5 of the Best Smart Pens for Artists Right Now

What if we tell you, that smartpens along with being pocket-friendly are capable of being user-friendly as well?

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

For all budding talent, we bring them a handpicked catalog of 5 of the best smartpens for artists in the field of digital stylus.

Modernizing traditional handmade sketches or illustrations into digital art is a daunting task in itself.

Then why make it harder with the wrong smartpen which will neither fit in your hand correctly nor give you the proper strokes?

Every artist deserves the best and we are bringing the best to them. Every pen in this review will fit into your hand like a glove as you smoothly glide over the screen filling in those lines. The most challenging of mandala artworks will not seem all that impossible anymore.         

Best Smart Pens for Artists

1. Mixoo Smart Pen

Quite luxurious to the touch, Mixoo has provided their smartpens with the right amount of weight distribution along the barrel.

The unique padding towards the precision end makes you feel like you are holding a real pen, and the added grip it provides maintains your accuracy as you trace along.

The 2mm rubber point comes with a disc tip which is entirely transparent and will allow you to see exactly where you are pointing. This will help you select the smaller icons on those illustration apps without a hassle.

Material: Aluminum | Compatible Devices: Tablet | Tip Diameter: 6 mm | Color Options: 8 | Battery Operated: N/A

2. Evach Active Stylus Digital Pen

Are you tired of the clunky and slow, average smart pens that are otherwise flaunted in the market? The ones that feel too big to grip appropriately and too heavy to use over a prolonged stretch of time?

Then Evach may have the right solution for you. The barrel supported in their active stylus is very light, allowing for a firmer grip. The 1.5mm tip will boost your accuracy as you attempt to represent intricate patterns in digitized art.

The extended battery life will help with prolonged use, and you will not have to worry about frequently replenishing its charge.

Material: Aluminum | Compatible Devices: Tablet and IOS | Tip Diameter: 1.5 mm | Color Options: 3 | Battery Operated: Yes

3. Meko Universal Stylus

Compatible with all capacitive touch screens, Meko’s brand of stylus pens comes equipped with an aluminum body that gives you the smooth feeling of a painter’s brush when you grip it.

The pen comes with a disc diameter of 6.8mm which is accompanied by a rubber point of 2mm. The 6mm fiber tip surrounding the rubber point gives it the much-needed durability that a rubber tip can’t hope to match.

The transparent disc helps you to achieve the most difficult of mandalas as it shows you where your pointer is.

Material: Aluminum | Compatible Devices: Tablets and Smart Phones | Tip Diameter: 6 mm | Color Options: 8 | Battery Operated: N/A

4. SyPen Stylus Pens

SyPen’s products are all for versatility; they are not only a fantastic stylus but a ballpoint pen.

With the 2-in-1 ballpoint and stylus feature, you can seamlessly transition between the two tips. Compatible with all devices the pens come in various color variations and a rubber grip which will boost your accuracy.

If you frequently alternate between the paper and tablet for your art. Charting out the concept in one and finalizing it in the other, then no more do you need to carry a separate set of pens on your travels. With SyPen’s stylus, you are getting it all.

Material: Plastic | Compatible Devices: Tablet and IOS | Tip Diameter: N/A | Color Options: N/A | Battery Operated: N/A

5. Sensu Digital Artist Brush and Stylus

The Sensu hybrid is a 2-in-1 digital brush and stylus, which is surprisingly compatible with any capacitive device.

With the help of their patent-pending technology, Sesu gives their pens, the feel of an artist’s brush rather than that of a smartpen’s. Pulling at the nib of the fine tip will expose the brush by removing the protective cap.

For the authentic painting experience on any digital platform, you cannot go wrong with Sensu’s double feature. For the hardest of illustrations and most complicated of color contrasts, Sensu can prove to be a go-to for any artist.

Material: Stainless Steel | Compatible Devices: Most Touchscreen Devices | Tip Diameter: N/A | Color Options: N/A | Battery Operated: N/A

What is the Best Smart Pen for Artists?

Outlined below is an organized comparison chart indicating critical attributes of leading smart pens, specifically designed with artists in mind. The chart investigates each pen’s material composition, compatible devices, the diameter of the tip, available color options, as well as whether they are battery-operated.

Product Material Compatible Devices Tip Diameter Color Options Battery Operated
Mixoo Smart Pen Aluminum Tablet 6 mm 8 N/A
Evach Active Stylus Digital Pen Aluminum Tablet and IOS 1.5 mm 3 Yes
Meko Universal Stylus Aluminum Tablets and Smart Phones 6 mm 8 N/A
SyPen Stylus Pens Plastic Tablet and IOS N/A N/A N/A
Sensu Digital Artist Brush and Stylus Stainless Steel Most Touchscreen Devices N/A N/A N/A

Hope our simple catalog today was comprehensive enough to have helped you to come to a decision. With each pen being as unique as they are, you might want to pick one based on your preferences.

Till next time!

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