4 of the Best Keyboard for Designers in 2019


While the tool does not make the artist, it certainly affects the way an artist works.

If you are a professional designer or are just starting out, you will know how the devices you use can affect the quality of your work. While a keyboard or a mouse can certainly not make you more or less talented than you are, they could surely help in unleashing your full potential.

And this is probably why several keyboard brands in the market are trying to cater to the various needs of professional designers, gamers, architects, etc.

So, in case you are planning on ditching your old keyboard for a gleaming new one, or upgrade to a one that suits your tastes and needs.

Best Keyboard for Designers

To help you out, here’s a list of some of the best keyboards for designers available in the market today:

  1. Logitech Craft

Logitech 920-008484 Craft Advanced Wireless Keyboard with Creative...
  • Touch the Crown to instantly access...
  • Type with confidence on a keyboard crafted for...

Logitech is one of the popular tech brands in the market. This keyboard model combines smoothness with comfort and ease of access. Its adaptive technology recognizes the software you are working with and changes accordingly to its need. This means that the input dial will shift to give you easy access to the functions specific to the application you are using.

For designers, this keyboard has some special perks. It will let you access the input dial to play around with the stroke weight of Illustrator CC. Also, when using Photoshop CC, you can adjust the brightness functions directly from your keyboard and in InDesign, you can adjust layouts while easily navigating timelines on Premiere CC. And the perks are only getting started.

Then, there is also the fact that you can simply use the dial to access specific Office functionalities, including accessing templates on PowerPoint, creating charts on Excel and play around with font sizes and types on Word. Combine that with the responsive keys that work without making the slightest noise and you can say you have gotten yourself a very good deal.

The entire device focuses on clarity and accuracy so you can work smoothly, and without the slightest distraction. The back-light adjusts according to your surroundings, and one touch of the button lets you connect to three devices at the same time.

  • Aluminum dial and spine adds to the durability
  • Adjusts functions according to the software the user is working on
  • Bulky design that weighs over 2 pounds
  • The back-light drains the battery very fast
  1. Azio Retro Classic

Next up on the list is Azio’s Retro Classic. From the time you first lay eyes on this one, you will know that it is not like any other of its kind. In all its gleaming retro flawlessness, the design can be termed perfect. Visually, at least.

Talking about the design, one must mention the leather top plate that gives the keyboard a rugged yet classy look, with a kind of old-world charm to it. The satin-chrome and zinc-aluminum alloy body goes gloriously with the leather. The entire look, along with the clicking feeling the keys give, reminds one of working on an old school typewriter.

If you are someone who is torn between buying a wireless or wired keyboard, this one has you covered. You can use the USB port to connect to your PC or just go wireless with Bluetooth connectivity. On the inside, it is fitted with a staggering 6000mAh battery that is rechargeable and easily lasts a year when the backlight isn’t on.

Further, you can adjust the tilt of the keyboard to fit the angle at which you prefer to work perfectly. There is also a pillar-ish foot at the back using which you can adjust the height.

  • Zinc aluminum alloy gives it durability
  • The leather top plate has indicator light markings debossed before being printed with copper foil, making it even more detailed
  • Balances old-school look with modern day comfort and class
  • Lack of programmable keys
  • Loud switch sounds
  1. Corsair Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

CORSAIR K66 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Linear & Quiet - Linear &...
  • Gold contact CHERRY MX red mechanical gaming...
  • Dedicated multimedia and Volume controls to adjust...

While the CORSAIR K66 mechanical keyboard was initially marketed as a gaming keyboard, its incredible functions gave it a great boost to make for an enhanced editing experience.

The Keyboard comes with CHERRY MX Red key switches, multimedia controls and a dedicated volume with 100% anti-ghosting.

Its audible click with the tactile feedback system gives you a cathartic overall experience. The key-to-key backlight customization gives the user a chance to set the key colors accordingly. The look and feel of this keyboard is impeccable, making it a durable fit for your long editing sessions.

Since it is also mechanical, it also kind of adds to the nostalgic value, if you are into it, that is. Its anti-ghosting technology improves the signal quality while the full key rollover increases accuracy for when you are stuck at your desk designing for hours at an end.

The primary gaming keys, that is, WASD are contoured with textures. Moreover, its custom backlit technology helps you game conveniently. The aluminum frame with its lightweight form factor makes it a keyboard worth gaming on.

The design of this keyboard is unmatched and so is its performance. The added features also make it easier for the users to skip tracks, change volume or the light intensity of the keyboard.  

  • The FPS keys are accessible and let you stay focused
  • The standard key-caps and their replacement take care of the typing functions well
  • Lacks dedicated gaming keys
  • The contoured keys don’t offer any secondary functionality
  1. Editors Keys Loupedeck

Loupedeck Photo Editing Console and Lightroom Keyboard for Adobe...
  • EDIT FASTER AND EASIER - Editing with the...
  • PERFECT FOR ANYONE - Whether you're a seasoned...

Perhaps the first thing one notices about Editors Keys Loupedeck is how it seems to be designed with but one goal in mind, i.e., to fulfill all your designing needs at the click of a mere button.

All the other keyboards on this list and many others in the market do try hard to make a designer’s work easier and smoother by helping them remain focused, but perhaps, it is only Loupedeck which does away with any extra frills and specs in exchange for speed, efficiency, and accuracy. It is designed not to just catch your eye, but to make sure you get to give your best.

For example, you can directly plug the Loupedeck in and start working on Lightroom without having to bother about the software’s own interface. You can directly get down to the editing part directly with this one as the dials, buttons and knobs can all be customized to serve a specific purpose when using Lightroom.

Moreover, you can use the wheels and knobs to precisely edit your work by tuning the dial sensitivity up or down. You can also use the console to work with shadows, brightness, exposure, contrast, and clarity without having to fumble around with the software settings.

  • Takes away the need to use a keyboard or a mouse
  • Each button or knob on the console can be adjusted to serve a Lightroom function
  • Has no wireless connectivity option
  • There are no indicators for the brush button

How to choose the best keyboards for designers?

It often is an interesting aspect when you are planning to buy keyboards, specifically for designing. Choosing from a sea of keyboards that are in the market can be a tough bargain. But, what exactly are you looking for?

Well, you want a keyboard that helps in designing, so you would want to check up on your criteria list. What does a designer exactly need from his keyboard that a regular keyboard cannot offer?  It must probably be convenient enough for them do their job smoothly.

Also, there are certain things that you should be looking for before pushing that investment. Here is a list that you would want to look out for before buying a keyboard that specifically caters to the purpose of designing; may not be necessarily, but primarily does so.

  1. Built-in shortcuts

Always come in handy when you are designing. It makes it easier to work when you are meticulously designing something.

You would want it to be durable since keyboards usually take the stress that you are facing while designing a project. Make sure it falls through the test of time, especially if you like to use it for a longer time.

  1. Aesthetics

    Are also a major part of any peripheral. It needs to have that edge, but aesthetics doesn’t necessarily need to break your comfort factor. You can always go for a mechanical keyboard with RGB.

  2. Ergonomic form factor

    Must be there to reduce the amount of muscle stress. Make sure that your keyboard has that form factor so that it helps you during the long stressful hours of design backlogs.

  3. Opt for a backlit keyboard

    With adjustable illumination settings to help you pull through the night when the workload is heavy. It will help your work brilliantly, especially if you like to work in a dark room.

  4. Make sure to have zoom sliders

    These sliders help you get into those details that couldn’t be tended because the mouse wouldn’t let to reach that level of perfection. Zoom sliders can also give you a feel of that intensity.


Buying a new keyboard is serious business, especially when you are a designer,. This is why, it is extremely important for you to do your research and choose well. Whatever you do, make sure you go for one that is not just all sweet specs, but also keeps your comfort in mind and distractions at bay.


  1. I didn’t know editing consoles already exist. it’s good to know that technology is also catering massively to the artists.

  2. Definitely being a good designer will need one going for a good keyboard. I like all the features of these keyboards but if I’m.to get one I will go for Logitech Craft because of the adjustment functions on it.

  3. I agree with you getting a new keyboard as a designer is a serious business, one has to really chose a spec that suits the workload. The keyboards here can be used by designers to get their work done.

  4. I need to change my keyboard asap and thanks to this article for giving me some awesome choices. Thanks also for the tips above on how to choose what’s best for my needs.

  5. Keyboards are very important when it comes to designing. Normal persons without the passion of designing can’t see the need of getting a good keyboard, but it’s really important to have a good keyboard.

  6. I will come back to this article when Im gonna change my keyboard. It is very important to me to choose a good one since I manage some software designer.

  7. I like the corsair keyboard. It’s perfect for both gaming and designing— basically for entertainment and productivity alike.

  8. When it comes to keyboard and mouse, I can say that Logitech is the best brand for it. I have been using this Logitech Craft and it is still very comfortable to use. Thanks for this review though.


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