7 Best Mold Detection Kit to Consider Today [Buyer’s Guide]

All kinds of spaces can have mold growing on them, especially dark, damp or humid areas. But it is not always possible to see mold.

That’s when a DIY mold detection kit comes in handy to detect mold in living spaces. Black molds are found throughout the year, and once they colonize, they may irreversibly damage your walls, furnishings, and floors if left unchecked.

This could result in a renovation and replacement cost of thousands of dollars. Not to mention the health risk of living and breathing in a space with mold.

But why use an at-home mold detection kit? These kits make it easier to identify mold spores by using samples that you can take yourself. Also, it’s a low-priced option as compared to professionals who come home to take samples.

Simply collecting a swab and sending it to the lab will get you an accurate picture of the mold and spores in your home, if any.

Best Mold Detection Kits

Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy option or a more comprehensive test, we’ve got you covered. So without further ado, here’s the list of the 7 best mold test kits.

  1. Healthful Home HH2003 – Best for Fast Detection

Included in the top selections of this list is the Healthful Home HH2003 Mold test, which is a quick and accurate method of detecting mold. It is one of the fastest detection kits – getting results in as quickly as five minutes.

There is no need to wait for days or weeks for a lab to respond with this mold detection kit. It is a time-saving, uncomplicated test that takes not more than 5 minutes to detect mold spores. Apart from saving so much time, you can do your test using the kit, which includes specific antibody-based tests against more than 32 different types of mold.

Moreover, the process is easy to follow -you need to swab a possible moldy surface, collect samples, and place them in two test dishes. Two red test lines indicate a positive mold test and only one red line means the surface is mold-free – easy isn’t it?

After you have evaluated the results, there is a free expert consultation included in the price of the kit. Finally, this test has been verified by EPA-licensed and AIHA-accredited labs to detect mold, so we can say it is pretty accurate! 

A few reviewers online mentioned that the test kit did not detect the mold. In another case, the test result came up after an hour of testing instead of 5 to 15 minutes. Also, this kit is priced higher than the average ones on the market.

Testing time: Within 5 minutes | Sample size: Multiple | Accuracy: 90-100% | Ease of use: Easy to follow instructions | Results time: Within 5 minutes | Follow-up required: Recommended
  1. Mold Inspection Network m2015 – Best for Comprehensive Testing

Next on our list, we have the mold detection kit by Mold Inspection Network, a helpful test to detect allergy-causing mold spores and pollen. If you are looking for an at-home, accurate, and comprehensive mold test with detailed instructions, this might be the kit for you.

Come to think of it, hiring a professional to inspect your home for possible mold and spores might cost up to 400 to 500 dollars. That’s pricey, not to mention the long and tedious process. Comparatively, this test saves a lot of money and extra effort.

It’s a safe and easy method to detect possible mold growth and includes three surface tests. Easy tape lifts are provided to collect samples from suspect surfaces.

What’s more, the inspection guide gives details on where to look for molds and how to detect areas of possible mold growth and water damage. Once collected, they will send your mold samples to a professional lab, and results with an illustrated data report will be given through email.

Furthermore, expert consultation is available at all times to guide through the process and solve queries. 

This test might not be for you if you are looking for instant results. With this kit, it might take more than a week to get the test results. Also, it is not possible to detect any mold spores in the air.

Testing time: Within 5 to 10 minutes | Sample size: 7 tubes | Accuracy: 95-100% depending on mold type | Ease of use: Detailed instructions provided | Results time: Within 24 to 48 hours | Follow-up required: Recommended
  1. First Alert MT1 – Best for Budget Conscious

Up next, we have the First Alert Mold detection test, which allows for testing nine different locations in one test kit. It is also one of the most reasonable options out there. Let us see a few features of this option.

Straight off the bat, we found this test to be an effortless and uncomplicated method of detecting mold in the home.

We know that mold can thrive anywhere it can get substance and moisture. This kit can detect various mold spores that may colonize damp spaces, humid rooms, bathrooms, basements, or offices. Another thing we liked is that the test materials and the instruction manuals are easy to understand and use. 

Along with health risks like sinus congestion, breathing issues, nose and throat irritation, and skin rashes, mold can also damage home furnishing. To prevent this, a test in time can help you take action against mold growth. 

The testing kit comes at a reasonable price. However, an additional 15 dollars is required to specify which type of mold growth is present. Since the results can take up to a week to come, this might not be an ideal choice if you want quick results.

Testing time: Within 10 minutes | Sample size: 1 test stick | Accuracy: 90-100% | Ease of use: Easy to use but results may be difficult to interpret without experience or training | Results time: Within 10 minutes | Follow-up required: Recommended
  1. ProLab MO109

Halfway through the list, we have the ProLab mold detection kit. According to reviewers, it is a safe and easy-to-use kit to check for mold growth or suspicious-looking discoloration. It was also rated highly for accuracy and timely response to queries.

The issue with mold is that it cannot always be seen. So it is difficult to know if mold or pollen is colonizing the damp surfaces or floating in the air. This kit by ProLab solves the problem by testing for samples on the surface and in the air.

We liked the painless and easy steps the kit offers. It has a total of three sampling methods. For air sampling, the presence of mold can be detected in less than 48 hours using two methods. The last method tests home or office surfaces and allows you to send a sample to the lab for analysis.

This option is a reliable, tried, and tested kit, consistently testing accurate results for the past 20 years. Moreover, detailed test reports are available within seven days of sample collection. They even offer an express service wherein the test results are sent within three business days. 

As a Do-it-yourself mold detection kit, the testing swabs, collecting trays, and manuals are included in the cost of the kit. However, keep in mind that lab results cost an extra 40 dollars, which is an additional cost over the price of the kit.

Testing time: Within 10 minutes | Sample size: 1 test strip | Accuracy: 95-100% | Ease of use: Straightforward instructions | Results time: Within 48 hours for lab | Follow-up required: Recommended if positive result
  1. Seeml Labs DIY Mold 3 Test Kit

Another mold detection kit on our list is Seeml Labs DIY Mold 3 Test Kit. As the name suggests, you can do it yourself, and there are three different types of tests included in this kit. Read further to know more about this option.

Let’s start with the clear and detailed instructions in the booklet that comes with this kit. You can easily take three different samples from different surfaces of your house. Since they are an AIHA-LAP, LLC accredited lab specializing in mold analysis, you can rest assured that it will provide the most accurate results from your swabs.

We liked that there was no additional fee to pay for the lab testing and report. Also, the reports are completely confidential and will be emailed the same day they receive your samples.

Once you receive an email with the results, there is a free consultation with an expert who can seamlessly guide the next steps necessary to deal with mold (if any). 

Unlike other kits, which contain a prepaid envelope for mailing, this one requires extra payment for shipping the results. So although the lab report is free, Do bear in mind that you need to pay a separate fee for shipping.

Testing time: 5 minutes (swab test), 10 minutes (tape test) | Sample size: 3 tests (1 swab, 2 tape) | Accuracy: 90-100% | Ease of use: Straightforward and easy to use instructions | Results time: Within 10 minutes | Follow-up required: Follow-up testing recommended
  1. Tavool Store MT270

If you find mold detection kits a hassle to work with, here is another option to check for mold and water damage. This wood moisture meter from Tavool Store contains two pins to detect moisture levels in walls and surfaces, allowing the prevention of molds before they take hold!

We know that mold colonies and spores in the air can be a health hazard. People often get respiratory illnesses, sinusitis, nausea, and headache from mold exposure. This product is a great way to detect and prevent mold by measuring the moisture level of the surface.

Unlike the previous kits we saw in this list, this is a handheld device that can quickly pinpoint the exact moisture location and reading. It has two pins that detect the percentage of moisture. For example, 5 – 12 % is low moisture, 12 – 17% is medium, and 17 – 60% means a high level of water on the surface.

Moreover, you can also find hidden leaks in walls and surfaces which the eye cannot detect. The LED display flashes and runs on triple-A batteries.

There are two modes of measurement- one specifically for wooden objects/furniture and the other mode for building materials so that you can select the suitable option for accurate detection. 

This option isn’t a kit dedicated to mold detection. Instead, it accurately measures moisture and temperature in wood and other building objects. It can find out if a surface is damp but cannot tell if mold is present or not.

Testing time: Within 10 minutes | Sample size: 10 test strips | Accuracy: 90-100% | Ease of use: Simple instructions provided | Results time: Within 10 minutes | Follow-up required: Recommended if positive result
  1. BALORP DIY Mold Test Kit

The final testing kit on our list is a modestly priced Do-It-Yourself Mold test kit. It is an accredited test that analyzes samples quickly and sends the results within a week. Read on ahead to find out if this option is suitable for you.

The booklet in the kit gives a detailed guide on how to inspect the home for mold and water damage. We liked the simplicity of the instructions to conduct the test. Instead of worrying about calling over a professional at home, you can collect samples independently with guidance from the manual.

All you have to do is collect the sample with the swabs provided (three mold surface tests provided in the kit) and put them in the envelope to mail to them. Also, the envelope in the kit is prepaid and ready to ship.

Once you mail the samples from your end, an AIHA-accredited mold testing lab analyses the sample and will inform you of the results within a week; it’s as effortless as that. Lastly, you will receive a free consultation to understand the implications of your results, if required. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although we liked many features, there were a few things missing. This kit is a suitable option if you are concerned about the surfaces of your home, but it doesn’t test for air quality. Also, it takes a week to obtain the test results. 

Testing time: Within 10 minutes | Sample size: 1 test strip | Accuracy: 90-100% | Ease of use: Easy to follow instructions | Results time: Within 48 hours | Follow-up required: Follow-up testing recommended

Best Mold Detection Kits Comparison Table

Product Testing time Sample size Accuracy Ease of use Results time Follow-up required
Healthful Home HH2003 Within 5 minutes Multiple 90-100% Easy to follow instructions Within 5 minutes Recommended
Mold Inspection Network m2015 Within 5 to 10 minutes 7 tubes 95-100% depending on mold type Detailed instructions provided Within 24 to 48 hours Recommended
First Alert MT1 Within 10 minutes 1 test stick 90-100% Easy to use but results may be difficult to interpret without experience or training Within 10 minutes Recommended
ProLab MO109 Within 10 minutes 1 test strip 95-100% Straightforward instructions Within 48 hours for lab Recommended if positive result
Seeml Labs DIY Mold 3 Test Kit 5 minutes (swab test), 10 minutes (tape test) 3 tests (1 swab, 2 tape) 90-100% Straightforward and easy to use instructions Within 10 minutes Follow-up testing recommended
Tavool Store MT270 Within 10 minutes 10 test strips 90-100% Simple instructions provided Within 10 minutes Recommended if positive result
BALORP DIY Mold Test Kit Within 10 minutes 1 test strip 90-100% Easy to follow instructions Within 48 hours Follow-up testing recommended

Buying Guide For The Best Mold Detection Kit

After going through these options, you may have a better idea about which type of mold detection kit or device is for you. If you have a few options in mind but are not sure which one to narrow down to, here are a few tips for you.

  1. Complete kit

A basic kit should include swabs, sample trays, and all equipment required for surface sample testing or adhesive strips for air testing. For a hassle-free experience, read the description to see if the items needed for the test are in the kit itself. Otherwise, your work will be doubled, trying to find the remaining items.

  1. Certification

Make sure you check if the product you are purchasing has relevant certification and accreditation. Most mold detection tests are certified and verified by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA), and they are tested by National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health-certified labs. This is extremely important to ensure safe and accurate results from your test. To prevent inaccuracy, it is always recommended to go for accredited testing kits.

  1. Customer Support

Any respected brand values customer feedback and queries. Before making a selection, check if the company has strong customer support in place in case of any issues after the purchase. The basics are FAQs, telephone numbers, and responsive email ids. An added bonus is easy-to-follow video tutorials.

For example – Healthful Home provides an adequate response to customer queries. ProLab mold testing kit even uses an app for customer support and grievances.

Can I test for mold myself or should I hire a professional?

While it is possible to test for mold yourself using a mold test kit, hiring a professional mold inspector is generally recommended for accurate results. Professional inspectors have the knowledge and experience to identify mold sources and determine the most effective remediation methods.

Can mold test kits be reused?

Some mold test kits may be reusable, while others are designed for one-time use only. It is important to read the instructions for each specific product to determine if it is reusable.

Can I use a mold test kit to determine the type of mold present?

Some mold test kits may be able to identify the type of mold present, while others may only detect the presence of mold in general. It is generally recommended to use a professional mold inspector for accurate identification of mold species.


Now that you are armed with all aspects of mold detection kits, it is up to you to decide the ideal one for your home. But here’s what we felt.

Some of these tests are tried and tested over years and have built the reputation and confidence of their customers – ProLab is one such brand.

If you don’t have time to fuss over kits and wait for days on end for results, this option by Healthful Home might be the one for you. This 5-minute kit is a quick and easy option that saves you time.

In case the kit and tests are too much to handle, you can always go for the wood moisture meter from the Tavool store moisture meter from the Tavool store. It is also the only non-kit to appear on our list.

We hope this list and guide allow you to make an informed decision and have a mold-free home. So, which kit do you plan to purchase? Comment and let us know!

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