51 Epic Gray and White Kitchen Ideas That Will Simply Not Age

A kitchen is not just a place to cook, but to every homemaker, it is a profound emotion that feeds the soul and the spirit. To have an elegant kitchen space is not an easy feat to achieve.

And to build a cookhouse that reflects more than just your taste in food requires as much consideration in terms of form and color as does any other part of your residence.

One of the safest yet flawless designs of all times is a perfect blend of airy whites and dignified grays that can do wonders to transform the entire look of a cooking space.

Not only can it make any area look larger in dimension, but it can change the atmosphere by reflecting and manipulating the response of natural light with colors!

And, if you’re on the lookout for the kind of designs that raise the bar higher than what we have already witnessed, then you’re in great luck today!

For today, we’re bringing you 51 epic gray and white kitchen ideas that will simply not age with time!

Just the perfect treat for the occasion? We thought so!

Cast a glance!

Gray and White Kitchen Ideas

Table of Contents

  1. All gray cabinet with white countertop

One of the ageless kitchen style conventions is that of the perfect blend of the white and gray.

It works exceptionally well if you need to add maximum depth and dimension to an otherwise small kitchen.

Since gray is a neutral shade, it compliments almost all colors (go pastel!) to bring you the perfect effect.

The wonderful white countertop and tiled niche wall in this look are contrasted and amplified with steel accents on pendant lamps and an edgy chimney to go with.

A blend of those suave hues

Image via londonpaintinggroup.com 

  1. Classic wood accents

The perfect mix of textured wood with gray cabinets and white tile backsplash in the kitchen makes an absolutely stunning statement. Over here, we have elegant un-epoxied wooden panels for the ceilings, open shelves, bare wooden chairs and a friendly wooden spatula on the wall, contrasting a lively white and beautiful light gray tone for the rest of the kitchen.

Black metallic accents for the pendant lights and chairs give a nonchalant look and feel to the place.  

Classic wood accents

Source Unknown

  1. The small and cozy white kitchen

The small white personalized kitchen is something that we all know is never going to go out of trend. White cabinets make this kitchen appear a bit more spacious and airy, especially when filler with natural lighting.

Panel the walls with subway tiles in soft shades of gray and whites to whisk up a dignified and elegant look.

Sharp straight-angled gray countertops and symmetrical structural arrangements accentuate the view.

Specks of popping red for the cooktop utensils, knobs, and handles put all the fun in this monochromatic situation!

The small and cozy white kitchen


Image via decorpad.com

  1. In equal proportions!

Now, to reap the benefits of both gray and white shades, you got to bring them in a middle ground with equal rights!

The white cabinets at the upper half with the darker gray cabinets lower meet each other charmingly with matching mosaic for the walls in different tones for both these shades.

This is a classic arrangement to bring both of these fantastic hues in a perfect blend together .

In equal gray and kitchen ideas proportions!

Image via kitchenholic.org

  1. In delicate and fragile settings

Having just the right mix of wood, glass and ornate metal can change the absolute aura of your kitchen. This is a stunning combination that brings in the charm of all of these elements in an absolutely harmonious arrangement.

Deck up the white cabinets parallel in and do them up with glass panes and polished metallics, preferably brass or gold-toned knobs.

Soft metallic pendant lighting for the ceilings help to tie the entire look up in a joyful bundle!

In delicate and fragile settings gray and white kitchen ideas

Original Source Unknown|Image Sourced via Pinterest

  1. Going “meta” in mono!

Give a self-referential and edge-tastic look to your cookhouse by doing it in heavy whites and grays for the background and coupling it with brilliant metallic, steel plumbing and innovative new faucet designs.

You can go for creamy white cabinet tones or pebble-grays for the countertops to match the elegant fittings, adding a rich tone.

Bring in an elaborate LED centerpiece for the ceiling to jazz the look up a notch! In every way, this is a look that is here to stay!

Going “meta” in mono!

Original Source Unknown|Image Sourced via Pinterest

  1. Bring in the class with brass!

Brass and gold-toned fixtures are the ultimate for a monochromatic setting. You simply cannot go wrong with those polished brass cabinet handles and knobs for an all white or gray-white cookhouse!

And here’s to amplifying it even more: bring in an elegant and antique taste right where your taste buds feel the love with beautiful brass chairs at the counter and an aesthetic minimal brass pendant for soft lighting!

Also, do not forget to add the bloom in bold lilacs or fiery reds to have an eternal spring in your kitchen!

Bring in the class with brass!

Original Source Unknown|Image Sourced via Pinterest

  1. For the splendid country-house look!

Time to push your imagination out of the boundaries of the contemporary city designs to incorporate a muter and much more relaxing look for the scullery!

Pair your beautiful white cabinets with a more relaxing and homely darker gray for a panel-tiled floor and walls.

And, to add that modern, sharp touch, go for polished or brushed metallic finishes on all your kitchen gadgets and equipment with a friendly hint of the green, residing in a lovely potted plant on the counter.

White cabinets country-house kitchen

Original Source Unknown|Image Sourced via Pinterest

  1. Eternal Splendor of a Spotless Kitchen!

As much as we might lose our sleep over our spotless and pristine white cookhouse, we’re never going to get over how elegantly clean it does look.

Even though it is always an effort to maintain an all-white decor, it is one style that is undeniably timeless.

A creamy white for all of the space that is confidently extended to your countertops and cabinets can bring all the class in the scullery.

All white cabinet kitchen with all white kitchen cabinets

The catch? An entirely dark gray wooden floor! 

Original Source Unknown|Image Sourced via Pinterest

  1. Rounded or soft-edged white kitchen space

If you have a cottage interior with a sloping roof over your kitchen, then, by all means, go white for the majority of the area. The pastel blue-gray cabinetry provides an extra dimension to an otherwise simple cooking space.

Round-edged wall-cabinets compliment the overall structure and white ceramics for kitchen sinks, preferably with a handful of bright green thrown into the mix can make it livelier.

This kind of a white decor for a small kitchen makes it appear spacious and reflects a lot of light to create a happy atmosphere!

White kitchen cabinets on top with gray cabinets on the bottom and stainless steel appliances

Original Source Unknown|Image Sourced via Pinterest

  1. Timeless lighting for an ageless white kitchen

Whoever thought that inverted wine-glass pendant lighting works best in turning a kitchen into an almost ballroom space, was bang on with his creativity!

Nothing spells sophisticated and exquisite better than pristine white walls, soft arches and almost Victorian wall panels, coupled with fragile, crystal pendants or medium chandeliers for the ceilings.

Go ahead and sum up the look in soft ash-gray for your lower cabinets and metallic done in muted copper to lend an ultimate vintage feel!

This design seems a tad inspired by french country kitchen designs isn`t it?

White kitchen cabinets paired with classic gray kitchen cabinets

Image via celebrateanddecorate.com

  1. Rounded-corners and granite accents

For kitchen spaces with soft, rounded-corners, opt for granite counter-tops in lighter tones to match up with your white cabinets and darker shades of gray for mantelpieces and center-tables.

Not only do these bring in optimum light in the space, making it appear huge, but they also deliver a peaceful touch in the contrasts between lighter gray granite’s and more intensely colored structures around the center.

Go minimal with the counter-tops with just a hint of delicate glass to complete the statement.

Granite accents on white kitchen cabinets paired with light gray

Image alicelanehome.com

  1. Woodwork with white!

For captivating an eternal summer in your cookhouse, opt for the classic wooden touch!

From roughly hewn wooden tables and singular dining chairs to a lovely polished wood floor, the look blends right in with muted whites and grays for the cabinets and gleaming steel appliances.

Deck up the place with darker open shelves for holding your pretty long-stemmed wine glasses for display. And pop it up with a healthy dose of fresh summery blossoms underneath that beautiful open window!

Woodwork with white!

Image via instagram.com

  1. Bare-brick glam quotient!

Bring in a rough and tough, farmhouse aesthetic appeal with a single bare-brick counter wall complimented by a steel gray wall decor and white cabinets.

The paneled woodwork paneling around the edges is further extended and accentuated by wooden furnishing for the dining space.

The LED concealed lights at the brick-wall bring in an air of celebration and merry-making, making it a very homely and personal experience at the same time!

Flamenco nights with friends, anyone?

White and gray kitchen with wooden countertop and wooden floors

Original Source Unknown|Image Sourced via Pinterest

  1. The classic natural farmhouse kitchen!

Citrusy, blossomy and fragrant with all the sensational flavors of delectable goodies, the classic farmhouse kitchen spells more like an area for a family celebration than just a kitchen.

Clean lines with neat wooden open shelves and panels contrasted against solid whites and grays for the walls! Throw in a bunch of spicy elements, twinkling mason jars and a whole range of brilliant florals to have a perfect kitchen!

And for those who are looking for tiled designs, simply opt for a subway tiled or white [or even patterned] mosaic wall to own the look!

Wooden countertop with white cabinets and black wall kitchen design

Original Source Unknown|Image Sourced via Pinterest

  1. Porcelain and milky whites!

For those of us who swear by the “less is more” quip, the one with porcelain and milky white finishes and solid muted grays will hold a firm ground.

A brilliantly cohesive statement can be obtained with textured and darker grays for the lower cabinetry, complimenting an all-white upper portion in the kitchen space.

Since, white is the ruling tone for such a space, the touch of wood not only gives a nice texture to feel, but it also provides just the perfect pop of natural color to work with.

The mosaic counter wall in perfect white is a complete show-stopper.

Top white kitchen cabinets with light gray bottom cabinets and white countertop

Original Source Censational Girl|Image Sourced via Pinterest

  1. For the absolute minimalists!

Symmetrical and clean lines with no instances of deviations are the true mantra for all those who aren’t a member of the “more is more” fiasco. For the ardent minimalists, an all-white cookhouse with straight and sharp edges on counter-tops and furnishings are the absolute sources of joy!

A detailed white-mosaic wall under pure white open shelves does a brilliant job complimenting a multiple-chested lower white cabinet with barely anything but a bright sapling to capture the scene for all!

Gray kitchen cabinets on bluish gray countertop

Image via decorpad.com 

  1. Greater grays 

So now after the ruling white, it’s time for our favorite gray to take over the cookhouse scene! For all who want a darker and cooler tone for their kitchen, the wide dark gray cabinetry below and above a porcelain counter space complete with a pearly kitchen sink should be an absolute stunner to go for!

This brilliant “sandwich” scenario makes for a delicious treat for the eye as much as it pleases the aesthetic taste for culinary fashion.

And, for the exciting part, go for a splash of bright floral amidst the monochrome to attract all the attention to this winning design.

Olive grey kitchen cabinets on gray kitchen cabinets bottom with white countertop

Image via decorpad.com

  1. Disarming Geometry!

For the next look, brace yourselves to find all your familiar textbook geometric structures adorning your kitchen space. The showstopper for this look is undeniably the enchanting hexagonal tiles on the counter wall, sitting prominently, in between beautiful gray cabinets of variable geometric sizes!

And observing the kind of stir that such designs have created of late in the interior design field, we can safely bet our coins on it to become a sought-after statement in the coming months and years!

All grey kitchen cabinets with white hexagonal backsplash and white countertop

Image via wayfair.com

  1. Pretty little white kitchen

For all who are looking for a beautiful transformation for smaller kitchen spaces, white can work wonders if paired with just the right kind of accessories.

With wide windows and comfortable porches, this could be the perfect place to cook up some love and to unwind.

And, such a place truly demands an all-white decor for serenity paired with just a tint of gray in beautiful marble countertops where contrasts can play an essential role in accentuating several textures, giving the area a spacious feel.

Pretty little white kitchen with marble countertop and gold accents and plenty of natural light

Image via decorpad.com

  1. Polished golds and coppers!

For the next one, we have brought something that adds all the riches to your kitchen decor. A kitchen with solid whites and dark matte grays are already one to die for, yet, to accentuate and amplify the statement, even more, one needs to add rich, shining and glossy gold-tones in polished copper or brass accents to make a scorching statement!

All of the fixtures for this kitchen are done in gold-tones which finds a brilliant expression in contrasting dark matte gray cabinets and a creamy white marble wall with matching open shelves.

Polished golds and coppers!

Image via dreamhouseguide360.com

  1. Futuristic in whites and grays!

And for the lovers of futuristic and minimalist designs, we’ve got just the decor for your cookhouse! All an white space including a white flooring with lighter grays for the lower cabinets, done all in a glossy textured finish gives it a bold and uncommon accent and feel.

Fixtures and plumbings done in polished or brushed steel finishes, especially a metallic sloped chimney exhaust,  complete the look and accentuates the theme.[Read: spaceship!]

Futuristic in whites and grays!

Image via schofieldinteriors.co.uk

  1. Welcome the new metropolitan statement!

The new urban and techy scenario in the cookhouse is probably never going out of style anytime soon, especially if it’s got all the elements of glass, steel, and symmetric designs in perfect proportions for a sharp, clean and attractive look.

The additions of equal, symmetrical gray cabinets and darker gray granite for the counter-tops contrast with a soft white finish all around.

The look is completed with glass and metallic accents for furnishings and appliances.

Welcome the new metropolitan statement!

Original Source Unknown|Image Sourced via Pinterest

  1. Farmhouse meets classic!

A traditional touch to the classic white and gray brings the fun, and joyful elements of a farmhouse look to a more sophisticated, yet inviting kitchen interior. An all-white upper space contrasts with a more demure bluish gray lower cabinetry to spell elegance.

A slice of fragrant summer is added with the inclusion of bright and fresh blossoms and fruits. The entire look is wrapped up in a scenic representation with a classic polished wooden floor, working well for either style.

Farmhouse meets classic!

Image via thriftydecorchick.com 

  1. Bolder contrasts of whites and grays 

Cut and divide your kitchen space into textured grays and eggshell whites for entire portions to subtly demarcate other areas in the house. This works best for extended kitchens with adjoining study or living room areas.

The bold grays for separate parts help to add depth whereas the whites add more room to the area if a section happens to be comparatively smaller than other spaces.

A touch of geometric patterned wooden floor provides a meeting ground for the separate tonal arrangements.

Bolder contrasts of whites and grays 

Image via HouseBeautiful via Pinterest

  1. Wide-cut urban settings

So, the spinner has once again stopped on suave gray tones as the ruling hue for your urban cookhouse! With beautiful upper gray cabinets and darker gray counter-top granite, adorn the rest of the space with hi-tech whites for floor installations and for an enchanting crack-pattern white mosaic floor itself!

The lighter gray curtains and glass cabinet for all your white crockeries add extra edge and a dynamic appeal.

Wide-cut urban settings

Image via extraspacestorage.top

  1. Of woods and whites!

So, it should be clear by now that you couldn’t really go wrong with an all-white kitchen.

But, did we tell you that you can up the glam quotient of such a kitchen decor by merely adding the classic wooden element to the scene? The wood element seems to emphasize the feeling of space too isn’t it? 

Certainly is!

You can find more small kitchen hacks here!

A classic wooden paneling and flooring in a porcelain all-white decor accentuate this beautiful and almost a kind of “shack”-like look.

The singular glass pane and a strip of gray on the floor adjacent to the wood adds just the right texture and depth to make a charged statement.

Of woods and whites!

  1. The Cottage Gray Kitchen

Seldom can you find the rare mix of structure and color that gives you the perfect balance of class, vintage and modern all in one. And, this particular kitchen idea brings the best of both worlds to create a most enchanting look for your kitchen!

Straight-edged designs done in varying textures of matte ash-gray and white for the walls, cabinets, and counters make a brilliantly appealing look. 

And to take it up a notch, vintage lighting, candles, and wallpapers impart a luxurious, old-fashioned look to the room. Grays dominate the design, coloring up chimney and granite tops for a refined finish. 

You probably noticed that the kitchen cabinets carpentry is splendid but not radical different from other examples, the backdrop is though very delicate thus bringing forward the furniture.

The cottage gray kitchen

Original Source Unknown|Image Sourced via Pinterest

  1. Going subway-tiled all the way!

In a charming kitchen of grays and whites, tiled walls can play a significant role to decide a particular thematic look for the space. In this context, subway tiles for your stove niche, running all over the walls in an elegant extension provides a clean look, blending in seamlessly with creamy whites and matted grays.

It delivers a sharp break from these opaque blocks of color and makes for an uncluttered image and feel.

Going subway-tiled all the way!

Image via coloradohomesmag.com

  1. Functional designs in grays

This is a chic and sleek look to incorporate when you’re opting for grays. For those who are looking for functional designs, grays could be a huge winning point.

Broad gray cabinets and steel appliances could give your simple white kitchen a grand makeover in no time all.

This is the most basic idea for a charming gray and white kitchen, and it works best for smaller spaces. And to spice it up, go for a polished dark wood floor to give it an extra depth.

Functional designs in grays

Image via thediyplaybook.com

  1. Cream whites and ash-grays

The classic cream or off-whites can dramatically change the atmosphere of a space when paired with cooler toned ash or blue pastel grays.

Ivory white or bisque white cabinetry can be the most elegant things when put in a room done with varying textures of gray. To sum up, go for furnishings in the same white tones.

An elaborate and lush rug will add that depth of absolute glam to the entire place.

It works especially for warm or tropical climatic situations as it can provide you with a cool and peaceful aura all year round.

Cream whites and ash-grays

Image via cuckoo4design.com

  1. A second round for hexagons!

When we previously mentioned awesome geometric designs, we think we didn’t quite do justice to the utter brilliance of hexagonal patterns!

Hexagons are all the rage for the upcoming kitchen designs that look awesome, provide a clean look and, most essentially, impart a dynamic perspective to the place.

The hexagonal wall tiles are further textured with diagonal lines and are accentuated with the addition of a rough gray stone countertop and metallic accents.

A second round for hexagons!

Original Source Unknown|Image Sourced via Pinterest

  1. Plain accents

The simplest and probably the most misunderstood way of getting a truly fabulous and extremely comfortable space in your house is sticking to plain accents and washes.

White mineral washes and grays deliver an enchanting earthy tone to an open space. It throws an almost “outdoorsy” feel to an indoor cooking space.

Symmetric grey drawers with coppery tones amp up this look while a dash of vibrant green single-stems makes it even livelier and spirited.

Plain accents

Image via myscandinavianhome.com

  1. Brilliant steel with glamorous whites!

Pairing up an elaborate white kitchen with polished or brushed metallic accents in stainless steel can be exceedingly functional in every way. It is easier to maintain and reflects a lot of light into the space.

An all-steel cabinetry, with a matching exhaust chimney, gives an edgy dimension to the area. A sweet arrangement of wooden open shelves do away with the need of having traditional upper cabinets.

A playful chalkboard kitchen on a singular wallpapered slot brings in a merry mood!

Brilliant steel with glamorous whites!

Image via entrancemakleri.se

  1. A touch of gray to suit the glass

Minimalist designs with gray tones and innovative new additions can pull every eye to your kitchen space. Alternate tones for the lower cabinets look chic and fabulous.

But what is more attractive is a singular upper cabinet done entirely in glass to showcase the background in all white.

Soft cream-white marble counter-tops could really provide a cohesive look for such a style.

An arrangement such as this works brilliantly for both open and smaller areas, providing a spacious dimension.

A touch of gray to suit the glass

Image via dwell

  1. Symmetric gray designs

It seems that our collective love for grays is not going to wane all that soon and neither would these endless fantastic gray designs ever age with time.

Elaborate gray cabinets and sleek wooden counter-tops are simply a joy to have in your kitchen. You can be confident about the cleanliness and maintenance of such an arrangement. To cut the monotone, a touch of white tiles is the perfect option to go for.

Symmetric gray designs

Image via Entrance

  1. Darkest gray mattes with creamy tones

And if at all you do not want a gray and white background for your kitchen, then you can go ahead and simply bring your favorite hues to the foreground by having a stark contrast in your appliances.

Darkest grays or black mattes look absolutely regal, be it on the cooktops or your favorite teapot. Alternating the colors create a spaced out and sophisticated effect.

You can also opt for darker glasses and metals to complete this look. In every way, this one’s a definite winner!

Darkest gray mattes with creamy tones

Image via cocolapinedesign.com

  1. The calming effect

White tones can not brighten any space up, but they could also create an utmost sense of serenity and peace.

The presented look is one that paints a lovely shade of bluish-gray: just a tint of it for the cabinets in an otherwise monochromatic white cooking space can make all the essential difference.

This delivers a calming effect for the senses as well as whisk up an environment of warmth and ease.

The calming effect

Image via The Sweetest Digs

  1. An all-gray tone

An overall gray tone in metallic in the kitchen looks stunning, is weatherproof and a breeze to clean and maintain. This elegant look combines a classic tone of gray with highly polished stainless steel accents.

More subtle and textured grays have given way to sharper metallic expressions all on a backdrop of a pearly white mosaic wall.

And certainly one can never look away from the captivating painting on the white wall, which is a simply enchanting touch for an equally amazing decor.

An all-gray tone

Image via Chris Loves Julia

  1. The bare minimum statement

We cannot get over an airy and neat cookhouse look that doesn’t require for one to pile on a hundred things. The presented look makes a cozy environment with more whites and bolder, solid grays for the lower cabinet installments.

The vast open spaces and sparse arrangements give a clean, fresh and warm feeling, perfect for a peaceful cooking and dining experience.

Gold-tones on the handles and knobs put a glamorous tint to this overall simplistic look.

White cabinets on top with gray cabinets on the bottom kitchen design

Image via decorpad.com

  1. A brick wall beauty

And, this has to be one of the most beautiful contemporary designs the interior fashion sphere has witnessed of late.

A stunning lime bare-brick white wall design comes together with darker gray tones for lower drawers and cabinets. A white porcelain kitchen sink with darker granite and earthen flower pots, transform a normal kitchen space into something exquisitely unconventional.

To top it all up, a singular gray open shelf adds a homely touch to the marvelous niche wall.

A brick wall beauty

Image via domino.com

  1. The big elegant kitchen

This kitchen style reflects the owners’ refined taste in finely detailing their precious kitchen space. The adjoining reading or sitting area extends the dimensions of the overall place and gives it a comfortable environment.

The cream whites contrast with muted gray tones on the cabinets to accentuate the look. A wooden tabletop brings in an organic element into an all stone and steel look.

Gold-tones on the handles, knobs, faucets and even on the pendant light structure adds a vintage touch.

The big elegant kitchen

Image via decor8blog.com

  1. Light, neutral and luxurious darks

And then there are the absolute rich and luxurious tones of whites and grays that combine with fabulous black textures to bring you a look such as this one.

Lovely gray cabinets done in lighter gray tones have been paired with indulgent blacks for the oven and chimney. The additions of magnificent gold-toned trimmings on everything make the design a class apart from the rest of its contemporaries.

The open wooden shelves and white marble cooktops bring in the spirit of merry-making, set against a stunning lined white subway tiled wall.

Light, neutral and luxurious darks

Image via Hilary Robertson

  1. For the passageway kitchens

When it’s about really small cooking spaces, lighter tones are the ultimate ones to go for. Not only these provide a greater dimension to the existing area, but it reflects ample light to make it comfortable for the user.

The given style combines basic gray cabinets in clean lines along the space with marble counter-tops against a tiled-wall design.

The overall look is further complemented by elegant pendant lighting for a charming effect.

For the passageway kitchens

Original Source Unknown|Image Sourced via Pinterest

  1. Of stone walls and wooden tables

This kitchen design boasts of a stunning stone-patterned wall contrasting an accented gray for the cabinets and kitchen chimney. The polished wooden table adds a natural element in the space. It provides an airy and spacious feel to the room even if it’s a small one.

The bare metallic and wooden furnishing is complemented by huge pendant lighting. The overall look works best for outdoor kitchen spaces or even open spaces within the house.

Of stone walls and wooden tables

Image via  housebeautiful.com

  1. A refined and cultivated selection in white

This design is a classic blend of all lighter tones of grays and sparkling whites. A pristine, and delicate white is dominant in the space with gorgeous light gray granite for the countertops on white cabinets and matching cushions for pretty short-backed high-rise chairs.

The charming spherical pendants with gray accents for lights give a luxuriant effect to the entire space. But we can collectively agree that we cannot pull our eyes away from the glamorous white backsplash that puts a conclusive touch to this arrangement.

A refined and cultivated selection in white

Image via decorpad.com

  1. Dominant steel grays

Bold steel-grays paired up with an all-metallic look give a sharp and defined accent to any living area. A white-tiled wall is a befitting contrast with  darker steel-gray cabinets.

Steel handles and knobs provide a different texture and tone to the overall look. It is further accentuated by open wooden shelves and a touch of glass.

The small rustic wooden chair binds the entire look in a curiously beautiful blend of transformative elements.

Dominant steel grays

Image via ballingslov.se 

  1. The great white and gray kitchen

To accentuate flowy and creamy whites in a big space with a lot of light, one needs to strategically undertone it with darker hues. And this is precisely what this look is all about: vast white spaces with equally snowy furnishings amplified even more with a soft touch of matted grays on the lower cabinets of the dining space.

Simple, sparse metallic stools and large hanging geometric lighting bring a textured feel to the statement.

The great white and gray kitchen

Image via stephaniegambleinteriors.com

  1. Glamorous dark cabinetry

Rich dark cabinets can transform the entire atmosphere of the kitchen, giving it a sense of peace and quiet that is seldom derived from any other color, especially in a cooking space.

The look combines these marvelously accented dark grey cabinets with brilliantly textured marble for the counter-tops and the entire stove niche.

And to put an ecstatic hint of the lush and glamorous: a patterned wooden table, innovatively designed chairs, and glinting candle holders smoke up the environment with a mystical aura.

Glamorous dark cabinetry

Image via instagram

  1. Sharp box cabinets in lush grays

Straight-edged, symmetrical box gray cabinets seem to be all the rage in the new cookhouse fashion arena! Not only do these look magnificent, but they also add a futuristic and self-referential element into the space.

The given look provides an insight into how varied tones of darker grays work when paired with a clean-lined geometric decor.

It is fantastically complemented with a polished wooden floor, wooden wall paneling and a white ceiling above.

Sharp box cabinets in lush grays

Image via archdaily.com

  1. Velvet gray mattes and wood

The final epic idea on our list is also one of the most exquisite ones in the league. Velvety and spectacular dark bluish grays dominate the entire look: on suave symmetrical dark gray cabinets, central dining structures, and beautiful pendant lamps, accented with glinting gold trimmings.

This scorching hot statement is elaborated by a rich amber toned wooden wall, bare wooden high-rise stools, and flooring. A touch of pure white on the countertops and niche wall cuts the monochrome right in half.

Velvet gray mattes and wood

Dark cushions and a patterned rug raise the bar for its contemporaries. 

Image via visi.co.za


So this was our take on some of the most timeless designs and ideas from the past and the upcoming era for kitchen decor.

We hope you liked our efforts as much as we loved bringing all of this awesome stuff for you.

And we’ll be back with more! 

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