30 Best Architect Lamps for Desk, Table & Office of 2023 Reviewed

Architectural drawings can be quite a handful to create sometimes.  

Architecture is a progressing field, and with various innovations sprouting up every day, architectural drawings are no more restricted to paper and pen. 

With time, there’s an increased involvement of computers and graphical representation of drawings, designs, and pictures. 

Throughout this entire process, one thing remains constant though – the intricacy of the study process. To achieve this, a useful and powerful architectural lamp is required. An architect’s lamp should be light on the pocket, user-friendly, portable, of multiple uses and of course, powerful. 

The article will help you understand the various types of top rated architecture lamps and what their uses are. We hope you find it helpful and we invite you to go through it with great care before hitting a retail store like Target or Walmart, mainly because you can get far more features, ease of use and overall value from certain lamps you can order online, like the WiT Lamp from BenQ, than you could ever find in a retail store.

Best Architect Lamps 

  1. WiT e-Reading Lamp by BenQ

WiT stands for Wide, Intelligent, Tailor-Made, and it’s world’s first e-reading lamp, a phenomenal desk lamp that is something rather different, a spectacular feat of design; it features 90 cm range, 150% wider than the average lamps today.

BenQ eReading LED Desk / Task / Swing Arm Lamp: Eye-Care,...
  • 35” WIDE DESK ILLUMINATION: featuring advanced...

Moreover, it has intelligent control that will detect the illumination level of your environment and adapt the light balance to reduce contrast glare and protect your eyes; the WiT reading lamp also offers you options in terms of functionality as you can adjust both brightness and color temperature to fit the scenario in which you work and read.

Tech aside, WiT really stands out with its extraordinary design and premium feel, everything is robust, every part of the lamp feels extraordinary, even adjusting the lamp position seems engineered, designed, as it should be in the lamp that holds the first position in our modern best architect lamp list.

  • Dimmable, complete brightness and color temperature control
  • Smart eye technology will auto-adjusts brightness to reduce glare
  • LED panel with 50,000 hours of lifespan
  • 90 cm broad light coverage and flexible lamp movement
  • Brilliant design and extraordinary office aesthetics in an architecture office full of these
  • Price is aimed at professional use only
  1. OTUS LED Architect Lamp

OTUS Desk Lamp Gesture Control, LED Architect Desk lamp for Home...

Another significant investment for an architecture lamp is the OTUS LED lamp. It has multiple features for all your architecture purposes and also comes with gesture control.

One of the best features of this lamp is gesture control, wherein you could turn the light on and off with the help of a wave of your hand on top of the lamp. This is possible because of an infrared motion sensor. The lamp also comes with a three color temperature mode and a dual brightness mode.

The lamp also has the feature of memory function, and this enables you to keep in mind the best suitable brightness of the light and helps in seamless working.

  • Various modes of light and adjustability according to your requirement
  • Hand gesture control helps in regulating work without disruption
  • Has memory function to remember your favorite brightness modes
  • Comes with an adjustable arm, is compact and perfect for your desk
  • Needs proper maintenance and should be handled with care
  • Maybe overpriced for some people
  1. BYB E430 Swing Arm LED Lamp for Desk

BYB Metal LED Desk Lamp, Architect Swing Arm Lamp with Clamp, Eye-Care...
  • ★ Exclusive Eye-protection Technology:...
  • ★ Energy-Saving and Eco-friendly Lighting:...

With sleek design and top notch features, this is a great lamp to invest in if you are working in the architectural field. It is a metal lamp and so, gives quite a nice touch to your office or work decor.

It has an LGP or the light guide panel, which protects the eye from harmful glare. Prolonged work hours primarily could be made easy with the lamp. This lamp, too has a memory function with four lighting modes and levels. The lamp can also rotate from its base, thus making it very adjustable. It is also very eco-friendly.

  • It has a sleek finish and comes in black color too
  • Light memory feature with highly adjustable base
  • Comes with the light guide panel which protects the eye from harmful glare
  • Rotating base which is highly adjustable
  • Expensive and requires maintenance
  • May take some time to get used to the functions and positioning of​ the lamp
  1. YOUKOYI A509 LED Swing Arm Architect Desk Lamp

With a classic look, this architect desk lamp has a rotating swing arm and adjustable angles according to your needs.

The lamp has a silver finish and comes with two lighting modes and various dimmable functions. This lamp too works on touch control technology and is thus easy to operate while at work. The lighting modes will enable you to choose between warm and white temperatures.

The lamp is very high quality and corrosion resistant. It also look sleek and classy.

  • Touch control makes it easy to handle and also to operate the different lighting​ modes
  • Ideal for architects and the base is scratch proof
  • Comes with two lighting modes and various dimmable functions
  • Various adjustable angles and a swinging arm
  • The lamp head only rotates forward and backward
  1. BenQ LED Architect Lamp

    BenQ Silver Genie LED Desk Eye-Caring Table Lamp: Auto-Dimming,...
    • 35’’ WIDE DESK ILLUMINATION: featuring...

    Not just great looking but also beneficial in numerous ways, this architect desk lamp will last you a lifetime, with proper maintenance.

    Not only for architectural studies and drawings, the Genie dimmable desk lamp can also be used for studying, engineering work, gaming, etc as it adapts constantly to your needs to combat glare and eye fatigue; needless to say this comes at a cost, a cost justified one can argue. 

    Burning out of the LED is a big problem for most lamps, but for architect LED desk lamp, the LED panel comes with over 50,000 hours of lifespan. A great feature of the lamp is how the lighting can be changed according to your mood and requirement, from dim lighting to bright. With a simple knob and various functions- the simplicity and style of the lamp are worth admiring.

        • Flicker-free avoids stress on your eyes
        • Equipped with smart eye technology, and auto-adjusts brightness of the lamp
        • LED panel comes with 50,000 hours of lifespan
        • The lamp has a 150% broad light coverage and flexible joint to adjust the lamp
        • Not worth the price unless bought for professional use, fragile if not handled​ appropriately 
  2. Compasso Table Light Black

A design statement, the Compasso table light from BenQ plays in a different league entirely, a dexterous design that changes radically with each movement as a sliding track shapes a soft silicone rubber hoops directly stands out, making the Compasso the most unique lamp in our list.

Compasso light product photo 03 s b

The use of LED light technology gives the lamp the edge of distributing light evenly whilst consuming low power. Brightness is adjustable through a touch dimmer on the lamp head.

BenQ showcases that noblesse and finesse can be at home in the design of a table lamp through a really unique, sculptural presence that ought to change the office ambiance entirely.

  • Legendary design
  • Exquisite materials
  • LED technology with great adjustability 
  • Extraordinarily expensive
  1. OTUS LED Architect Desk Lamp with Motion Sensor

OTUS LED Desk Lamp with Gesture Control – Desk Lamp for Home Office,...
  • ON/OFF WITHOUT TOUCH – LED Desk Lamp activates...
  • MULTIPLE LIGHTING MODES – Architect lamp clamp...

Keeping up with all the other architecture lamps, this lamp too, has an infrared sensor, which makes it easier to work with.

The color of the lamp is black and silver, and is very classy. Its features include color temperature modes and dimming levels; this makes it much more soothing for the eyes. It also has the memory technology, so that you would be able to adjust to your preferred brightness level, thus saving you the time of adjusting it.

The metallic body, along with the adjustable head of the lamp makes it for an interesting architecture lamp.

  • Very healthy for the eyes as the light is non-flickering and adjustable
  • Touch-less control along with multiple brightness modes
  • Comes in classy black and silver colors
  • Adjustable head of the lamp makes is easy to use
  • Not the sturdiest option of a lamp
  1. TaoTronics LED Ultrathin Architect

No products found.

This sleekly designed architecture lamp is the new must-have for all architects.

Very modern and chic, this lamp is eco-friendly and consumes 75% less power than regular lamps. It also has a USB port to charge your smart-phones or use it for another purpose.

The lamp has three different lighting modes and brightness levels.

The best part of the lamp is perhaps its design and its portability. It also goes very well with contemporary working spaces. And due to its superior quality LED light, it also helps in reducing your electricity bills!

  • The lamp is very high in quality, sleek and has modern design
  • Comes with various brightness modes and has a memory function
  • Comes with a USB port
  • Requires good care as it has a sleek design 
  1. Phive CL-1 LED Architect Lamp

PHIVE CL-1 LED Architect Desk Lamp/Clamp on Desk Lamp,Metal Swing Arm...
  • 【Eye Protecting & Energy Saving】Phive LED...
  • 【Space Saving & Flexible】The drafting table...

The Phive CL-1 LED lamp has an aluminum body and has a sleek and compact design.

It is silver in color.

It takes care of your eyes as you work under it, as it has the anti-flicker technology and emits a soft light. The height of the lamp is quite high, and as a result, provides a larger area of illumination. The simple touch technology to adjust the brightness and memory function makes it very user-friendly.

The lamp also has an energy saving technology. It also has a long life, with around 50,000-hour lifespan of the LED.

  • The extremely adjustable metal body which can also be rotated
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Touch technology to adjust the settings of the lamp
  • Not much of a pocket pinch
  • Adjustability is restricted to 180 degrees
  • Needs proper maintenance and care
  1. Black Swing Arm Architect Lamp

No products found.

A cheap and pocket-friendly product, the Black Swing Arm architecture lamp can be quite useful to you.

The entire lamp is made up of metal. Hence it is quite sturdy and has low chances of toppling and breaking. The flexibility of the arm makes it easier to operate and work with. It can extend up to 32 inches.

The lamp is quite durable, comfortable to maintain and serves all the purpose of architecture lamps. It also comes with a guarantee and an easy replacement policy.

  • Very easy on the pocket
  • Has good adjustability and replacement policies
  • Metallic body and smart looking lamp
  • Very sturdy lamp and low chances of toppling and breaking
  • Does not have superior adjustability like other expensive lamps
  • Is not equipped with touch sensors or dimming modes
  1. YOUKOYI Swing Arm Architect Lamp

YOUKOYI A16S Metal Adjustable Swing Arm Desk Lamp with Clamp, Touch...
  • 【ADJUSTABLE SWING ARM LAMP】The head of desk...

The YOUKOYI Swing Arm lamp is another budget-friendly architecture lamp.

The lamp is adjustable, with a 180-degree adjustable head and also can be rotated to the left and right by 360 degrees. It also has three adjustable levels brightness. The lamp has a cling on a clamp, which makes it quite sturdy.

Since it is compact, it saves a lot of space on the desk and gives a broader working area. It also has an eye-protecting function with a soft illumination and an anti-flicker light. The body of the lamp is white and looks quite chic.

  • Very budget friendly
  • Comes with a USB port so you could charge your phones while using the lamp
  • Compact and saves space on your work area
  • Comes with an eye protection function with soft illumination
  • White colored body which looks chic
  • Doesn’t have as much quality as its expensive counterparts
  1. TaoTronics LED Architect Lamp

No products found.

A budget-friendly architecture lamp that’s extremely well-equipped, TaoTronics LED lamp can make an excellent choice for your workspace.

The lamp has a very durable body, which is metallic along with a multi-angle adjustable head and an arm which enables you to adjust the lamp as per your need. There are five color and brightness options and these help in the adjustability of the lamp according to the ambience. The lamp also has the memory function and a one-touch technology, making work easier!

The lamp has a light guide panel which transmits light sideways and has glare-free illumination technology. This makes sure that you don’t strain your eyes too much while you work. The lamp also comes with a timer and a USB port.

  • Equipped with multiple functions like one-touch technology and a USB port
  • Has an additional timer function
  • Cost-effective
  • Sleek design, hence needs to be handled with care
  1. LEDU 3-Way Clamp Mount Architect Swing Arm Lamp​

The LEDU 3-way clamp mount lamp has a lot of features for its price.

The first among with a clamp-on feature, which is quite easy to use and saves a lot of space on your work table. The grip is perfect and does not budge or droop, making your working experience hassle-free.

The lamp supports fluorescent and incandescent light and has a long 37.5-inch arm which is adjustable. The color of the lamp is black-silver; it also comes in white color. It comes with a three-year mechanical and one-year electrical warranty.

  • Cost effective lamp for your work-space
  • Comes with a good warranty period
  • Very long and adjustable arm
  • Has a clamp along with the lamp
  • Proper bulbs may be a little difficult to find
  • Needs good maintenance
  1. Globe Electric 32″ Swing Arm Architect Lamp

Globe Electric 12641 32" Swing-Arm Clamp-On Lamp, Black Finish, LED...
  • ADJUSTABLE: spring loaded arm is easily adjustable...
  • ON, OFF SWITCH: conveniently located on the base...

A very pocket-friendly yet effective architecture lamp, the electric swing arm is an excellent choice for your workspace.

The lamp is adjustable and has a spring loaded arm. This makes it easier for you to adjust according to your requirement. A metal clamping along with the lamp makes it portable and provides a stable mounting platform. It also comes with an extra long cord.

An LED bulb is also included with the lamp and could be replaced whenever required. The lamp is priced at $24 and is a very good and cheap option to invest in if you are a amateur architect or student.

It has a very chic finish and blends well in office spaces.

  • Extra long cord for ease of operation
  • Chic looking and blends well with workspaces
  • Easy to replace LED bulb
  • Cheap and cost effective
  • Does not have touch sensors or memory functions
  • Not very technologically equipped in comparison to its counterparts
  1. Joly Joy LED Architect Lamp

JOLY JOY Metal Desk Lamp, Architect LED Clamp Light for Office,...
  • Fully metal LED lamp: Durable Aluminium body and...
  • Enhanced Lighting Control - With sensitive Touch...

The Joly Joy LD lamp is one of the best office lamps available in the market.

It has a full metal body and looks very posh. The body is made out of aluminum with zinc detailing. The touch sensor gives you full control over the light functions. The lamp has five levels of brightness and color temperatures. It is also equipped with memory functions, which is another great addition to this architecture lamp.

The light guide panel gives you full eye protection and is also anti-flicker. This makes your working experience very smooth and comforting, with no strain on your eyes. The body of the lamp is very adjustable and could be tilted to 90 degrees to 200 degrees. It also gives you a wide range of focus.

  • Extremely cost effective
  • Multiple functions at a meager price
  • Very good adjustability of the lamp
  • Eye protection with anti-flicker technology
  • While sufficient in terms of quality for beginners and hobbyists, professionals would be looking for something more refined than these
  1. Boston Harbor Architect Lamp

Boston Harbor TL-WK-134E-BK-3L Swing Arm Adjustable Desk Lamp, 60 W,...
  • Sleek profile that will take up minimal real...
  • Allows flexibility. You can easily adjust the...

Boston Harbour’s lamp has one of the sleekest designs and a matt finish black body which is very attractive.

The lamp has the overall flexibility which an architecture lamp would require, and has an easy-to-adjust light which helps in focusing on your projects with ease. The lamp holder also rotates, and thus, helps you work effectively. The type of bulb which is used is a 60 Watt Type A19 Bulb, and it is not included with the lamp.

The height adjustability makes it favorable for work usage and gives a vast area of light. It is otherwise very sturdy and for the attractive price it comes at, it sure is a recommendable buy!

  • Very low price for an architecture lamp
  • Has a wide area of focus and a good adjustability
  • Rotating lamp holder
  • Chic matte finish body of the lamp
  • Does not have memory functions, USB port or even infrared sensors
  • Does not have various brightness modes
  1. Newhouse Architect LED Desk Lamp

Newhouse Lighting DLST01-B Energy-Efficient 5-watt Architect LED Desk...
  • The highest quality energy saving LEDS provide...
  • Energy-Efficient LED lighting. Replace old CFL or...

With a chic looking black color, this lamp comes with a number of functions.

To start with, the LED, which comes along with the lamp is very energy efficient and helps you save on your electricity bills too! It is also very soothing to the eye. The light is emitted from the lamp is non-flickering and reduces stress greatly. The LED also has a very long lifespan and gives off a very warm light, making it perfect for an office or a home.

The lamp is black and metallic in color, which gives it a very vintage look. Since the focus of the light is good and is moderately bright, it is ideal for students of any age and also for amateur architects who work from home or in their office spaces.

It comes with a 1-year warranty and is quite sturdy for its specifications and cost.

  • Value for money​
  • Very adjustable
  • Vintage black body perfect for office spaces
  • Comes with warranty and longevity
  • Does not have many features like other expensive lamps
  • May break if not handled with care
  1. OxyLED T4S Architect Swing Arm Desk Lamp

This lamp is ideal for architects and professionals who are looking for multiple features in their lamp.

The lamp has an eye protection feature; it is anti-flickering and ideal for long time usage. The light emitted is very soothing to the eyes and glare-free, this making it very user-friendly. The lamp also has an on and off brightness option that could be operated according to your will. It also comes with a memory function to remember your brightness preferences.

The lamp is also adjustable, and has a vast area of light coverage. The adjustability is quite wide and the lamp can be moved up/down, left/right and also be swivelled around. It also comes with a clamp which makes it very stable.

The design of the lamp is such that it is compact and could be clamped up in place. It doesn’t need to be moved around much and occupies very little space in your work table.

  • Energy saving light with superior power saving features
  • Comes with all the features an architecture lamp requires
  • Gives a vast areas of light coverage as it could be swiveled around
  • None
  1. Konesky Swing Arm Architect Lamp

No products found.

The Konesky Swing arm lamp has a revolutionary design and is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. You can fathom how sturdy it is!

It​ ​comes with a portable clamp which could be carried anywhere and fixed to keep it in place. It has an infinitely rotatable body and a 220-degree swivel head with 180 degrees long adjustable arm. The lamp could also be dimmed up to 3 levels and be adjusted according to your needs, with low, middle and high intensities.

With the aid of translucent diffusion material and daylight illumination, this lamp gives good eye protection and saves your eyes from long hours of stress. It is also flicker-free.

  • Comes with a lot of adjustability and dimming options
  • Extremely sturdy and user-friendly
  • Has very good features which helps in eye protection
  • Does not have a memory function
  1. Daylight U32100-01 Lamp

Daylight U32100-01 Combo White Lamp
  • Multifunctional art and hobby lamp, uses two...
  • High-power desk lamp with 3 by 14-watt daylight...

This high end, yet very efficient lamp not only looks good but also has various features.

The color of the body of the lamp is white, which makes looks very smart in workspaces. In addition to specific work purposes, it can also be used at home and by various people for other reasons. It uses two different types of lights, which includes a bulb, and a daylight tube.

The power of the light is very high and is ideal for lighting up large spaces and wider work areas. The light also has a flicker-free technology, which makes your work experience much smoother.

It comes with a clamp on and is quite sturdy.

  • Very elegant looking and serves the purpose of work and hobbies well
  • The longevity of the light is quite high
  • Very bright light for larger working spaces
  • Has a clamp and is very sturdy
  • Comes with a bulb and a daylight
  • Rather expensive
  • Does not have wide adjustability options
  • Does not have brightness modes or memory functions
  1. ToJane Swing Arm Architect Desk Lamp

ToJane Swing Arm Desk Lamp,Architect Table Clamp Mounted Light,...
  • ✔ Adjustable: 4 springs balanced long swing...
  • ✔ Strong construction: 0.6mm thick metal,overall...

An adjustable lamp that’s ideal for your office, ToJane Swing Arm is the perfect lamp for architects.

The lamp has a clamp with a thickness of 2.16 inches, and it could be adjusted easily according to your preference. The area of illumination is very wide, and this is ideal for larger workspaces. The arm of the lamp could swing up to 340 degrees to a height of 2.5 feet.

Unlike many other shaky lamps, this one is very sturdy and does not budge easily when clamped in place. The finish of the lamp is metallic and quite nice looking. The assembly is also very easy and user-friendly, so you could do it on your own.

Not just for office spaces, this lamp can also be used for hobbies and other home-related activities.

  • Very adjustable and could be swivelled in many directions
  • Metallic finish which looks elegant
  • User friendly assembly
  • The sturdy lamp does not budge easily
  • Does not have the functions of memory or light adjustability
  • Expensive for the limited features offered
  1. Metal Architect Swing Arm Desk Lamp

This stylish yet practical lamp will solve all your lamp needs and that too with a lot of features!

The design of the lamp is very smart and is made out of stainless steel and aluminum alloy. The body of the lamp is silver in color. It has a double-hinged arm and can be swivelled around easily. The LED panel gives a bright and wide range of illumination.

The long adjustable arm helps in illumination and makes focusing easier while reducing the strain on your eyes while working for long hours. It has an anti-flicker technology too. The lamp has dimming options and five different lighting modes. It also has memory functions.

Being a high-end option, this lamp is perfect and is highly recommendable for professional use.

  • Has all the features which are needed in a high-end architecture lamp
  • Easy swivelling body which give wide area of coverage
  • Anti flicker technology which protects the eye
  • Very elegant and stylish design
  • Quiet expensive and costs around $100
  • Does not include a USB port
  1. Danray Snake-Arm Architect Desk Lamp with Magnetic Base

Danray Products LLC LMP-24C 24-Inch Snake-Arm Lamp with C-Clamp Base...
  • Snake arm allows almost unlimited adjustment and...
  • Double-wall lampshade stays cool to the touch

This lamp is a great option for people who are looking for a strong spotlight.

The 24-inch snake arm lamp has a magnetic base and a 6-foot cord, hence the name. The extension of the cord is very long, and as a result, it could be used over a long area. The adjustment of the lamp is also quite flexible. It can hold power for a long time.

The lamp has a double walled shade, which makes the lamp cool and comfortable to touch, even after long hours of usage. It uses a 100-watt regular bulb which is readily available and can be replaced without any hassle.

  • An ideal lamp for people who need strong, focused light
  • Easily available and replaceable 100-watt bulb
  • Extendable cord and could be used in a wide area
  • Has a very long life
  • Very expensive for the limited features
  • Does not have dimming options, memory functions or much adjustability
  1. Daylight U32500 Triple Bright

Daylight U32500 Triple Bright Lamp, White
  • High-power desk lamp with 3x 14W Daylight tubes...
  • Perfect for lighting up large wide work areas,...

This lamp is perfect for workspaces which are large, wide and need steady illumination.

The lamp has good adjustability, and the shades can be adjusted in all directions. The bulb is highly powered and has flicker-free technology too. The low heat light along with wide range of illumination makes it ideal for work settings and helps you focus on finer details with ease.

The lamp is not so straining for the eye, owing to its anti-flicker technology, while the adjustability makes it easy to operate.

  • The wide range of illumination
  • Good adjustability features
  • Anti-flicker function
  • Low heat emitting feature
  • Does not include various features for the high price it is sold at
  • Replacing the bulbs may be a hassle
  1. Sunllipe Architect Swing Arm Desk Lamp with Touch Control Dimmable LED

No products found.

A very smart looking table lamp for all your office work, the Sunllipe lamp is perfect for everyday use.

The lamp is black in color and has a metallic body. Its adjustability is quite smooth, thanks to the adjustable arm and a pivoting head. The lamp can be locked into place and used according to your need. It is also is quite sensitive to touch, making the work much easier by enabling a hasslefree dimming of the lamp.

Sunllipe architect lamp led desk

The lamp also has an energy saving 7-watt bulb and could be replaced easily. It also comes with a one year warranty with an LED. The lamp is UL listed and is safe to use. It is also very sleek and lightweight, hence making portability possible.

  • Reasonably priced
  • Black color with a chic metallic body 
  • Adjustable arm with a pivoting head
  • Has most features of a high-end architecture lamps
  • Does not have a USB port
  • Due to its lightweight and sleek structure, it needs to be handled with care 
  1. TaoTronics LED Architect Desk Lamp​

No products found.

The TaoTronics LED architect desk lamp has a very stylish look and for the price, for the variety of features it comes with.

The body is white in color and is made of alloy and anodized aluminum, thus vouching for longer life. It looks very stylish and goes along with your office or home decor. It is also very compact and easy to carry around. The lamp also has touch control, five color modes and 11 types of brightness. This gives you a wider range to select from according to your requirement.

The adjustability of the lamp is quite impressive and could rotate 90 degrees left/right and 135 degrees up and down. The lamp also has a built-in USB port, which makes life so much easier! The non-flickering light of the lamp is friendly for the eyes and saves your eyes from straining even after long hours of work.

  • Comes with various features
  • Good adjustability feature
  • Friendly for the eye with anti-flicker technology
  • Extremely budget friendly for the features available 
  • Due to the sleek design, it needs to be handled with care
  • Does not come with a clamp-on 
  1. Luxe Cordless Eye-Friendly LED Desk Lamp

For designers and architects who have an eye for finer things in life and like to work in style, this is the perfect lamp for them.

Fulfilled with modern technology, this lamp looks extremely stylish and has a white body. It also has other colors that you can choose from. The lamp has Luxe LED light and has three different modes and six levels of brightness to choose from. This is controlled by a touch-sensitive panel which has 18 types of settings. It may be a little complicated, but worth it!

The lamp is portable and has a USB port which can run for almost 40 hours. The adjustability of the lamp is also impressive, and can rotate up to 360 degrees. The light emitted is glare and flicker-free and will protect the eye even after long hours of work.

  • Very long life, up to 50,000 hours of the life of the LED
  • Has 1 meter fall protection and ensures safety even after a fall
  • Has every function an architecture lamp requires
  • Comes at a price of $60, which could be expensive for a few
  1. BYB E476 Metal Architect LED Desk Lamp 

BYB Metal LED Desk Lamp, Architect Swing Arm Lamp with Clamp, Eye-Care...
  • ★ Exclusive Eye-protection Technology:...
  • ★ Energy-Saving and Eco-friendly Lighting:...

The BYB E476 Metal architect LED desk lamp has a lot of features which you would essentially look for in an architect lamp.

It comes with an eye protection technology and a light guide panel which gives it the anti-flicker technology and thus protects your eyes from long hours of work and strain. It is high energy saving and eco-friendly and uses 80% less energy than most bulbs. The lifespan is up to 50,000 hours and hence, you can be assured that you have a lower electricity bill.

The lamp has an adjustable clamp which could be fixed at most workstations. It also has a memory function and four lighting modes with six dimming levels. You could choose whichever is convenient for you! The base of the lamp can rotate, and the LED panel can swivel, thus making the light adjustability a positive plus point in this lamp. The lamp is made from aircraft quality aluminum alloy and has a very sleek finish to it.

  • Has a very sturdy and sleek finish to it
  • Comes with an adjustable clamp
  • Rotatable base which is easy to use
  • The lamp has all the features from memory function to dimming and brightness modes for your needs 
  • The lamp does not include a USB port
  1. Koncept AR3000-C-MBK-DSK Z-Bar LED Desk Lamp

Koncept AR3000-C-MBK-DSK Z-Bar LED Desk Lamp, Cool Light, Metallic...
  • 9.5 watt/12V desk lamp with 4500K cool white LED...
  • Aluminum housing for light weight and resistance...

This high end, yet convenient architecture lamp comes with various features.

The lamp looks very sleek and has a black finish. It has a white LED bulb and tip-resistant base. It also comes with a 9.5-watt bulb. The aluminum body of the lamp is sleek and stylish and black, it’s also corrosion resistant.

The lamp has a built-in touch-sensitive strip which helps in adjusting the dimming function of the lamp. There are also multiple dimming levels to choose from. The lamp head can also be adjusted and had a swinging head which can be rotated. Hence the lamp can be positioned in whatever way you would want it to focus.

Koncept desk lamp comes with a cord, and the LED could run up to 50,000 hours. The slender body of the lamp makes it easy to carry around and save a lot of space on your workstation.

  • ​Looks very chic and stylish for your work-space
  • Long lasting 50,000 LED lamp
  • Has various dimming functions and a touch-sensitive pad
  • Does not include USB port feature and other otherwise relevant features
  1. QUATTRO™ LED Bauhaus Lamp

Quattro™ led architect lamp

A revolutionary lamp designed for perfection, Quattro LED lamp is made with the finest technology and is one of the most iconic designs for the architecture and architects, boosting a Bauhaus inspired geometry and color palette.

The shape and structure of the lamp are quite innovative and unlike any other lamp available in the market. It is built with the flat panel technology and a minimalistic design. It includes a 6-Watt LED Flat Panel and 3-Step optical dimmer. The height and base dimensions are also minimal, thus making it very user-friendly.

  • Incredibly classy and minimalist design
  • The build is made with top notch technology the lamp and is one of the best for professionals
  • Includes a 6 watt LED and 3 step optical dimmer
  • Very user friendly lamp
  • Due to its sleek and minimalistic design, it is necessary to handle it with care

These are some of the trendy and handy architecture desk lights which have been used and reviewed by professionals as well as students. According to the features and the flexible price range, the list has been categorized and hopefully, you find it helpful to find the best-suited lamp for your work!

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14 thoughts on “30 Best Architect Lamps for Desk, Table & Office of 2023 Reviewed”

  1. My brother has the Ultrathin Architect in his working area in his house. I always remind my kids to be extra careful when going in there. I feel like if they brush againts it just a little bit, they might break it because of its design.

  2. I noticed that most of the lamps for architects are so delicate to handle and needs above average maintenance. I hope they make sturdier ones in the future.

  3. Lovely lamps here for architects to chose from which will aid in their time of trying to draw.BenQ LED Architect Lamp looks great and I like the long lasting characteristics and the fact that one can change it from bright to dim and vice versa.

  4. 29 amazing looking lamps to choose from.I think it worth having any of these since there are durable and of course pocket friendly

  5. When it comes to lamps LIGHTING quality is priority. I would perhaps choose the LED Powered one.

  6. These sure are all trendy lamps. There are too many great choices! I will probably choose the one the I can afford most.

  7. Hey thanks for giving us very informative comparison of lamps available online. Sure need to get one when I need to work even at crazy hours in the morning when my eyes are just so tired and strained. Great review and I better check the sites online see how much it cost. Thanks 🙂

  8. The list is big and it’s good to have a wide range to choose from. You can compare the pros and cons to get what best suits you.

  9. The Quattro and the Tao lamps are my favorites, they look like they got out of a futuristic movie

  10. Speaking from experience, benq, byb, and luxe lamps are great options. They’re very aesthetic and durable not to mention high-performing

  11. I am a longtime user of this ToJane Swing Arm Architect Desk Lamp and for me, this is still the best architect lamp. It is very durable and it gives accurate light that I require. Also, very sturdy and very convenient to use.

  12. this artcile is very helpful. it widens our knowledge on what to get when choosing an architecture lamp.

  13. this artcile is very helpful. it widens our knowledge on what to get when choosing an architecture lamp.thank you

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