27 Super Cool Shower Designs to Pursue

There is nothing quite like a hot shower after a long hard day at work, wouldn’t you agree? In that serene moment, you forget all about your life’s problems be social or work-related. However, taking a shower in the same environment can get monotonous, and if you feel the same way, then it is time you gave your old shower an upgrade.

That is why we have prepared a list of 27 incredible shower designs to help you get started with your redesign process. So read along to get mesmerized by the stunning shower decor ideas.

Cool Shower Designs

The Medieval Shower For Kings

This Medievally themed shower looks like it came straight out of the Game of Thrones show. The rustic elements in this bathroom are used tastefully, and that creates a rather charming effect, wouldn’t you agree? However, the most impressive part is definitely the obelisk housing the shower head. If you look closely, the obelisk also has a small shelf to store the toiletries, and that makes it not only gorgeous but also practical at the same time.

The medieval shower for kings via zillow

The Ultra Luxurious Laying Down Shower

Not all living beings are created equal. That statement is even more true in case of showers. Just take a look at this beauty, will you? A shower for kings and queens, wouldn’t you agree?  This incredible laying down shower features 6 rectangular showerheads which cover the entire length of the body. The rest of the decor of this modern bathroom is quite minimalistic and compliments the shower well.

The ultra luxurious laying down shower via homesthetics

The Simple Yet Elegant Shower Connected With The Rear Deck

While it is not exactly an outdoor shower, you can think of this as the next best thing to one. The floor of the shower flows nicely with the rear deck floor and create a cohesive look. The best thing about this shower is that you can easily step outside through two glass shower doors, gaze at the beautiful night sky whenever you feel like and then step back inside. Moreover, during the winter, you can shut down the glass doors and insulate yourself from the freezing cold.

The simple yet elegant shower connected with the rear deck

Source Unknown

Futuristic Shower Enclosure

Ever wondered what an average shower cubicle would look like in the year 2050? Well, wonder no more. Feast your eyes on the shower of the future. This incredible shower cubicle with its inverted D shape coupled with the cool blue LED lighting definitely seems like it was built for a futuristic sci-fi movie.

Notice how the curved part of the shower enclosure features a comfortable seat so that you can truly unwind during your shower sessions.

Futuristic shower enclosure Source Unknown

The Majestic Rainfall Showerhead

If you love minimalistic showers, then you will definitely admire the one featured in the illustration below. This simple shower is dominated with a Majestic rainfall showerhead in the center. The cool part of the shower is that it is separated with the bedroom by a huge glass wall, which not only makes it look modern but also increases the sense of space.

If you are interested in installing a large rainfall showerhead like the one featured below, then make sure that there is enough water pressure in the showerhead.

The majestic rainfall showerhead via Pinterest

The Luxurious Shower Cubicle Fitted With Body Jets

While most luxurious showers designs tend to prefer form over function, the shower cubicle featured below, goes for both form and function! Not only does the shower enclosure design reflect opulence, but it is also designed to give your entire body of thorough clean. If you notice closely, there are 10 body jets whose primary function is to make sure that you back is spotless, while the antique-esque showerhead cleans your hair.

Although it seems like the water pressure from the body jets can peel off your skin, we assure you that is not the case at all.

The luxurious shower cubicle fitted with body jets via iCreativeD

The Opulent Granite Shower Enclosure

Feast your eyes upon this incredible Granite shower cubicle. While the granite walls give this shower enclosure a timeless appeal, the rainfall showerhead fitted with cool blue LED lighting makes it seem more of its time. If you observe closely, this shower enclosure also features a hand shower so that you more control while showering. In other words, it is not only luxurious but also practical, did you notice the glass shower doors have no frame?

If you are interested in designing a shower enclosure similar to this one, then click on the link mentioned below the illustration. Young Brothers are widely known for their luxurious interior designs, and we believe that, like us, you will surely be mesmerized by their work.

The opulent granite shower enclosure via Young Brothers

Incredibly Hip Color Changing Tiles

Although this shower design is far from luxurious or even modern for that matter, you have to admit this looks really cool. The arbitrary rainbow pattern on the mosaic bathroom tiles almost seems like it was created by the flow of the shower itself, and indeed it is. How, you ask? Well, these bathroom wall tiles are quite unique as they change color according to temperature.

The incredible tiles were inspired by the stunning Northern lights of Alaska and change from dark brown, when in its normal state, to bluish white, when a lot of heat is applied. You can observe the rainbow pattern somewhere in the middle of the heat spectrum. In other words, when lukewarm water hits the tiles it will change to a rainbow pattern. If you are interested in purchasing these tiles for your bathroom, then we suggest you follow this link.

Incredibly hip color changing tiles via This Is Why Im Broke

The Luxurious Shower With A Rustic Charm

Let us now take a step back from the crazy and opulent showers to something more minimalist and modern. This luxurious shower with its wooden ceiling and rough walls, has quite a rustic charm to it, wouldn’t you agree? In our opinion, the recessed rainfall showerhead blends nicely with the body shower jets to create a beautiful water flow.

This beautiful bathroom was designed by a talented young interior designer named Hank Mitchell. If you are interested in learning more about Hank’s work, then we suggest you follow this link.

The luxurious shower with a rustic charm multiple shower heads via my paradissi

The Incredible Cylindrical Shower Enclosure

Imagine walking into this opulent shower enclosure after a long hard day at work. Mmmm! Even the thought of it is incredibly relaxing. We imagine that all your worries, be it work or personal life, will be simply washed away when you step into this shower.

If you look closely, the small walk in shower enclosure features a rainfall showerhead along with a wall mount showerhead. Although it does not make much sense, we suspect you can switch between them when you are bored with one.

In our opinion, the excessive use of white throughout this bathroom makes it even more elegant and classy. If you want a classy and elegant look for your bathroom, then this is a great example to take cues from.

The incredible cylindrical shower enclosure

via Pinterest

The Transcendent Shower

Even words like beautiful, classy, elegant, modern, cannot do justice to this incredible shower. The white mixed with dark wooden inserts make it quite a looker, wouldn’t you agree? However, this shower is not just about the design; in fact, it is quite practical as well.

If you look closely, you will notice all the different kinds of showerheads peacefully integrated into a single shower. Hand shower, rainfall showerhead, wall mount showerhead, body shower jets, this incredible shower has them all. We believe that even if you spend an entire day rolling in mud, grime, you will be spotless in no time, once you step into this shower. In our opinion, this extraordinary shower has transcended our expectations.

The transcendent shower via espacebuzz

The Mesmerizing Persian Style Computerized Shower

Feast your eyes upon this stunning Persian architecture inspired shower. Impressive, isn’t it? What is even more impressive is the fact that the shower has 18 different showerheads with 6 separate zones. Whatever zones for, you ask? Well, they are designed to accurately target different parts of your body like your head, shoulders, upper torso, lower torso, upper legs, and finally, lower legs. Moreover, each zone features independent controls for temperature and pressure.

However, before you get your hopes too high about installing a shower such as this one, let us tell you that it is not cheap! In fact, this impressive shower cost the owner a whopping $ 100,000. That is the price you pay for a state-of-the-art computerized shower.

The mesmerizing persian style computerized shower via Pinterest

The Shower of the Future

If you love hi-tech gadgets, then you will be awestruck by this stunning futuristic shower. Although, this shower does not come with the frills of the “The Mesmerizing Persian Style Computerized Shower” we featured earlier, it looks way ahead of its time. In fact, this shower would be more fitting in the new Blade Runner 2049 movie, wouldn’t you agree?

The interesting thing about this shower is that the futuristic effect is entirely related to the ambiance created by the cool blue LED lighting and not any space age shower gadgets. The stainless steel door also aids in enhancing that vibe.  If you are looking to design something similar, we suggest you focus heavily on the lighting effect rather than adding cool shower gadgets.

The shower of the future via espacebuzz

The Ostentatious Cave Shower

Ostentatious? Without a doubt! Extravagant? Everything about it. This incredible cave-like shower is one of the most luxurious showers featured on our list.  We believe that the upper echelon of the Stone Age society would have fallen in love with this shower. In fact, they would most likely kill their comrades just to get a chance to experience it.

Although we do not have an exact figure for the cost of this project, we would not be surprised if it eclipsed the “The Mesmerizing Persian Style Computerized Shower” featured earlier on our list. If you want to learn more about this incredible master bathroom and the property itself, then follow the link mentioned below the illustration.

The ostentatious cave shower via zillow

The Luxurious Rock Wall Shower Enclosure

While it may be modest compared to the incredible Cave Shower featured above, this can by no means be considered simple. In fact, it is luxurious in its own right. Just take a look at the waterfall style shower. We understand it will not be as effective as a traditional high-pressure showerhead, but it is incredibly cool nonetheless.

Although the polished wooden log frame is not entirely visible in this photo, we feel that it enhances the rustic look of this shower enclosure. And if the polished wooden log is not up your alley, then we suggest you take a look at the next item on our list.

The luxurious rock wall shower enclosure via Pinterest

The Rustic Shower Enclosure Adorned By Wooden Logs

Continuing with the rustic theme is this beautiful shower enclosure adorned by wooden logs. However, unlike the previous shower enclosure we featured on this list, the use of logs is much more profound, but the polished finish is understated. We love the integration of the stone platform as well.

In contrast to the shower enclosure featured above, this one balances both form and function. How, you ask? Well, this shower features a practical and effective overhead rainfall shower-head, while the former only had a cool but impractical waterfall-esque shower.

The rustic shower enclosure adorned by wooden logs via Pinterest

The Minimalist and Modern Shower Integrated Into the Bedroom

Now, let us take a step back from rustically themed showers, into something more contemporary. What is cool about this shower is how well it is integrated into the living space. In fact, we believe that it could be a great idea if you are looking to remodel your upscale studio apartment.

However, that is not the coolest part about the shower. That honor would have to go to the massive rectangular rainfall showerhead. It is so big that it comes fitted with its own recessed lights in four corners. If there were something we would like to add to this shower, then that would be mood lights.

The minimalist and modern shower integrated into the bedroom via Google Plus

A Luxurious Shower for the Nature Lover

If you are all about going green, then this beautiful shower adorned by greenery will definitely appeal to your heartstrings. Going green does not always have to be related to upcycling, downsizing or minimalization for that matter. In fact, decorating your shower with plants can be a great way to get aboard the green train.

We also love the rectangular rainfall showerhead used in this bathroom. If you look closely, then you will realize that it is the exact same showerhead which we featured on the previous item on our list. In our opinion, this particular showerhead looks quite classy in any modern bathroom.

A luxurious shower for the nature lover via Futurist Architecture

The Luxurious Shower in an Upscale High-Rise Apartment

Take a look at this incredible shower. Doesn’t the view out from it look mesmerizing? What is equally impressive is the massive rectangular rainfall showerhead adorned by thin LED strips on either side. We love the tasteful use of grey granite throughout the bathroom. It really helps in uplifting the modern vibe.

We can only imagine what you will feel like when you gaze down upon the city while taking a hot shower. If we had to guess, we would say that you will probably feel like a silent guardian, a watchful protector as you gaze down from your upscale high-rise apartment. And Batman, if you are reading this article, we must thank you for keeping Gotham safe.

The luxurious shower in an upscale high-rise apartment via All Architecture Designs

The Beautiful Japanese Garden Shower

Open air showers are always cool, but this one cranks the cool knob all the way up to 11, wouldn’t you agree? While the greenery does well to enhance the background, it is the tub carved out of the giant stone that dominates this outdoor shower. It really is a piece of art, isn’t it?

The rest of the background decor along with the wall mount showerhead is quite ordinary and will not turn any heads. But, that is not a bad thing by any means. In fact, it would be foolish to detract attention from the incredible centerpiece by installing an opulent showerhead.

The beautiful japanese garden showervia Pinterest

The Ultra Modern Shower Finished With Teal Accent Lighting

Few bathroom decor ideas are as cohesive as the one featured in the illustration below. It almost seems like every element used here was only built for this bathroom. This is modern minimalism at its finest! Needless to say, the centerpiece of this bathroom is the incredible shower cubicle.

The rectangular rainfall showerhead with its teal lighting effects looks incredible in this setting, don’t you think? Moreover, the use of teal accent lighting across this bathroom creates a surprisingly calm vibe.

The ultra modern shower finished with teal accent lighting via Google Plus

The Simple Yet Elegant Shower Bathtub Combo

Not everyone likes flashy, ostentatious decors and if that is the case with you, then you will admire the simplicity of this Shower Bathtub Combo. On the flip side, if this shower design is too barebones for your taste, and we suggest you move on to the next shower on our list.

We love the use of the standalone stainless steel pole in this shower. In fact, we believe that this structure has a lovely rustic charm to it, wouldn’t you agree?

The simple yet elegant shower bathtub combo via idealista

The Classy Shower Adorned By Beige And Wooden Decor

If you love the combination of wood and beige, then you definitely need to check out this incredible bathroom. Although the shower enclosure is located in the farthest corner of this bathroom, it still manages to steal the show.

This ostentatious shower enclosure features a circular rainfall showerhead, a wall mount showerhead, a hand shower, among other things. In other words, you have more than a few options to enjoy your shower.

The classy shower adorned by beige and wooden decor via Impressive Interior Design

The Minimalist And Modern Shower Connected With The Garden

Although we love outdoor shower ideas, they are not always practical. In fact, they can remain unused for a good chunk of the year, especially during winter. However, there is a way around that problem. Take a look at this minimalist and modern shower which has huge glass doors separating itself from the garden.

During the summer months, you can open up the doors and become one with nature. You can also choose to shut the doors and insulate yourself in case the weather becomes uncomfortably cold.

The hybrid concept is not the only cool part about this shower. In fact, it has quite a few unique touches. Did you notice the drainage system? It is incredibly sleek, isn’t it? While the showerheads are nothing extraordinary, especially when compared to the ones featured on our list, they blend well with the decor.

The minimalist and modern shower connected with the garden via Google Plus

The Outdoor Shower For Nature Lovers

Showers are meant to be relaxing. However, taking a shower in a claustrophobic room can get mundane over time. Therefore, a change of scenery is sometimes exactly what you need to experience serenity. And what better way to do so than taking a shower amidst the greenery.

The rustically themed circular rainfall showerhead blends nicely with the environment, wouldn’t you agree? We also love the concept of covering the shower with bamboo poles as it not only offers a little bit of privacy but also helps in improving the aesthetics. This is truly a shower for nature lovers.

The outdoor shower for nature lovers via One Kindesign

The Futuristic Loop Shower designed by Diego Granese

Feast your eyes upon the quirky futuristic Loop Shower. We bet you have not seen anything like this before, right? The cool thing about the Loop, apart from its design, is the arrangement of the showerheads, which are strategically positioned to ensure a relaxing massage. However, that is not the best part about this shower. That honor would have to go to the versatility of this shower. You can not only use it indoors but also install it out in the open.

This incredible product was designed by Diego Granese for idiha Design.  Since there is no mention of price anywhere on the website, it is safe to assume that it is only meant for those who do not worry about price tags such as the Beverly Park Circle community members or Sheikhs. If you fall into that category, then we suggest you follow this link to learn more about this incredible shower.

27 super cool shower designs to pursue -the futuristic loop shower designed by diego granese via Granese Architecture and Design Studio

The Ultra-Sleek Shower for Minimalists

We featured quite a few showers on our list; however, if there was one shower as cohesive in design as “The Ultra Modern Shower Finished with Teal Accent Lighting” featured earlier, then that would have to be this one. Unlike the former, this shower makes use of brighter colors to make the ambiance more cheerful.

We love the use of the teal accent lighting on the ceiling of the shower enclosure. In our opinion, it gives it a sophisticated look. The use of wooden benches along with the wooden floor also helps in enhancing the decor.

27 super cool shower designs the ultra-sleek shower for minimalists via Zillow

Before we bid adieu, let us end with a word of advice. We understand the allure of designing cool showers with ostentatious elements; however, you must not get carried away with it. After all, your shower must fulfill its function. So, make sure that your shower design is not only attractive but also practical.

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