8 Best Storage Sheds | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Are you tired of all the stuff blocking your garage? If yes, then it might be time to invest in an outdoor storage shed. 

While many homes are designed with backyard storage sheds, others aren’t, in which case you can build a personalized shed. Installing an outdoor shed will not only maximize the storage space but also transform it into a little workspace or a garden shed. 

When it comes to outdoor sheds, most of us still think about the wood tool sheds in old homes with their musty interiors. But, that isn’t necessarily true, as, with time, brands have come up with spacious and easy-to-install outdoor sheds that are easier to maintain. 

They even go well with the designs of modern homes, so let’s check out the 9 best outdoor storage sheds available on the market right now!   

Best Storage Sheds Reviews

Here’s the list of the 8 best storage sheds for any outdoor space.

1. Rubbermaid Vertical Resin Outdoor Storage Shed – Best Medium-Sized Shed

If you have been looking for a fuss-free outdoor shed to store your patio accessories then look no further, as this medium-sized vertical storage shed would be a perfect choice. It comes with a much-needed weatherproof design and ample space to fit everything from push mowers to garden tools. 

First of all, what we like the most about this outdoor shed is its simple design. Even though it is comparatively slimmer, the storage capacity isn’t diminished as the interior is free from any pre-existing shelving or fittings. Instead, you’re free to customize the shed based on your needs by adding racks, utility hooks, and pegboards, among other things. 

Another thing that impressed us was the double-wall resin material that’s been used to construct this shed. It’s weather-resistant, so you can install this shed in an area that receives a lot of sunlight, rain, or snow. 

This shed also has an impact-resistant floor, and you won’t need to worry about moisture seeping from the foundation or the stored items getting ruined. Plus, the metal handle ensures you can open and close the shed easily.

In no way is this a drawback, but make sure to have an electric drill before starting the assembly process. You will need to drill holes for the screws, so be careful and never put excess pressure on the resin panels to prevent damaging the structure. 

Material: Resin | Dimensions (LxWxH): 32.00 x 25.00 x 72.00 inches | Storage Capacity (cu. ft.): 17 | Lockable: Yes | Assembly Required: Yes | Window(s): No

2. Keter Manor 6×8 Resin Outdoor Storage Shed – Best Ventilated Shed

When it comes to purchasing storage sheds, Keter remains the go-to brand for many as it excels at creating useful outdoor living accessories. This is one of its much-loved resin sheds, excellent for those who tend to move frequently. And the panels have the perfect wood-like finish that matches most homes well. 

Finding high-quality large sheds is often challenging for those who need a bit more storage space. But, this resin Keter shade doesn’t disappoint as it features a huge storage capacity of 267.4 cubic feet. So, you’ll be able to use it for storing large items, like lawnmowers, gardening equipment, and bikes, or even as a home for chickens. 

Coming to the construction, this shed is made with weather-resistant and UV-protected polypropylene resin, which withstands peeling, rotting, or rusting. Moreover, the panels are reinforced with steel to reduce the chances of cracking or warping. 

Another appreciable feature is the presence of proper ventilation, which prevents moisture buildup inside the shed by maintaining air circulation. And there’s even a window to let in natural light. 

To be honest, assembling this outdoor shed is pretty much hassle-free due to the clear instructions provided by the company. However, we recommend getting help while installing the roof as it can get a bit tricky, particularly on windy days. 

Material: Resin | Dimensions (LxWxH): 94.00 x 73.00 x 89.00 inches | Storage Capacity (cu. ft.): 291 | Lockable: Yes | Assembly Required: Yes | Window(s): Yes

3. HOMSPARK Horizontal Storage Shed – Best Durability Shed

This shed is perfect for those who are looking for options to keep the trash area clean or want to reduce the mess inside their home. Thanks to the small size of this storage shed from HOMSPARK, it takes up minimal space and helps store everything from gardening tools to kids’ bikes. 

Let’s talk about the design of this storage shed first. It’s a vertical shed without additional interior features, so you can use the whole space of 26 cubic feet for storage. We really like that the double doors opened all the way for easy movement when transporting items during loading and unloading.

Another feature we appreciate is the presence of easier-to-open door handles, providing the perfect grip for quickly opening the shed. There’s also a step-on lock on the door to keep them fixed and prevent accidents. 

This storage shed also performs well when it comes to durability, thanks to the use of HDPE or high-density polyethylene resin. The material makes this shed waterproof, weather-resistant, and colorfast, so it’ll remain useful for years. 

Moreover, the long support lever ensures storing items is quicker and easier while the lockable lid keeps them safe.

Overall, this is one of the best small storage sheds for multipurpose use. But, you must be aware that the shelves portrayed in the pictures are sold separately. We think it would have been better if the brand included the shelves for easier customization. 

Material: Steel | Dimensions (LxWxH): 51.18 x 29.53 x 43.31 inches | Storage Capacity (cu. ft.): 54.96 | Lockable: Yes | Assembly Required: Yes | Window(s): No

4. U-MAX Outdoor Metal Storage Shed

Have you always preferred the durability of traditional outdoor metal sheds? If yes, then check out this metal storage shed from U-MAX, an upgraded version of the bestselling storage house model from the company. It’s the perfect medium-sized shed to store bikes, gardening supplies, and even power tools right in your backyard. 

This U-MAX metal shed is made of electroplated vulcanized steel, a material that is known for its durability. You won’t need to worry about the stability of this shed, as the sturdy beam withstands strong winds or heavy rainfall. The latest model has even been upgraded to have thicker steel than before for added strength while the door latch prevents small animals from entering it. 

When it comes to metal sheds, homeowners are often concerned about moisture damage. To reduce its probability, U-MAX has designed this shed in a way that the panels sit tightly, preventing water seepage. The roof of this shed is also slightly sloped to avoid pooling of rainwater which may lead to leaks. 

Furthermore, this shed features an overall height of 72.5 inches which makes entering it comfortable even for a tall person.

Even though metal sheds are quite sturdy, they don’t provide scope for much customization, unlike those made with resin or plastic. If you’re someone who has never worked with metal before, we won’t recommend drilling holes or modifying the panels as it may increase the chances of internal damage. 

Material: Steel | Dimensions (LxWxH): 9.2′ x 6.2′ x 6.5′ | Storage Capacity (cu. ft.): N/A | Lockable: Yes | Assembly Required: Yes | Window(s): Yes

5. Catrimown Outdoor Storage Shed

Finding a large enough shed that can easily store things like a riding lawn mower can be challenging. But, this heavy-duty metal outdoor shed has the perfect size to fit big equipment. And it’s specially constructed with galvanized steel for much-needed weather resistance allowing the shed to look new for a long time. 

When it comes to metal sheds, homeowners often worry about spending extra to weatherproof their stored items. But, that won’t be a problem with this shed as the galvanized steel construction makes it waterproof, weatherproof, and even UV-resistant. 

On top of that, the gable roof stops leakage even when there’s heavy rainfall. Ventilation slits have also been placed near the roof to maintain proper airflow and prevent moisture buildup inside the shed. Best of all is the protective film and reinforced metal beams that provide support and reduce scratching.

The gable roof design further increases the vertical space inside the shed providing extra room to store large lawn equipment, sports equipment, and tall garbage bins, among other things. We even like the double door design of this large shed as it lets you open it enough to load and unload items with ease.

As this metal shed from Catrimown is pretty spacious, it would have been nice if the company had included its own flooring to keep the stored items well-protected. As of now, if you purchase this shed, make sure to install a proper foundation to prevent water seepage.

Material: Wood | Dimensions (LxWxH): 55.1 x 19.7 x 63 inches | Storage Capacity (cu. ft.): 47.26 | Lockable: Yes | Assembly Required: Yes | Window(s): No

6. Suncast Resin Tremont Storage Shed

If you have enough outdoor space, nothing can be better than building a small workshop or studio. This outdoor storage shed is perfect for that purpose, along with being more affordable than building a space from scratch. And it can always be used to store gardening tools, bikes, or even stuff from the garage.

Are you tired of browsing the same old boring shed designs? This one from Suncast is quite refreshing, especially due to the two windows and six skylights that let in a lot of natural light. That’s why this shed can be easily turned into a workshop, studio, or home for your pets. 

Another thing that stands out is the all-weather construction and metal truss that makes it resistant to water and UV rays. You will find that it features multi-walled blow-molded resin, which has been engineered to enhance its strength and make the shed long-lasting. 

Thanks to this material, the shed is low maintenance as you just need soapy water to clear off any dirt from the panels. We even liked the heavy-duty flooring that can withstand a lot of stress, especially from equipment like a lawn mower.

One of the things that you need to understand is that building this outdoor shed may take more time than other options. There are over 200 screws that you need to fit, so make sure to buy an electronic screwdriver for the job. 

Material: Resin | Dimensions (LxWxH): 92.50 x 80.00 x 100.50 inches | Storage Capacity (cu. ft.): 547 | Lockable: Yes | Assembly Required: Yes | Window(s): Yes

7. UDPATIO Outdoor Storage Shed

This outdoor shed from UDPATIO is the perfect solution to maximize the limited storage options of your home. You can assemble and place it in a flat area of your backyard for hassle-free storage. The brand recommends this to be used as a tool shed, an outdoor cloakroom, a pet room, or a garbage shed.

Let’s begin by talking about the size, which is 3 ft by 5 ft and makes this shed perfect for most homes with limited backyard space. It has enough room to store medium-sized equipment, like lawnmowers and snow blowers, or even kids’ bikes, while the anti-collision protection reduces the chances of injuries. 

This shed is built with thick galvanized steel, a material known for resisting rust and the harsh rays of the sun. Additionally, the groove and slope design on the entire shed prevents water buildup as well as leaks, so you can be worry-free on rainy or snowy days. 

We also like that the panels of this shed come with pre-drilled screw holes with optimized alignment. This reduces the difficulty of assembly as you won’t need a drill. Other than that, you can lock the doors with padlocks for safety to keep out small animals.

When it comes to assembling things like outdoor storage sheds, it’s essential to have proper instructions. But, many customer reviews for this product pointed out that instructions were a bit unclear. However, the brand did help them to understand the process and successfully set up the whole shed within a few hours. 

Material: Galvanized Steel & Polypropylene | Dimensions (LxWxH): 85.00 x 48.00 x 72.00 inches | Storage Capacity (cu. ft.): 38 | Lockable: Yes | Assembly Required: Yes | Window(s): No

8. Lifetime Outdoor Storage Shed

Have you been thinking about building a large shed in your backyard? This outdoor storage shed from Lifetime will make your task easier as you can set it up within hours. Unlike other larger sheds available on the market, it has been designed keeping in mind the style of modern homes. 

This 15 ft wide outdoor storage shed is designed with an attractive appearance. The traditional look makes this a perfect multipurpose shed as it can be used as a studio or a play area for your children. Also, windows and skylights have been added to let in natural light. 

What impressed us the most was the sturdy steel-reinforced construction which ensures the stability of this shed even when winds are blowing at a speed of 65 mph. The heavy-duty steel trusses on the roof provide additional strength, especially during winters, to sustain the effects of heavy snowfall. 

Moreover, as the entire shed is UV protected, the color of the exterior won’t paint or peel, so you won’t need to bother about repainting it. 

To be honest, this is an excellent outdoor shed, especially for large families who need that extra storage space. However, it’s definitely one of the more expensive sheds compared to the other options, a major reason being its capacity and HDPE flooring. 

Material: HDPE Plastic & Steel | Dimensions (LxWxH): 96.00 x 96.00 x 96.00 inches | Storage Capacity (cu. ft.): 494.45 | Lockable: Yes | Assembly Required: Yes | Window(s): Yes

Best Storage Sheds Comparison Table

Product Material Dimensions Storage Capacity (cu. ft.) Lockable Assembly Required Window(s)
Rubbermaid Vertical Resin Outdoor Storage Shed Resin 32.00 x 25.00 x 72.00 inches 17 Yes Yes No
Keter Manor 6×8 Resin Outdoor Storage Shed Resin 94.00 x 73.00 x 89.00 inches 291 Yes Yes Yes
HOMSPARK Horizontal Storage Shed Steel 51.18 x 29.53 x 43.31 inches 54.96 Yes Yes No
U-MAX Outdoor Metal Storage Shed Steel 9.2′ x 6.2′ x 6.5′ N/A Yes Yes Yes
Catrimown Outdoor Storage Shed Wood 55.1 x 19.7 x 63 inches 47.26 Yes Yes No
Suncast Resin Tremont Storage Shed Resin 92.50 x 80.00 x 100.50 inches 547 Yes Yes Yes
UDPATIO Outdoor Storage Shed Galvanized Steel & Polypropylene 85.00 x 48.00 x 72.00 inches 38 Yes Yes No
Lifetime Outdoor Storage Shed HDPE Plastic & Steel 96.00 x 96.00 x 96.00 inches 494.45 Yes Yes Yes

Buying Guide for the Best Storage Sheds

Are you still a bit confused about picking the best storage shed for your home? Don’t worry, as we have narrowed down some essential points to help you make the right decision

1. Type or Style

Here are some of the styles or types of storage sheds commonly available on the market: 

A. Modern

The modern-styled storage sheds have a minimalistic design with the use of muted colors and a simple sloped roofline. These are often designed for multipurpose usage, and you can turn them into an outdoor studio or office space. That’s why modern sheds are built with windows for better ventilation.

B. A-Frame

If you’ve been looking for a fuss-free storage shed, you’ll definitely like the A-frame models with a simple design and a steeply angled roof for more vertical space. You can also install extra shelving and a storage loft to utilize the space to its full potential. 

C. Barn/Gambrel

Another popular option is the barn-style sheds which provide a rustic aesthetic and go well with houses with a traditional design. These sheds usually have a four-sided gambrel roof similar to barns to maximize the available storage space. 

D. Vertical/Horizontal/Locker

If your only intent is to use the shed as a storage space, then nothing can be better than vertical sheds that come with a flat or slightly sloped roof. These sheds don’t let you stand inside them but are perfect for storing everything from bicycles to garden tools.  

2. Size

Another thing to keep in mind while purchasing an outdoor storage shed is its size. You may want to determine the size based on factors like the amount of storage required, the purpose of use, and the available space. The good news is that storage sheds are available in a number of sizes, including A-frame sheds that require minimal space. 

At the same time, you can easily find larger sheds measuring 12 ft by 12 ft or more, that can be turned into studios. If you have specific items that need to be stored, gather them at a place in your backyard that would be the best spot for the shed. Then, measure around the stuff to calculate the approximate size of a shed. 

3. Material

One of the key factors behind your shed lasting for a long time is its material. There was a time when most options available on the market were made of wood or plastic, but that isn’t true right now. Among the several kinds of sheds available on the market, people prefer those made with resin due to their durability and weather resistance. 

Another popular option is metal sheds, which are equally durable, rot-proof, and inexpensive. But, they might not be suitable for areas that get a lot of rain or snowfall as excess moisture may cause rusting. 

Some people also prefer vinyl sheds as they are easy to assemble and resist cracking even in extreme temperatures. However, there’s little to no option for customization in such sheds. 

Lastly, wood is still a preferred option, especially among those with the budget and time to create a personalized space. But the wooden sheds do come with the need for yearly maintenance to prevent rot and insect damage. 

Do I need a permit to install a storage shed?

Depending on your local laws and regulations, you may need a permit to install a storage shed. It is best to check with your local authorities to determine what is required.

How long does it take to build a storage shed?

The time it takes to build a storage shed depends on the size and complexity of the structure, but a small shed can typically be built in one day.

Does every storage shed need a foundation?

When it comes to getting an outdoor storage shade, many people are concerned about its installation. One of the prerequisites for many sheds is to install them in a flat area. This doesn’t mean that you’ll need to build a foundation from scratch. 

At times, you can get away with buying storage shades measuring 8 ft by 6 ft or even smaller, as they can be placed on a base of treated wood. But, if you’re thinking about a bigger shed, it would be better to create a sturdy foundation that it isn’t quite challenging to make, such as poured concrete.

Which material is best suited for long-lasting sheds?

The most common material used for outdoor sheds is wood. However, it isn’t the most long-lasting as many people prefer vinyl or metal sheds because they are weather-resistant. 

Vinyl sheds also don’t crack easily and are easier to move. Having said that, vinyl and plastic sheds tend to be less customizable and may even develop leaks. That’s why many people still side with wood but remember to regularly treat wooden sheds to keep them rot-free for a long time. 

Is ventilation necessary for outdoor storage sheds?

One of the key points homeowners often overlook while purchasing sheds is the presence of proper ventilation. Just like in our homes, the lack of ventilation can lead to mildew and mold growth inside the outdoor shed.

The excess moisture buildup can end up ruining the items stored inside the shed and may reduce its lifespan. That’s why choosing an outdoor shed with proper ventilation is recommended so that the humidity levels are kept in check. 


We hope that our suggestions will help you to buy a suitable and long-lasting outdoor storage shed. 

Regarding the best picks, we’ll recommend the Rubbermaid Vertical Resin outdoor storage shed to anyone looking for a medium-sized modern-looking option for their backyard. It offers exceptional sturdiness and has the ability to resist strong winds. 

On the other hand, the Keter Manor 6×8 Resin outdoor storage shed is perfect for those who want a space with a bit more air and natural light. We especially liked the metal reinforcements on the resin, ensuring the shed would last for years. 

Until next time, goodbye and take care!

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