How Do You Dry After Using A Bidet?

After using a bidet, individuals can dry using various methods including cloth towels, toilet paper, handheld air dryers, inbuilt air dry technologies, or natural air drying. The choice often depends on personal comfort, environmental concerns, and skin sensitivity. Additionally, maintaining hygiene through proper drying practices, such as patting instead of rubbing, is essential.

Addressing the commonly asked query, “How do you dry after using a bidet?”, today’s hygiene realm offers a spectrum of methods ensuring a comfortable and efficient post-wash experience. As bidets increasingly become a globally preferred hygienic and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional toilet paper, understanding the diverse drying options becomes paramount. From conventional cloth towels to cutting-edge inbuilt air-dry systems, selecting the right drying method can greatly amplify the bidet experience. In making a choice, the emphasis should always be on comfort, user-friendliness, and safeguarding skin health, today we will address the following:

  • Use A Cloth Towel: A traditional and eco-friendly approach that underscores gentle patting to protect skin health.
  • Toilet Paper: A swift, disposable choice, albeit less comfortable and sustainable compared to other solutions.
  • Handheld Air Dryer: An innovative electronic tool offering a no-touch drying experience, thus minimizing potential skin irritation.
  • Install An Inbuilt Air Dry Technology: A high-end, hassle-free feature integrated within select bidet models.
  • Natural Air Drying: A passive method, ideal for those in warmer climates or individuals with sensitive skin.

5 ways for you to dry after using a bidet

1. Use A Cloth Towel

One of the easiest methods to dry yourself after using a bidet is to use a bidet towel. You can invest in either use-and-throw bidet towels or reusable towels as per your preferences. The latter option is more environment-friendly, as you can wash bidet towels to dry yourself without creating much waste. 

It would help if you kept your bidet towels only to maintain hygiene after bidet washes and change them occasionally. After you complete your bidet cleaning process, pat your genitals gently before drying using your towel. 

2. Toilet Paper

If you don’t have a bidet towel, you can consider using toilet paper or paper towels to dry yourself after using a bidet. You can take two to three sheets of toilet paper and dry your genital areas using them. 

Make sure that you do not apply excessive pressure while drying yourself using toilet paper. Unlike a bidet towel, toilet paper is not reusable and does not provide the same level of comfort and softness. 

3. Handheld Air Dryer

Handheld air dryers designed specifically to be used after washing with a bidet have become a popular alternative to bidet towels and toilet paper. They look just like hair dryers, but their purpose is to expose your genitals to warm air after every bidet wash to dry them. 

These dryers have risen in popularity because there is less scope for skin irritation in this case due to no physical contact. They are an environment-friendly alternative to the previous two drying methods and are convenient and hygienic. 

While using a handheld air drier after washing with a handheld bidet, simply point the drier towards the desired areas to let the airflow dry the region. 

4. Install An Inbuilt Air Dry Technology

If you don’t want to invest in external drying methods such as little toilet paper rolls, etc., opt for the best bidet converter kit with inbuilt air drying technology. Some luxurious toilet seats come with bidet attachment and air dryer technology preinstalled, which is why you will not have to invest again and again in drying resources. 

Most bidets with this technology activate the air drying mechanism as soon as the cleaning process is done. The best part about using such bidets is that you can customize water pressure, hot water, or cold water controls and choose from various spray mode options for an optimal experience. 

5. Natural Air Drying

If you have the luxury of time, you can try natural air drying after using a bidet too. This can be especially useful if you do not like using a cloth or paper towels, electronically controlled dryers, etc., to dry your genitals. The method works best if you live in normally hot climates. 

After you are done washing with a bidet, simply remain seated on the toilet seat. You can lightly pat a cloth towel or toilet paper during this process if you do not want to sit for too long. 

Natural air drying will allow your genital skin to breathe properly, which is a rare occurrence because of wearing pants constantly. This process is also very beneficial for people with sensitive skin who cannot afford to burn areas by excessive use of toilet paper and towels. 

Tips for drying after using a bidet

Tips For Drying After Using A Bidet

1. Pat, Don’t Rub

It may seem tempting to rub your genitals quickly after washing with a bidet, especially if you are in a rush. However, doing so can lead to skin irritation and many more inconvenient conditions. And it would help if you always refrained from rubbing your skin too harshly. 

Opt for a patting motion instead, so take your toilet paper or cloth and gently pat on your genitals. This method of drying function would prevent tearing the toilet paper and keep your skin safe from burning sensations at the same time. 

2. Use Microfiber Gloves

If you do not like the feeling of using traditional towels, consider investing in microfiber gloves designed for bidet drying. Such gloves are made up of soft fibers that are absorbent in nature, which is why they quickly dry all the moisture from your skin. 

To use such gloves, slip them on in your hand and start patting your genitals gently. This method of drying after a bidet wash is much easier than a paper towel, cloth, or air dryer drying process, as you can reach the desired areas much more conveniently. 

3. Use Bamboo Fiber Towels

People who are more prone to infections should refrain from using rough paper towels for obvious reasons. In such cases, opting for bamboo fiber towels to dry yourself after proper cleaning using the bidet attached to toilet seats would be a good decision. 

Bamboo fiber towels are an eco-friendly drying option and possess antibacterial properties. The highly porous nature and softness of such towels make them a good option for people looking for dryer options after using a bidet. 

4. Keep Your Bathroom Components Clean

One of the most important things to remember, especially when discussing the components used in bathrooms, is cleanliness. Ensure your bidet drain is always clean to prevent fecal matter from clogging, which can lead to infections. 

If you use reusable cloth towels to dry yourself after using bidets, make sure that you clean them regularly in your sink basin. Additionally, stay cautious while using public bidets, as you may not know how clean they actually are. 


Carry pre-wipe packets when you use bidets in public bathrooms. This way, you can use the wipes to clean the bidet nozzles. You can also carry a small packet of toilet paper with you to dry yourself after using bidets in public places.

Importance of drying properly after using a bidet

Is there a downside to using a bidet?

Using bidets generally has several advantages, but there are potential downsides to using them too. For instance, people who have shifted to this method of washing recently may find many bidets uncomfortable and unfamiliar to use. 

Further, if you want to install a standalone bidet in your bathroom, you will have to make extra space in your bathroom. The price could go even higher depending on the features you opt for in this appliance, such as one nozzle or two nozzles. Users also need to clean the bidets from time to time, which means that they need to invest decent money in their maintenance. 

Which countries use bidets?

While people from all over the world are using bidets today, their usage is particularly popular in certain countries, like the Middle East, parts of Europe, and Asian countries, such as South Korea. 

Countries like France, Italy, and Japan have had a culture of long-standing bidets, which is why you can find them in homes, hotels, and public restrooms there. 

Can you use baby wipes to dry after using the bidet?

While there are no direct hazards of using baby wipes to dry yourself after using the bidet, they are not the best option to do so, either. This is because baby wipes are not designed to absorb water after tasks like bidet use. 

Since they cannot dry your skin thoroughly, there might be some residue of dampness on your skin, which can further lead to irritations and infections.

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