9 Best Trimmer Head Of 2023 [Reviewed & Buyer’s Guide]

A lawn or garden filled with unevenly growing weeds is the last thing that any gardening enthusiast would want. 

But you may have to witness that soon if you’re still working with an inefficient trimmer head. So, do away with it and get a truly effective and durable unit for your trimmer instead. That way, you can keep your lawn or garden in the right shape for the years to come. 

However, choosing a suitable trimmer head is difficult as there are tons of options available. And that’s why we have tried to make things simpler for you by putting forward this carefully curated list of the 11 best options to consider. Each one has its pros and cons mentioned to help you make a well-informed decision. 

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Best Trimmer Heads

To make your job easier, we have compiled a list of the 10 best trimmer heads on the market. Here’s the list of the 10 best trimmer heads to help you find the best one for your needs.

1. MaxPower PivoTrim 3317233 – Best Budget Friendly

Designed to fit on a majority of trimmers, this ultra-powerful trimmer head from MaxPower is one of the most reliable units you’ll find. It works like a pro when attached to weed whackers to get rid of all the harmful weeds in your garden in practically no time. To learn more about the product, move on and have a look at all its features.

First and foremost, this trimmer head uses six pieces of pivoting line that can cut weeds effortlessly and prevent any breakage during use. You can comfortably use it with 0.080-inch and 0.095-inch line diameters.

Additionally, it comes with a premium pre-cut line that you can use from the get-go. And from our experience, we assure you that it will act on the toughest of small to medium-length weeds with utmost efficacy. 

Speaking of the material used, the unit is made from hard and sturdy metal that promises great durability while reducing the risk of breaks or cracks. Lastly, using this trimmer is a fairly easy job as all you have to feed the line into the head to start the weed-trimming work. 

The only disadvantage of using this unit is that it doesn’t have a protective plastic frame around the line. So, you should always store it safely as soon as you’re done with the trimming to avoid any accidental damage. Other than that, we don’t have any complaints as it does the job without any major hiccups.

Dimensions: 11.25 x 7.5″ | Material: Metal

2. Husqvarna 966674401 T25 – Best Best Reliability

Next in line, we have this professional-standard trimmer head from the leading brand Husqvarna that offers optimum performance each time. It comes in a unique design crafted to ensure utmost user satisfaction and is also quite safe to use for trimming and edging a variety of weeds.

The most noteworthy feature of this unit is the spool which features a split design to reduce chances of line welding or tangling. This spool is also easy to reload as you just need to take off the cap located on the front instead of turning the trimmer upside down. 

After this, you can easily wind the line in the right direction using clearly marked arrows. Furthermore, there are two key slots in the spool to lock the line, which rule out the need to unwrap it while adding back the cap. 

This unit also comes pre-wound with a cutting line of 0.080-inch or 0.095-inch diameter which is one of the swiftest and most efficient lines on the market. As a result, all the undesirable weeds in your garden can be trimmed with minimal effort. 

Most customers were really satisfied with the performance on offer. However, they pointed out that its size was 25% smaller than the one which came fitted onto the Husqvarna trimmer. But since we’ve had hands-on experience with this model, we can assure you that it won’t make much of a difference. 

Dimensions: 11 x 1 x 3″ | Material: n/a

3. EGO Power+ AH1530 – Best Performance

The EGO Power+ AH1500 trimmer head is another praiseworthy unit that we came across. Equipped with highly beneficial features, it trims weeds smoothly while ensuring the complete safety of the users and is among the most popular options in the market. With dimensions of 4.33 x 4.33 x 2.76 inches, it weighs 0.73 lbs.

Firstly, replacing the cutting line is made easy with this unit as it features a very innovative rapid-reload system for the purpose. This system makes the reloading process quicker and almost effortless so that the trimmer head can be ready for use within seconds. 

Furthermore, the 16-foot long line with a 0.095-inch diameter rewound around the head is capable of handling heavy-duty work. As such, it delivers consistent performance by keeping the growth of all weeds in your garden under control. 

Plus, it’s built of a sturdy material that offers exceptional durability, so it can very well last for a lifetime with minimal maintenance. Long story short, this unit offers one of the best combinations of performance and durability that you’ll find in the market.

The downside of going for this model is that it’s meant to be used with EGO Power string trimmers, namely ST1500SF and ST1500F. Thus, it lacks versatility compared to other high-performing trimmer heads, but that doesn’t have any effect on its efficiency. 

Dimensions: n/a | Material: Plastic

4. ECHO Speed-Feed 400 Trimmer Head

ECHO is a well-known name in the gardening tools industry for the range of utility-based products that it offers. And this trimmer head from the brand works just as effectively as its other tools. Its set of convenient features helps you achieve perfect results each time.

We liked how this unit can be used with trimmers of different shapes as well as those running on different power sources. Hence, it can very well be labeled as a universal trimmer head. 

In hindsight, it has a well-built structure that rules out the hassle associated with handling poorly designed units. We also found it to be quite easy to install and refill, so setting it up for use is almost effortless. 

What’s more, it can work with a 20-foot-long trimmer line, meaning you can get through a lot of trimming work at once. As for the cuts delivered by this unit, it makes for concise trimming to keep your garden weeds under control around the year. 

During our trial, we observed that it might sometimes halt for a minute or two due to which the line may not advance. However, this issue has been experienced by only a few users and will not persist in the long run, so you can complete your trimming jobs quite comfortably. 

Dimensions: 3.6 x 5.8 x 9.9″ | Material: Plastic

5. BuckBock Trimmer Head

Another cost-effective option to go for is this trimmer head from BuckBock, which keeps a variety of weeds under control. Built to last for a lifetime, this strong unit can be used to tackle the toughest of weeds and is also very safe to handle owing to its user-friendly features.

This trimmer head is powerful enough to clear long and dense weeds quickly, thanks to the high-quality cutting line pre-wound around it. The 3¾-inch diameter enhances the power of the line and helps it deliver a long-lasting performance. 

Furthermore, the 10-mm long adapter included in this unit allows you to use it with trimmers of several brands, which rules out the chance of any compatibility issue in most cases. Not only that, but the convenient design of this trimmer head also makes it easy to reload the spool, which takes only a few seconds to accomplish.

Beyond that, it comes with a beneficial return and money-back guarantee which is valid for 4 months. Lastly, the brand offers a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defect.  

This unit can be immensely helpful in keeping your garden clean and beautiful. However, sometimes the spool might be stuck in any of its internal components during use, which can halt the trimming work temporarily. Hence, we’d recommend using it with extra caution.

Dimensions: 9.13 x 5.16 x 3.2″ | Material: Plastic

6. Weed Warrior EZ Trimmer Head

Win the war against the invasive weeds and unwanted grass in your garden using this Weed Warrior EZ trimmer head. Enhanced with a couple of advanced features, this unit offers great convenience and will suit a variety of your trimming needs. Notably, it comes in dimensions of 10.13 x 6.44 x 10.1 inches and weighs 11.2 oz.

First of all, the rugged construction of this trimmer head helps users complete different weed-eating tasks such as trimming and edging quite smoothly. Furthermore, the unit fits lines of two diameters, 0.080 inches, and 0.105 inches, which allows you to use it for trimming tasks of different levels. 

We like how the pre-cut line strips are retained by a convenient method so that you don’t need to open the head each time. This, in turn, helps save a lot of time and keeps you free from the frustration of managing the spools. Since setting up the trimmer head is relatively quick and easy, it won’t create a lot of trouble for first-timers.

Another great benefit is that this head can be used with cordless and gas string trimmers of nearly all brands. So, you don’t have to worry about its compatibility with your existing trimmer. 

Most customers complained that this trimmer head took slightly more time to cut the longer weeds to the perfect length. Nonetheless, they were satisfied with how the unit helped control rapidly growing weeds throughout the year. 

Dimensions: 10.13 x 6.44 x 10.1″ | Material: Plastic


Dealing with dense weed growth in your lawn or garden becomes super-easy with this advanced trimmer head from Dewalt. Built for uninterrupted performance, this tool lets you achieve your dream garden or lawn look effortlessly.

Plus, it is made of a sturdy material that provides a long-lasting performance compared to some ordinary trimmer heads.

We found that the superior-grade bump feed technology used in this trimmer head enables faster re-spooling. This feature is especially beneficial for making it useful for continuous edging and trimming operations.

We also liked the QuickLoad spool feature of the tool, which lets you reload the cutting line by simply twisting a cap. Thus, you don’t have to spend hours struggling with the spool. 

Another great advantage is that it comes with a pre-wound 0.080-inch Aerodynamic Line, which increases the cutting efficiency considerably. This high-quality line also provides a very durable performance when used for controlling dense weed growth. Additionally, it can be used with a DEWALT 0.095-inch cutting line. 

Last, but not least, this unit has a compatible fit with any of the trimmers in the DEWALT cordless range. 

We felt that the instructions for a set-up that’s included in the package could be improved, as some of the steps mentioned are a bit complicated. Also, the other steps are very briefly mentioned, which might lead to improper setup of the unit. 

Dimensions: 6 x 4″ | Material: Blend

8. Oregon 55-265 Trimmer Head

This trimmer head from Oregon is an ideal solution for any straight shaft trimmer, which you can use comfortably for acting on medium to heavy weed growth in lawns and gardens. Sporting a range of beneficial features, it is loved by gardening enthusiasts across the country and has dimensions of 6.4 x 6.5 x 10 inches. 

The best thing about this unit is that it can be used with straight shaft trimmers of almost all brands, for which three efficient adapter bolts of 7mm, 8mm, and 10 mm are included. In short, it relieves you from compatibility issues once and for all. 

As for the structure of this trimmer head, its inner wall is slightly depressed to catch fast-moving debris, thereby protecting the user’s arms, eyes, and legs during use. It also has extra-large eyelets, which provide greater space for the cutting line to move properly and prevent any unexpected snaps. 

Additionally, both these structural features help to enhance the durability of the line considerably. 

Reloading this trimmer line is a trouble-free experience, as it takes just 30 seconds to load the spool. All you have to do is slide the line through the head until half the amount is added on each side, grasp the convenient collar, and wind the line in. 

Although it’s quite effective in removing a variety of weeds and gets the job done quickly, we observed that it produced a slightly disturbing sound when used for a longer duration. However, this issue is not a deal-breaker in any way since it occurs rarely and doesn’t persist for long. 

Dimensions: 84 x 12″ | Material: Plastic

9. Highmoor Trimmer Head

Prevent dense weeds from obstructing the growth of your garden plants with this weed wacker head from Highmoor. It delivers a pretty decent performance by trimming all weeds uniformly and also offers considerable convenience. What’s more, it won’t make you break the bank.

First things first, the 3¾ -inch diameter of this trimmer head enhances the power of the cutting line and makes it more durable. This also helps prevent any wear-out and breakage during prolonged use.

Additionally, it includes a 10-mm long adapter that allows you to join the head with a range of trimmers from different brands. On that note, some of the brands whose trimmers are compatible include Echo, Husqvarna, Stihl, and Shindaiwa. We also liked how conveniently the spool could be reloaded into the unit in about a minute. 

Moreover, unlike other names on our list, it’s available in a pack of two units. So, you will have an immediate replacement ready in case of any issue with one of the trimmer heads. 

Most customers complained that the outer frame of the trimmer head was slightly weaker than some of its competitors. They pointed out that the outer shell developed a few cracks as a result of regular use but have also mentioned that its performance is unaffected by this issue. 

Dimensions: 7.17 x 4.84 x 3.27″ | Material: Plastic

Best Trimmer Heads Comparison Table

Product Dimensions Material
MaxPower PivoTrim 3317233 11.25 x 7.5″ Metal
Husqvarna 966674401 T25 11 x 1 x 3″ n/a
EGO Power+ AH1500 n/a Plastic
ECHO Speed-Feed 400 Trimmer Head 3.6 x 5.8 x 9.9″ Plastic
BuckBock Trimmer Head 9.13 x 5.16 x 3.2″ Plastic
Weed Warrior EZ Trimmer Head 10.13 x 6.44 x 10.1″ Plastic
DEWALT DWO1DT995 6 x 4″ Blend
Oregon 55-265 Trimmer Head 84 x 12″ Plastic
Highmoor Trimmer Head 7.17 x 4.84 x 3.27″ Plastic

Buying Guide For The Best Trimmer Head

Before you proceed to choose a suitable trimmer head, considering some key features is necessary, as is keeping in mind your needs. 

Be careful not to make a hasty decision since it may lead you to make a wrong choice that delivers only partial results. So, here are the two essential factors that must be taken into account for buying a trimmerhead. 

  1. Type

This is one of the most crucial factors to consider when it comes to choosing a trimmerhead. The types of trimmer heads that you will find in the market are fixed-line, automatic feed, and bump feed heads. 

While the fixed-line head requires feeding individual lines by threading them, an automatic feed head comes with a motor to pull the line when needed. On the other hand, a bump-feed head requires manual winding of the trimmer lines but doesn’t have to be disassembled. 

Now, while choosing the ideal type, keep in mind the type of trimmer you have at home as the head should naturally be compatible with that particular model. Other than that, universal trimmer heads offer you the liberty to choose the one according to your convenience. 

  1. Size

The size of the trimmer head is also a vital point to take into account since trimming jobs have different levels depending upon the yard, garden, or lawn size. 

In the case of taking care of a smaller garden, a smaller trimmer head capable of light to medium trimming tasks will be sufficient. But for bigger lawns and gardens, you will need larger units capable of handling heavy-duty trimming work. Note that the size of the trimmer head can be determined by its diameter. 

Thus, make sure you consider your lawn, yard, or garden size and the density of weeds therein before choosing the right trimmer head for the purpose. 

What is the best trimmer head for my lawn mower?

The best trimmer head for your lawn mower depends on the type of grass and vegetation you have in your yard. It is best to consult with a professional landscaper or lawn care expert for recommendations on the best trimmer head for your lawn mower.

How do I maintain a trimmer head?

Proper maintenance of a trimmer head is essential for optimal performance. Generally, you should inspect the trimmer head after each use and clean it with a brush or air compressor. Additionally, you should lubricate the moving parts regularly and replace any worn parts if necessary.

What safety precautions should I take when using a trimmer head?

When using a trimmer head, it is important to take safety precautions to protect yourself and those around you. You should always wear safety goggles and gloves, avoid wearing loose clothing or jewelry, and keep the trimmer head away from children or pets. Additionally, you should ensure that the trimmer head is properly installed and in good working order before using it.

A lawn mower mows fresh, green grass on the lawn near a municipal worker with lawn mower in his hand.


So, here is our guide on the best trimmer heads available out there. We hope that by now, you have zeroed in on the most suitable unit according to your needs. 

But before we call it a day, we would like to take you through our favorites from the list. If you are on the lookout for a powerful yet budget-friendly trimmer head that will fit most models, the MaxPower PivoTrim 3317233 will be an ideal choice. 

However, the Husqvarna 966674401 T25 trimmer head will be suitable for those who prefer to go for a more reliable brand. On the other hand, the EGO Power+ AH1530 is a high-performing model exclusively meant for EGO Power+ 15″ String Trimmers. 

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