Ylivieska Church / K2S Architects

Architects: K2S Architects Ltd
Area: 1533 m²
Year: 2021
Photography: Tuomas Uusheimo
HVAC Engineering: Insinööritoimisto Granlund Oy phase 1, Insinööritoimisto J.Koivusaari Ky, Jaakko Koivusaari phase 2
Structural Design: A-insinöörit Oy phase 1, Koparak Oy Ismo Kovalainen phase 2
Electrical Engineering: Insinööritoimisto Granlund Oy phase 1, Vallaistusperiaatteet Granlund Oy Tanja Silvennoinen phase 1, Sweco Talotekniikka Oy Jarmo Hintsala phase 2
Lead Architect/Partner: Kimmo Lintula
Architect/Partner: Mikko Summanen
Project Architect: Sasu Marila
City: Ylivieska
Country: Finland

In 2021, K2S Architects Ltd undertook the sensitive task of designing the new Ylivieska Church in Finland, after the historic wooden church tragically burned down in 2016. The new structure is a testament to resilience and community spirit, manifested through a design that respects tradition while embracing modernity. The church features three distinct parts with gabled roofs—the church hall, the vestry, and an entrance lobby—integrating seamlessly with the town’s landscape and the ruins of the old church. The design highlights include a wooden-clad church hall with symmetrical gables and natural light playing a crucial role in the atmosphere. This project not only serves as a place of worship but also as a landmark, reaffirming the community’s identity and heritage.

Ylivieska church / k2s architects

The citizens of Ylivieska experienced profound shock and devastation when the historic wooden church burned down in 2016. Responding to the community’s needs, the local parish decided a new church was essential for spiritual support. K2S Architects won the commission through a 2017 open competition.

Ylivieska church / k2s architects

The architectural concept of the new Ylivieska Church is notably defined by its integration into the Kalajokilaakso urban landscape. The structure is divided into three main volumes with gabled roofs, each serving distinct functions: the church hall, the vestry, and the entrance lobby.

The entrance lobby, in particular, features a diagonally beveled mass, creating a welcoming entry plaza in harmony with the surrounding war graves and the remnants of the former church.

This design continues Finland’s rich tradition of church architecture. The main church hall is enveloped in wood, providing a warm, inviting atmosphere. Light is a central architectural element here, with a skylight running along the ridge and indirect natural illumination at the altar recess. These features ensure that both traditional and contemporary architectural values are reflected within the church’s interior, making it a landmark that encapsulates the spirit of the community and its resilience.

Ylivieska church / k2s architects
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Project Location

Address: Kirkkokuja, 84100 Ylivieska, Finland

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