11 Best Desks For Artists In 2023 | Reviews & Buying Guide

Any artist requires proper equipment, good lighting, and most importantly, a comfortable art desk. 

There are dozens of artist desks on the market to choose from. While some are most aesthetic, others may be more functional or comfortable. So, how do you choose the right art desk for your needs?  
Well, to make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of the top 13 art desks you can consider. Furthermore, we have included an art desk buyer’s guide to help you make the right decision. 

So, without further delay, let us take a look at some of the best artist’s desks that can help unleash your creative side. 

Best Desks For Artists 

Here’s the list of the 12 best desks for artists that will transform your workspace and boost your creativity.

1. SD Studio Designs 13325 – Best for Adjustability & Storage

After in-depth research and testing, we came across SD Studio Designs. This company is well-known for designing some of the most comfortable and functional art desks for budding and professional artists. And one of our favorite art desks from its collection was this 2-piece artist’s desk.

Right off the bat, we were impressed by the ingenious design of this unit. Constructed of heavy-duty steel with six-floor levelers, this artist’s desk is designed for comfort and creativity. The manufacturer has included a padded stool that provides optimal comfort for long hours of work, and there are several storage drawers and a large storage space under the table. 

Moving on, the adjustable tabletop features a 40-degree tilt design that gives you a lot of scope for drawing and other artwork. Tilting the top is pretty easy, and the different angles can help you set the perfect position according to your comfort. Plus, the drawing surface, with a 36-inch width and 24-inch height, is wider than most other drafting tables we have come across.

Finally, we loved the 24-inch detachable pencil ledge that keeps your art supplies from falling off, even if the table itself is tilted. 

Although we love the inclusion of the storage drawers, they are essentially just 13-inch squares. So, they may be ideal for holding art supplies like rulers, pencils, pens, and brushes, but anything larger than 12 inches will not fit. Other than that, you won’t find much to complain about in this product. 

Dimensions: 23.75″ x 50″ x 29.53″ | Weight: 52.91 Pounds | Material: Alloy Steel | Special Feature: Drawers and Stool | Mounting Type: Floor Mount | Assembly required: Yes

2. ZENY Drafting Table – Best for Ergonomics & Functionality

Next up, we want to introduce you to this ZENY drafting table. Made with MDF wood and durable steel frames, this unit is an excellent pick for most artists. Featuring a double tabletop design with a waterproof coating, it ensures that you can draw, paint, or draft with ease.

One of the best things we liked about this multi-function drafting table was its ergonomic and functional design. As such, the tabletop tilts to a 45-degree angle, giving you ample freedom to work on it for all types of art and drafting work. And once you are done, simply fold the tabletop and use it directly as a desk. 

There are two drawers with ample storage space for all your art supplies. Furthermore, the art desk features a sliding pencil ledge where you can store brushes, pens, and other items. It easily locks into place and doesn’t move around, so you don’t have to worry about accidental spills or damage. 

Moreover, the rubber anti-slip feet cover the bottom of the steel legs. Not only does this prevent the art desk from slipping and ruining your artwork but it also protects the floors from scratches and scuff marks. 

If there was one thing that we did not like about this drawing table, it would be the location of the cupholder. This design could be slightly problematic for painters who wish to keep their water glass closed, as they need to constantly stretch their hands to access the water glass.

Dimensions: ‎23.62″ x 55″ x 35.8″ | Weight: 60.63 Pounds | Material: Alloy Steel | Special Feature: ‎Adjustable height and tabletop,double tabletop,storage drawers | Mounting Type: Tabletop | Assembly required: Yes

3. Yaheetech Drawing Table – Best for Wide Tilt Angle Range

Our next pick for artists and drafters is the Yaheetech drawing table. It’s made of solid engineered wood and a natural wood finish, which makes it beautiful to look at and also quite functional. Furthermore, it offers a wider tilt angle than most other drafting tables on the market. 

One of the first things that caught our eye was its adjustable tabletop design. Unlike most other drafting tables, this one features a 60-degree tilt angle, giving you tremendous freedom to angle the drawing surface according to your requirements. 

The included stool set makes the drawing table complete since you don’t have to worry about lugging around a chair every time you need to use it. Plus, the adjustable pencil ledge is designed at the front edge of the table so that your pencils and other art supplies don’t roll off the tilted surface. 

Besides, the manufacturer has included a sliding tray to safely stow other items like mobile devices, art supplies, books, gadgets, etc. The tray can be easily detached and cleaned to always give you a clean surface to work on. 

We aren’t really fond of the storage drawers, as they are made of fabric. Although they are ideal for holding lightweight drawing equipment like pencils, pens, brushes, and plastic caps, they may not be suitable for heavier items. 

Dimensions: 23.6″ x 47.44″ x 36.5″ | Weight: 50.71 Pounds | Material: Metal | Special Feature: Adjustable height and 2 storage drawers | Mounting Type: Tabletop | Assembly required: Yes

4. Futura Drafting Table – Best for Glass Surface & Tracing

The Futura Advanced Drafting Table from SD Studio Designs. This can be a perfect solution if you have been looking for an art table featuring tempered glass for tracing and drafting work. So, read on to know more about it.

For starters, we loved the blue tempered glass top design that allows artists to use it as a light table or a tracing table. The construction of this adjustable desk is sturdy and designed to be used for several drawing tasks. As such, the glass weight limit is 25 pounds, so as long as you don’t overload the drawing board, it will last for years without issue.

Aside from that, you will find three sliding drawers that can be used for storing small art supplies and items. These drawers can be placed on either side of the desk according to your convenience, which is an excellent design feature. 

Lastly, the glass surface of the desk can be used for drawing, painting, drafting, tracing, and other work. You can easily adjust the tabletop to use it as a computer desk or an office desk when required. 

All said and done; we felt that the molded plastic drawers were too small to hold anything larger than small pencils and crayons. Although there is ample storage space for art supplies at the sides of the office desk, the storage drawers could have been slightly larger for convenience. 

Dimensions: 24″ x 43.31″ x 31.5″ | Weight: 48 Pounds | Material: Alloy Steel | Special Feature: Split Top Table | Mounting Type: Floor Mount | Assembly required: Yes

5. OneSpace – Best for Storage and Mobility

The next product on our list is the OneSpace Craft Station 50-CS01. If you are looking for a drafting table that lets you trace and do light work easily, then this unit can be the perfect match. With a blue tempered glass top and a 62.5-degree tilt angle, this is a great desk for all artists and drafters.

Most artists and drafters require ample space to keep their supplies at hand. While most drawing tables have a great work surface, some of them may lack the storage area you need. Fortunately, this drawing desk has two slide-out drawers and also features multiple single-slot and multi-slot trays on each side. 

Beyond that, you will find removable pencil trays where you can conveniently store pens, brushes, pencils, and other drawing supplies close to hand. 

Moving on, this craft station features heavy-duty steel frames and legs that ensure durability. There are also four rolling casters that allow you to easily move the table from one spot to another if you need to. 

Although we love the ergonomic design and functionality of this craft station, we had one small gripe. The fact that only two of the rolling casters are lockable means that the table tends to slip and slide if too much pressure is applied to it. 

Dimensions: 24″ x 41.25″ x 31.5″ | Weight: 40.5 Pounds | Material: Alloy Steel | Special Feature: Ergonomic,storage | Mounting Type: Freestanding | Assembly required: Yes

6. Nova Microdermabrasion Drafting Desk 

The next drawing desk we have for all the budding and professional artists out there is the Nova Microdermabrasion Drafting Desk. With fully adjustable height and tilt angle features, this desk is perfect for all types of creative work. Plus, it comes with a padded stool for additional comfort. 

Most artists are accustomed to the nagging shoulder pains and lower back pains they get when working for long hours. This occurs primarily due to bad posture and unsuitable desks and chairs. Well, Nova has designed a table to solve this issue permanently. 

It features a fully adjustable height and tabletop tilt angles, which allow you to conveniently use the table according to your specific height and preferences without suffering from pain and fatigue. Furthermore, the manufacturer has included a padded stool so you can comfortably paint or draw for longer hours. 

Aside from that, it has multiple drawers and an under-table storage unit for all your art supplies. We also appreciate the inclusion of the rubber feet at the bottom that prevent accidental scratches from the table legs.  

This solid wood drawing table is excellent for most artists who want an ergonomic unit for long hours of work. However, the assembly instructions were not very clear, so it may be a time-consuming affair for some users.

Dimensions: 23.6″ x 42.5″ x 27.4″ | Weight: 2204.62 Pounds | Material: Alloy Steel | Special Feature: Adjustable | Mounting Type: Tabletop | Assembly required: Yes

7. Meeden

The next product we want to talk about is the Meeden Drafting Table 8541831290. Made entirely of wood with a smooth, polished finish, this table is excellent for artists and drafters alike. It features an adjustable tilt design and can be easily adjusted according to your height preferences. 

If you are looking for a solid wood artist desk with a large work surface, you will love this table from Meeden. The best part about this product is that not only can you adjust its tilt angle but also its height. It gives you adequate freedom to use it as a standard computer desk, an easel for drawing, or for reading. 

The solid pine wood construction is extremely stable and sturdy, so you don’t need to worry about unnecessary wobbling and slipping during work. Plus, it comes with a 24-inch built-in T square for making precise measurements. 

The manufacturer also provides all the assembly tools and instructions for this product, so you don’t have to worry about the smaller parts, which may seem tricky. Also, it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee in case you are unhappy with it. 

Although the manufacturer provides all the assembly parts and instructions, it takes two people to correctly put it all together. This can be an inconvenience if you plan on assembling it alone, and you will need to wait for another set of hands for assistance. Other than that, this product is an excellent buy. 

Dimensions: 28″ x 36″ x 38″ | Weight: 25 Pounds | Material: Pine Wood | Special Feature: Adjustable | Mounting Type: Tabletop | Assembly required: Yes

8. SD Studio Designs 10057

Yet another feature from SD Studio Designs, we have the Futura Tower Drawing Desk 10057. This product comes with multiple features and accessories that make it a complete piece for all artists, drafters, animators, engineers, or architects. Keep reading to know all about this product and find out if it is right for you.

As soon as we set eyes on the Future Tower, we knew it would be a perfect go-to product for most artists. With its tower shelf design and multiple storage compartments, you never have to worry about losing any of your supplies or not having them at hand. 

The 40-degree adjustable tilt design gives you adequate room to move the tabletop according to your drawing needs. Plus, it comes with not one but two cup holders to keep water for art or drinking. 

The magnetic corkboard and panel enable you to add metal items to the art desk without the worry of them falling over. There are also multiple removable trays where you can store all your artist supplies. And if you don’t require them, simply remove them and keep them aside to create more space on the table.  

After testing this table for several weeks, we had only one small issue with it. As such, the table does not come with casters at the bottom, so transporting it from room to room can be a bit of an issue since it is slightly heavy. 

Dimensions: 54″ x 30″ x 6″ | Weight: 50 Pounds | Material: Alloy Steel | Special Feature: Storage, Durable, Lockable, Adjustable | Mounting Type: Tabletop | Assembly required: No

9. Topeakmart Drawing Desk

One of our last products is the Topearkmart Drawing Desk which is an excellent choice for most artists. Its rolling wheels make it easy to transport the table from room to room if required. Plus, the glass top design enables you to use it for light work or tracing without hassle. Read on to know more. 

Looking for a good desk for drawing, painting, or drafting work? Check out this product from Topeakmart. With its 60-degree adjustable tilt design, this table gives you adequate room to use the tabletop for all kinds of artwork. 

We love the addition of the rolling wheels at the bottom as it makes transport very convenient. Plus, the manufacturer provides two sets of feet for different purposes. You can add the screw-in flat feet when you don’t require much mobility or use the rolling wheels for transportation. 

Last but not least, the light blue tinted glass provides additional durability to the table. Not to mention, it is excellent for light work and tracing, as it softens the harsh light from the back. 

All said and done, we wish this desk were height-adjustable, as it would have been perfect for adults and kids alike. Other than that, there are no such major complaints with this product, and we highly recommend it to all artists, drafters, animators, and architects. 

Dimensions: 23.6″ x 47.2″ x 40.6″ | Weight: 38.58 Pounds | Material: Alloy Steel | Special Feature: Adjustable | Mounting Type: Tabletop | Assembly required: Yes

10. Waful Art Table 

We could not complete our list without including the Waful Art Table for artists and drafters. Unlike our previous pick, this table comes with adjustable height features, so you can conveniently use it while sitting, or standing, or gift it to your kids. Read on and know all about its features below. 

Several aspects of this product convinced us to add it to our list. For starters, the iron frames and sturdy construction of this artist’s desk are highly appreciated. The manufacturer has included an ergonomic padded stool for your convenience, so you don’t need to purchase an extra one. 

With six adjustable heights and a 75-degree tilt angle, this product is ideal for most types of artwork, reading, drawing, animation, and painting. There are two storage drawers under the table and an additional storage rack for all your supplies and books. 

Finally, you will find several compartments at the side of the tabletop where you can conveniently keep pens, pencils, brushes, and other supplies. Overall, this is an excellent table for most people to use.  

If we had one complaint, it would be about the assembly and instructions. Although it seemed fairly simple at first, most customers faced some sort of difficulty lining up the parts correctly and getting the table set up. Other than that, it’s a great product overall.

Dimensions: 23.62″ x 35.43″ x 24.01″ | Weight: 60.62 Pounds | Material: Alloy Steel | Special Feature: Adjustable | Mounting Type: Tabletop | Assembly required: Yes

11. Coaster

Looking for a modern desk for artists with a contemporary design and excellent features? Check out the Coaster Drafting Desk 800986. Made of heavy-duty powder-coated steel frames and a smoked tempered glass tabletop, this drafting table is a beauty to behold. Plus, it provides excellent functionality for most artists and drafters.

The Coaster Drafting Desk 800986 caught our eye because of its stunning design. As such, it features an adjustable tilt surface with a smoked glass top that has a slightly brown tint. This gives the tabletop an aesthetic appeal and also helps artists and architects with light work and tracing. 

The pen holders at the sides of the table can be easily slid for convenience; however, you may have to apply some pressure to lock them into place. Plus, there are three plastic drawers that are quite durable due to their heavy-duty construction. They provide ample storage space for most art supplies and other items. 

Although the drawing desk is made of high-quality steel and glass, it is extremely lightweight and easy to move around the house. So, if you plan on moving the desk from one room to another, you shouldn’t face much trouble with doing so. 

Even though most users left excellent reviews about this product, we had one small complaint. This desk requires assembly, and the manufacturer’s instructions are not too clear. Since there are only pictorial references with no written instructions, some people might face difficulties assembling them.

Dimensions: ‎41.00″ x 23.75″ x 44″ | Weight: 1 Pound | Material: Steel and glass | Special Feature: Adjustable | Mounting Type: Tabletop | Assembly required: Yes

Best Desk For Artists Comparison Table

Product Dimensions Weight Material Special Feature Mounting Type Assembly required
SD Studio Designs 13325 23.75″ x 50″ x 29.53″ 52.91 Pounds Alloy Steel Drawers and Stool Floor Mount Yes
ZENY Drafting Table 23.62″ x 55″ x 35.8″ 60.63 Pounds Alloy Steel Adjustable height and tabletop,double tabletop,storage drawers Tabletop Yes
Yaheetech Drawing Table 23.6″ x 47.44″ x 36.5″ 50.71 Pounds Metal Adjustable height and 2 storage drawers Tabletop Yes
Futura Drafting Table 24″ x 43.31″ x 31.5″ 48 Pounds Alloy Steel Split Top Table Floor Mount Yes
OneSpace 24″ x 41.25″ x 31.5″ 40.5 Pounds Alloy Steel Ergonomic,storage Freestanding Yes
Nova Microdermabrasion Drafting Desk 23.6″ x 42.5″ x 27.4″ 2204.62 Pounds Alloy Steel Adjustable Tabletop Yes
Meeden 28″ x 36″ x 38″ 25 Pounds Pine Wood Adjustable Tabletop Yes
SD Studio Designs 10057 54″ x 30″ x 6″ 50 Pounds Alloy Steel Storage, Durable, Lockable, Adjustable Tabletop No
Topeakmart Drawing Desk 23.6″ x 47.2″ x 40.6″ 38.58 Pounds Alloy Steel Adjustable Tabletop Yes
Waful Art Table 23.62″ x 35.43″ x 24.01″ 60.62 Pounds Alloy Steel Adjustable Tabletop Yes
Coaster 41.00″ x 23.75″ x 44″H 1 pound Steel and glass Adjustable Tabletop Yes

Buying Guide For The Best Desk For Artists

Now that we have finally reached the end of our comprehensive reviews, some of you may already have chosen the best drafting table for your artwork. However, if you are yet to decide, don’t worry. We are here to help you further. 

After researching dozens of the best art desks, we figured out some points that you should factor in when picking the right model. We hope that these tips help you find the best art desk for your drawing needs. 


One of the most important factors to consider when looking for the best art desk is its size. You need to gauge the space and how big you want the drawing table to be. There is no use purchasing a beautiful and functional artist desk if you don’t have enough space to place it in. 

We recommend using a measuring tape to accurately measure the dimensions of the space you wish to place the drawing table in. Then, check the product dimensions carefully to gauge whether it will fit in the space or not. 

Measure the space from the wall to see how much the standing desk will stick out, and if you have adequate space to use it comfortably or not. Also, check the dimensions of the drawing space to know if you can comfortably use canvases and papers of all sizes on it. 

Desk Drawers 

The next thing you want to check is the number of drawers the table contains. This largely depends on whether or not you have multiple art supplies that you need to store on the drafting desk. If you already have storage spaces for your supplies, opt for a drawing table that doesn’t have too many drawers. 

Otherwise, you’ll need to check if the drawers have enough space to hold all your supplies

Purpose Of Use 

Another thing you need to consider is the purpose of use. Architects and drafters might want the option of a drawing table with a tempered glass surface, as it would help them use it as a light table. Meanwhile, painters and digital artists, or those looking for an office desk, may not require a glass surface. 

You should also consider if the table will be doubling up as a work desk. If you plan to use it for work, it should have a flat surface and ideally include an adjustable computer chair. This will help you use the surface as a laptop desk during work and adjust the angles to use it for other artwork when needed.

Furthermore, check the desk area and note if it contains adequate space to hold pens, pencils, drawing tablets, and other supplies you may require during working or making art. 

Should you purchase an artist desk without an adjustable height feature?

Well, this largely depends on your needs and requirements from the desk. However, we recommend looking for a good desk with adjustable height as it allows you to use it conveniently – whether you are sitting or standing.

Furthermore, an adjustable height feature can be excellent for painters, architects, and artists who often need to stand or tilt the desk at an angle to create certain features on the canvas.

How much weight can a glass tabletop take?

The weight capacity of a desk or its glass tabletop varies from brand to brand. However, most good drawing tables should ideally be able to hold at least 25 pounds. That said, you may come across a higher-quality desk with sturdy construction that can withstand more weight.

How do I choose the right artist desk for my needs?

When choosing an artist’s desk, consider factors like size, adjustability, material, storage options, and mobility. Ensure that the desk you select has adequate space for your art supplies and provides ample working surface. The desk should also have adjustable features like a tiltable tabletop and height-adjustable legs to cater to your specific requirements.

Additionally, choose a desk made of durable materials, offers storage options for your supplies, and is easy to move if necessary.

Are glass-top artist desks suitable for all kinds of art?

While glass-top artist desks are aesthetically pleasing and perfect for light work or tracing, they may not be ideal for all types of art. Hand pressure and weight on the glass surface might result in scratches and, in extreme cases, breakage.

Nevertheless, if you choose a desk with tempered glass, it should provide better durability and can withstand moderate pressure.

Should I opt for a desk with or without storage options?

This depends on your specific needs and work habits. If you use various art supplies regularly, a desk with storage options like drawers, shelves, and compartments will help you stay organized and keep everything easily accessible.

However, if you have a separate storage unit or require less storage, a desk without built-in storage might suffice.


With that, we can finally conclude our review-based guide. We hope this helps you find the best artist desk for your drawing needs. 

Go through all the options carefully and check the dimensions before purchasing a product. Also, it is best to opt for drawing tables that come with an included stool or office chair, as you don’t need to worry about buying another one. 

Before we take our leave, let us review some of our favorites from this list. Overall, we loved the SD Studio Designs 2-Piece Artist’s Desk 13325 because of its excellent design and the included stool and rubber feet. 

We also recommend the ZENY Drafting Table as it is one of the best desks for artists and drafters. Let us know which desk for artists you liked best. 

Until next time, enjoy creating new art!

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