YEARLY PLAN Shanghai Gallery / dongqi Design

Architects: dongqi Design
Area: 430 m²
Year: 2023
Photography: Yasu Kojima
Lead Architects: Nan JIANG
Structural Engineer: XinY Structural Consultants
MEP Engineer: Environment-friendly Solution to Bld.
Lighting Consultant: HUAH
Plant Consultant: ABSOLUTE
Design Team: Weijing He, Huiyi Wu, Ning Wang, Karen Wang, Jing Xu, Danyi Zhang, Xiaoyu Ma, Chloe Wang
Program / Use / Building Function: Retail, Gallery, Commercial and Offices
City: Jing’An
Country: China

YEARLY PLAN Shanghai, a 3-story exhibition and retail building designed by dongqi Design, is located on Changle Road in Shanghai’s historical center. Completed in 2023, the project retains the original city texture while incorporating modern architectural elements.

Yearly plan shanghai gallery / dongqi design

The 3-story exhibition and retail building, YEARLY PLAN Shanghai, designed by dongqi Design, is located on Changle Road, representing Shanghai’s typical historical center. The architect aimed to preserve the original city texture, maintaining the massing of the old building.

The vertical structure consists of two special-shaped concrete piers on both sides, with stairs in between. This is the only vertical structure within the space. Large, non-frame glass curtain walls and a pillarless space allow views of Building 2 from the courtyard side and Changle Road from the street side. The roof is supported by four 40mm thick steel plates, meeting at different angles and connected to the concrete piers. This asymmetrical eccentric structural system features uniquely shaped steel plates with varying cantilever distances up to 7 meters. The concrete piers resemble rough rocks, appearing split to embed the stairs, with the two piers slightly inclined and not parallel.

The concrete piers are hand-chiseled on the exterior and manually polished on the interior, showcasing different concrete textures. MEP systems are integrated into the building’s structure layers, with air conditioning covers chosen to match the flooring materials. This integration maximizes floor height.

The disengagement of vertical concrete piers and horizontal floors enhances the vertical penetration of the core cylinder. The stair handrail, a continuous stainless steel round rod, serves as both a handrail and a clothing hanging rod in the display area, also providing space lighting.

Rain gutters are carefully proportioned to match the façade’s floor levels. Gutters on all four roof sides converge above the corner glass walls, creating a water curtain visible from inside on rainy days. Rainwater flows into a custom stainless steel flower pool on the terrace, irrigating the landscape and enhancing the natural atmosphere.

Facade proportions have been meticulously considered. The building’s courtyard facade resembles three horizontal scrolls, reflecting the surrounding scenery during the day and revealing the interior mood at night.

Yearly plan shanghai gallery / dongqi design
Project Gallery
Project Location

Address: 888 Changle Road, Jing’An District, Shanghai, China

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