How To Draw Galaxy With Colored Pencils

Who doesn’t like a view of the galaxy? 

And what if we say that you can draw one on paper, even if you aren’t a pro artist? Yes, you heard us right! Practically anyone can draw a mesmerizing galaxy in any sketch or design with just a few supplies and the right technique. You just need some high-quality colored pencils and the sky to get inspired. 

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You can also check out this article on coloring techniques with colored pencils that might help you become a master of colored pencils. Then for example, you can try drawing galaxy on some of the best heat transfer papers available in the market with your colored pencils. 

So, dive in to know all about how to draw galaxy with colored pencils! 

Things You Will Need

Before you start with the execution part, it’s important to gather all the essential supplies. And here are the things you will need to draw a galaxy: 

    • Colored pencils (you can use anything like the Tombow Irojiten or Prismacolor set)
    • A mixed media paper or a free coloring page available on the Cristin April Frey website
    • A white gel pen (like Unibol Singo)
    • Any odorless mineral spirit
    • Printing paper
    • Blending stamp

How To Draw Galaxy With Colored Pencils

How to draw galaxy with colored pencils

Steps To Draw A Galaxy

1. Place The Paper And Start With A Light Color

First and foremost, lay the media paper on a flat surface so that it doesn’t form any creases. Then, sketch the design of your choice with a pencil and outline with a bold marker pen. This will prevent the colors from mixing up in the wrong places. 

Or, if you’re using a free coloring page available online, then print it from a high-quality printer so that the outlines are clearly visible. 

Next, take a light-colored pencil, hold it at an angle, and start shading while applying light pressure. You can adopt any design like curly lines or quick strokes to fill the entire design. We’d suggest using wax-based or artist-grade pencils like the ones mentioned above, as they go on pretty smoothly. The idea is to layer on different shades to deepen them, so make sure to color lightly. 

2. Add To The Colors

Once you’re satisfied with the initial shading, add more colors to it to bring out the depth in the shades. You can pair similar colors or use contrasting colors, especially at the edges. 

Alternatively, you can use the same color to shade outside the edge of the existing color outline while slightly blending the two. In this case, you should use another darker color to fill in any remaining white gaps between them. 

However, ensure that you don’t apply too much force. Otherwise, you will end up with harsh lines that look nothing like a galaxy background. 

3. Blend The Colors

After you have put all the required colors, it’s time to blend them. For this step, we’d recommend using lighter colors (like pink or yellow) and going all over the design to ensure that the colors mix into one another. This will also help soften any accidental harsh edges or darker areas in the sketch. 

You can apply a little more pressure in this step, which will help blend the colors more effectively. However, make sure that there are no harsh lines or strokes. We’d strongly recommend taking your time here and blending the colors until you can no longer identify the “border” between two colors. 

4. Shade The Objects

After all the colors have been properly blended, move on to add some depth and dimension to the objects in the sketch. For example, if there are trees or homes in the sketch, then use a black pencil to light shade around their outlines. 

Again, this step will require some time and patience, as you don’t want the black color to spread into the neighboring “galaxy” colors and darken them unnecessarily. A good way to prevent this is by extending the shading only a couple of centimeters away from the object outline. 

5. Add Some Black Curves

Adding black curves to the sketch can enhance its artistic appeal to quite some extent. All you need to do is add black horizontal strokes (like pine trees) all over the sketch to bring out the galaxy-like effect in the background. 

This is an optional step, and we’d suggest practicing it beforehand so that you don’t spoil the look of the sketch in the final artwork. 

6. Seal The Colors

Now, dip the blending stamp in the mineral spirit and run it all over the sketch to seal the colors. This will also help blend any leftover harsh lines or strokes, making the final piece look absolutely flawless. 

7. Use The Magic Of White

As the final step, use the white gel paint to add some stars or random dots, making the galaxy look all the more realistic.  If the sketch has a moon, then you can shade its outline to make it look glowing against the dark galaxy background. Voila! Your galaxy is ready. 

How To Draw Galaxy With Colored Pencils Frequently Asked Questions ?

What’s The Best Way To Blend The Colors?

The best way to blend the colors in the galaxy is to apply light to medium pressure, which will prevent the risk of leaving behind harsh lines. And if you aren’t sure about blending with lighter colors, you can use a colorless blending pencil as well. 

However, make sure to wipe its tip before moving to another area. This will prevent unwanted color transfer. 

What Can You Use Instead Of Mineral Spirit?

If you don’t have mineral spirit handy or don’t want to step out to get some, then you can substitute it with baby oil or vaseline. We’d suggest practicing blending these materials on a spare paper so that you get an idea about the final effect. And don’t forget to tap the excess product from the blending stamp; otherwise, the blending colors may start bleeding. 

Furthermore, allow the sketch sufficient time to dry before framing or storing it in your desk or cupboard. 

How to draw galaxy with colored pencils

How To Draw Galaxy With Colored Pencils Final Words

With that, it’s a wrap! 

We hope we were able to help you draw a galaxy with colored pencils, which can also be good enough to earn you some extra cash! As a final piece of advice, we’d recommend watching any pencil tutorial (for galaxy drawing) on YouTube to get a better idea about holding the pencils and applying the required pressure. 

We will be back soon. Take care and goodbye! 

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