12 Best Water Pitcher Filters & Dispensers Reviewed

Clean and great-tasting water has slowly started to become a luxury.

Elaborate filtration systems may not be a viable option for a lot of people. This is where a water filter pitcher comes in. These pitchers are an affordable alternative to high-end filtration systems and provide great-tasting water at nominal rates. So whether you are a student on a budget or don’t have enough space for a big filter, these pitchers work better instead.

But which one should you choose? That is the million-dollar question. There are a ton of filter pitchers in the market that function the same. However, they differ most in terms of quality. To make the selection process easier, take a look at our review of the 12 best water pitcher filters and dispensers. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive into this.

Best Water Pitcher Filters & Dispensers

Water filter jug and a transparent glass cup of clean water in front of wooden draw well outdoors in summer evening at countryside

Here is the list of the 12 best water pitcher filters & dispensers that you can use to ensure that you and your family are getting safe, clean, and healthy drinking water.

1. PUR Large Filtered Water Dispenser – Best for Small Families

Finding a water filter ideal for a small family can be challenging and expensive, but not anymore. The PUR water filter pitcher is great to meet the water requirements of 3-4 people. PUR takes pride in offering clean and better-tasting water in half the time than most of its competitors.

PUR 30-Cup Water Filter Dispenser with 1 Genuine PUR Filter, Large...
  • 2-in-1 POWERFUL WATER FILTRATION for better...
  • HASSLE-FREE DESIGN -- Features a slim,...

Why Did We Like It?

The PUR filter pitcher stood out to us in more ways than one. However, it was the 30-cup water-holding capacity that really impressed us. While this one is similar to the Brita filter, the capacity is a lot more. Hence, it can easily provide clean-tasting water to a family of 3-4 people.

Another impressive feature was the PUR filter. Compared to a generic filter, the PUR filter can reduce 2x times more contaminants in the water. This is because it is a Lockfit top cap that secures the filter. Additionally, this PUR filter can remove mercury and other industrial contaminants from the water.

Overall it is an excellent filter to have in the house and the fridge, thanks to the slim design. Additionally, it has an easy-to-pull-down tab and spout, making it easy to grab a glass of clean water. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

The only issue that we think this particular filter has is that it leaves a bit of water behind after use. It is not really a leak, but a few drops tend to dribble out once the filter has been used.

  • Slim design
  • High-quality filter
  • Large water capacity
  • Smooth and pleasant-tasting water
  • Mild leakage
Dimensions: 5.3 x 15.3 x 10.1 inches | Weight: 4.52 Pounds | Capacity: 30 cups | Purification Method: Activated Carbon, Ion Exchange | Material: Plastic

2. ZeroWater ZP-010 – Best for Single Users

If you are a student in a dorm or the only person in your home, there is no need to invest in a gigantic filter pitcher. The ZeroWater pitcher is ideal for people that want tasty and clean water all for themselves. This can be purchased with or without three additional filters and a water quality meter.

ZeroWater 10-Cup Ready-Pour 5-Stage Water Filter Pitcher 0 TDS for...
  • Filtered Water Pitcher: The 10 Cup 5-stage Water...
  • 5-Stage Filtration: Removes virtually all total...

Why Did We Like It?

One of the features that we really appreciate is that it cleans the water in five steps, each targeted toward certain contaminants. This water filter by ZeroWater has a five-step filtration process that assures you cleaner and better-tasting water. The filter uses ion exchange technology and reduces the contaminants in the water.

We also appreciate that this filter can remove lead from water. Their pour-through filters are the only ones to be NSF certified to remove chromium and lead. Hence, this is how it always provides the best-tasting water. Interestingly, their five-stage water filter can remove 99.6% of dissolved solids. This is twice as much as any other brand.

The pitcher is of excellent quality and has an ergonomic design. You will appreciate that the handle is soft and comfortable to hold. In addition to that, it has a very convenient push to dispense spigots, which makes it easier to use.  

What Could’ve Been Better?

One of the major issues users have faced with this pitcher is that the lid is not quite the right fit. There have been instances where it hasn’t been clipped on properly, which can be very inconvenient. And because it does not stay on, it can open up as you pour water too.

  • Ideal for 1-2 people
  • Thorough filtration
  • NSF certified to remove lead
  • Accurate reading on the meter
  • Loose lid
Dimensions: 11.63 x 5.93 x 11 inches | Weight: 1 pound | Capacity: 10 cups | Purification Method: Activated Carbon, Ion Exchange | Material: Plastic

3. Brita 36094 – Best for Compact Storage

Another great water filter pitcher that is ideal for one person is this filter by Brita. This one is an affordable, lightweight, and attractive pitcher that offers cleaner water within just a few minutes. Let’s explore a few more features this pitcher has to offer.

Brita Water Filter Pitcher for Tap and Drinking Water with 1 Standard...
  • The slim, BPA-free Metro water pitcher with filter...
  • Get great-tasting water without the waste; by...

Why Did We Like It?

There isn’t always a need for a large water filter, especially if it’s just for one person. However, that does not mean you need to compromise on the quality. This filter is ideal for providing clean and better-tasting water to 1-2 people (depending on water consumption). Basically, it can fill two 24-ounce bottles of water. 

One of the great things about this pitcher is that it can easily fit into the fridge and not take up too much space. Additionally, it is lightweight and will not put any pressure on the fridge shelves either. We also appreciate the easy-fill lock lid this pitcher has that makes it secure and easy to pour.

Much like other Brita pitchers, it uses activated carbon and ion exchange resin to remove the contaminants. Moreover, it also has a patented aeration design that makes it easier to clean the water and reduce the taste and odor of chlorine. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

Since this filter is by Brita, it isn’t easy to find any faults in it. However, one of the issues many users faced was that the water took too long to filter through. So there is a possibility it can take a few minutes to get clean drinking water.

  • Durable design
  • Fits perfectly in the fridge
  • Ideal for 1-2 people
  • Water tastes better and is much cleaner
  • Takes time to filter the water
Dimensions: 9.8 x 4.45 x 9.37 inches | Weight: 1.39 pounds | Capacity: 5 cups | Purification Method: N/A | Material: Polystyrene

4. PUR CR1100CV – Best for Easy Maintenance

Another great water pitcher by PUR is this classic 11-cup water filter. PUR always manufactures pitchers that are effortless to use, and this one is no different. Better-tasting water is now easier to access with PUR’s simple and efficient pitcher.

PUR CR1100CV Classic Water Filter Pitcher Filtration System, 11 Cup
  • WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM – Quickly and easily...
  • REDUCES CONTAMINANTS – PUR Pitcher Filtration...

Why Did We Like It?

If you are looking for a filter pitcher that is big enough for 2-3 people but also manageable and easy to use, then the PUR filter is ideal for you. Getting cleaner and tastier water has never been this easy. With PUR, you and your family will know what toxin-free water really tastes like. 

Additionally, you will find it easy to use, thanks to the easy-fill lid and filter change light indicator. Speaking of filters, this one is two times better than most standard filters found in the market. This is because it has larger holes that allow more contaminants to go through. Moreover, it has a LockFit top cap design that makes it secure.

The overall design is quite ergonomic and straightforward to understand. Other than the filter change indicator, it has a comfortable handle to hold on to too. Plus, the pitcher has a pour spout cover for better flow. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

PUR is another brand that guarantees quality, so it is hard to fault it. While everything else was fine, the filter change indicator did seem to cause a little trouble. The indicator takes a while to work properly and needs to be pressed and held for a few seconds.

  • Strong handle
  • Easy to fill
  • Straightforward maintenance
  • Adequate capacity
  • Filter change indicator may take time to calibrate
Dimensions: 11.25 x 6.75 x 10.63 inches | Weight: 2.29 pounds | Capacity: 11 cups | Purification Method: Activated Carbon, Ion Exchange | Material: Plastic

5. EHM 8541997901 – Best for Alkaline Water

EHM is on a mission to provide toxin-free tasty water to its customers, and it does so with the help of this water pitcher. With a promise to reduce chlorine levels and add nutrients to the water, this water pitcher has a well-thought-out filtration process guaranteed to offer better water.

Ehm Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher - 3.8L, Activated...
  • SUPREME FAST FILTRATION: The fast adsorption speed...
  • DESIGNED FOR EFFICIENCY: This EHM Alkaline Water...

Why Did We Like It?

Looking for a professional-grade water filter pitcher can be a bit of a challenge, but not anymore. The EHM water filter is a state-of-the-art, 3.8 liters water filter pitcher that can provide clean and better-tasting water within minutes. One of the great things is that it has a filtration capacity of 2 liters and is ideal for 2-3 people.

You will appreciate that the pitcher has a six-stage water filter cartridge to ensure cleaner water. This high-tech cartridge can reduce chlorine’s taste and odor and remove metals and other contaminants from the water. But that’s not all; it also adds calcium, magnesium, and other antioxidants to the water.

We were impressed with the overall look of the pitcher as well. It has a comfortable handle that makes it easier to hold onto the pitcher. Plus, it easily fits in the fridge too. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

One of the major issues with this pitcher is the lid. It is not secure and does not sit properly on the pitcher leading to water spillage from the sides while pouring. Moreover, the filter does not last long, and changing it can be challenging and extensive. 

  • Provides clean alkaline water
  • Adds antioxidants to the water
  • Thorough filtration process
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lid does not fit properly
Dimensions: 10 x 7.5 x 10 inches | Weight: 2.27 pounds | Capacity: 3.5 liters | Purification Method: Activated Carbon, Alkaline | Material: N/A

6. Levoit LV110WP

With a multi-layer filter that can clean the water of pretty much anything, it is not hard to see why this is so popular. This Levoit water filter pitcher is ideal for people looking for quality water at an affordable price. Plus, it has a space-saving design and fits anywhere perfectly.

Levoit LV110WP Water Filter Pitcher for Tap and Drinking Water with 1...
  • LONGLASTING FILTER LIFETIME: Replace the filter...

Why Did We Like It?

The five-layer filtration was definitely the first thing that caught our eye. The filter has a unique design where the first is to filter sand and dust, while the next two are activated carbon layers for pollutants. Moving on to the third, that one is to remove heavy metals, and limescale and the last one catches anything that’s left. 

We were also impressed with the electronic indicator that is included with this filter. The accurate readings on the filter ensure that you are informed about the life of the filter. Additionally, the indicator tells when the filter has to be changed. It is worth noting that, according to Levoit, the filter should be changed after 60 days of daily use or by filtering 40 gallons of water.

You will appreciate that this water filter pitcher is fully certified and complies with FDA, RoHS, and LFGB standards. Also, it is a space-efficient pitcher with an ergonomic design. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

Finding something wrong with this filter pitcher was tough since it is a very popular choice among users and for a good reason. However, we noticed that the quality of the replacement filters is not as good as the one that comes with the pitcher. It tends to filter slower and also needs to be changed faster.

  • Fast and thorough filtration
  • Adequate capacity for 2-3 people
  • Accurate indicator
  • Complies with necessary standards
  • Replacement filters are not top-quality
Dimensions: 7.87 x 11.02 x 11.8 inches | Weight: 1.96 pounds | Capacity: 10 cups | Purification Method: Activated Carbon | Material: Plastic

7. Waterdrop WD-PT-04C

If you are a stickler for rules and quality standards, you’re in for a treat. This water filter pitcher by Waterdrop is in accordance with all the market standards it has to meet while offering tasty alkaline water in the process. Plus, it is BPA-free and has an extended lifespan.

Waterdrop 200-Gallon Long-Life Chubby 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher with...
  • [Natural wood, Fashion choice]: The natural wood...
  • [NSF certified filtration performance]: This...

Why Did We Like It?

The long life of the filter pitcher was the first thing that caught our eye. This filter by Waterdrop has high-quality filters that can filter 200 gallons of water without replacements. So, no more hunting for filters after every few weeks. Plus, when you do need to buy filters, they are readily available as a three-pack. 

We were also impressed with the certification of the pitcher. It is NSF 42 certified and is guaranteed to reduce the taste and color of chlorine. Additionally, it is NSF 372 certified for removing lead from the water as well. The pitcher has a multi-stage technology filter that can remove various contaminants at different stages. 

The water filter pitcher is also equipped with an intelligent indicator that tells you the water quality in the filter. Additionally, you can deduce the state of the filter while the water is being poured out using this indicator. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

Much like with a lot of filter pitchers, the lid is the issue with this one. While the pitcher is easy to fill and store, pouring the water out might lead to extra spills here and there. In extreme circumstances, the lid has fallen off fully while pouring for some users.

  • Multi-stage filtration
  • Certified to reduce chlorine and remove lead
  • Accurate indicator
  • Easy to store and fits perfectly in the fridge
  • Ill-fitted lid
Dimensions: 10.63 x 4.53 x 10.83 inches | Weight: 2.57 pounds | Capacity: 10 cups | Purification Method: Activated Carbon | Material: Plastic

8. Nakii NFP-100

Next on the list is this water filter pitcher by Nakii. It uses an innovative and new water filter technology that accurately rids the water of impurities. Additionally, it offers quick filtration and a compact design that makes it easy to store anywhere.

Nakii Water Filter Pitcher - Long Lasting 150 Gallons, Supreme Fast...

Why Did We Like It?

For a 1.3-liter water filter pitcher, we were impressed with the lifespan it has to offer. The Nakii water pitcher has a filter that can provide 150 gallons of clean water before it has to be replaced. In comparison, it offers 300-400% more value than any other market brand and its standard filters.

One of the reasons their filters are of such high quality is that it uses Activated Carbon Fibers (ACF) to filter the contaminants. ACF works efficiently because it has an absorption rate of 98% that filters chlorine, mercury, and suspended particles. Additionally, it reduces unpleasant colors and odors as well.

Another great feature is that Nakii pitchers are constantly tested and certified, so they always meet quality standards. WQA tests them for their performance from time to time, ensuring it meets NSF/ANSI standards.  

What Could’ve Been Better?

One of the issues with this water filter pitcher is a minor design flaw. The pour hole on the top, at times, does not open all the way through, so intense water pressure will cause it to overflow. Plus, the filter has to be secured tightly every time to ensure water is filtered at a faster rate. 

  • Affordable and efficient
  • Noticeable change in water quality
  • Handy and easy to manage filters
  • Overall compact and easy to store
  • Pour hole does not always open fully
Dimensions: 11.42 x 8.5 x 4.29 inches | Weight: 1.79 pounds | Capacity: 7 1/2 cups | Purification Method: Activated Carbon | Material: ABS Plastic

9. Hskyhan 8541998037

This water filter pitcher by Hskyhan has a large capacity for not just holding water but filtering it too. The multi-layer filtration process is ideal for people who want clean water and want a balanced pH level. Plus, it is effortless to handle and use daily.

Hskyhan Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher - 3.5 Liters Improve PH, 2...
  • FEATURES: large capacity, 10-cup pitcher, total...
  • WATER FILTRATION FUNCTIONS: According to the...

Why Did We Like It?

One of the most significant issues people face with such pitchers is the availability of filters, but that is not the case with this pitcher. The Hskyhan water filter pitcher comes with two high-quality filters that are easy to install. Moreover, the pitcher has a timer to indicate the filter’s life, so you know when to change it.

Let’s move to the functioning of the filter. We were impressed to know that the filter has seven layers that work towards providing clean alkaline water. Not only can it accurately rid the water of impurities, but it also adds antioxidants that increase the pH value. You can rest assured the water will not have fluoride, chlorine, and other harmful substances.

We also appreciate that the brand focuses on being environmentally friendly. These pitches can purify around 300 16-ounce bottles of water. So, it can save you money by reducing the expense of plastic water bottles and also minimizing the waste of plastic. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

The issue with this pitcher is the filter timer. It is not made with top-quality material and feels a bit cheap. It is not very durable as well and tends to break with prolonged use. Other than that, the pitcher itself is great and makes water alkaline accurately.

  • Multi-layer filter for efficient contaminant removal
  • Includes extra filters
  • Makes water taste better
  • Affordable
  • Filter timer tends to break
Dimensions: 10.97 x 9.25 x 6.53 inches | Weight: 2.73 pounds | Capacity: 10 cups | Purification Method: Alkaline | Material: Food Grade Materials

10. Invigorated Water 8541998017

While this might be a bit more price-wise, it is ideal for people that do not want a plastic pitcher. This pH Vitality pitcher by Invigorated Water is made for people wanting an alternative to plastic pitchers. Let’s take a look at how this differs and adds more value than plastic pitchers.

Invigorated Water pH Vitality Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher for...
  • USER-FRIENDLY, STYLISH DESIGN: Designed with a...

Why Did We Like It?

With everyone trying to reduce plastic waste and eliminate plastic containers and bottles, this water filter is a blessing in today’s time. The pitcher by Invigorated Water is made with food-grade stainless steel and has a sleek wooden handle. Additionally, it has a lid that acts as a guard and keeps dust out of the pitcher.

Another great thing about this pitcher is that it comes with a “pH-on-the-go” filter that looks like a tea bag with little balls. This improves the taste or smell of water by eliminating heavy metals and adding minerals like zinc, magnesium, and iron. Moreover, it reduces fluoride, chlorine, and chloramine.

We were particularly impressed with the lifespan of the filter. Each bag can filter about 400 liters of water before needing replacement. This is ideal for people who, on average, drink eight or more cups of water a day. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

Earlier, we mentioned that the filter is like a bit of a teabag, and as effective as it is, it is a bit flimsy. The material with which the pouch is made seems a little thin and tends to tear easily. Other than that, the pitcher works perfectly. 

  • Better alternative to plastic
  • Sleek and attractive design
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Filters fast
  • Filter bag is flimsy
Dimensions: 6.1 x 4.8 x 11.73 inches | Weight: 1.19 pounds | Capacity: 1.9 liters | Purification Method: Alkaline | Material: Steel

11. Invigorated Water pH Recharge Water Filter (3F)

This is another great pitcher by Invigorated Water. Although it is made with plastic, it focuses on providing quality water to larger families and less frequent filter change times. Alternatively, this water pitcher is also available in a smaller range for smaller families.

Invigorated Water Alkaline Water Machine - Alkaline Water Filter...
  • THREE FILTERS INCLUDED: Each countertop water...

Why Did We Like It?

If you are looking to buy a countertop filter pitcher for a big family, this water filter by Invigorated Water pitcher is worth considering. It can hold about 12.5 liters of water and sit comfortably on the counter without taking up a lot of space. Additionally, the design is sleek and modern and does not oddly stand out on the kitchen counter.

We were impressed to see three filters in this water pitcher. Although it is also available with one filter, this one is a better option for large families or people with more than average water intake. The three filters will last for many months before it needs to be changed again. Plus, it has a filter life indicator on the lid.

Some of the other features that add value to the pitch are the precision spigot that seals the unit when not in use and the anti-slip base. In addition to that, it is also easy to fill water in this. All you need to do is lift the lid. 

What Could’ve Been Better? 

Setting this entire thing up can be a little bit of a hassle and might take some time. Some users mention that it is essential to screw everything on very tightly so that water does not spill out. But other than that, this pitcher does what it says and enhances the taste and quality of the water.

  • Three high-quality filters
  • Sleek design
  • No need to change the filter for at least six months
  • Amazing water holding capacity
  • Setting up can be time-consuming
Dimensions: 11 x 7.75 x 11 inches | Weight: 6.84 pounds | Capacity: 12.5 liters | Purification Method: Alkaline | Material: Plastic

12. Waterdrop B08BLFWD6J

Finally, we have yet another water filter by Waterdrop. This one is ideal for larger families or people who drink a lot of water. One of the many features that makes it excellent is its long lifespan which is five times more than most market brands. It is available in black and turquoise.

Waterdrop 200-Gallon Long-Life 40-Cup Large Water Filter Dispenser...
  • [Fashionable And Large Capacity]: This water...
  • [NSF-Certified Filtration Performance]: The...

Why Did We Like It?

One of the main reasons this water filter caught our eye was because of the flow rate. A slow filtration process is the biggest issue with most filter pitchers, but not with this. It has a flow rate of 0.5 gallons per minute so that you can enjoy clean and better-tasting water as soon as possible. 

The next impressive thing is the Activated Carbon Fiber filter. This filter has multiple stages through which the water is passed and rid of all contaminants. Additionally, it has an LED indicator that lets you know the filter’s status to know when to change it.

Coming to the design. It is simple, efficient, modern, and ideal for any household. The simple push-and-pull design of the lid makes it easy to remove the lid when you want to refill the water. Plus, it is space efficient and fits in the fridge despite having a 20-cup capacity. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

One significant issue that a few users faced was the filter clogging up. Over prolonged use, it tends to clog and slows the filtration process. Tapping the pitcher lightly or even removing and shaking the filter helps get rid of the air clogs. 

  • Large capacity
  • High-quality filter from Japan
  • Easy to fill and store
  • Filters water quite quickly
  • Filter tends to clog
Dimensions: 12.4 x 8.7 x 8.5 inches | Weight: 3.99 pounds | Capacity: 40 cups | Purification Method: Activated Carbon | Material: Lead-Free & Food-Grade Material, Activated Carbon, ACF

Best Water Pitcher Dispenser & Filter Comparison Table

Product Dimensions Weight Capacity Purification Method Material
PUR Water Dispenser 5.3 x 15.3 x 10.1 inches 4.52 Pounds 30 cups Activated Carbon, Ion Exchange Plastic
ZeroWater ZP-010 11.63 x 5.93 x 11 inches 1 pound 10 cups Activated Carbon, Ion Exchange Plastic
Brita 36094 9.8 x 4.45 x 9.37 inches 1.39 pounds 5 cups N/A Polystyrene
PUR CR1100CV 11.25 x 6.75 x 10.63 inches 2.29 pounds 11 cups Activated Carbon, Ion Exchange Plastic
EHM 8541997901 10 x 7.5 x 10 inches 2.27 pounds 3.5 liters Activated Carbon, Alkaline N/A
Levoit LV110WP 7.87 x 11.02 x 11.8 inches 1.96 pounds 10 cups Activated Carbon Plastic
Waterdrop WD-PT-04C 10.63 x 4.53 x 10.83 inches 2.57 pounds 10 cups Activated Carbon Plastic
Nakii NFP-100 11.42 x 8.5 x 4.29 inches 1.79 pounds 7 1/2 cups Activated Carbon ABS Plastic
Invigorated Water 8541998017 6.1 x 4.8 x 11.73 inches 1.19 pounds 1.9 liters Alkaline Steel
Invigorated Water Water Dispenser 11 x 7.75 x 11 inches 6.84 pounds 12.5 liters Alkaline Plastic
Waterdrop B08BLFWD6J 12.4 x 8.7 x 8.5 inches 3.99 pounds 40 cups Activated Carbon Lead-Free & Food-Grade Material, Activated Carbon, ACF
Plastic water filtration pitcher and a clean glass of a clear water on the summer garden background in sunny warm summer evening in countryside

Buying Guide For The Best Water Pitcher Dispenser & Filter

Water filter pitchers are one of those products that you might not need, but it sure does help to have one. Safe drinking water shouldn’t be a luxury, but until tap water becomes free of every kind of contaminant, it is always best to have a filter by your side.

We have mentioned 12 products that you could consider, but it’s not, so is it? The information can be a bit too much to handle in one go. So instead, we have put together this little buyer’s guide to help you. These are certain features that you need to look for when choosing the ideal water filter pitcher.

Let’s get to it, shall we?


This is probably the most vital aspect to look at. A water filter pitcher is nothing without the certifications as those give it more credibility. The last thing you need is for your filter to make the water worse. We urge you to look out for NSF/ANSI standards specifically.

If you want the filter to reduce chlorine taste and odor, standard 42 is what you need to look for. Standard 53, on the other hand, is for the reduction of heavy metals and other chemicals. Any good water filter pitcher should be certified in both of these standards.

Volume and Storage

The next thing to look at is the amount of water it can store and how easily you can store it. There is no point in buying a pitcher aimed at a large family that is too big for the fridge. The ideal water pitcher should be aimed at maintaining a balance between volume and storage convenience. 

It’s the same when it comes to jugs. Just because it is a jug doesn’t mean it has to be small and not sufficient for your needs. Find something with a volume of 6-11 cups if it is just you and anything above 20 cups when catering for a large family. 

Filtration Capacity and Speed

Watching filtered water trickle down at the slowest possible speed is not how you would imagine spending your day. This is why making sure the pitcher has a fast filtration process is a must. A feature like that can be handy on a hot summer’s day. 

Additionally, making sure the filter has a long lifespan and can cater to your needs is just as important. No one wants to run around every few weeks looking for a replacement filter. This is why the ideal filter’s capacity should range from 40 to 200 gallons of water, as that will last for at least 2-3 months.


Another essential thing to ensure is that the pitcher is BPA-free. BPA can contaminate the water over time and is most commonly found in plastic. However, since plastic pitchers are mostly the ones that cater to bigger families, people end up getting that. So, when looking at a potential plastic water pitcher, look out for any sign that says “BPA-free.”


This is a pretty important feature since cleaning the pitcher is a must. There is no point in having water filtered into a dirty pitcher. Most pitchers are dishwasher safe, so it is easy to just pop them into the machine. However, if they are not dishwasher safe, having easy-to-open and close lids is crucial.

Additionally, just dishwashing is not advisable as these pitchers need to be rinsed with cold water quite frequently. This is why it needs to have an ergonomic design that will allow opening and closing easily. Plus, we find that having a pitcher with lesser crevices is better as less effort will go into hand-cleaning it.


Pitcher material is quite an essential factor to consider, especially if you are environmentally conscious. Most of these pitchers are made from plastic, so finding an alternative may prove to be slightly expensive. However, if BPA is the thing you’re worried about, we advise you to look into glass and metal pitchers.

Most glass and metal ones are free from BPA and any other toxins that can come from plastic. Even aesthetically, glass and metal pitchers stand out more in the dining or living room. However, the only issue with them is that they do not have a capacity as large as plastic pitchers. 

Additional Factors

For some people, having a few additional features makes a pitcher even more appealing. One of those features is a filter life indicator. This is mainly because it makes it much easier for people to track when they need to change the filter and order a replacement on time.

With or without the indicator, it always helps to have extra filters included with the pitcher. While you can pick a pitcher with 2-3 filters inside it already, choosing a filter that provides replacement filters is also beneficial.

It is also essential to keep in mind the weight of the pitcher. Water will add more weight to the container, which can be challenging to manage for certain people. If you are unable to lift heavy, buying smaller pitchers or ones with handles will be better suited. In addition, the pitcher needs to have a spigot that is easy to use and also lids that are easy to open. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What contaminants do a water pitcher filter & a dispenser remove?

They can remove a variety of contaminants such as chlorine, lead, mercury, pesticide residues, and other harmful chemicals that may be present in tap water.

However, different models may have different capabilities, and users should consult the manufacturer’s instructions for specific details about what is removed.

How long does the filtration process take?

The filtration process depends on the model, but generally, it can take between 5 to 15 minutes for the water to pass through the filter to the main container.

However, some models’ filtration process works more quickly.

Can I use my water pitcher filter/dispenser for well water filtration?

Yes, most high-quality water pitcher filters & dispensers can remove impurities from well water, such as sediment, iron, and other minerals that may affect the taste and quality.

However, users should confirm the filter efficacy and capacity indicated by the manufacturer.

Can I use a water pitcher filter to remove fluoride from my water?

Most water pitcher filters are not designed to remove fluoride from the water. You may need to use a specialized filter for this purpose.

What types of water dispensers are there?

There are different types of water dispensers, including tabletop dispensers, freestanding dispensers, countertop dispensers, and those that work with water bottles or jugs.

Water filter jug standing on the green grass in summer garden in warm morning. Water filtration concept.


And on that note, we finally come to the end of our review of the 12 best water pitcher filters & dispensers. We hope that this has been an informative read and will help you in making a quicker decision. 

If you are still confused about which one to buy, allow us to mention our favorites to make it a bit easier. We particularly like the PUR Large Filtered Water Dispenser, especially if it is for a family of 3-4 people. However, if it is just you, then the ZeroWater ZP-010 is the one to go for. 

We shall now take your leave. But, we will be back soon with many more product reviews and guides.

See you next time!

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