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So, you’ve got the best scientific calculator to crack an important exam but can’t figure out how to reset it? 

While resetting regular calculators seems easy, we can’t say the same about calculators with scientific notation without knowing the correct key sequences. Even some of the top scientific calculators on the market don’t provide easy shortcuts to reset them back to normal/default settings. This is where the knowledge of key sequences helps, which can assist many functions, from restoring factory settings to clearing all data. 

Besides, a need to reset is bound to happen if you’re appearing for an entrance exam like the ACT. But worry not! We’re here to help you with that. 

We’re confident that by the end of this article, you’ll surely know some of the basics, including how to use scientific calculators and reset them. So, without further ado, let’s get started! 

What Are Scientific Calculators? 

Scientific calculator on the white background. How to reset scientific calculator.

Scientific calculators are calculators designed to operate in multiple settings ranging from educational to professional. Their wide popularity among other simple digital calculators is because of the varied functions they perform. You can calculate your science, engineering, or other mathematical problems without a hitch on these devices.  

If you know how different operations can be performed on them, then there’s not a single problem that can’t be solved. From complex matrix operations, logs, and vectors, to standard deviation, you can solve any problem by accessing different modes on scientific calculators. It takes students and professionals a step away from redundant calculations and helps evaluate and explore problems, making them fun to use. 

In addition, you can also denote the results of your calculations in scientific notation by using scientific calculators. Regular calculators can’t express too big or small numbers accurately, and that’s where the need for scientific calculators emerges.

Moreover, there are variations to scientific calculators like graphing and programmable. Graphing calculators support features like plotting graphs, solving simultaneous equations, and other tasks. Programmable calculators are more like general-purpose computers capable of performing the automatic sequence of operations.

How To Use A Scientific Calculator?

There are many scientific calculators in the market and every company (even models, at times) programs their scientific calculators differently. For instance, Casio scientific calculators and Texas Instruments calculators might vary in operations and general functions. Moreover, depending on features, functions, and conversions, one calculator is bound to be different from another. This means you can’t have a universal guide/manual that works for every type of scientific calculator. 

So, the question of “how to use a scientific calculator” gets narrowed down to the type of calculator you own. If you have a Casio calculator, then simply go through the manual of the calculator to know how to operate it. However, if that’s not the case, then you can simply search for a guide online by typing the model of your scientific calculator. 

Casio calculators are particularly famous among students, and if you own one, then find a Casio manual guide depending on your model. All manuals are available online, from Casio FX 991ES Plus to other Casio calculators.

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How To Reset Casio Scientific Calculator?

If the scientific calculator isn’t set to optimal mode, the answers can be misleading and end up causing blunders, especially during exams. This happens when you frequently shift between modes and forget to change them back to normal. What if you didn’t reset from fixed notation to scientific notation when the need of the hour to do so?  

That’s why resetting calculators is important before starting with new problems. But, that’s easier said than done as, unlike simple Casio calculators, which can be simply reset, the same isn’t the case with Casio scientific calculators. But don’t worry! If you’ve messed up different modes in your Casio calculator, we’re here to help. 

To reset your scientific calculator to the default settings, a few things need to be understood first. The most important among them is – “What’s the reason for resetting the calculator?” Do you need to restore the factory settings, clear memory, or change modes? 

As there are different steps involved in the process, knowing the kind of reset operation you want is essential to get the job done. A couple of steps are involved in resetting your scientific calculator to default.

Therefore, we’ve made this resetting guide for your Casio calculator to make things easy. Note that this reset guide is made keeping the Casio FX-991ES Plus calculator in mind, and the steps might be different for other brands.

So, let’s get started to reset your scientific calculator!

Steps To Restore Factory Settings

Find the necessary steps to restore the factory settings and initialize your Casio calculator below. These steps will enable you to clear all the setup settings stored previously on your calculator. 

Step 1: Turn on your calculator and press “Shift” and “9” to enter reset. A list of reset options will appear. 

Step 2: Press “1” to clear previously-stored setup settings. 

Step 3: Tap the “=” key to confirm the changes corresponding to “Yes” on the on-screen display menu. 

Step 4: Tap on the “AC” key to turn back to the normal calculation or “AC” and “Shift” to turn off the calculator. 

Steps To Clear All Memory

If you want to clear all your calculator’s memory before the exam, we’ve mentioned the steps below. However, remember that this data won’t be restored once you clear all the memory contents. 

Step 1: Turn on your calculator and first press “Shift” and “9” to enter reset. 

Step 2: Press “2” to clear the content of all memories stored on the calculator. 

Step 3: Tap the “=” key to confirm the changes. 

Step 4: Hit the “AC” key to return to the normal calculation or “AC” and “Shift” to turn off the calculator. 

Steps To Clear All Memory And Restore Default Settings

Here are the necessary steps you need to follow to reset your Casio scientific calculator and restore default settings completely. All the previously-stored data will be cleared after you do this process. So, only follow them if you want to clear the calculator’s memory. 

Step 1: Turn on your scientific calculator. Then press “Shift” and “9” to enter reset. 

Step 2: Tap the “3” key to the “Clear All” function on the on-screen display menu. 

Step 3: Press the “=” key to confirm the changes. Your calculator will be successfully reset after that. 

Step 4: At last, press the “AC” function to return to the normal calculation or the “AC” and “Shift” function to turn off the calculator. 

Steps To Reset Decimal Preferences

You can easily reset how numbers and angles are displayed on your scientific calculator. Many such preferences range from FIX, NORM, and SCI to others. But, if you don’t know how to access these preferences, then don’t worry. 

Here, we have listed the steps you need to follow to set the preferences. 

Step 1: Turn on your scientific calculator and press the “Shift” and “Mode” keys. Upon doing this, a list of preferences will be displayed on the on-screen display menu. 

Step 2: Now, tap the number corresponding to the mode in which you want to select your preference. For example, if you want numbers to be displayed in scientific notation, hit the “7” function key.

Step 3: Press the “3” button to use three significant figures. If not, change the number to the significant figures you want to use. Once done with the steps, the scientific calculator will successfully reset according to your chosen preference. 

Steps To Reset Modes

There are different modes like COMP, CMPLX, EQN, VECTOR, TABLE, etc., on the scientific calculator. These all modes make different calculations easy and quick to solve. It’s a simple process if you want to reset modes on your scientific calculator. 

See how you can do that below. 

1. COMP Mode

COMP mode is used to solve general calculations, and your scientific calculator is initially set up to this mode only. However, if you’ve made specific changes while switching between different modes, then reset it by pressing the “Mode” and “1” keys. 

2. STAT Mode

The STAT mode helps in statistical and regression calculations. If you want to access this mode, simply press the “Mode” and “3” keys on your scientific calculator. 

3. TABLE Mode

If you want to generate a table on your scientific calculator, then you can do that by pressing the “Mode” and “7” keys. The TABLE mode will be enabled by doing that.

4. EQN Mode

EQN or the Equation mode is used to solve equations via scientific calculators. It makes calculations super easy and efficient, and the mode is easy to operate too. To access the EQN mode on your calculator, all you have to do is press the “Mode” and “5” keys. 

5. CMPLX Mode

Solving complex number calculations can be tricky if calculated manually, but the job becomes easy with a scientific calculator. So, if you want to access the CMPLX mode on your calculator, then pressing the “Mode” and “2” keys will be enough to perform calculations involving complex numbers. 

6. BASE-IN Mode

Binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal calculations are solved with the help of BASE-IN mode. If you want to access it, hit the “Mode” and “4” on your calculator to solve calculations involving specific number systems like these. 

7. MATRIX Mode

From simple matrix calculations to finding inverse, your scientific calculator will help you with all. Square matrix calculations can be solved using the MATRIX Mode, and it’s simple to access it. You can enable this mode by simply pressing the “Mode” and “6” keys on the calculator. 

8. VECTOR Mode

If you have 2D and 3D vector calculations to solve, then those can be efficiently performed using the VECTOR mode. If you don’t know how to enable it, just press the “Mode” and “8” keys, and this mode will automatically get enabled. 

How To Reset Scientific Calculator Frequently Asked Questions ?

Do you have some doubts regarding scientific calculators? Here, we have answered some basic queries people have regarding them.

What is the best scientific calculator for the ACT?

Students preparing for the ACT can use scientific calculators, some graphing calculators, and almost all four-function calculators for the m             athematics test during their exam. If you’re preparing for the ACT too and are wondering which scientific calculator would be best, then here are some of the best scientific calculators.

  • Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE Graphics Calculator
  • Casio fx-300ES Plus Scientific Calculator
  • Casio fx-9750GII Graphing Calculator
  • Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator
  • Casio fx-115ES Plus Scientific Calculator

Can I get my scientific calculator back to normal?

Yes, you can get your scientific calculator back to normal/default settings. You can do so by following a key sequence that will erase all the memory stored on your scientific calculator and turn it back to its original form. If you own a Casio calculator, below are the key sequences that will open reset settings, and return your calculator to normal.

  • Press Shift and 9 to enter reset.
  • Press 3 to reset all.
  • Press = to confirm reset.
  • Press AC to return to normal calculation.

Scientific calculator isolated on white background. How to reset scientific calculator.

How To Reset Scientific Calculator Final Words

Scientific calculators make calculations easier and quicker if they’re set optimally. If not, there can be discrepancies in results which can be dreadful, especially during exams. That’s why we curated this guide on scientific calculators and how to reset them if the need arrives. 

As there’s no hardware reset button to turn back calculators to default settings, we need to know particular key sequences to complete the resetting task. However, different brands have different key sequences, so we used Casio calculators as a benchmark to show you the procedure for resetting in different cases.

We hope we were able to clear some of your doubts, and teach you how to reset the calculator optimally. Allow us to sign off now!

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