Dual Monitor Stand Dell MDS19 Review + Guide

The Dual Monitor Stand Dell MDS19 comes with a neat design, offering more desk space and a better viewing distance. It is easy to install without needing any tools. However, it’s pretty expensive and doesn’t support monitors larger than 27 inches. 

Two monitor panels can take up a lot of your desk space, cluttering your entire work area. But you can easily remedy this situation by installing the best dual monitor stand

In this context, the Dell Dual Monitor Stand MDS19 has become quite popular among users because of its minimalistic design and easy adjustability. But if you want to know more about its technical and design specifications before making any final purchase decision, read on! 

Dell Dual Monitor Stand Review

Better Viewing Distance: Smaller Footprint

This new-generation Dell dual monitor stand can help maximize desk space thanks to its smaller footprint. In fact, it is designed to have a 30% smaller footprint and offer a greater viewing distance than its predecessor. The superior viewing distance also allows you to work efficiently with two 27-inch monitors providing excellent viewing angles. It offers the ultimate screen real estate, which you need to be more productive. 

Furthermore, the space-saving smaller footprint of this Dell dual monitor stand MDS19 frees up precious space on the desk in front of you. You can easily write and take notes without straining your back or eyes. Thus, its small footprint essentially provides more desk space with improved viewing comfort when you’re constantly working on your monitors. 

Design: Neat, Minimalistic, And Clutter-Free

This Dell dual monitor stand has a neat design with clutter-free cable management features that hide cables from view. You can neatly organize the cables by routing them through the round cable slot and channeling them inside the stand. 

The cable clips along the curved crossbar also keep them neatly hidden so that they don’t interfere with your work. These impressive cable management features of the Dell MDS19 dual monitor stand are ideal for maintaining a clutter-free workstation, so you can work without any interruption. 

Flexible Adjustments: 90° Viewing

When you’re looking for the best dual monitor stand for desks, you want a stand that’s easy to adjust, offering an ideal viewing angle and height. That way, you can avoid slouching in your chair and experiencing sudden glares from the monitors. 

This Dell dual monitor stand’s flexible adjustment systems allow you to adjust both monitors independently based on your preferred viewing angle and height. You can raise each panel to five inches and rotate it at 90° in any direction. This 90° viewing angle offers a portrait view to navigate through web pages and scroll vertically oriented applications easily.  

Construction: Stable And Sturdy

The Dell dual monitor stand MDS19 has sturdy and stable construction to effortlessly hold dual monitors without moving or falling off the desk. It’s a common problem with many dual monitor stands as they tend to topple off the desk because of their lightweight construction. 

But thanks to the sturdy and heavyweight design of this Dell dual monitor stand, you need not worry about the monitors constantly moving every time you leave or sit in your desk chair. On the downside, the heavyweight design makes it a bit difficult to carry or transfer the dual monitor stand from one workstation to another. 

Compatibility: Dell Monitors And VESA Compatible Monitor Panels

When it comes to compatibility, this Dell dual monitor stand is optimized for Dell Ultrasharp as well as P-series monitors. You can use Dell Quick Release to set up the P-series, and Dell Ultrasharp monitors without any hassle.  

In addition to this, it is compatible with 19 to 27-inch VESA-compatible monitor panels and Dell E-series monitors. But you can’t use Dell Quick Release for these monitors, so use the VESA adapter plate included in the package to mount these. 

On the downside, this dual monitor stand only supports VESA-compliant monitors ranging between 19 and 27 inches. Say you have other VESA-compliant monitors, such as the 70-inch variant; then this monitor stand won’t be the right fit. 

Moreover, it might not support monitors from other brands. So, always check the compatibility of this dual monitor stand with your existing monitors before purchasing it.  

Easy Installation: No Tools Required

The toolless installation of this Dell dual monitor stand allows you to snap monitor panels without needing screws or high-tech equipment. You can simply use Quick Release while attaching Dell UltraSharp and P-series monitors. On the other hand, you get the included VESA adapter plate to install VESA monitor panels and Dell E-series monitors. 

Recommended: Professional Gamers, Graphic Designers

If you’re a professional gamer looking for the best dual monitor stand, this Dell dual monitor stand can be an ideal choice, thanks to its 90-degree viewing angle. You can rotate the monitors 90° in any direction and adjust them individually depending on your requirements. 

It also offers improved viewing comfort, so you can have an excellent gaming experience without any monitor glare. Furthermore, if you don’t have enough floor space in the room for a workstation, you can easily mount this dual monitor stand on the wall. 

The clutter-free and new design also makes it ideal for professional graphic or fashion designers who require a large workspace to create their designs. With this dual monitor stand, they can constantly use their work monitors for reference while having enough desk space in front of them to work on developing new designs. 

Not to mention, the stand’s cable management features will neatly hide the cables allowing the professionals to work without interruptions. 

Price: On The Higher End

The Dell dual monitor stand MDS19 is on the higher end and more expensive than other similar dual monitor stands. It currently costs $249.99, which can be pretty steep if you are running on a tight budget. So, although it can be a good financial investment, it’s best to consider your budget before purchasing this product. 

What We Like

  • Improved viewing distance 
  • Neat and clutter-free design 
  • 90° rotation
  • Tool-less installation 

What We Don’t Like

  • Not compatible with 70-inch VESA monitor panels
  • Quite heavy 
  • Price is on the higher end 


  • Type: Stand 
  • Max Mounting Pattern Size: 3.9 x 3.9 inches 
  • Tilt: -5° to 24°
  • Swivel: -10° to 15°
  • Recommended use: Two monitors
  • Cable Management: Round cable slot, cable clips across the crossbar 
  • Lift: 5.12 inches 
  • Rotation: -90° to 90°
  • Adjustments: Tilt, swivel, lift, rotation 
  • Dimensions (D x W x H): 9.65 x 31.50 x 14.96 inches 
  • VESA Mounting Interface: Yes 
  • Recommended Display Size: 17 to 27-inch monitors 
  • Weight: 13.2 pounds 
  • Warranty: 3-year limited warranty 

Dual Monitor Stand Dell Final Verdict

The Dell MDS19 is undoubtedly one of the top dual monitor stands currently available. Its sturdy construction and neat design with excellent cable management and easy adjustment features make it ideal for improving your productivity. 

You can easily adjust and rotate the monitors however you want to get the ideal height and viewing angle. Not to mention, the sturdy construction ensures that the stand doesn’t move or fall off your work desk. 

Apart from its higher price and heavier weight, the Dell MDS19 can be a fantastic monitor stand for your dual monitors. 

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