What You Need To Know About Architectural Writing

More often than not, architects are encouraged to focus their attention on drawing, designing, and modeling.

As a result, students and professionals in the field tend to ignore the importance of writing as an architectural skill. And that’s where they make a mistake. But you need not worry; we’re here to stop you from going down that road.

Today, we’ve carefully created this guide to provide insight on all that you need to know about writing in the architectural field. We’ll be highlighting the relevance of this skill in the profession. And once you get a brief idea of its importance, we’ll move on to explaining the true definition of good architectural writing.

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So, without further ado, let’s begin, shall we?

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Why Is Architectural Writing Important?

Writing skills and a good command over the language can be a perk in the architectural field. This may sound like a weak argument, but we have reasons to support our statement.

Documenting models and projects on paper is how architects communicate relevant details with their clients and colleagues. And when the writing is clear and concise, readers find it easier to go through it, which gives them the impression that the writer is knowledgeable and knows the job.

Moreover, there are detailed designs that can’t be represented visually. They need to be expressed through words, and that’s where your architectural writing skills are bound to shine.

In fact, detailed written instructions and thorough documentation can provide vision on a project to the entire team. There’s no way this can be achieved by verbal communication or by showing a rough draft of the model that you’ve created.

Your ability to write will also come in handy when applying for an advanced architectural course from a reputable university. These institutes usually require a written test, which may seem simple, but the quality of your essay will definitely play a vital role when the examiner scores your paper.

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The True Definition of Good Architectural Writing

Now that we’ve discussed the relevance of writing in the field, it’s time we defined it in detail. That said, architectural writing is similar to writing poetry; after all, you’re transforming your creative vision and ideas by putting them into words. However, you have to make sure that the written paper or essay is grammatically and structurally sound.

To understand the true definition of good architectural writing, we find it imperative to highlight the writings of architect Alan Berman. He has perfectly defined this concept by referring to writing as an “aid” to architecture. In other words, it should aid everyone’s understanding of building and assist architects in creating better ones.

He further adds that while writing an essay or paper to express visions and designs, architects should aim for clarity and precision by means of structural simplicity and lucid terminology. But that doesn’t mean we put limits on our ideologies and writing skills. Instead, open the parameters beyond these restrictions, and create essays and articles that move architecture to a different level.

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There’s no formula to architectural writing, and it definitely shouldn’t be too technical and timid. Use simple words, but make them impactful to put your point across to potential clients and superiors in the field. After all, you wouldn’t want your written designs and models coming back for doubts or rework.

Remember, architectural writing should be conceived as something more significant than a mere facilitator of the practice. So, reach out to the broader, imaginative, and creative population, beyond the confinements of institutions to promote your ideas and yourself as an architect.

Final Words

Empowering yourself with the required writing skills is not about making emails look more professional. It’s a tool that can advance your architectural career in more ways than one.

And with command over the language, grammatically correct sentences, simple words, and clarity, you’ll be able to present your designs and models in the best possible way. So, take the necessary steps to improve your writing skills, and get ready for a plethora of opportunities to come your way.

That’s all for now; we’ll be back soon with more useful guides related to the architectural field. Till then, keep writing, and feel free to reach out to us if you have any queries or concerns.

Take care!

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