Y House / Saunders Architecture

Architects: Saunders Architecture
Area: 190 m²
Year: 2022
Photography: Ema Peter
Team Architects: Todd Saunders with Attila Béres, Pedro Léger Pereira, Pål Storsveen, Monika Jasikova, Joe Kellner
Local Design and Construction Coordination: XYC Design
Lead Builder: Priman Homes
Interior Furnishings: Kit Interior Objects
Location: Carraig Ridge, Alberta
Country: Canada

Nestled amid Alberta’s serene landscapes, Carraig Ridge combines sustainable living with architectural innovation, offering a perfect blend of natural beauty and modern design. This community, initiated by Ian and Kate MacGregor, serves as a sanctuary with its strategic design to conserve the natural environment while accommodating contemporary rural living. Highlighted by Saunders Architecture’s Y House, the project exemplifies how thoughtful design can coexist with nature, featuring unique architectural approaches that respect and enhance the landscape. This article delves into the collaborative efforts that make Carraig Ridge a model for future eco-sensitive developments.

Y house / saunders architecture

Carraig Ridge, nestled in the vast landscape of Alberta, Canada, combines rolling grasslands and aspen forests with distant views of the Rocky Mountains, embodying the ideal rural retreat. This design-focused community is spearheaded by Ian MacGregor and his daughter, Kate MacGregor. Under Kate’s leadership at XYC Design, a proposal was presented to the local government to protect the region through conservation easements and stringent land management, ensuring that the ranching lifestyle and natural beauty are preserved. Carraig Ridge will ultimately house over 40 residences within 100 acres, maintaining 550 acres for community use.

Y house / saunders architecture

This initiative has drawn the attention of notable architects like Bryan Young of Young Projects and Tom Kundig of Olson Kundig Architects, who contribute to these homes’ architectural design. Notably, Todd Saunders of Saunders Architecture has designed a series of five house concepts for this project, beginning with the Y House. Positioned between Calgary and Banff, the community offers activities such as cross-country skiing and hiking, emphasizing sustainable and responsible design principles in harmony with the natural environment.

Y house / saunders architecture

The Y House itself, designed by Saunders, is a striking example of architectural adaptation to landscape. It features a Y-shaped layout to maximize views and integration with the site. Key spaces include a spacious living, dining, and kitchen area at the nexus of the house, leading to a mountain terrace. The house is clad in Corten steel, which naturally rusts to give an earthy, integrated appearance.

Y house / saunders architecture
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Project Location

Address: 32 Carraig Ridge, Ghost Lake, Alberta, Canada

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