verdict is a definite buy!

And on that note, we have come to the end of this comprehensive review. We hope you got the answers to most, if not all, of your questions!

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