Youza Eco-Lodge / Rodaa Studio

Architects: Rodaa Studio
Area: 618 m²
Year: 2022
Photographs: Christophe Caudroy
Manufacturers: Bildau & bussman
Lead Architects: Rodolphe Albert, Pauline Gillet
Structural Consultant: Orégon
Geotechnical Consultant: FONDASOL
Roads and Networks: Sodéref, Forestier
Carpentry: GCB
Masonry: TBP Concept
Plumber: SNIC
Finishing Works: BCI
Roof Work: Monestier
Program / Use / Building Function: 18 Ecolodges and a main building
Wood Consultant: EBB
Technical Control: RISK control
Electricity: Cogelec
Kitchen: IAC
Fire Safety: GSI
Lighting Consultant: iGuzzini
City: La Couture-Boussey
Country: France

Youza eco-lodge project, designed by Rodaa Studio in La Couture-Boussey, Normandy, responds to a municipal initiative aiming to enhance local tourism through the promotion of natural resources. This development offers a series of eco-lodges, conceived to provide guests with a profound connection to nature and a sustainable, ecologically focused tourism experience. Inspired by observatories, the lodges feature expansive windows that frame the forest scenery, immersing visitors in the landscape while maintaining comfort through warm wooden interiors. Each of the 18 luxury eco-lodges, varying in size from 20 to 30 square meters, is thoughtfully placed within five clusters across the forested area to maximize privacy and environmental integration. These accommodations cater to a variety of guests, from couples to families, with specific designs tailored to their needs, including units on stilts and ground-level lodges. Central to the project is the ‘Lieu de vie,’ a communal hub equipped to support gatherings and events, which complements the lodges by emphasizing connectivity and community within the retreat.

Youza eco-lodge / rodaa studio

Youza is an eco-lodge development in La Couture-Boussey, Normandy, envisioned as a space for authenticity, creativity, and reconnection with the fundamentals in a natural setting. This initiative was sparked by a local government invitation to showcase natural assets and enhance area tourism.

Youza eco-lodge / rodaa studio

The objective was to offer ecological tourism with a focus on sustainability and local resources. Rodaa Studio, inspired by observatories, created eco-lodges featuring extensive windows that frame views of the forest, establishing a distinct bond with the environment. The lodges’ wooden interiors contribute warmth, and the entire project is integrated sensitively with its surroundings.

The site comprises 18 premium eco-lodges spread across a 32-hectare forest, organized into five clusters: North, Central, East, West, and South. Each lodge is set apart by more than 20 meters, ensuring a deeply natural experience. The lodges vary in size from 20 to 30m2, accommodating couples, groups, and small families with diverse designs that are either ground-level, hillside, or elevated on stilts.

Specifically, the North cluster contains six eco-lodges, including two elevated at 4 meters for couples and three at ground level suitable for families. The Central cluster features three lodges on stilts, elevated 4 meters off the ground, ideal for either couples or families.

Youza eco-lodge / rodaa studio

In the West cluster, one lodge is specially designed for accessibility by people with disabilities, including access for an electric small car, while another is built on stilts to align with the hill’s incline. The East cluster houses three eco-lodges, all perched at 4 meters, for families and couples. The South cluster includes four lodges on a hill slope, primarily for couples.

Youza eco-lodge / rodaa studio

Central to the project is the “Lieu de vie” or living space, which acts as the hub with facilities for gatherings, events, and information. It is the sole permanent structure on the site, located in the North near the main road, encompassing 351m2 with a 205m2 terrace elevated on 20cm stilts.

This living space adheres to a 3-by-3-meter grid, primarily constructed from wood with expansive bay windows that offer abundant light and views of the natural surroundings. The interior design of the Youza eco-lodges promotes coziness with its use of clear wood and versatile designs tailored to the type of residents and specific site characteristics, complete with welcoming terraces.

Youza eco-lodge / rodaa studio

Sustainability is a cornerstone of the Youza eco-lodges, which utilize 100% PEFC-certified Belgian and French wood and recycled cotton for insulation. The architectural design emphasizes minimalism, merging the lodges seamlessly with the environment through modest facades, wood as the primary material, and a local architectural style. Large bay windows facilitate periods of reflection, contemplation, and meditation.

Youza eco-lodge / rodaa studio

The placement of the eco-lodges is carefully considered, based on detailed observations of the site, guided by the natural environment and potential views. This careful positioning minimizes ground impact, with lodges supported by 6 to 9 poles and accessed via wooden staircases that lead residents to what is termed “Birds eco-lodges,” preserving the natural state of the site without impacting the existing trees.

Decisions regarding the placement of the lodges are meticulously made based on detailed site observations, directed by the natural surroundings and potential views of the environment.

Youza eco-lodge / rodaa studio
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Address: 49 route de Nonancourt, 27750, La Couture Boussey, France

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