37 Best Gifts For Graphic Designers Right Now

Do you often come across visually attractive designs on hoardings or the internet that make you stop and stare for a while?

Well, that is all a part of graphic design! It plays a big role in our lives as everything you see around on TVs, hoardings, and the internet is part of this. Graphic artists are creative individuals who are always looking to grow or channel their creativity. For a person like this, it must be difficult to find a gift!

To make this job simpler, we have curated a list of the 41 best graphic designers’ gifts. This is filled with books, gadgets, and tools that will inspire and help in ideation and creation.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

Best Gifts For Graphic Designers

Table of Contents

1. Mixoo Capacitive Stylus Pen

Made from stainless steel and aluminum, the Mixoo Capacitive Stylus Pen promises to provide a very smooth experience. First of all, we loved its versatility, and it is compatible with all kinds of devices, including iPads, iPhones, Android tablets, e-readers, Samsung tablets, and Android phones.

It comes with a transparent disc on one end, which will provide you with flawless performance, and you can also see through it. This allows more flexibility, and you will be able to draw better. For more smoothness, a rubber grip is provided. It will allow you to work with the stylus for a longer and better holding experience.

Additionally, the cap that is provided comes with a clip that will allow you to attach the stylus to your pocket or case. This could be one of the best gifts for graphic designers.

2. Getop 6-Port USB Charging Station

If you know of someone who has a large number of gadgets and often faces problems with charging, this is going to be among the best gift ideas. The Vogek 6-Port USB Charging Station will provide you with 6 USB ports to connect your chargers to it. This will also ensure that you can charge 6 gadgets from one power outlet safely.

Also, we loved its smart charging technology. It detects the amount of charge every gadget needs and will automatically deliver only the required amount of power.

To keep the gadget protected, the product has a multi-project safety system. This could be the perfect gift as it can be used in conference rooms and hotels. The body is small and compact, making it easily portable, and one can carry it in a briefcase for business trips.

3. Studio Designs 10053 Vision Craft Station

If the graphic designer in your life is more into painting on paper and canvases, you can give them the Studio Designs 10053 Vision Craft Station. This will ensure that working with paper and craft items is easier and more comfortable.

They will love the tough blue tempered safety glass top with a durable steel body. You can adjust the angle of the glass up to 70 degrees.

The glass has 2 drawers on both sides, which has a depth of 2 inches. Here one can store brushes and paints easily. To use it, all you need to do is pull it out. The drawer will slide out smoothly, and you will have access to your items. There are 3 drawers towards the lower end of this table that can store all the extra items for graphic designers.

4. Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Do you want to give good music to your friend or loved one? The Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones will provide the perfect hearing experience with noise-canceling properties. If your friend loves music, this is going to be cherished for a long time.

Further, it can connect with Alexa-activated devices and will allow you to change songs just by asking Alexa to do it. We found it to be very hassle-free with a number of personalized settings. You will also be getting Bose quality sound, which you already know is one of the best in the market.

If you want to go the extra mile, team this up with a music app subscription, and you will win the tag for the best gift giver to a graphic designer for sure!

5. MYNT3D Super 3D Pen

Help your graphic designer friend turn 2D art into 3D masterpieces with the help of a MYNT3D Super 3D Pen. You can design, draw, build, and repair with this pen, and it comes with a new ultrasonic-sealed nozzle for better efficiency. This is almost clog-proof and will help you with a precise finish.

We loved the Stepless speed slider, which will help you regulate the flow of this pen, and you can get thick and thin lines accordingly. We found this to be an impressive fit for kids, engineers, and artists of all ages.

Adding on, the package consists of a lightweight stylus, a 100-240V AC 50/60Hz adapter, and 3 colors of ABS plastic. Graphic designers will need nothing more and can immediately get started with painting, making it the perfect gift.

6. Creative Workshop: 80 Challenges to Sharpen Design Skills Paperback

If your graphic designer friend faces an issue with finishing projects on time or finds their creativity being disrupted because of deadlines, this is going to be a great gift. It will help one meet deadlines within a set time and take up fun challenges. The book provides 80 such challenges that range from creating a kind of typeface to making a robot.

Every challenge comes with a back story and attractive visuals, which will encourage the designers to explore further. Show your friend that you are invested in their work and want them to grow better with time by gifting this one!

You will also find brainstorming techniques that will help them think of new and innovative designs. Overall, this is one of the great gifts for graphic designers and bookworms.

7. Huion L4S LED Light Box Ultra-Thin Adjustable Light Pad

Does your friend need to transfer or trace sketches? The Huion L4S LED Light Box Ultra-Thin Adjustable Light Pad will provide them with the perfect way to do so without hurting their eyes.

The LED light is easy on the eye with a protective film and adjustable light options. One can adjust the brightness levels and achieve the perfect level to stick to. Plus, it remembers the last brightness level and will adjust it accordingly the next time it is switched on.

Moreover, it is ultra-thin and sleek with a 12-by-8-inch surface to work on. One can also use it to see negative films and use them to trace the object. It also works well with transferring calligraphy fonts. Weighing only 0.6 kg, it can be taken anywhere without any issues.

8. Pantone Postcard Box

This is a postcard collection that an art enthusiast will love. The Pantone Postcard Box contains 100 postcards of different shades that can be used to create artwork on tables. They can also double as a thank you card or may work as color inspiration for artists. Some can also doodle on each of them and frame it to be kept on tables.

These are miniature art pieces that people can use to create minimal art. Pair some of them up well and create a collage for a living room. This could be your way of boosting the creativity of the graphic designer in your life.

9. Rocam Digital Alarm Clock

Up next is the Rocam Digital Alarm Clock, which provides a 6.5″ LED digit display with an easy-to-see large snooze button on the top. If waking up is a problem with your art-enthusiastic friend, this is going to help them out.

It is small and designed just like an alarm clock with easy controls. The sound is loud enough to wake you up, and you can snooze it for 9 minutes before it starts ringing again.

What’s more! This product also acts as a night lamp and will provide you with 7 color options. One can choose between cobalt blue, sky blue, beige, pink, oyster white, green, and violet. The light is dim and will be just enough for anybody who is afraid to sleep in absolute darkness.

10. Affinity Designer

Your gift does not necessarily have to be a physical one! Gift your friend the app that will help their creativity grow by leaps and bounds. Affinity Designer aims for a smooth workflow and has the right set of tools that will let you explore and get your job done.

It offers one live gradient, adjustments, and effects with real-time blending previews. You will be able to view the changes you are making so that they can be edited immediately. Also, it allows for zoom and pans at 60 fps, which proves to be beneficial.

Further, we were happy to see that it could manage more than 1,000 objects at one time without lagging at all. This is something that a graphic designer would love.

11. Browser Sketch Pad

Up next is the Browser Sketch Pad, which is perfect for a graphic designer who prefers

Up next is the Browser Sketch Pad, which is perfect for a graphic designer who prefers paper over any digital medium. This will offer a browser chrome top that will assist in drawing out one’s website and UI ideas.

It is made of 100% recyclable 110g/m² paper, and there are 50 sheets in one pad. It has a hard chipboard back for better support while drawing and is compatible with the Website Stencil Kit. This needs to be bought separately, and you can gift it along with the pad if your budget allows.

One can also use it to write memos and pin-up on their walls. Every paper can be ripped off easily and used as needed.

12. Floral Monogram A Initial Laser Cut Wood Journal

If your loved one loves to take a journal with them wherever they go, the Floral Monogram A Initial Laser Cut Wood Journal would be a great gift. There are 16 alphabet options to choose from, and you are bound to find a matching first, last, or middle name. Whichever alphabet you pick, it is encased in a floral pattern and looks beautiful.

The alphabet and designs are engraved with a laser cutter with precise curves, and the cover is entirely made of wood. The wood that is used is sustainable, and every journal is bound individually by hand. Gift this unique creation to make your friends feel special.

13. Marshall Stockwell Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Most graphic designers love listening to their favorite tracks while creating their pieces, and the Marshall Stockwell Portable Bluetooth Speaker will be an excellent gift to pick. It looks like a classic cassette player and will make for a vintage art piece too. Your loved one can keep it on their bedside as it will add to the decor, and it will keep them entertained too.

This one comes with built-in rechargeable lithium-ion cells, which allow 25 hours of playback. It also has Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology, which will let you connect from any phone. One can answer or decline a call, too, with the phone button on top.

If your friend travels a lot, there is a USB port that will let them charge their devices while on the go. Overall, it is a complete package.

14. Meggs’ History of Graphic Design

Written by Philip B. Meggs and Alston W. Purvis, the Meggs’ History of Graphic Design is a treasure trove for graphic designers. If you know someone who is beginning their career as an artist or a designer, this will help them with visually compelling guides and stunning images of technologies.

This provides detailed accounts of groundbreaking developments in the field of graphic design and has over 1400 pictures depicting the different types. We are sure that it will help in experimenting with fine art too and will increase the growth rate with different theories and methods to guide one through.

In this digital age, we all want to stay updated with the latest happenings, and this book will help your friend do that easily.

15. Eat Sleep Design Repeat T-Shirt

If you want a quirky gift for your design enthusiast friend, give them a t-shirt to flaunt. The Eat Sleep Design Repeat T-Shirt is a fun way to let them boast about their lifestyle, and we are sure that they will love it. It is made of 100% cotton and is extremely comfortable to wear.

This t-shirt with a funny slogan is available in all sizes, and there are choices for men, women, and youth. You can gift this on any occasion ranging from birthdays, Christmas, or success parties.

The product has a double-needle sleeve and sports a classic fit. It is lightweight and will not stick to the body. One can easily wear it at home as it is the perfect casual wear.

16. Round Quirky Magnet 167859948

If you want to gift something very different, the Round Quirky Magnet will be a great choice. It has a fun slogan on it, which reads, ‘EVERY TIME YOU USE THIS FONT A DESIGNER DIES’ and designing enthusiasts will love it. It has a flat magnetic back and is 2.25 inches in diameter.

The metal shell will not lose its color as it is coated with a Mylar/UV-protecting layer. One can add this to any room or simply attach it to the refrigerator. These can be part of one’s collectibles, too, and could be traded for different varieties.

17. Booq Brand Laptop Backpack

If you are a graphic designer, you will know how a laptop is one of the essential gadgets and has to be carried around everywhere. So, designing enthusiasts are always looking around for quirky but well-protected bags for their devices. The Booq Brand Laptop Backpacks will provide one with the perfect creative gear that they need.

This can carry a 13-15 inch MacBook or a medium-sized laptop that meets this size requirement easily. Other than this could also be used to carry around your camera, headphones, video gear, and equipment.

Choose between 4 designs that are offered and settle for the one that catches your eye the most.

18. Field Notes: Original Kraft 3-Pack – Graph Paper

Graph paper is essential for graphic designers as it gives them a sense of symmetry and allows them to draw with perfect accuracy and measurement. The Field Notes: Original Kraft 3-Pack – Graph Paper will provide one with a booklet that can be carried anywhere. It is sized at 3.5″ x 5.5″ and consists of 48 pages. This has 3 of such books and hence will last an artist for a long time.

The company also takes left-handed people into consideration and provides a separate 3-pack version for them. These look the same, and the only difference is that they are stapled to the other side. If you have a southpaw as your friend, this is one gift they will love.

19. Bodum Stainless Steel Travel Coffee and Tea Press

Are you friends with a busy bee? Then the Bodum Stainless Steel Travel Coffee and Tea Press will be an excellent gift option. It is made of vacuum-sealed and a double-walled body and will keep your hot beverages hot and cold ones chilled for many hours.

You could also make tea and coffee on the go. Simply ground coffee and add it to hot water. Close the lid and let it brew for the perfectly brewed coffee within minutes.

The lid is resistant to spilling, and the body sports a nonslip grip, which makes it easier to hold. It can hold 15 oz. of coffee at one time, which should be enough to keep one’s eyes open through drowsy mornings.

20. CafePress Designers Crop It Mug

Gift your loved one an exciting mug that they can keep on their desk at work or use at home. The CafePress Designers Crop It Mug is a quirky piece made especially for designers and comes in a white and black color combination. The colors are very bright and will stand out for sure. It has a dimension of 3.75″ x 3″ inches and can be heated in a microwave.

Moreover, it has a scratch-resistant surface and an easy grip. You can enjoy a morning cup of coffee while expressing yourself via the slogan printed on it. Also, the mug is dishwasher safe, and hence you will not have to wash it by hand.

21. KitchenAid KEK1222OB 1.25-Liter Electric Kettle

If your loved one spends hours burning the midnight oil, they will love an electric kettle. The KitchenAid KEK1222OB 1.25-liter Electric Kettle is a brilliant gift and will make 1.25 liters of tea or coffee at one time. It has an LED on/off switch with an indicator light, which makes it easier for you to keep a watch on it from a distance.

The base can rotate 360 degrees and is removable. It is also compact and can be carried along on trips. The bright red color is very attractive and adds to the benefits. There is a limescale filter in the spout, and it will stop any particles from falling into the cup. The lid can be removed completely, too, for easy cleaning.

22. Magma Sketchbook: Design & Art Direction Paperback

We believe that there cannot be enough sketchbooks for a designer or an artist who is practicing. Hence the Magma Sketchbook: Design & Art Direction Paperback could be a much-needed addition to a graphic designer’s pile of notebooks.

This is an excellent piece with 184 pages. We loved the quality, and the pages were made from eco-friendly materials. If you believe in practical gifting, this one will be a great idea for you.

Moreover, it has a special tear-off cover, which, when removed, reveals the actual cover underneath. This has a great texture and comes in a subtle blue color. Also, weighing only 13.8 ounces, anybody can carry it easily from kids to adults.

23. Cricut Explore Air 2

If you have a designer in your life who is also a DIY enthusiast, the Cricut Explore Air 2 is a great gift to give. It is made to cut 100+ varieties of different designs and works with all kinds of materials. That includes cardstock, premium vinyl, faux leather, adhesive foils, poster board, and specialty paper, to name a few.

All one has to do is create the design on a computer in Cricut’s free design software, and there are 100,000 pictures and more to choose from. You can create your own too and then allow the blade to cut accordingly. It can also be used to write on paper, and there are 370 fonts for your advantage.

Further, it can create perfect fold lines for 3D paper crafts and boxes. You can design them on your own and fold them with precision afterward.

24. MISULOV Micro-Pen Fineliner Ink Pen Set

Up next is the MISULOV Micro-Pen Fineliner Ink Pen Set for those who believe in pen and paper rather than a digital medium. These use waterproof ink and will not fade or disappear in the following years. The ink is non-toxic and safe to use around kids. Also, the pens are completely odorless with a nylon fiber tip for a smooth performance.

We know how often you can get ink on your hands but rest assured that it will not cause harm to the body. It is pH neutral and can be easily washed from the skin.

Plus, it is very versatile when it comes to using the pen. The nib is very smooth and can be used for technical drawings, line and wash, and writing in general. You can also use it for lettering and illustrations along with fine-art calligraphy.

25. LaMetric Time

Next, we have yet another clock, which is the LaMetric Time model. It is unique in its own way and has a number of clock faces to choose from. This is connected to the internet and is perfect for a smart home. We found that the clock could track digital metrics and had an ambient light sensor installed.

Moving on, this can detect the time as well as the weather. Not only that, but it also has a radio, stopwatch, and timer. We were very impressed to see so many features packed inside a compact body. One can easily fit it on its shelves or on the side table.

26. Spirograph Design Tin Set

Do you want to give something fun? The Spirograph Design Tin Set is a great way to boost one’s creativity and help one relax. These work with kids and adults alike and can be used to draw distinct designs.

There are 7 wheels, 1 rack, and 1 ring along with pens, putty, design paper, and guidebooks all stored in a tin box. The tray itself is very attractive and will help in storing all the items together.

The 2 colored pens, blue and red, will make your pattern stand out, and the guidebook will help you create new patterns. It is a great gift for beginners who are exploring the style for the first time.

27. HUANUO Adjustable Laptop Stand

We know how difficult it gets to work on a laptop for long hours. Backaches can decrease your productivity and limit your creative thinking. But the HUANUO Adjustable Laptop Stand will provide much-needed relief and will allow you to work in any position that you want.

There are days when you want to work from bed, and this will act as the perfect table to do so. Graphic designers will love it as it is easy to adjust with just a press of a button. You can set the angle and then release the button to keep it in a fixed position.

Further, the table is lightweight and made of durable materials. It is firm and will not slip on any surface, making it a great gift to give.

28. Jamjake Stylus Pen for iPad

If your friend works on an iPad, this is a stylus that will perfectly suit the purpose. The Jamjake Stylus Pen for iPad is compatible with the iPad 2022 and 2022, but it will not work with Android or Microsoft devices at all.

Adding on, it has a 1.5 mm pen tip that can easily replace your fingers and will make sure that the lines are finer. It does not lag at all and will work very smoothly with a compatible device.

It also is very easy to start, and you will only have to touch the top. In case the pen is not used for 5 minutes, it goes into idle mode by itself, saving power. The pen has the ability to take 20 hours of continuous working with a 90-minute charge.

29. Repel Reverse Folding Inverted Umbrella

Would you like to present your friend with an unlikely gift option? Repel Reverse Folding Inverted Umbrella is an innovative gift that your friends might adore. It has a reverse folding windproof frame that will let you get into spaces without getting wet. It collapses inwards and hence is the perfect umbrella to use while getting in and out of cars on a rainy day.

Also, since it collapses inwards, any water droplets on it will be trapped, and there will be no form of leakage. If one is going for events or special occasions, this is the perfect umbrella to use as one will stay absolutely dry.

Made of a double-layered canopy, this measures 48 inches and will provide your loved one with complete protection from the rain.

30. Moleskine Pen+ Smart Writing Set Pen & Dotted Smart Notebook

Another brilliant gift option is the Moleskine Pen+ Smart Writing Set Pen & Dotted Smart Notebook. Graphic designers often need to transfer their designs, which have been drawn on paper, to a digital application. With this product, they will be easily able to digitize their drawings, and notes, and edit them digitally.

You will receive a smartpen, and paper tablet along with encoded paper, USB recharging cable, a user manual, and 1 ink refill. The notebook has a dotted layout and can work with the Moleskine app.

It will help in sharing, organizing, and mailing the art piece to anyone in the world in a jiffy. You will not have to draw it again on your computer, and designers are going to love it!

31. DDC-090 “Space Shuttle” Poster Kit

Is your friend interested in the space programs, or is it into drawing astronauts? If so, the DDC-090 “Space Shuttle” Poster Kit will be an incredible choice. It is a set of posters that are dedicated to the American Space Shuttle Program, 1981-2011. They are printed 500 miles away from the space coast by Mama’s Sauce and have a lot of history behind it.

Artists are going to enjoy the story and will cherish this product. It is a limited edition with only 150 copies and comes with a 3” x 26” burly kraft poster tube. You will also be getting 2 plastic and puck thingies as a free gift.

32. Etch A Sketch, Classic Red Drawing Toy

If your loved one is a tiny designing enthusiast who wants to grow up to be a graphic designer, the Etch A Sketch, Classic Red Drawing Toy can be a great gift. It has knobs on both sides, which makes lines appear on the screen. The lines can be twisted and curved with the help of these knobs.

It is a great tool for creating symbols and learning how to create line drawings. Adults who are stepping into the world of logo designing can also use this to come up with new patterns.

The best part is that it can be used by a kid of even 3 years. No batteries are needed, and you can shake it to delete the whole drawing and start over again.

33. Griffin PowerDock 5

With so many devices with us, it often gets difficult to charge them all together. The Griffin PowerDock 5 is a multi-charger dock that will allow you to charge 5 devices at once. This can include an iPad along with iPhones and iPods.

Moving on, we loved the space-saving design that will fit on a countertop easily. You will not have to spread the devices over the countertop, and you can easily stack them together in the dock.

But remember that the cables are not included in the pack, and one needs to buy them separately. Again, your friend might already have the chargers, and hence you might not need to purchase it.

34. Graphic Artist’s Guild Handbook

If you want to gift an indispensable piece that will help your loved one grow their skills, the Graphic Artist’s Guild Handbook is a brilliant idea. It will reach out to artists and designers who use print as well as digital mediums.

Moving on, dealing with clients is difficult, especially in a world with shrinking budgets and an economy that keeps fluctuating. This book will give you information about the business, legal, and ethical issues that relate to the current scenario and will help people reach out to more consumers.

Further, the book has 352 pages, and it is meant for artists and graphic designers of every skill level. Tell them that you support their art with this gift.

35. Sakura Pigma Ink Gift Set

Up next is a box of 59 pens that will help artists, illustrators, and designers with their artwork. The Sakura Pigma Ink Gift Set will indeed be the dream gift for artists and has pens with different-sized nibs. One can play around with various colors as well as different thicknesses.

Also, Sakura uses high-quality Pigma ink, which will not spread and will remain exactly the way you draw the lines. It is water-resistant and can be used for line drawings too. If you know someone who prefers painting or creating designs on paper, this will be a great gift for them.

36. UX Kits Website Deck

Do you have someone in your life who spends too much time on the computer looking at glaring screens? Give them a gift that they will not only cherish but will help in protecting their eyesight. The UX Kits Website Deck will help map out the architecture of your website on your desk itself. There are different cards for all the icons, and you can arrange and rearrange them as you want.

Each card has dimensions of 1.75″ x 2.5,” and there is 1 key card. You will get a storage pouch that will help you collect the cards and keep them together. It includes 53 mini-numbered cards, which symbolize different pages.

37. Synology 2 bay NAS DiskStation DS220j

This is a brilliant way to keep a record of personal data. The Synology 2 bay NAS DiskStation DS220j is an award-winning disk station manager that will access and share data with macOS and Windows devices. It can work with mobile phones and Linux software too.

One will get free access to private cloud files while traveling and from anywhere in the world. You can also use this to back up your phone images and data. A graphic designer works with multiple files, and storage is a huge concern. This will be treasured for sure.

Verdict on Graphic Designer Gifts

Designers appreciate all forms of creativity and will love anything that spurs them to create more. Now that you have gone through the top 41 gift ideas for graphic designers, we are sure that you will be able to find the perfect fit.

Before we take our leave, let’s quickly recap a few of our favorites. The Mixoo Capacitive Stylus Pen is our favorite overall, and this is going to be a great gift for digital painters and designers.

But if your friend loves paper, Studio Designs 10053 Vision Craft Station may be exactly what they were looking for. And when it comes to night owls, the TaoTronics TT-DL13B LED Desk Lamp will be appreciated a lot. Although these are our favorites, we feel each and every item on this list has the potential to impress.

With this, we have come to the end of the guide. Let us know your favorites in the comment section below.

Happy shopping!

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