Best Steam Humidifier to Consider [Buyer’s Guide]

Dry air can have harmful effects on your health, irrespective of whether you live in a perpetually dry region or an area experiencing seasonal dryness. 

That’s why it’s a must to maintain the ideal humidity level in your home. And the most soothing way you can add moisture to the atmosphere is by using a steam humidifier. Such a device makes use of steam to enhance the humidity level in the air, making it more breathable, comfortable, and refreshing. 

As such, when it comes to making the home more habitable during the dry months of the year, nothing can beat a steam humidifier. But since there’s a multitude of humidifiers out there, making the right choice can seem difficult. That’s why we’ve tried to help you out by preparing this detailed guide to the top seven models on the market. 

So, let’s get started! 

Best Steam Humidifiers

Whether you need a small humidifier for your bedroom or a larger one for your living room, we’ve got you covered. So, without further ado, here’s the list of the 7 best steam humidifiers to help you breathe easier and stay comfortable.

1. Aprilaire 700 – Best Coverage

We start with this relatively smaller humidifier from the leading brand Aprilaire that has gained much appreciation from customers across the country. After all, the model offers optimum humidification for any home, thanks to its slew of efficient and versatile features. That’s why it finds a place among our top recommendations.

What forms the core of this model is a powerful built-in fan that pulls air directly from the furnace for humidifying and dispersing it throughout your home. 

Coupled with this is a pair of efficient sensors that work to monitor and respond to the outdoor temperature and the indoor relative humidity constantly. This action helps the unit deliver optimum humidity in your rooms, keeping your home ideally humid throughout the day. 

Moreover, this steam humidifier can add as much as 18 gallons of moisture to your home daily, which is perfect for eliminating the dryness of the air completely. And that’s not all; this amazing moisture-adding capacity makes it capable of providing coverage of 4200 sq ft. 

You can even control the humidifying action efficiently through the smart digital control panel on the bottom right corner of the unit. It lets you adjust the humidity level on a scale of 1-7.  

Installing this whole house humidifier can seem a bit difficult since the instructions only come in the form of a few pictures on a single sheet. As such, you will need to consult online guides to get the job done. You will also be required to purchase a few extra fixtures, such as a water drain line, supply line, and thermostat wire. 

Type: Whole-house | Coverage Area: Up to 5,300 sq ft | Tank Capacity: 18 gal/day | Humidity Control: Automatic | Filter Type: Water panel

2. Vicks Vaporizer – Best For Efficiency

Are you looking for a cost-effective yet high-performing humidifier to help your little one sleep comfortably at night? Then the Vicks Vaporizer is a model you can count on. It can be equally effective for adults, helping them stay healthy throughout the dry winter months. 

First and foremost, we like the convenient design of this vaporizer which lets you carry it to any room in the home as per your needs. 

Adding to the convenience is a pair of lightweight molded handles that are also quite sturdy for long-term use. Thus, this unit ensures you’re always able to breathe better wherever you go. 

Using the vaporizer is also quite simple, as you just need to fill up the machine with water, insert the Vicks Vaposteam, and connect it to a power outlet. Thereafter, you can relax and enjoy warm and humid air throughout the room. Even filling up the unit quickly and conveniently, thanks to an efficient easy-fill water level mark. 

Another noteworthy feature is its protective steam guard design, which helps lower the outlet steam temperature by 20%. This makes it a much safer option for use around children and small babies.  

The only drawback of this unit is that the indicator light on the cap can’t be switched off at night, which some might find slightly disturbing after going to bed. However, considering the efficient humidifying performance the unit offers, this can’t be called a deal-breaker after all.

Type: Room | Coverage Area: Up to 400 sq. ft. | Tank Capacity: 1.5 gal | Humidity Control: Manual | Filter Type: Scent pad

3. Honeywell HM750A1000

Honeywell is also known for its efficient range of electrode humidifiers, and one such popular model is the HM750A1000. A great advantage of this model is that it can be mounted on the wall or on the air ducts in your home as per the need. Notably, this feature can be found in very few humidifiers on the market.

Firstly, we loved how this model could be installed smoothly and much faster than other electrode humidifiers. The installation can even be carried out by one person with the help of some basic tools. 

Speaking of its internal parts, it comes with a pre-mineralized cylinder for humidification that helps to enhance the conductivity of the water getting in. As a result, the device is able to generate much more steam than ordinary models and can also start and shut down faster. 

This whole-house steam humidifier also includes a humidistat, which helps the user choose a precise level of humidity that it can function with reference to. This way, it maintains the desired humidity level in your home day in and day out. 

Another benefit is that the power consumption of this unit is much lower compared to other high-performing models such as the Aprilaire 800. Thus, it would never bring about an exceptional rise in your monthly power bills.  

Being an electrode steam humidifier, this model will require a replacement canister at the start of each humidifying season. And this is where you’re likely to feel the pinch, as the canisters are priced much higher than that of electrode models from other brands. 

Type: Room | Coverage Area: Up to 2,000 sq. ft. | Tank Capacity: 1.5 gallons | Humidity Control: Automatic | Filter Type: Antimicrobial wicking filter


Towards the end, we’ve included this steam humidifier from Aircare that performs considerably well in maintaining the humidity level in the desired part of your home. Rather than coming loaded with lots of features, this model offers a simple operation and is also a quite cost-effective option to go for. 

First things first, this steam humidifier consists of a removable tank with a capacity of 0.75 gallons. This makes it sufficient for uniformly humidifying small to medium-sized rooms for up to 12 hours. Its power switch is also designed to shut off automatically after the water is exhausted, thereby ensuring that the device keeps functioning consistently. 

At the same time, the refill indicator lights up to tell you that it’s time for a refill. Another beneficial feature is the presence of a powerful fan that disperses the humidified air efficiently to help you feel healthy and refreshed. 

What’s more, it includes a sturdy pull-out diffuser tray for adding essential oils of your choice. This lets you infuse an energizing fragrance throughout the room.  

If you wish to humidify a larger space, this model might not be the right option to go for. That’s because it offers coverage of about 380 sq ft, which will prove insufficient for uniformly humidifying such a space. So, make sure you consider the area of the space you plan to use it for before zeroing in on this model.

Type: Room | Coverage Area: N/A | Tank Capacity: .75 gallons | Humidity Control: Manual | Filter Type: Trapmax filter

5. Honeywell Cool Moisture Humidifier

Next in our humidifier hunt is none other than the Honeywell Cool Moisture Humidifier. With excellent design and effectiveness, it’s a testament to the perfect balance of aesthetics and function.

We found lots to love about this device. If tranquility is your ultimate aim, then this is the humidifier for you. With minimum noise and a calming, soft fan-like sound, this fits perfectly in a bedroom or a baby’s nursery. Its unobtrusive design leaves no vapor cloud in the air, ensuring a clean environment. We gave it high scores for the added ease of setup, clear instructions, and the removable tank feature. What impressed us was its water conservation capacity, performing exceptionally well over an 8-hour period, requiring refills only once every 24 hours.

Despite its strong performance, the Honeywell model does come with certain limitations. While it scores well on ease of use, it lacks some bells and whistles such as lights, automatic shutoff, or a timer.

Type:Medium Room | Coverage Area: N/A | Tank Capacity: 1.1 gal | Humidity Control: Automatic | Filter Type: Honeywell Wicking Filter

6. CarePod 31S Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Next on the list is the CarePod 31S. It stands out with its sleek design and its focus on sterilization for better air quality, which makes for a great investment.

Backed by a doctor, the CarePod adds a premium touch to functionality with its washable lid cover, water tank, and oscillating arm, eliminating the need for disposable filters – a huge plus in the long run. Its performance did not fail to impress, significantly improving the moisture level of the room in just five minutes. Its simple operation and features like auto shutoff when the water level is low add to its usability.

While we scored the CarePod high on many fronts, we did find a shortfall. It lacks an indicator that could help us keep track of the water level, something we felt could have been included considering its price point.

Type: Large Room | Coverage Area: N/A | Tank Capacity: 1 gal | Humidity Control: Manual | Filter Type: Reusable Filter

7. Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

For a cool mist solution in larger spaces, we recommend the Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier 6L. Though it looks simple, it aims to be highly effective.

This device is one of the quietest humidifiers we tested. It’s great for large spaces (up to 500 sq feet) as its 1.5-gallon capacity can last up to a full 8 hours on the highest setting. We loved the additional features including an essential oil tray that turns it into a diffuser, an easy-setting switch system, and an LED light that doubles as a night light.

Despite favorable features, the Everlasting Comfort model came with a hassle. The decorative cover needs to be removed for refilling, and it keeps the tank from standing up while it’s flipped upside down, presenting a clunky experience. Additionally, the importance of regular cleaning was highlighted when we noticed a small bacterial colony.

Type: Large Room | Coverage Area: Up to 500 sq. ft. | Tank Capacity: 1.6 gal | Humidity Control: Manual | Filter Type: Filterless

Best Steam Humidifiers Comparison Table

Product Type Coverage Area Tank Capacity Humidity Control Filter Type
Aprilaire 700 Whole-house Up to 5,300 sq ft 18 gal/day Automatic Water panel
Vicks Nursery V105SG Room Up to 400 sq. ft. 1.5 gal Manual Scent pad
Aprilaire 800 Whole-house Up to 6,200 sq. ft. 11.5 gal/day Automatic Water panel
Honeywell HM750A1000 Room Up to 2,000 sq. ft. 1.5 gallons Automatic Antimicrobial wicking filter
AIRCARE Aria Room N/A .75 gallons Manual Trapmax filter
Honeywell Moisture Humidifier Medium Room N/A 1.1 gal Automatic Honeywell Wicking Filter
CarePod Humidifier Large Room N/A 1 gal Manual Reusable Filter
Everlasting Humidifier Large Room Up to 500 sq. ft. 1.6 gal Manual Filterless

Buying Guide for the Best Steam Humidifier

To ensure that the model you choose is perfect for your needs, it’s essential to consider some key features that influence the overall performance of a steam humidifier. Remember that making a hasty decision might not fetch you the desired results. So, here are the three most important points you need to keep in mind: 

1. Coverage

Like an air conditioner, the surface area of the space where you wish to use a humidifier is crucial for its performance. Hence, don’t forget to consider the size of the room you will use it for. 

Note that the small and easy-to-carry humidifiers are suitable for use in single rooms and come with a recommended room size too. But in case you wish to use it for the entire house, you should look for steam whole-house humidifiers that provide much larger coverage.

2. Maximum Output and Mist Time

It’s essential to consider the maximum amount of mist a humidifier can produce daily as that determines the efficiency of the model to a great extent. That said, this measurement applies to a particular time frame as well. Together, these parameters indicate the ability of a model to humidify a space effectively. 

This is why you’ll always find the moisture output of a model mentioned in terms of gallons per day. The more this figure, the greater will be the humidifying power of a unit. So, make sure you check the moisture output of the model you’re considering.

3. Running Cost

The cost of running a humidifier is essentially the amount of electric power it requires to enable uniform humidification. Note that it’s especially important to consider this factor when you’re buying a humidifier for the entire home. That’s because such a model would need more power to run and hence is more likely to affect the running costs. 

So, make sure you check the customer reviews of the humidifier you’re considering to get an idea about the power it will consume.

What are the benefits of using a steam humidifier?

Steam humidifiers can help to alleviate symptoms of dry air, such as dry skin, nasal congestion, and dry throat. They can also help to reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria, as viruses and bacteria thrive in low-humidity environments.

Are steam humidifiers safe to use?

Yes, steam humidifiers are generally safe to use when used properly. However, they should be used with caution around children and pets, as the steam can be hot and can cause burns.

How do I clean a steam humidifier?

To clean a steam humidifier, first, unplug it and allow it to cool completely. Then, remove the water tank and any other removable parts and wash them with warm, soapy water. Use a soft-bristled brush to clean any hard-to-reach areas. Rinse the parts thoroughly and allow them to air dry before reassembling the humidifier.

Can a steam humidifier over-humidify a room?

Yes, a steam humidifier can over-humidify a room if left running for too long or if the humidity level is not monitored. This can lead to problems such as mold growth and water damage. It’s important to monitor the humidity level in the room and to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use.

How often do I need to replace the filter in my steam humidifier?

The frequency of filter replacement will vary depending on the model of the humidifier and how often it is used. Some humidifiers have reusable filters that can be washed and reused, while others require replacement filters. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for specific recommendations.


On that note, it’s a wrap for today. 

We hope our guide has helped you pick the most suitable steam humidifier as per your requirements. So, what are you waiting for? Order the model today and put an end to the uncomfortable, dry air in your indoors. 

But before we bring down the curtains, let us quickly take you through our top favorites from the list. Firstly, we feel the Aprilaire 700 is a great pick if you’re looking for a high-performing whole-house humidifier with fairly broad coverage. 

But for those looking for an efficient portable humidifier to use in a smaller area, the Vicks Vaporizer will be an ideal choice. 

It’s time to sign off for now. See you soon with more useful content. Till then, happy shopping! 

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