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If you are an architecture student, then chances are that you have already heard of Frank Lloyd Wright and his commendable work.

This man was a renowned architect who made extraordinary structures paying attention to the slightest details, space, and scale. He had worked with complex structures, and there are a great many books written about his career.

His work is greatly appreciated even today, and budding architects take inspiration from his structures and style of work.

Now, there are a lot of books about Lloyd and his work, so we decided to compile this list containing some of the best ones. We had to put in a lot of research so that our readers could learn about the different aspects of Frank Lloyd’s life and the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation through these books.

So, without further ado, let us get going!

Best Books About Frank Lloyd

1. The Architecture Of Frank Lloyd Wright

Written by Dr. William Allin Storrer, The Architecture Of Frank Lloyd Wright is a complete catalog of all of Lloyd’s works listed in chronological order with colored pictures instead of black and white ones. What we liked the most about this book is that it gives readers a clear understanding of everything that went behind his work.

It is a 6 x 9 inches book that can easily be kept on the car dashboard, and you can even use it as a travel journal. Besides, the 2017 edition has a geographical index, which is published by the University of Chicago Press. It’s also available in a mobile app version called Wright Guide, which can be installed and used on any mobile phone.

2. The Frank Lloyd Wright Companion

Yet another book by Dr. William Allin Storrer that features a detailed catalog of Lloyd’s works is The Frank Lloyd Wright Companion, which was revised in the year 2006. It contains details about all the scholarships and floor plans of every structure that he has built.

Plus, there is a huge collection of images that provides great insight into the intricate details of the structures. All his work in the United States has been visually recorded in this compilation, which only increases the appeal of this book.

You will easily find this book at the University Of Texas in Austin (in the “Storrer archival papers” section). Otherwise, just purchase the book and read it from the convenience of your home on a leisurely Sunday afternoon!

3. Prairie Style

The Houses and Gardens by Frank Lloyd Wright and the Prairie School, which was subtitled by Dixie Legler, is one of the top books about Frank Lloyd. It has lots of photographs and illustrations that explain the Prairie concept better. You will get to learn a lot about Prairie landscapes and architectural styles, which can help in creating modern designs.

What’s more interesting is that Dixie Legler married Pedro E. Guerrero, who was a well-known photographer at that time. He was the author of Picturing Wright: An Album from Frank Lloyd Wright’s Photographer, which is another marvel to check out.

4. The Wright Style

Written by Carla Lind and published by Simon & Schuster, this book talks about 40 unique houses designed by Frank Lloyd and their interior designs. Carla Lind has provided detailed information about the carpets, wallpapers, rugs, textiles, and lighting fixtures that were used.

In the Wright at a Glance series, she talks about the different prairie houses and public buildings that were built by him. She has also written extensively about glass designing, and making dining rooms and fireplaces to describe the interiors.

In fact, her book Lost Wright: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Vanished Masterpieces (published in 2018) contains several black-and-white images of some of Lloyd’s “lost buildings.” Plus, it has color images of the sections of the buildings that are preserved.

5. Frank Lloyd Wright: A Biography

This is penned by Meryle Secrest, who has written a number of books but the most popular one was this biography. The Frank Lloyd Wright: A Biography was published in 1998 by the University Of Chicago Press, and it contains a lot of information about the architect and his work.

6. Many Masks: A Life Of Frank Lloyd Wright

Brendan Gill, who had been a writer for The New Yorker Magazine for a long time, had written about Frank Lloyd Wright’s houses and his buildings. The book is easy to read and has an entertaining account of the architect and his important works. You will find a lot of details about his life and career and the decisions that he took to become one of the greatest architects of all time.

7. Frank Lloyd Wright: A Life

If you are studying architecture, you must have heard about Ada Louise Huxtable, who was a famous architecture critic during her own time. She wrote about Frank Lloyd Wright late in her life, but her meticulous compilation is something that you should not miss.

Her writings have received mixed reviews, but they should be read once just to know her point of view about the famous architect.

8. The Vision Of Frank Lloyd Wright

If you are looking for a book of pictures that document the Frank Lloyd Wright houses, then this is the book to buy. It covers almost all of Lloyd Wright’s extensive work, and you will find detailed pictures of the structures.

This is a 450-page book that has colored images of the structures. You can use this along with Willian A Storrer’s books to get a clear understanding of Frank Lloyd Wright’s work.

9. The Women: A Novel

If you are interested in reading a fictionalized biography of a famous architect, then The Women is a great read, to begin with. It is written by T. C. Boyle, and the portrait of a Japanese architect has been created in the book.

While many of the incidents that have been discussed are drawn from real stories from Frank Lloyd Wright’s life, there are other incidents that have been created. It is said that sometimes reading fiction helps one understand the true complex mannerisms of a person, and this book might help you to do just that.

10. Loving Frank

While most of the books here talk about the history, career, architecture, and drawings of Frank Lloyd Wright’s story, this one focuses on the love life. Here, Nancy Horan has spun a very interesting and fascinating tale of Frank Lloyd and Mamah Borthwick Cheney’s affair, and you will also get to know about the architect in a different way.

If you are a true admirer of Frank Lloyd Wright and his genius work, then you are in for a treat. This book is available in hardcover and other formats, and you can make a choice depending on your preference.

11. Frank Lloyd Wright: The Man Who Played With Blocks 

If you are looking for a tour guide for one of the major architectural works, then this book is going to be an incredible option. The author, Dr. Leslie M. Freudenheim, is a lecturer who talks in multiple museum groups across the nation.

And the co-author of this book, Pia Licciardi, has spent more than 15 years working in the Solomon R. Guggenheim. They both have come together to write and the book talks about the successful works of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Final Words

There are other titles like Falling Water, Frank Lloyd Wright: Unpacking The Archive, and Wright, to name a few, which also give brilliant accounts of his work. You can take a look at them if you want to know more about him.

Sadly, there are a number of buildings that have been demolished in the past years, and we have lost a few of his great works. However, you will find pictures of almost all of his structures in the books and guides.

With this, we have reached the end of this guide, and we hope that you have been able to get a clear idea about the works of this famous architect. Let us know about your favorite book in the comment section below.

Until next time!

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