18 Awesome Terraria House Design Ideas You Need to Try

Very few experiences can match the satisfaction of building a great-looking house in Terraria.

The vast number of options, plus the various requirements, make the process incredibly fun, yet at the same time, pretty challenging. The feeling of exhilaration that the game successfully manages to capture once you’ve successfully created a Terraria house is one of the reasons for its popularity.

That’s why we’ve got this excellent guide for those looking for some great ideas for building a Terraria house. With these ideas, you’ll be able to learn and master the art of building houses in the game in no time. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive in! 

These are some of the best house designs that you can use in Terraria, which will help you survive in the game and build some great-looking structures.

1. Terraria Starter House

Terraria starter house

For those new to the game, small shelters or starter houses are the best options to go with. A starter Terraria house looks good, is easy to put together, and does not require much time to build.

The first house acts as a base for all the operations you undertake during the first few hours of the game. Building these structures will help you get familiar with the tools and learn about the most efficient way of building a home for Terraria NPCs. 

Every house you build in the game needs to meet certain requirements before an NPC can move in. These requirements may include size, structure, furniture, and more. A basic house should also have a background wall, a flat surface item, and a light source. 

2. Terraria Desert House

Terraria desert house

Building a desert house is another one of the most straightforward Terraria house designs that you can try out. Besides being simple, it looks attractive and unique, thanks to its fancy biome and eye-catching decorations. You can even enhance the look with unique designs after establishing the basic foundations.

Terraria’s desert biome is also a favorite of many NPCs, such as the Dye Trader, so this design can be an excellent option for progressing in the game. Use multiple lanterns, warm wood tones, textured walls, and greenery to build this house. But always make sure to follow the building requirements, or it can make your houses uninhabitable.

3. Terraria Underground House

Terraria underground house

Once you’ve mastered the basics of Terraria house building, it’s time to up the game. Building an underground house is an excellent way to test your creative limits and push past them. While it may not be the most efficient option, this house design provides a feeling of tranquility and calmness, which is just what some NPCs are looking for. 

Building an underground Terraria house is not as challenging as it might look. One of the common ways to build an underground house is to convert old ruins. 

Plus, underground Terraria house designs require more blocks than wood to create your dream cave home. Fortunately, you can even find several videos and tutorials on how to go about the process. 

4. Terraria Jungle House

Terraria jungle house

Building a Terraria jungle house is another one of the most popular options, though the jungle biome is one of the trickier ones in the game. The challenge lies in ensuring that the Terraria house appears as part of the biome. For that, it is essential to consider the surroundings. 

There are several designs to help you create a jungle house, such as the jungle hut design. While it is one of the advanced options requiring a certain skill level, the charming designs look great if you can get it right. You can also add additional bells and whistles to make it even more attractive. 

5. Terraria Snow House

Terraria snow house

Another excellent Terraria house design is the snow house with a homely and welcoming appearance. The cozy fireplace and additional decorations add to the charm of this pleasant home. 

While not one of the easiest Terraria house designs, players with the necessary skill level can easily collect the required resources and build this house. This Terraria house requires a large quantity of wood, blocks, and decorations, such as lanterns, a fireplace, and couches.

6. Terraria Treehouse

Terraria treehouse

The treehouse is another one of the trickiest Terraria housing ideas and can be built in two ways. You can either build it on one solid tree or connect multiple trees to design a large treehouse. The latter option is a bit more challenging, so building it on a single tree is a better choice for new players. 

This Terraria house design also uses atmospheric lighting and a large quantity of wood to create an appealing structure for Terraria NPCs to move in. Additionally, the dangling vines provide an efficient way for NPCs to come and go easily. 

You can also use Terraria wings for the higher levels, while the overall construction requires fewer blocks and bricks to complete the treehouse.

7. Terraria Castle House

Terraria castle house

The Terraria castle house design has a sturdy base for NPCs to move in and can act as a set-up shop. This house is made of thick stone slabs and fences, featuring one of the most magnificent appearances, while wood is required for a wooden door.

While building a castle, focus on ensuring the security of all the knights and wizards. You can either build the entire castle above ground or hollow out the ground to build certain structures there. Not to mention, building a castle provides an opportunity to use as many decorations as you want. 

8. Terraria Underwater House

Terraria underwater house

The underwater house is one of the rarest Terraria housing designs but also one of the most beautiful. However, it is challenging to build, requires a lot of time and effort, and is not very efficient among Terraria house designs. 

Besides, the underwater housing design requires a lot of resources. You can create different designs, including guilds, pirate retreats, or even simple underwater havens, provided you have the required materials. 

Many players build underwater houses as pirate ship housing or encase them in a dome-like structure, which gives the impression of a bubble.

9. Terraria Beach House

Terraria beach house

This Terraria house design is one of the easiest ones to build and looks pretty luxurious. For building this type of house, the first thing to do is find a proper location. Then, collect the required wood, and add some lanterns, and rustic wooden accents for the perfect house design.

You can either build a beach house with single or multiple levels, depending on your preferences and available resources. A beach house can take many forms, including an Egyptian castle, cave dwellings, or subterranean housing

10. Terraria Modern Villa

Terraria modern villa

With proper planning, it is also possible to construct a modern villa or traditional mansion in Terraria. You will need to carefully plan all the details, including multiple levels, furnishings, lighting, floral arrangements, etc. There is also the option of adding a 3D effect to create a more realistic appearance. 

An ultra-modern villa in Terraria can have multiple floors and an underground section with a trap door. While a mansion is not the most difficult Terraria house design, it will take some time and resources to be built properly.

11. Terraria Christmas House

Terraria christmas house

The Terraria Christmas House is the perfect option for celebrating the holiday season. This design incorporates many details and has a 3D effect on the front for a real-life appearance. Additional outdoor decorative items include the candy cane tree, snowman, etc. 

The Terraria Christmas housing design gives off a lot of cozy vibes. You can build it in the snowy region and include ample decorations like fireplaces, festive lights, and more. A huge collection of decorations available during the Christmas season can help enhance your Christmas house and create the perfect holiday atmosphere.

12. Terraria House On Stilts

Terraria house on stilts

The Terraria House on Stilts is one of the most unconventional designs that you can use in the game. This type of housing is usually built over a body of water and has a narrow room space for the NPCs. However, it is one of the most unique-looking designs and can help your house stand out from the rest. 

The Terraria house on stilts can also be built on single or multiple levels, depending on your choice and the number of resources you have collected. For building a house on stilts, you will need to use columns or beams stacked from the ground. This design will also take time to finish.

13. Multi-layered Connecting Tree House

Multi-layered connecting tree house

Instead of building a treehouse on a single tree or a range of trees, the multi-layered connecting treehouse is built on stilts similar to stilt housing. However, unlike the stilt Terraria house design built over water, this one is built over land. 

This Terraria house design offers an attractive and intricate design with many details. Different types of houses are built on multiple levels that vary in height and are connected by wooden stairs. The stairs are an excellent way for NPCs to travel between the houses on various levels.

14. Ship House

Ship house

The shipping house is one of the most difficult Terraria house designs in the game, but it also helps you stand out from the crowd. To make things easier, you can start on a smaller house before moving on to a larger one. This design will push your creativity to the limit. 

You can build different types of ships in Terraria, but all of them will require plenty of wood, among other resources. The Terraria shiphouse also involves lots of details, and using ample decorations can help create a pretty amazing structure. Also, select the location carefully before starting the construction for the best results. 

15. Terraria Floating House Design

Terraria floating house design

Another one of the most challenging Terraria house designs to complete, the Floating House, involves a very complex procedure for building it. For building a floating house, you will need to remove the earth from below by digging it out. Additionally, it also requires many resources that you will need to collect and a lot of time to construct.

On the plus side, you can customize the floating house as required, making it appear like an adobe of the Gods or that of a wizard or witch. You can even add details using decorations to make it more eye-catching. Focus more on defensive measures for NPCs when using this design. 

16. Japanese Themed House

Japanese themed house

Ancient Japanese homes are marvelous pieces of architecture that not only provide an excellent resting place but are stellar examples of human creativity. You can now replicate this feat by building Japanese and other Asian-themed houses in Terraria as well. These types of Terraria houses can be built later on in the game.

Like many other Terraria house designs, the Japanese-themed house can also be built with single or multiple levels. In this case, you can either opt to go with a minimalistic approach or create a more detailed and intricate structure.

17. Terraria Winter Cabin

Terraria winter cabin

Just like the Snow House, the Terraria winter cabin is also an excellent design that you can try out. The snowy winter cabin is set against the snowy background and can be constructed in a variety of styles. This design also requires fewer blocks and more wood.

Since Terraria has a day and night cycle, you can even use lanterns and decorations to provide a cozy feeling for your Terraria NPCs even at night. The winter cabin is not very difficult to build but does require a reasonable amount of resources to be collected.

18. Terraria Tower House

Terraria tower house

Another unique Terraria house design is the Tower house, which can also be built in different ways. You can choose to either build a single tower or more than one tower. The tower house can have as many levels as required but should provide an easy way for NPCs to enter and exit. 

Towers can be an excellent shop for NPCs like wizards to set up shop or used as guard towers for defensive purposes. Building a tower house will require a lot of resources, such as stone slabs and wood, and you also need to ensure that the NPCs are safe. Keep the Terraria house requirements in mind when using this design. 

And with that, we’ve reached the end of our list of the best Terraria housing design ideas that you can try out right now. We hope you found these ideas exciting and are willing to use them in the game.

While some of these ideas may appear to be a bit challenging, you can quickly develop the skills needed to create amazing structures with patience and practice. 

For new players and those wanting to improve their game, several tutorials are available on various websites that can help you out. So, get ready to build the most attractive houses and make your mark in the game. Have fun! 

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