Young Perfect Office / studiomfd

Architects: studiomfd
Area: 560 m²
Year: 2015
Photography: Johannes van Assem
Lead Architects: Martijn Frank Dirks
Client: Young Perfect
City: Breda
Country: Netherlands

Young Perfect office by studiomfd in Breda, Netherlands, completed in 2015, reflects the brand activation strategies the company employs for A-brands. The design transforms the office into a total experience with themed environments for different clients, echoing the dynamic interaction between brands and consumers.

Young perfect office / studiomfd

In the supermarket, brands constantly compete for consumer attention, using new flavors, packaging, or inventive mash-ups. Young Perfect’s brand and shopper activation strategies are key to bridging the gap between brand and consumer.

Young perfect office / studiomfd

Meeting A-brands in a personal way on the shop floor is a complex arrangement, fine-tuned to deliver the total brand experience at the right time and place.

Young perfect office / studiomfd

Young Perfect is renowned in its market segment, which consists exclusively of A-brands. Leadership brings responsibilities, leading to the complete transformation of its expanded and renovated offices to reflect the brand activation they provide.

Young perfect office / studiomfd

The office features themed environments for each type of visiting client, from a dairy meadow to a candy room and from a Dutch kitchen to an Eastern culinary experience. This immersive atmosphere surrounds clients and employees, enhancing their work environment. Industrial accents add structure, preventing the design from becoming trite.

Designed by studiomfd, the office’s diverse and innovative spaces mirror the brand activation expertise of Young Perfect.

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Project Location

Address: 21 Takkebijsters, Breda 4817 BL, Netherlands

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