13 Frank Lloyd Wright Products to Inspire You

With various items inspired by the designs of America’s most celebrated Architect, you’ll appreciate the inspiring timeless designs and their epic allure.

These products are a simple way to get access to some great designs, which attempt to capture the essence of the work of this visionary architect. You’ll find pieces that come with a perfect blend of the intricate relationships that exist within the natural and human-made elements.

The timeless architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright has inspired many to create masterpieces of their own by borrowing his ideas and designs. In the following guide, we’ll take you through some fantastic pieces that we’ve compiled to inspire creative thinking.

Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Products

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So, without further adieu, let’s check out these design-inspired products!

1. Luxfer Prism 14-inch Wall Clock

There is a patented series of 45 prisms on clear glass tiles that were used for the Luxfer Prism Company Building. And in this wall clock, two of these great prism designs have been incorporated, with the major highlight being the flower design.

This wall clock has an off white face, with a metal frame and a circumference of around 14-inches. It comes with a silent sweeping mechanism and a convex glass lens that covers the clock face.  And it’s also protected with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Bulova Clocks C4834 Luxfer Prism 14 Inch Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired...
  • Luxfer Prism wall clock designed by Frank Lloyd...
  • Features 2 famous prism designs from Luxfer Prism...


The series of 45 prisms that had initially inspired the design of this wall clock was made to refract light from the Luxor company building. As a Frank Lloyd Wright fanatic, this wall clock has a particular connotation in our home. 

The flower design that is taken from one of the 45 prism designs comes with a shadow background. It’s pretty elegant as it comes without any loud colors that pop off the clock face.


Moreover, the case is pretty sturdy; it’s made of individually finished bronze rods, which gives it a vintage finish. And on the cream background with the flower design lies the raised hour markers. 

It features a non-ticking mechanism, so you won’t be disturbed with any sound from the clock. The design of this wall clock is such that it will complement both traditional and modern style home decor.

As per the size is concerned, we believe 14-inches is pretty decent for medium to large-sized hall rooms or bedrooms. It will also blend perfectly well if placed in any formal space. The incredible thought and simplicity in this design come through with sheer elegance.

  • Silent sweeping mechanism
  • Built with quality materials
  • Good on every style of home and office decor
  • Functionality and simplicity
  • Slightly heavy due to the metal frame

2. Coonley Playhouse Fiber and Rubber Door Mat

The Avery Coonley Playhouse inspired the design of this doormat. In the other designs by Frank Lloyd Wright, you’ll find a lot of nature derivations. Unlike this model, where the focus is on geometric patterns, and it features bold, primary colors. 

A parade must have inspired Wright. As you’ll find the print on the doormat having a haphazard representation of balloons, flags, and confetti taken from the windows of the playhouse. The overall size of this doormat is 36-inches by 22-inches and weighs about 9.1 pounds. It comes with a natural rubber base and a molding of woven coir.

No products found.


As a FranK Lloyd Wright devotee, we try to leave no stone unturned when it comes to appreciating the works that have been inspired by his designs. 

First things first, we were looking for a doormat that is made of 100% natural materials. And when we came across this rubber and natural coir product, we were ready to order it.

The price is on the steeper side, but the durability and construction of this piece are well worth every penny. 

We have placed this mat in one of the higher traffic areas of our home, and I must say it can withstand a right amount of abuse. The natural coconut fibers help to enhance beauty, and it offers superior cleaning performance.

It comes with anti-fade and anti-slip properties, so even if you place it on a brightly-lit front porch, you don’t have to worry about it getting faded. The natural coir brush surface helps to keep the dirt away from the shoes when you enter the house.

The design is exceptional; we loved the geometric patterns on this doormat; it gives a unique appearance. Overall the black and brown color combination of coir and rubber is a great way to complement our modern interiors.

  • Wright-inspired geometric patterns
  • Features anti-fade and anti-slip properties
  • Natural and durable product 
  • Natural fiber tends to shed a little during the first few days of its usage

3. Frank Lloyd Wright Lake Geneva Tulip Pencil Pen Holder

The design of this pencil pen holder is adapted from the art glass windows that were present in the former Lake Geneva Inn. It’s a licensed Wright-inspired product, and the structure is ideal for holding your keys, pens, smartphones, and other items. 

It features a precision-cut wood made using laser, and it bears a walnut finish. For a Frank Lloyd Wright buff, this will be a perfect gift. The pen holder also comes with a small note which describes the artwork in the original building that has inspired the creation of this sturdy pencil pen holder.

Frank Lloyd Wright Lake Geneva Tulip Pencil Pen Holder
  • The design is adapted from art glass windows...
  • Laser-cut wood with cherry veneer finish.


We were looking for some unique gift ideas for our family, who have been a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright. This pencil pen holder truly emulates the refined style and clear cut structural designs of Wright’s work. 

Even though the size is a little small, but the overall construction is admirable. It measures around 4.4 x 4.3 x 5.7-inches, which is pretty decent for placing it on an office or work table.


We often get our pen and pencils all over the place, but with this holder, we can declutter our tables and focus on our work instead. It’s a long-lasting and sturdy product that draws a lot of attention among people who appreciate art-inspired pieces.

It’s made of quality wood, and the walnut finish gives it an alluring yet professional look. And this holder consists of intricate details for which we use a dry cloth to dust off the dirt that settles on the nooks and crannies.   

  • Design is inspired by an old Lake Geneva inn that has now been demolished
  • Durable pen-pencil holder
  • Artwork that has been made with precision 
  • Might be a little small for storing too many stationery

4. Water Lilies Stained Glass

This stained glass features lily pods and flowers floating in a serene pool. The design has been adapted from a stained glass window that was initially made by Wright. 

It comes with a single sheet of glass on which enamel colors are applied individually. After which the colors are kiln fired for fusing the enamel permanently on to the glass surface.

The glass comes with an overall dimension of 15 x 5.125- inches, with a metal casing on its rims. Plus, a wood stand is included for table or desk display, while the given chain can also be used for hanging.

Frank Lloyd Wright Waterlilies Stained Glass
  • Perfect gift for those that love Frank Lloyd...
  • Great craftmanship.


We have been admiring homes with stained glass windows, but we couldn’t afford to get them. But, instead, we found the Water Lilies Stained Glass display, which is the epitome of excellent craftsmanship. The simple design of this piece had caught our eyes. 

It comes with a beautiful wooden stand so we can easily display it or the chain can be used for hanging the glass.This is the first Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired product that we have in our home. 

And this truly inspired us to look out for more beautiful art pieces that revamp the entire decor of the wall space that we place it in. 

The size is pretty decent, and it was the right dimensions as described. We’ve placed this panel in our living room, and since then we’ve been receiving a lot of compliments for it. 

Moreover, we’ve also ordered another piece that we plan to give for a housewarming event. And the design is such that it will complement both traditional and modern homes.

  • Color combination creates a relaxing and tranquil environment
  • Minimalist design
  • Quite malleable as it looks good on any wall space 
  • The chain for hanging this glass panel is quite small

5. Bulova B7750 Glasner House Clock

The design of this house clock has been adapted from a living room art glass window of the W.A Glasner House, Illinois. It’s an elegant piece that has light cherry stain on the wooden base and mineral glass panel around the black frame. 

Moreover, the white clock face comes with a clear protective lens and also features a silent sweeping mechanism. And it runs on 1AA battery, that should be bought separately.

Bulova B7750 Glasner House Frankl Lloyd Wright Clock, Light Cherry...
  • Adapted from the art glass window in the living...
  • Solid wood base


The design talent of Frank Lloyd wright reflects clearly through this clock. We are quite happy with this purchase; it looks pretty cool irrespective of where we choose to place it. 

After having it on the countertop for a few days, we decided to put in our study room, and it perfectly complements the ambiance.

The non-ticking mechanism is compelling enough, but if you’re sitting too close to the clock, you can still hear a faint sound. But, that is not disturbing in any manner even if you’re sleeping or studying. 

However, the aspect that I didn’t appreciate is the plastic frame, and that is because we’re trying to be mindful of avoiding plastic products. But, if you focus on just the design, this clock is way ahead of the current trend.

The wooden base with its cherry stain gives this piece a classy finish. And the size is apt for any place that you want it to be displayed. 

It makes a perfect gift for every occasion, be it a formal or informal gathering. Overall, this is a beautifully designed clock that just requires little maintenance of regular dusting and the battery needs to be changed once in six months.

  • Comes with a clear protective lens
  • Inspired by a window design that dates back to 1905
  • Doesn’t produce any disturbing ticking sounds
  • Will complement contemporary and modern decor
  • Frame is made of plastic
  • Doesn’t have any time markers

6. Frank Lloyd Wright April Showers Double Old Fashioned Glass Set

This set of two glasses are licensed by Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. It comes with a print of April showers. The design is that of water flowing down from the rims to the center of the glass. 

A Liberty magazine cover from 1927 has inspired this design. Each glass can hold around 14 ounces of liquid, and it comes with a height of about 4.25 inches. It has easy maintenance and also dishwasher safe.


As Frank Lloyd Wright buffs, it’s exciting to enjoy our drinks in our favorite glasses inspired by his designs. The April shower print is a vivid representation of the minimalist design and relaxing colors. Especially when we were purchasing this glass, we were a little skeptical about how the color combination would turn out.

But, to my surprise, the subtle color choices in this piece is a clear statement about the refined style of Wright’s work. The perfect blend of quality material and superior design made us order another set for our table. We didn’t face any issues with the paint chipping off the glass.

However, we have been washing these glasses with a soft scrubber to ensure we don’t scrape off the design. It’s also dishwasher safe, so you can choose to remove the additional burden of cleaning it with hands. 

The April shower’s paint on this glass stands out amongst the other everyday glasses that lack design or color.

  • Unique and exceptional design
  • Subtle color selection
  • Dishwasher safe 
  • None

7. Frank Lloyd Wright Fallingwater Christmas Ornament

If you’re looking for an architectural gift, you should check out this wall hanging Christmas ornament. This piece shows the Fallingwater house that was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It was constructed as the weekend home for the Edgar J. Kaufmann family in 1935. 

And it was used by this family till 1963, following which it was donated to the Conservancy of Western Pennsylvania. The design of this home is a symbol of how human-made and natural elements can co-exist harmoniously. When you purchase this product, the funds are used for the preservation of Fallingwater.


We received the Fallingwater ornament in a gift box, and it came along with a design history card.  It helped us understand the precise details of one of the best homes that are designed by Wright. 

The image has been crafted on a silver plate that comes with an anti-tarnish coating. You can see how nature hasn’t been disturbed to create this famous architectural building.

Every corner of the house reflected through the image is made with precision and accuracy. The dimension of this ornament is around 5.2 x 0.8 x 5.8- inches, and it’s perfect for our living room. 

We were quite pleased after we got to know that on every purchase we contribute to the preservation of this nature-inspired home. It’s inspiring to see how Wright has designed this unique abode just above the naturally-occurring waterfall.

This house is inspired by natural elements, as seen in the camouflaged exteriors with an organically stacked appearance. It emulates the desire to be one with nature in the most breathtaking representation of art in a modern building.

  • Vibrant design history behind this beautiful ornament
  • Image that is sprouting with nature’s grace and endless energy
  • Sturdy and robust ornament that is made with quality materials 
  • It’s not a bright image because of the anti-tarnish coating

8. Frank Lloyd Wright Hardwood Saguaro Night Light

This graphic design on the Saguaro hardwood night light comes with a long history. Firstly, it started with Liberty Magazine giving a commission to Frank Lloyd Wright for designing a series of magazine covers.

However, the editors found these designs to be too ‘radical,’ and it wasn’t considered. And after the fire in Arizona Biltmore, this graphic was further selected for the reconstructed foyer, and it was rendered in glass.


This stunning night light looks like a vintage piece. The built-in automatic light sensor functions efficiently to turn the light on and off. It’s a lightweight product, weighing about 4 ounces, while the overall dimensions are 4.25-inches by 4-inches. 

The graphic design looks charming, especially when other lights are not turned on. When you have this hardwood casing for your night light, it also works for decorative purposes.

Moreover, the hardwood casing is made of cherry wood, and it has an untreated wooden finish. And the graphic design is laid on the glass lens, which appears like timeless beauty when the light bulb is turned on. 

The wood is laser-cut, and you can see the precision with which this product has been constructed. There isn’t any compromise on the overall design of this product. 

We’ve also received a lot of compliments for the rustic look of this Hardwood Saguaro Night Light that completes the decor of our front porch.

  • Vintage look
  • Built-in light sensor, that automatically turns on and off
  • Comes with a night bulb of 110V 
  • None

9. Frank Lloyd Wright Martin House Casement Metal Votive

This metal votive holder has been adapted from the 1st-floor casement window of Darwin D. Martin House. It has glass interiors with a beautiful brass metal sleeve. 

You’ll also be receiving a tea light candle along with a replaceable LED battery. It comes well-packaged, in an individual gift box. The overall dimension is about 3.35-inches in height and 2-inches in diameter.


The Martin House Casement Metal Votive is part of the official Frank Lloyd Wright lifestyle collection. After seeing the beautiful finish and the intricate details of this votive holder, we ordered another one instantly for our friends. They loved the design and copper-tone. 


This votive has a glass insert, with an exquisite copper and enamel metalwork casing.  It also includes a flameless tea light that operates on an LED recyclable battery. 

This light source has a yellow flickering flame, which emulates the real fire. However, the best aspect of this product is hassle-free lighting. You don’t need to worry about putting in a new candle each time or deal with the risk of fire.

We have been using this votive holder as a night light, which is pretty sufficient for our small sized bedroom. However, we have to ensure that it’s kept away from children as it might break if the votive holder falls from the hands. The design, color, and structure of this piece are stunning for a tabletop accessory.

  • Details on the metal casing create beautiful patterns
  • Exterior has a brilliant color combination; copper casing with red and green metalwork
  • Made of quality materials 
  • Glass insert is prone to breakage if dropped from a great height

10. Frank Lloyd Wright Lake Geneva Gift Magazine Rack

This functional yet stylish magazine rack has been adapted from a tulip design on a window in the Lake Geneva Hotel (demolished). 

The beautiful tulips window design was created by Frank Lloyd Wright in the year 1911. This rack is made of an aluminum casting, that has a glossy black finish. The overall dimensions of the Lake Geneva Gift Magazine Rack is – 13.5” height, 11” width, and 9” depth.


We received this unit in three parts that required assembly. And we didn’t take more than 10 minutes to put up this entire magazine rack. The packaging is such that you won’t need to fear about any damages made to your product. 


It has a sturdy and classy design, that can stand tall with different home decor styles. We have been collecting many unique art and craft pieces over the last few years. This product has fit in perfectly with the other items in the living room. 

We find it ideal for keeping the weekly or monthly magazines all stacked up in one place. Plus, we don’t have to go around cluttering the tables with magazines since we got this rack.

Our living room looks more tidy and organized, while the design suits our Modern style home with ease. And you can make out that it’s built with quality materials that adds pattern and texture to any corner that you place it in. 

The best feature of this magazine rack is that you can fold it when it’s not in use. Overall, it’s a convenient magazine rack with the iconic design of Wright’s work in one of our everyday pieces.

  • Made with superior quality materials
  • Durable 
  • Small when compared to other magazine racks

11. Frank Lloyd Wright April Showers Throw Blanket

This “April Showers” print on this throw blanket is an abstracted version of the springtime rain shower made by Wright. Behind the curves and the diagonal lines lie two small cages with birds. 

It’s jacquard-woven with 100% cotton and measures about 51 x 68-inches. And maintenance is pretty simple. Moreover, it includes a small card that tells the story of this design-inspired piece.


This attractive throw blanket is a perfect addition to a couch or even a leather lounge chair. We have tried using it as a tapestry since the details look charming against the wall.


It’s made of pure cotton, and it has some cute fringes around the borders. The print and the color blends in perfectly with each other.

The texture is on point, which is thick and comfy, while the size is big enough to cuddle up. We loved the design on this throw blanket; it reminds us of the glass paintings in the old houses. 

We’re happy that we came across this throw blanket while surfing for home decor pieces inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s work. Plus, our traditional home decor is dominated by brown color furniture and white walls. 

Even though this piece is more colorful than the rest of the items in the house, the neutral color coordination helps to balance it out. But, we have to keep it away from your pets as it’s loosely woven, and we wouldn’t want loose threads hanging out from it.

  • Multi-purpose usage
  • 100% cotton  
  • Loosely woven

12. Frank Lloyd Wright, Art Glass Designs Coasters

These absorbent stone coasters are incredibly functional in absorbing the sweating or spilled drinks. Each coaster has been individually pressed onto the stone with the use of a proprietary printing press. 

It features the licensed artwork of Frank Lloyd Wright, which makes the design more unique.  The set of four coasters have a diameter of 4 ¼ inches each that will suit most glasses, flasks, tumblers, etc.

CoasterStone Art Glass Designs Frank Lloyd Wright Coasters,...
  • ABSORBENT STONE: Absorbs sweating or spilled...
  • FURNITURE PROTECTING CORK: Cork backed to protect...


These are our first set of absorbent coasters, and it works perfectly fine. It is not sealed with excess coating, which makes it more useful to absorb the excess liquid. 

61tiei nwll

We are pleasantly surprised by how our table has no more ring marks or even water drops. This fits in right with our desired features, especially the cork-backed design.

It has a natural cork backing that prevents the coasters from scratching the tables or from sliding over. The print on the coasters is of stained glass windows, and each piece comes with a  different design. 

We recently gifted one set to our friends, and they were happy with its attractive design. The unique collection of designs by CoasterStone has a functional and decorative element in every dining or tea table.

You can find over 2,000 designs for these coasters that will satisfy your preferences and tastes. If you appreciate art and you’re a fan of  Frank Lloyd Wright these coasters will be your next favorite kitchen accessory. 

These are made of quality materials, with no compromise on the quality. However, you’ve got to be careful about not dropping them as the stone is prone to cracking.

  • Cork backed feature helps to protect the furniture
  • Made of absorbent stone
  • Has an exciting range of designs 
  • If you don’t handle it carefully, the functional soapstone material is prone to breakage

13. Frank Lloyd Wright 2022 Wall Calendar

With the Frank Lloyd Wright wall calendar from Galison, you can keep track of appointments and dates of every month-at-a-glance.

It has images of 13 masterpieces that were designed by this visionary architect which covers 16 months (From Sept-2019 to Dec-2020). And the best part, the 28 tiered waterfall pages are made with high-quality paper.

Frank Lloyd Wright 2020 Wall Calendar
  • Galison (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)


We were looking for an architecture inspired calendar, and this product is excellent for all Frank Lloyd Wright fanatics. It’s easy to personalize on this calendar; we have been using colorful markers and sticky notes to highlight important events. 


The 13 masterpieces are breathtaking; we at times, analyze the craftsmanship of each design that was created by this eminent architect.

We’ve around two of these calendars, with one in the hall room and the other in our office. After all, it’s essential to have a calendar which is easy to read and organize. The calendar that we’ve placed in the office is often used as a planner. Moreover, the pages are made of quality paper, so even if we use a marker, the pages can take in the thick ink.

It’s not the usual calendar that starts from January and ends in December; instead, it’s covering 16 months from September 2022 to December 2022. Overall, the unique set up and the exceptional designs of Frank Lloyd Wright makes this a must’ve calendar for all architecture lovers.

  • Made of superior-quality paper
  • Consists of 13 masterpiece designs by Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Easy to read even from a distance
  • Covering 16 months in total
  • Expensive calendar 

Final words

We hope this guide has inspired you to try out these products, as they give a creative edge to whichever space you plan to place them in. Even if you move into a full-on design-nerd mode, you’ll find the material and simple structure of these products living up to Wright’s reputation.

The pace of change can get overwhelming, but it’s refreshing to witness how some designs can withstand the test of time. 

Frank Lloyd Wright’s ideas, architecture, and designs have been appraised for many decades. And with the growing popularity of modern designs, you’ll be amazed by how his work can significantly alter the overall look of any product.

Till next time!

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