99 Inspiring and Easy Cool Things to Draw for Architects by Architects


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Natural gestures, beautiful of expressions, art mediums, sketching, drawing, painting.

They are educational means, they are expression options, they are opportunities to beautify our world through simple means, lines spread across the notebook, sketches that germinate into extraordinary piece of art in our very hands; inspiring and easy cool things to draw that can make a difference in this world.

From architects to painters and even musicians, a sketch, a line can represent a multitude of items, a world illustrated on paper, one with the chance to become so much more.
In the following rows, extraordinary sketches of artists all across the globe have been curated. Dense, heavy to draw illustrations are there just as few lines arranged by intuition to describe a scene, a building, a landscape are present.
They are different, each one sends a different message, each one portrays their setting extraordinarily differently, we invite you to cast a glance and surge inspiration.

We interpret these as a completely epic yet different way of drawing surrounding reality, the regular drawing ideas and things to draw that one imagines are reinterpreted by an artistic background or experience.

Easy Cool Things to Draw for Architects by Architects


1. Swift Pencil Sketch by Alvar Aalto


 99 Inspiring and Easy Cool Things to Draw for Architects by Architects

Source Unknown

2. Villa B Sketched and Envisioned by Schneider + Schumacher

 99 Inspiring and Easy Cool Things to Draw for Architects by Architects

via archdaily

3. Awasi Patagonia Hotel Sketch Presentation by Felipe Assadi + Francisca Pulido


via archdaily

4. Botanica Sales Office & Showrooms Designed by Vin Varavarn Architects  

 99 Inspiring and Easy Cool Things to Draw for Architects by Architects

Source Unknown

5. Swift Sketch Materialized by John Pawson


Source Unknown

6. Hue Plus in the Eyes of Schemata Architects 


Photograph by Schemata Architects

via archdaily

7. A Delicate Watercolor and Ink Sketch


via instagram

8. Entry Detail in Pencil and Watercolor


via flickr.com

9. Detailed 787 Carroll Street Interpreted in Watercolor


via flickr

10. Small Familiar Home Doodle in Liner 


via instagram

11. Fast Liner Sketch Portraying a Vibrant Shelter and Street Vibe

via twitter

12. Color Accents in Swift Liner Street Perspective

via flic.kr 

13. Plaza de San Francisco en Cádiz on Cardboard with Ink & Colored Pencils

via flickr

14. Colorful Atmosphere Watercolor Sketch 

via flickr

15. Bird-eye View in Watercolor and Liner

via Dawn Tritch

16. Tiered City Depicted in Fast Liner and Water Color Sketch

via Margaret Pagan

17. Intricate Ink Liner Sketch Detailing Dense Urban Living

via twitter.com

18. Extraordinary Wide-Angle Bird-Eye View Perspective in Grays

via Pinterest

19. Dancing Building Sketch by Frank Gehry

via google

20. Naturalness in Concept Sketch by Frank Gehry 

via outnow.ch

21. Walt Disney Concert Hall Sketch by Frank Gehry 1

via whistleforthewind.blogspot.com

22. Concept Sketch by Frank Gehry for the Walt Disney Concert Hall 2

via arcspace.com

23. Skyscraper Concept Study Sketches by Frank Gehry

Source Unknown

24. Puente de Vida and Panama Museum of Biodiversity in Lines

via terri-brooks-text.blogspot.com

25. Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao Sketched by Frank Gehry

via thinkinginsomniac.wordpress.com

26. A Third Sketch Disney Concert Hall Sketch by Frank Gehry

Sketch Sketches

via theatlantic.com

27. Scale and Materiality Grasped in one Sketch by F. Gehry

via google.com

28. DIFC Boutique Hotel Envisioned by Broadway Malyan

via conceptsketch.tumblr.com 

29. Detailed Exterior Home Sketch Exuding Coziness and Warmth

via instagram

30. City Depicted in a Liner and Shades of Gray Sketch

via Mayad Allos

31. Moesgaard Museum / Henning Larsen Architects

via archdaily

32. Rome, Via della Pace 1998

via flickr

33. Antwerpen by Gerard Michel

via flickr.com

34. Detail Sketch by Sir Norman Foster

via fosterandpartners.com 

35. West Kowloon Cultural District | Projects | Foster + Partners

via fosterandpartners.com

36. Siemens HQ in Masdar City / Sheppard Robson

via archdaily.com

37.  CGAC Museum/Bonaval Park, Santiago de Compostela, 2012 

via plpa.es 

38. Frank Gehry Famous Building Drawing | Urban Sketchers: Rain and rock at Seattle’s EMP Museum

via urbansketchers.org

39. La Ruche

Copyright Juliette Plisson

via france.urbansketchers.org

40. Beach St, Penang, by Ch’ng Kiah Kiean

via kiahkiean.com

41. The Widely Recognized Breve Valparaiso

via urbansketcherschile.blogspot.com

42. Rough Sketch of Vel Paraiso

via lugaresenpapel.blogspot.com

43. Barcelona Streets. Ink Sketch by Joaquim Francés

Source Unknown

44. Carrer Argenteria, Santa Maria del Mar. Barcelona, Joaquim Francés -India Ink

via Pinterest

45. St NikolausKleinseite, Prag, CZ | Kleinseite, 15.11.2014 | By Jochen Schittkowski | Flickr

via flickr.com

46. Calle Sacramento – Cádiz, Spain, by JAS

via spain.urbansketchers.org

47. Urban City Design by Japanese artist Yamikin Ushijima-Kun 

via spx.tumblr.com

48. Oma/Rem Koolhaas Early Sketches – SOCKS

via socks-studio.com

49. Oma/Rem Koolhaas Early Sketches – SOCKS / Zeebrugge Sea Terminal’s Competition, 1989

via socks-studio.com

50. A Vintage Scenery by Amelie Fourmount

via Amélie Fourmont

51. Art of a Rundown Backalley from an Unknown Artist

via archisketchbook.com

52. Recovering From the Post Symposium Paraty by Paul

via lynnechapman.blogspot.com 

53. Seaview from the Top of Mount Pleasant, Staithes

via flickr.com

54. “The Most Beautiful Village in Essex”- The Telegraph

via flickr.com

55. Standing Tall; Standing the Test of Time by Agios Spiridon

via flic.kr

56. Coal Mining City,Petrila, Cityscape in White

© Portfolio Giuroiu Anton | Courtesy of Homesthetics Magazine

57. A Collection of Scenes Etched in Sketches

via plpa.es

58. Alvar Aalto, Iglesia en Lahti (Finlandia), 1970

via etsavega.net

59. Dibujo Tinta | Ink Drawing, Joaquim Francés

Source Unknown

60. Medina III, Nouakchott

via urbansketchers.org

61. Just a Regular ol’ Day Inside a Campus

Source Unknown

62. Chefchaouen, Marruecos by Isabel Seidel – Urban Sketchers Spain

via spain.urbansketchers.org 

63. Vertical Naples As Seen in Simo Capecchi’s Exhibit

via urbansketchers.org

64. En el Café de Chinitas | by Luis_Ruiz

via flickr

65. Rustic Scenery by Amelie Fourmont

via Amélie Fourmont

66. Croquis – Lisboa – por Facundo Alvarez

Source Unknown

67. Via Tribunali, Naples

via flickr.com

68. Loblolly House | Prefabricated Architecture Integrated with Nature

via kierantimberlake.com

69. Allied Works Architecture · Arvo Pärt Centre

via divisare

70. Jung Gil-Young Gallery Sketch

via archdaily

71. Gallery of A space: Lofts in Berlin Mitte / plajer & franz studio – 18

via archdaily

72. Chaos and Serenity by Bab Jeeron

via mohdbilbeisiart.com

73. Concept Sketch of a Garage

via conceptsketch.tumblr.com

74. Lady and a Lonely Day by Met Pepergasthuis

via Pinterest

75. Quiet Sunny Noon

Source Unknown

76. McLaren Technology Centre | Projects | Foster + Partners

via fosterandpartners.com

77. Olya Trofimenko- Art in Progress

via Olya Trofimenko

78. Of Curves and Lines

via jeremysoudant.tumblr.com

79. Abedian School of Architecture / CRAB Studio / Gavin Robotham

via archdaily

80. Gallery of Environmental Interpretation Centre in Flores Island – Azores / Ana Laura Vasconcelos

via archdaily.com

81. Save Galería de Casa Lienzo de Barro / Chaquiñán – 21

via plataformaarquitectura.cl

82. Lighting Fire at Christmas

via instagram

83. Tunnel Vision in Motion

via designboom.com

84. Saidna Heydjick Draws a Traffic Jam

via drawingarchitecture.tumblr.com

85. A Colorful Summer in the City

via urbansketchers.org

86. A Scene from Buenos Aires by Norberto Dorantes

via urbansketchers.org

87. A Night in the Woods by Austra Cepurniece

via Austra Cepurniece

88. The Bylanes Romanticized 

via 1.bp.blogspot.com

89. Vladislav Yeliseyev, In Saint Remy

Source Unknown

90. From Horizon Houses (2000) by Lebbeus Woods

via bldgblog.blogspot.com

91. You See What You Have in Mind

via architetturaecosostenibile.it 

92. A Logo to Soothe Your Soul

via instagram

93. House On The Beach / BAK Architects

via archdaily

94. Sketches from Dallas Architect Bob Borson circa 1996

via lifeofanarchitect.com 


95. Calle Agustinas hacia Cerro Santa Lucía

via flickr.com

96. Looks Like a Portside in Cornwall

via urbansketchers.org

97. Stare at the Dot Till You’re Inspired

via austinkleon.com

98. “The Dropping Well Inn” at Knaresborough in North Yorkshire

via John Edwards


99. Renzo Piano – Croquis para Pensar, para Diseñar, para Sintetizar

via arquitecturamashistoria.blogspot.com.ar 

The collection above is certainly not ordinary as one can surely notice legendary particularities in the pencil lines and splashes of watercolor, how do you see these cool things to draw ?

We would love to hear from you in the comment section below !


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