96-piece Tombow Dual Brush Pen Review

The 96-piece Tombow Dual Brush Pen set allows enthusiasts, calligraphers, and serious artists to write and draw intricate designs, details, or embellishments. Doodling, journaling, coloring, fine art illustrations, and whatnot– these not-so-pocket-friendly versatile brush pens let you be super creative. 

Dual brush pens are all the rage among crafters, fine artists, and folks interested in bullet journaling. They add flair to paintings and illustrations, depending on how much pressure you apply to them. 

Of all the inking pens, the Tombow Dual Brush Pens caught our attention. Their vibrant water-based ink allows users to blend two or more inks to create an array of shades. 

Ready to know more about the Tombow Brush Pens? Keep reading! 

Best Tombow Brush Pens Review

Tombow 56149 Dual Brush Pen Art Markers, 96 Color Set with Desk Stand....
  • Water-based pens ideal for coloring, fine art,...
  • Includes 96 colors, including a colorless blender,...

Design: Designed Keeping In Mind Crafters And Fine Artists

The Tombow Brush Pen set comes with 96 pens of different colors. Each of the 96 pens boasts a sleek silhouette with inks on both sides– the top and the bottom. 

As you’d expect, the brush tips are different from each other. On one end of the pen, you’ll find a finer felt tip, while on the other is a smooth nylon fiber brush tip. Unlike the Ecoline brush pen, the soft tip is easy to control, making the set perfect for beginners. 

The great thing about both brush tips is that they score high on durability, meaning they are designed to last long. So, even if you apply pressure on the brush tips, they will retain their original shape despite extensive use. 

Bold, medium, or fine lines– the Tombow pens allow you to draw anything you want. Despite featuring two tips, these popular brush pens have a single ink chamber to dispense precise colors. You can use both the soft and marker-like tips in one project without worrying about ruining the artwork due to color differences. 

Not to forget, the body of the pens isn’t slippery; rather, they are easy to grip, so using them for long hours won’t be an issue. 

Shades Galore: An Array Of Colors That Makes Them Perfect For Every Artist, Enthusiast, And Crafter

What made us pick the Tombow Dual Brush Pens set is that the brand offers an array of colors, as many as 96. Among those 96 pens, you’ll find one colorless pen that is used as a blender to create a watercolor effect. 

Peach, process yellow, sap green, sky blue, pink, pale cherry, redwood, cool gray, or chrome yellow, are some of the shades that you’ll find in the Tombow set. No matter what color you need, the set contains almost every shade an artist could need to pull off their project.

This variety of colors is what makes this set a must-have for every craft lover. You can make manga drawings, galaxies, or aesthetic illustrations if that’s what you want. 

Another area where the Tombow pens shine is that both ends come equipped with colored caps, so they are less likely to get mixed up. Not only that, but the caps are air-tight, so the ink won’t dry no matter how long you store them. 

Over and above that, the caps boast an anti-roll design, which makes them perfect for studios, outdoors, and cluttered workspaces. Rest assured, you can create your masterpiece without worrying about losing the caps or damaging the pens. 

Blending: Easily Blendable

What good would brush pens be if they aren’t easy to use? Absolutely nothing! 

Sure, the Tombow pens boast a slim profile, but they also score high on performance. Crafters and artists use different techniques for blending colors when creating artwork. And with these dual-brush pens, you can use any technique for blending the colors to get the desired effect, which is impressive. 

That’s because the set comes with a blender pen that makes it easy to mix different colors together onto the paper. If you’re a beginner who isn’t confident using the blender pen, you can use the blending palette sheet offered by Tombow. A blending palette and pen, mister, and a little instruction manual– you’ll get everything with it.  

Equally noteworthy is that the tips are self-cleaning, so you can mix and blend various colors without worrying about permanently staining or damaging the tips. After completing your project, simply brush the flexible and felt tips onto scrap paper, and that’s it! 

Coloring: Vibrant And Solid Colors Even If Diluted

Want to pull off an illustration with watercolor effects? The Tombow pen sets are highly versatile, which means you can use them for coloring too. 

Like watercolor pencils, the ink of these pens blends really well and creates a soft effect on your canvas. When blended quickly, the inks won’t leave too many lines overlapping the preceding stroke– a common issue with water-based brush markers. 

As the pens come with dual tips, it let you create fantastic effects while allowing you to fill detailed spaces. One thing to note is that the pens are ideal for use on thick watercolor paper. However, the felt tips tend to leave damaged coloring book paper, so make sure you use only the soft tip over them. 

We’ve already mentioned that the Tombow pens feature water-based inks, and that’s what contributes to their blendability. So, instead of spending dollars on a watercolor palette, you can use these pens to color your artwork and illustrations. 

Bleeding: Doesn’t Bleed Through

One of the perks of using water-based pens for doodling, lettering, writing, or other DIY works is that they don’t bleed through the paper. Therefore, if you love sketching or doodling, these pens are a perfect addition to your craft kit. 

But as they contain saturated ink, we’d suggest using them only on high-quality papers or those that feature sealant film for the best results. Saturated inks do not give their absolute best on normal or low-quality papers, so you must refrain from using them. 

All things considered, Tombow pens do not bleed like other brush pens, so you can confidently use them for creating your artwork. However, if you’re still worried about ruining your bullet journals or doodle book, consider using the tracing paper that the brand recommends to its artists. 

Lettering And Calligraphy: User-Friendly Nibs Make Calligraphy Fun

On the hunt for the best brush pens for calligraphy? Well, the Tombow ones can also be used as calligraphy pens, so it’s a highly versatile product that any artist can have in their craft kit.

The Tombow pens have taken the calligraphy and lettering industry by storm because of their flexibility. Despite having elastic and flexible nibs, these pens allow users to complete brush calligraphy and hand lettering in a breeze, unlike most brush pens.

On the other hand, the hard tips of the pens are firm but easy to control, which makes them perfect for modern calligraphy. This is particularly helpful when you have to make downstrokes along with thinner upstrokes.

As against the Tombow Fudenosuke brush pen, this one creates a pleasurable experience for users, especially for professional artists. For this reason, they are the most popular brush pens among crafters, artists, and enthusiasts. 

Compared to traditional calligraphy brushes, these brush pens by Tombow are iconic– they are flexible, easy to use, and boast a slim barrel that makes for a comfortable experience. Their bullet tip makes them perfect for lettering, making it easy to fill minute spaces. 

As a beginner, we’d recommend starting with the brush nib or the fine tip because it will give you more control while using it to hone your calligraphy skills. Thin lines, crisp lines, or bold strokes– you’ll master everything with time. 

Making Illustrations: Tons Of Colors Allow You To Unleash Your Creativity

Do you like sharing your thoughts with people by creating a picture instead of using words? Well, the Tombow brush pens are certainly a must-have in your craft arsenal because the tons of colors it offer allow everyone to unleash their creativity. 

Flowers, birds, fishes, or watercolor illustrations– no matter what you wish to create, Tombow pens will transform your creativity into reality. 

Aside from colors, you get a colorless blender that lets you create another color by merging two or more shades for your illustrations. And if you’re an Etsy seller, you can sell the illustrations online and make a few bucks. 

All in all, we’d say the Tombow Dual Brush Pens set is excellent for every enthusiast, serious crafter, fine artist, and everyone who likes turning their imagination into reality. 

Recommended: Perfect For DIYers, Professionals, And Teens

With 95 colors, one colorless blender pen, and a desk stand, the Tombow Dual Brush Pens are perfect for teenagers, professionals, and craft enthusiasts. The pens score high on versatility because each is equipped with two brush nibs– a firm and a flexible tip.  

Compared to other brush pens, we found the design to be just right– sleek, slightly long, and grippy. 

Whether you wish to create bold strokes or thin ones like animal hair, this brush pen set allows you to do anything without applying too much pressure. If you’re a high school kid who likes doodling or making illustrations, this brush set will be ideal for your needs. 

Folks learning calligraphy or brush lettering must consider the Tombow set because of its user-friendliness. So, if you’ve just started to brush pen lettering or calligraphy, investing in the Tombow set will be the best bet.   

Price: Slightly On The Costlier Side

We’d be honest– the Tombow brush pens set doesn’t come cheap, and you’ll have to fork out extra bucks to add one to your arsenal. The brand sells them for around $279.99 on its website, which is slightly expensive. So, if you can spend a tad bit on brush pens, the Tombow set is worth the splurge. 

But, if you are on a budget, you can search for other brush pens that are easy on the pockets. 

What We Like

  • An assortment of colors
  • Easy to use 
  • Excellent grip
  • Anti-roll cap design
  • Self-cleaning tip
  • Ideal for illustrations, fine art, and hand lettering

What We Don’t Like

  • A bit costly
  • Prone to fraying 


  • Product Name: Dual Brush Pen Art Markers 
  • Product Brand: Tombow
  • Price: $279.99
  • Weight: 1-pound
  • Product Dimensions: 6.5 x 4.13 x 7.75 inches
  • Color: 96-color set
  • Number Of Pieces: 96
Tombow brush pens final verdict

Overall, we’d say the Tombow Dual Brush pens set is worth the splurge, considering their functionality, versatility, and the array of colors they come in. 

The pens are equipped with air-tight caps that enhance longevity, making sure the ink doesn’t dry up when stored. They are one of the best brush pens for beginners but even seasoned artists can use these pens to create eye-catching artwork. 

Best of all, these pens are easy to maintain, while the numerous color options will make your drawings stand out. So, are you ready to let your creative juices flow? 

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