Farnocchia Chapel / Grazzini Tonazzini + Giorgia Colombo Architetto

Architects: Giorgia Colombo Architetto, Grazzini Tonazzini
Area: 10 m²
Year: 2023
Photography: Grazzini Tonazzini, Giorgia Colombo Architetto
Architecture and Engineering: Michele Grazzini, Andrea Tonazzini, Giorgia Colombo
City: Stazzema
Country: Italy

In the picturesque setting of Farnocchia, a village nestled within the mountains of Italy, a new architectural landmark emerges through the construction of a small chapel, designed by Giorgia Colombo Architetto and Grazzini Tonazzini. This innovative structure blends traditional elements with modern design, creating a harmonious fusion that captures the cultural heritage and contemporary aspirations of the community. The project, detailed by the architects, exemplifies a thoughtful engagement with the locality’s history and the natural environment, employing materials and shapes that resonate deeply with the regional identity.

Farnocchia chapel / grazzini tonazzini + giorgia colombo architetto

The objective drove the construction of a small chapel in the mountain village of Farnocchia to establish a new, recognizable landmark. The chapel’s exterior, with its pyramid-shaped form, reinterprets the traditional architectural elements of the region, particularly the triangular huts that historically defined the area.

The entryway, accentuated by a narrow passage, features a stone block carved into a staircase. This design aims to evoke a sense of subdued monumentality while maintaining the intimate feel of the space. Within the chapel, a dimly lit ambiance is brought to life by a single candle and a skylight that admits natural elements like light, rain, and wind.

The structural framework of the chapel consists of raw wooden planks, embodying a rustic aesthetic. This construction reflects a community-driven building process involving the residents of Farnocchia, fostering a sense of collective ownership and local pride.

Farnocchia chapel / grazzini tonazzini + giorgia colombo architetto
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Project Location

Address: 55040 Stazzema, Province of Lucca, Italy

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