8 Best Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaners for Healthy Homes

Modern-day vacuum cleaners come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and designs. 

From robovacs to handhelds, to canisters, there is indeed a lot to choose from, and picking the one that can cater to your specific needs can indeed be a very complicated task. 

However, Xiaomi is one such company that seeks to provide every customer with precisely what they are looking for. 

Though they’re foremost a smartphone company, they have made a name for themselves in the vacuum cleaning industry as well, and have a wide variety of models to pick from. 

In our list today we have brought you some of their top vacuum cleaners across three major types. 

And we are confident that one among them is going to fit your preferences perfectly. 

Best Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Best xiaomi vacuum cleaners 6
  1. Roborock S6 

Roborock’s latest release, S6, is an exceptional product. It comes at a competitive price and is available in two colors – black and white. After using it extensively, it is safe to say that it is a significant upgrade from its predecessor, especially in terms of noise output. But there’s much more to it than just reduced noise, so read on!

roborock S6 Robot Vacuum, Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop with Adaptive...
  • Astonishingly efficient: Using adaptive routing...
  • Multi-floor Mapping: Save multiple maps, along...


Straight off the bat, we were impressed by the value for money this product offers. It packs a ton of nifty features, making it the best option in its price range. Be it the selective cleaning, the integrated mopping, or the auto top-up – S6 does it all, and it does it well!

Do not be fooled by its compact design; it is as powerful as they come. With an intense suction power of 2,000Pa, it is capable of lifting a AA battery. So, you can rest assured that dust and other small debris on the floor don’t stand a chance against this little beast of a machine.

Fourteen built-in sensors, a large lithium-ion battery, and disposable mop pads are just some of the things that go to show how much the S6 has to offer. It is safe to say that you will not be disappointed with it.

Having said all of that, we have only a couple of gripes. Integrating it with Alexa proved to be far more complicated than we had anticipated, because of the lack of clear instructions. Apart from that, the side brush is not ideal for use on carpets that have lots of fibers because it gets tangled up in them. These flaws are not significant enough to qualify as deal-breakers, though.

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  • Equipped with a large lithium-ion battery
  • Selective Cleaning for added flexibility
  • Offers optimal value for money
  • 14 built-in sensors for top-notch navigation
  • Suction power of 2,000Pa
  • Integrated mopping with disposable mop pads
  • Alexa integration is too challenging
  • Side brush not suitable for fibery carpets
  1. Xiaomi S50 Smart Robot Roborock Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to the category of robot vacuum cleaners, the Xiaomi Roborock S50 is simply one of the most powerful machines out there. 

With an advanced navigation system and a buffered wheel hybrid design, this device can traverse over any form of rug and slight inclines effortlessly. 

roborock S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner (White)
  • Advanced mapping: Laser mapping systems scan your...
  • Clean effectively: Strong suction and multiple...


After using the Xiaomi Roborock S50 for ourselves, there were two major aspects that honestly impressed us about this device. One was the ‘Laser Distance Sensor’ (LDS), and the other was the ‘Zone Cleaning and Persistent Mapping’ feature. 

Now, the LDS is simply one of the most advanced remote vacuum cleanings features out there today. 

It’s a large disc-like protrusion on the top of the device’s head which starts to spin when the cleaner is activated. This system allows the Roborock S50 to get an immediate 360-degree view of its surroundings, to make its cleaning process fast and accurate. 

The zone mapping feature, on the other hand, will allow you to create an accurate map on the device and help you to drag and define areas onto it to customize the overall cleaning process.

If a particular room or area in the home accumulates a lot of dirt, then you can make the Roborock S50 provide a higher cleaning power in that particular area.

However, though a very effective cleaner, the Roborock S50 doesn’t have very high storage capacity. The dust box is smaller than average and when using it, you will have to empty it out frequently, which can be rather inconvenient to a lot of homeowners. 

  • One of the most powerful robot vacuum cleaners out in the market
  • Laser distance sensor improves the cleaning accuracy
  • Zone mapping allows for customized cleaning
  • Small dust box requires frequent emptying 
  1. Xiaomi Mi Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner International Version

If you’re looking for an amazing robot vacuum device to clean out all forms of debris from your hardwood floors and leave them spotless, then this model from Xiaomi will fit your needs perfectly.

The White Xiaomi International version is by far the fastest hardwood floor-cleaning robot vacuums out there. It can suck out both large and small debris quite efficiently and will hardly take much time to do it.

No products found.


But apart from its hardwood floor cleaning prowess, what we absolutely love about this device is its maneuverability. 

Circular vacuum robots are usually very difficult to control. But this Xiaomi device can turn as fast as it can move. It can turn 360-degree on a dime and can effortlessly maneuver around the sharpest of furniture and turns. 

Moreover, it has a higher-than-average battery runtime of 5200 mAh, which will allow the device to run constantly for nearly three hours. 

This will help you get a very thorough cleaning done throughout the house, while its small 3-inch body can help you to clean out tight spaces under all types of furniture as well. 

However, even though the device works perfectly against most debris forms, it has a hard time dealing with hair. So if you have a pet around the house, then this cleaner may not be the one for you.

Moreover, though it’s fast, it’s not as powerful as the S50 and can have problems deep cleaning carpets.

  • Highly maneuverable and can turn on a dime rather well
  • Supports one of the highest battery capacity
  • By far the fastest hardwood floor cleaning robot vacuums out there
  • Has an issue dealing with hair
  • Not powerful enough to thoroughly clean out carpets

Best Handheld Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaners

  1. Xiaomi Roidmi F8 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Low Noise Dust Collector Household Cyclone

The Roidmi F8 may look and feel a lot like the Chinese Dyson clone, but has a very different design feature that supports a horizontally-aligned bin to make the cleaning process more convenient.

In terms of specs, it outperforms the Dyson V8 as well, and supports a lighter build, with faster charging time and longer usage.


The Roidmi F8 is all about providing the user with a very fun home cleaning experience. The usage is highly customizable, and the handle comes with two buttons to cater to different gripping styles.  

The vacuum also comes with cleaning modes, Regular and Max. The regular mode gives around 55 minutes of wireless runtime, while the max, on the other hand, gives a much more powerful cleaning but brings the run time down to 10 minutes.

There is also a battery indicator on the top of the vacuum that lets you know when it needs to get recharged. The charging takes around 2.5 hours, which is much faster than what most handheld vacuums out there are capable of offering. 

However, the Roidmi F8 has a very small dust box, and you will need to frequently empty out the dirt bin, especially if your home sees a lot of dirt and dust deposition.  

Additionally, though using and maneuvering it around is easy, the swivel action is not as smooth as that of Dyson, and you might have a problem bending it around corners below furniture.

  • Customizable handle buttons allow a variety of use
  • Has a fast charging and long-lasting battery
  • Comes with two utility modes of regular and max
  • Lightweight and easy-to-hold design
  • Smaller dust box which you will frequently need to empty out
  • The swivel is not as smooth as we would have liked it to be
  1. Xiaomi Dreame V9 Pro Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Household Wireless Aspirator 20000Pa Cyclone Suction

Now, if you want an immensely powerful handheld vacuum device, then we suggest that you give the Xiaomi Dreams V9 pro a try.

The device is one of the more powerful handheld vacuums you will find in the market today and comes with a 3.0 brushless digital motor that provides a spin speed of up to 100,000 rpm per minute. 

No products found.


What we loved the most about the Xiaomi Dreame V9 pro is the five-stage HEPA filtration traps that it comes with. 

This one design feature is what makes this so very unique from the rest of the models that are out there in the market today. This trap system collects dust particles as small as 0.3 microns, which includes around 99 percent of the allergens which we find around the house.

Additionally, handheld vacuums are not exactly renowned for their durability. It has a cold air system design that keeps the battery strong and long-lasting, allowing you to use it continuously for months.  

The 3.0 air cooling design will ensure that the motor works in its best condition and guide a particular part of the airflow to the battery to accelerate the heat dissipation process. 

But, much like the previous Xiaomi handheld vacuum model, the Dreame V9 Pro too has a rather small dust collection bin, which you will have to empty out frequently.

  • HEPA filtration system traps dust particles as small as 0.3 microns
  • Unique motor cooling system keeps the battery durable and long-lasting
  • Has powerful suction capabilities, making it perfect for cleaning carpets
  • Small dust bag that needs to be emptied frequently 
  1. Xiaomi Mijia Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for Home Car Household Wireless Aspirator 23000Pa Cyclone

The Xiaomi Mijia was released quite recently this year and is Mijia’s first-ever hand-held wireless vacuum cleaner to hit the market. 

It’s simply one of Xiaomi’s very best hand-held vacuums for deep cleaning and comes with four separate brushes to help you clean out different scenes without a hassle. 

No products found.


The Xiaomi Mijia ever since its release has been taking over the vacuum market by storm. It comes with a much more improved 5-fold filter dust lock system and allows the device to provide a purer discharge at the purifier level to lock up to 99 percent of the dust and prevent any form of secondary pollution.

It is even equipped with four multi-functional brushes which are: a soft wool floor brush with a built-in motor, an electric dust removal bed brush, a gap cleaning suction head, and finally a dust removal brush.  

This entire set, when combined together, will allow you to do any type of cleaning job you see fit with this device.

It can effortlessly meet the daily use scenarios of cleaning the ground, sucking out bed mites, to even cleaning up animal hair from the carpet and gunk from your laptop’s keyboard. 

However, one aspect of this device that does disappoint us is the overall battery backup. Where most hand vacuums can last you for about 60 minutes in normal mode, the Mijia struggles to provide even 40 minutes’ worth of suction before needing a charge.

  • A very new Xiaomi model, and hence comes with the latest features
  • Has four separate brush sets that can help it to achieve any cleaning job
  • Comes with a 5-fold filter lock system to minimize secondary pollution
  • Has a poor battery capacity which hardly gives 40 minutes of run time 

Best Cordless Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner

  1. Xiaomi JIMMY VW302-1 Cordless Window Glass Vacuum Cleaner Electric Window Cleaning Machine

We won’t we all that surprised if this is the first time you have heard of something called a window vacuuming machine. 

Heck! Even we didn’t know one such existed before trying out this amazing device from Xiaomi and found it to be useful for a lot of minor odd suction jobs. 

GYTK Vacuum Cleaner Jimmy VW302-1 Cordless Window Glass Vacuum Cleaner...
  • Material: plastic
  • High efficiency strong power and lightweight,...


So what exactly is the Jimmy window vacuum from Xiaomi useful for?

Well, to begin with, let’s just say that when it comes to saving time when cleaning smooth surfaces such as windows, faience, showers, and mirrors, this device is incredibly useful. 

It will completely clean out the surfaces without a single droplet left behind and provide streaks without any form of leakage. 

The device is capable of working 20 minutes at a stretch and can very conveniently be charged with the use of a MicroUSB port in just 2-3 hours. The portability and ease of use make it the perfect cleaner of choice to take on trips; you can also very easily clean your car’s dirty windshield with this.

It comes with a separate dirty water tank as well, which has a capacity of 100ml.

However, when it comes to the disadvantages of this device, the cons have a lot to do with the power that the device is equipped with. It can get a lot of minor cleaning jobs done but has problems when the job requires a higher vacuuming power.

  • Perfect for saving time when cleaning smooth surfaces such as windows and mirrors
  • Easy to handle and portable design for user convenience
  • Can work for 20 minutes straight and has a fast-charging time
  • Lack of power for tougher vacuuming jobs 
  1. Xiaomi Cleanfly FVQ Wireless Handheld Car Home Vacuum Cleaner

We know how difficult it can get to clean out those really tight spots in the car which tend to get dirty a lot but can’t be reached with a regular vacuum.

Fortunately, Xiaomi has come up with a solution to that problem, with this amazing car/home vacuum, which does a lot more than clean out your car’s sofa. 

No products found.


What captured our attention the most about this device is the amazingly attractive and futuristic design that it boasts. 

Unlike regular vacuums, the Cleanfly has a very smooth, mode appeal to it; it has a sleek black body with LED light indicators along with a single button design which makes it incredibly appealing.

But, do not let its portable and elegant design fool you. The device packs quite a punch and is a very powerful vacuum, to say the least.  

It comes equipped with a motor that is capable of producing 32000 rotations per minute,  along with a whopping 5000pa suction. 

The support of the internal turbine blades also helps the device to take care of dust, hair, seeds, chips, and even little stones to allow for a very thorough cleaning process.

However, though powerful, the Cleanfly has a very poor battery capacity, and you will be required to juice it quite frequently if you’re attempting a long and tough vacuuming job.

  • Incredibly attractive body design, with easy-to-use features
  • Powerful sucking power can take up the toughest vacuuming jobs
  • Perfect for reaching those hard-to-access spots in the car
  • Takes care of dust, hair, seeds, chips, and even stones
  • Battery backup is not satisfactory 
Best xiaomi vacuum cleaners 2

Vacuum Cleaner Buyer’s Guide  

Before you go out looking for the Vacuum cleaner of your choice, there are certain things that we believe you should keep in mind before investing in the one that you fancy.

Be aware of the different types of vacuums and their advantages

When out shopping for a vacuum, you should always shop in terms of type as each type of vacuum deals with a particular need.

If you have a lot of wall-to-wall carpets, rugs, and even uprights, it’s always best to go for a vacuum that comes with a larger storage bag. 

However, if stairs are your main concern, then canister types can be the best possible option because of their ease of maneuvering, and how well they perform on hard surfaces such as hardwood and tiles. 

Vacuum models such as the stick vacs and the handhelds are just perfect for lighter tasks that require immediate attention.

The robotics on the other end can be your pick if you want to just do all the heavy lifting while you sit back and relax.

So, let us go a bit deeper into the different types of vacuums that you find in the market today. 

Upright Vacuums

Upright vacuums are quite cheap and cost far less than their canister counterparts and are capable of cutting a wider cleaning swath as well.

They are the perfect choice for all intensive deep cleaning jobs, and they will leave your floors and carpets spotless in no time at all. And as they are capable of standing on their own, storing them is not going to be an issue at all. 

However, upright vacuums tend to disappoint when it comes to maneuverability. Pushing and pulling a device that weighs over 20 pounds can be tasking for many users, and getting a flight of stairs done with them, can be an entirely different ball game altogether.

The more powerful the vacuum, the heavier it is and the hard to manage they get. 

Canister Vacuums

When it comes to cleaning bare floors, stairs, and even the tight spaces below the furniture, canister vacuums are going to be much more convenient than upright ones. 

They are quite amazing when cleaning drapes and upholstery as well, while some of their high-end models, can get your carpet as clean as the upright ones. Canister vacuums are also much lighter and hardly make much noise when active. 

But canister vacuums; are mostly very bulky, and as the complete setup consists of a separate hose and a wand, getting them comfortably inside a closet for storage can indeed be an issue.

Stick Vacuums

In terms of design, stick vacuums are a lot similar to that of the upright models. They have tall bodies, and handles, along with a powerhead which may or may not be battery powered. 

But, unlike the upright ones, they are lightweight and much more convenient when it comes to cleaning up a mess quickly. They are easier to use as well, and you will not have to bend over to clean out your floors. 

However, stick vacuums are not as powerful as upright ones, and may not work on full-sized carpets all that well. They are ideal for picking up surface litter, but for anything deep-seated, they will not do a good job at all. 

Their dirtbag capacity is small as well and will need frequent emptying. 

Handheld Vacuums

The small and portable handheld vacuums come in two separate models corded and cordless. 

They have a quick and easier setup; are light and perfect for cleaning hard surfaces like short-pile carpets and bare floors. 

Though they are not all that well known to handle hair (human or pet), there are certain models that can deal with pet hair rather well. If you have a car interior to clean, the handheld models should be the way to go.

However, much like the stick vacuums, they lack power and dirt storage capacity as that of upright vacuums.

Best xiaomi vacuum cleaners 5


As the years roll by robotic vacuums is getting smarter and more powerful in terms of their vacuuming prowess. 

They are best suited for rooms and houses which do not see much clutter and can be the ideal solution for some touch up between regular, manual vacuuming sessions.

In this way, they can significantly reduce the amount of work that you have to do, and as they can reach those tight spots, below furniture effortlessly, you are not having to do much during the manual sessions.

Additionally, the more recent robotics are equipped with smarter tech, which can allow you to control their actions with an app on your smart devices. 

Best xiaomi vacuum cleaners 3

On the flip side, though a convenient cleaning device, robotics are not all that powerful. Deep cleaning is not a part of their oeuvre, and they come with small dirtbags as well, which you will have to empty every now and then.

Central Vacuums

With no vacuuming body to pull along, the central models are the most convenient manual vacuums to use 

As you carry only the hose and powerhead, they tend to be relatively quiet, and their dirt chambers don’t need to be emptied all that often.

But they are some of the most expensive vacuum types and can require professional installation. They are hard to store as well, and their 30-foot hose can be an inconvenience to work around, especially for quick cleaning jobs. 

  • The things to consider in your vacuum

Now that you’re aware of the type of vacuum that you should be going for, there are some additional aspects such as features, bags, and noise that you should have lookout for.

Vacuums today come in a variety of designs, shapes, builds, and user-friendly features. 

Here is where your specific preferences come in, so make sure to check:

The Features

A vacuum cleaner that comes with a motorized brush manages to clean carpets and rugs significantly better and faster than one that is only powered through suction. 

Make sure that the vacuum comes with a switch on the handle as well; this will allow you to deactivate the brush and help protect the finish of your bare floors, while at the same time avoiding scattering debris. 

Another feature that you can look out for is a ‘manual carpet pile-height adjustment control’ along with ‘suction control’ for all the delicate fabric and draperies around the house.

The Bags

The bagless vacuum might just save you the cost of purchasing bags, but they have much higher maintenance. 

Not only will you be needed to clean them periodically, but if you have a model that uses HEPA filters, you might just have to periodically replace those filters as well. 

If you have asthma and dust allergies, emptying out the bin of a bagless vacuum can cause adverse reactions to your body.

Low Work Noise Levels

The Vacuum cleaner you pick, no matter how powerful, should not have a very high noise production when it’s active. 

If you have a home that is filled with a lot of noise-sensitive residents, then it’s wiser to go for the canister vacuums which emit a much lower noise than the other vacuum types. 

Final Thoughts

It was only recently that Xiaomi started to form a name in the vacuum cleaning industry. They have an amazing list of vacuum models to pick from, and we hope that at least one among the models that we have listed for you today was able to meet all your requirements.

Till next time!

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