How To Build Minecraft Medieval House | All You Need To Know

Ever since its inception, Minecraft has become one of the most popular games on the internet.

And, one of the most exciting aspects of Minecraft is undoubtedly building uncommon houses on the platform. Players worldwide began getting creative and building all kinds of unique and interesting houses. 

However, medieval houses remained one of the most popular choices. So, if you are wondering how you can construct a Minecraft medieval house, stop searching and start reading our step-by-step guide on the topic! 

How To Build Minecraft Medieval House

How to build minecraft medieval house


Looking for the best tips for your next Minecraft project? You can create a simple survival medieval house by using just ten simple steps! Read on to learn all about it. 

What A Medieval House In Minecraft Includes 

  • Chest storage and storage cabinets
  • Full basement with furnace
  • Access to mining shafts
  • Craft table with anvil space
  • A kitchen on the ground floor with storage space 
  • A crafting table
  • Second floor with a master bedroom, a potion brewing area, and an enchantment table 
  • Top floor with beds and armor stands, a relaxing area, and a balcony 
  • A farming area with a stable for donkeys and royal horses 

Step-By-Step Building Minecraft Survival House 

Step 1 – Forming The Layout And Gathering The Materials Needed 

Forming the layout and gathering the materials needed

Here, we have added a layout that you can follow for an easy medieval house in Minecraft. Of course, there are a lot of cool Minecraft medieval houses that you can explore and build, but this is one of the easiest options for beginners. 

Here is a list of the materials you will need to build your Minecraft medieval house –

Forming the layout and gathering the materials needed

  • Oak trunks
  • Fence gate
  • Wooden trap doors
  • Trapdoor acacia wood planks
  • Glass blocks
  • Choice stone brick slabs
  • Choice of doors 
  • Spruce trap doors
  • Stone brick stairs
  • Six strip spruce blocks
  • Spruce logs
  • Same spruce blocks
  • Spruce slab
  • Glass panes 
  • Cracked stone bricks
  • Wooden trap doors
  • Stone bricks
  • Cobblestone stone brick stairs
  • Dark oak stairs 
  • Dark oak plank
  • Acacia wood stairs
  • Three dark oak fences
  • Main corner blocks
  • Spruce planks
  • Spruce fences

Step 2 – Finding A Flat Empty Space And Building The Foundation

Finding a flat empty space and building the foundation

Choosing a 15 x 20 block of land for your first medieval house should be adequate. It should be an L-shaped house, so ensure that the empty space you find is nice and flat. Furthermore, look for a place where you will be able to dig conveniently, as it will allow you to build a basement in the survival world if necessary. 

Finding a flat empty space and building the foundation

For the next step, use the layout we have provided to build the foundation using stone or blocks. You can also use oak trunks for support, stacking them one on top of the other to make them five blocks high. Connect the blocks or trunks carefully so that the frame is 7 x 11  (width and length). 

If you want to build a textured wall, add cobblestones or stone bricks in a random pattern, as it looks more natural. Cracked stone bricks can also add a nice natural look to your Minecraft medieval house. 

Once you have built the basic foundation, start filling out the empty spaces with stone bricks or cobblestones. Remember to keep adequate space for all the windows – ideally, two windows in the back, two in the sides, and a door at the front of the Minecraft house.

Step 3 – Building The Doorway And Adding Flooring 

Building the doorway and adding flooring

In order to create the main doorway, you will need to break a few stones. Once you have done this, add three spruce fences and put in three spruce trapdoors. Then, you can place a door to the middle of the front. 

Once you add spruce fences, take as many spruce planks as you need to fill the ground floor. Use the same steps, taking upside-down spruce planks to create a base on which you will build the second floor. 

Step 4 – Adding The Frame And Building The Top Floor

Adding the frame and building the top floor

To build the top floor, add upside down spruce planks and spruce slabs between the two. Then, add four spruce slabs down the middle of the sides to make the corners level with each other. Next, you need to create a raise by using six strip spruce blocks to the top of the medieval house. 

Use spruce blocks to join the top of the pillars, so they are sturdy. You can choose to place stone brick stairs or dark oak stairs. 

Adding the frame and building the top floor

For the next step, you should use smooth sandstone blocks to make the walls of the medieval Minecraft house. Then, use the same smooth sandstone blocks in square shapes and continue raising the structure till it is nine blocks high to create your tower. 

Adding the frame and building the top floor

To add the balcony, use spruce slabs on any side of your Minecraft house and fill any gaps you find using spruce logs. This easy step should help you create a working balcony at the side of the house. 

Step 5 – Building The Roof 

Building the roof

Next, you want to build the roof of your sturdy Minecraft castle. To do this, you require dark oak planks, slabs, and dark oak stairs. Add planks, raising them three blocks high to create a roof, and then add three dark oak fences. If you want, you can choose to add an extra block overhung on the roof, as you will see in many houses in the Minecraft medieval village. 

Now, a chimney is an essential part of any medieval Minecraft house, and it’s pretty easy to build. You can use cracked stone bricks and some stone brick stairs to create a nice-looking roof and chimney for the house. 

Moreover, consider adding polished granite to add some texture and details to the structure. That’s not all; you need to add four-row bricks to the top of the structure and then add a campfire to complete the look. Don’t forget to add a cobblestone block at the head of the fire to bring together the entire look; you also get a ready-to-use chimney. 

Once this is done, you can use cracked stone bricks and wooden trapdoors to add some decoration to the exterior of the medieval house. Also, try using a glass panel in all the windows of the wall, as it instantly adds depth and character to the house. 

Consider adding some iron bars and oak wood around the front of the door to add some interesting details. 

Step 6 – Adding Windows On The Roof 

Adding windows on the roof

You can add some windows on the roof of the medieval Minecraft house to make them look more decorative. To do this, break some of the stone bricks and add glass blocks to give them a completed look. It is best to add six windows to each side to give it a symmetrical appearance. 

Step 7 – Building The Stable And The Basement 

Building the stable and the basement

If you have Royal horses or donkeys, adding a stable is a must. Of course, keep in mind that the fence gates are purely for decoration since the horses cannot fit through them. You can use acacia slabs to build the roof and oak fences to support the bottom. 

Building the stable and the basement

As per the layout given in this guide, the basement would be 13 blocks long, eight blocks wide, and four blocks high. You can add a couple of furnaces under the stairs in the basement and add chests along the walls. As such, this type of layout can be fantastic as a mining shaft as you can go right up the stairs to process ores or to put dirt and cobblestones away. 

Furthermore, this area is excellent for repairing tools in your Minecraft medieval house. Most of the house interior decoration is complete, but you can always choose to add more elements to your house. 

Step 8 – Completing The First Floor

Completing the first floor

Building a survival house in a medieval village requires certain elements to make it successful. So, to complete the first floor of your Minecraft house, consider adding a couple of more chests along the walls of the first floor. The small decorative house is on its way to completion with just a couple of finishing touches left!

The chests you add on the first floor can be excellent for storing wood, tools, farming supplies, building supplies, or mob drops. Moreover, you can consider adding elements like a clock, giving the house a more authentic personal touch.

Step 8 – Completing The Second Floor

Completing the second floor

The second floor is almost complete, but you can add a few decorative shelving areas to make it easier for you to get level 30 enchantments. Along with that, you can add a huge bedroom and a fireplace to this floor, which can significantly enhance the aesthetics of this easy medieval house. 

Lastly, consider adding lights and chandeliers in the room to brighten it up. You should also be able to access the balcony you have created in the previous steps through the master bedroom. 

Step 9 – Completing The Top Floor

Completing the top floor

For the top floor, you can get as creative as you like. Consider adding more chests, armor stands, and other elements to the top floor. Also, add some beds to this floor so you can use it as a relaxing place. 

Most importantly, remember that you can get extremely creative here, so don’t let anything stop you. Add whatever elements suit your fancy to decorate the interiors. 

Step 10 – Adding The Finishing Touches 

Adding the finishing touches

Now that your Minecraft medieval house is almost complete, you are ready to add the final touches. So, spruce up the interiors by adding lines, a glass plane here and there, a reading and relaxing area, and other interesting elements. 

Once you are done with the interiors, you can begin decorating the pathway of the medieval house. Here, you can sprinkle some leaves and flowers or any other decorative pieces that you like. 

And that’s it. Building an easy medieval house in Minecraft is not only fun but can be an extremely interesting project. While this is just a basic layout for a medieval house, you can always take inspiration from the internet to build any other structure using the same layout and format. 

Benefits Of Playing Minecraft 

Now that we have talked at length about building a Minecraft medieval house, you may be wondering if there are any benefits to playing this game. After all, it’s just a game for kids, right?

Well, it turns out that Minecraft isn’t just for children, and there is a multitude of benefits to this wonderful game. 

So, the next time you see your children building a Minecraft medieval house, instead of stopping them, step right in and give them our tips! But before that, let us tell you some of the benefits of playing Minecraft. 

1. It Brings Out Your Creativity 

Those with a creative streak typically love Minecraft because of its ability to let you create something out of nothing. The Minecraft village is essentially a blank canvas on which you can create different kinds of structures and take on various challenges. 

Plus, you can create unique architectural structures that are not only interesting but can also inspire other Minecraft players. This incredible game is built for both kids as well as adults who wish to tap into their creative genius and make unique works of art within the game. 

The immersive world can help children and adults unleash their creative sides and spend hours building all kinds of fantastic structures. 

2. It Makes You Smarter 

It might seem counterintuitive, but playing certain video games can actually make you smarter – and Minecraft is one of them. In fact, a study at Glasgow University claimed that playing certain games like Minecraft can have a highly positive effect on resourcefulness, communication, and adaptability. 

The various aspects of Minecraft require players to strategize with their teammates which can help enhance communication skills. Furthermore, the new maps in Minecraft are made entirely of blocks that can be moved around, replaced, or removed – similar to LEGO. 

This skill helps build creativity and the ability to think and strategize on the spot as well as make long-term decisions. 

3. It Helps You Build Problem-Solving Skills 

The primary aspect of the game Minecraft is to build things out of blocks. However, in order to begin building things in this game, the first step is to overcome various environmental challenges. 

These challenges can be in the form of finding the right resources, gathering food in the game, crafting tools, building homes, creating shelter from enemies, etc. All these tasks require you to put on your thinking caps and come up with creative ideas to solve various problems. 

As such, the game involves various kinds of tasks that you need to solve either by yourself or with teammates in the game. Your problem-solving skills are sharpened significantly while working your way around the Minecraft world. 

4. It Is A Healthy Hobby 

Children take up all kinds of hobbies as they grow up. While some kids like to read, others like to watch TV, play video games, learn to cook, etc. Now, it isn’t surprising to know that most children these days prefer spending their free time in front of a screen – be it on social media or watching TV. 

However, an intriguing report from NPR tells us that playing Minecraft can be a healthier habit than watching TV. So, the next time you see your kids hopping on their computers and firing up Minecraft, let them! It is a much healthier alternative than sitting in front of the television and eating junk food. 

5. It Teaches You Teamwork

Finally, Minecraft is a game that is best played with teammates. This game has a huge online community where there are millions of players worldwide playing the game with you. 

Moreover, there are several Minecraft communities on Reddit and Twitch that you can explore. Once you get on the game, inevitably, you will join several Minecraft communities and make friends from all over the world. 

The game not only brings you closer to other players worldwide but can also help you strategize, build maps, and artwork, share house ideas, collaborate on modifications, etc. Not just that, Minecraft is a game where there are no pre-set instructions to follow. You simply enter the game and go with your instinct. 

This gives players an immense sense of experimentation, freedom, and the ability to think on their toes. 

Final Words

Minecraft is a game for everyone – be it architects, designers, or those looking to pass some time on the internet.  

We hope all the Minecraft fans find inspiration in our guide for their next Minecraft project. Of course, if you have any ideas of your own, don’t forget to share them with other Minecraft lovers out there! 

Although this is a basic layout for a Minecraft medieval house, you can use the same layout to create just about any structure in this game. So, go ahead, get creative, and have fun with it! 

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