8 of the Best Desk for Artists Today, Read or Miss Out !

best desk for artists

What artist does not desire a great desk to get their work done on?

Not only are artist desks more ergonomic, they even help the users maintain a vantage point over their work along with assisting their drawing grip.

Drawing on a regular horizontal surface over a prolonged period can lead to severe neck issues as you will tend to work more with your head down. The slanted surface of the artist desk caters to this issue perfectly.

Featured Image via Ella Jardim@daniellajardim

But desks for artists come in various shapes and sizes and choosing the right one for your needs may feel like a daunting task. Not only should you first consider why you need an artist desk, but you must also remember factors like sturdiness, affordability and the ‘designed for art’ features of the desk you want to buy.

All of this can confuse the average buyer. But today we have handpicked 8 of the best desks for artists just for you.

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Best Desk for Artists Today

  1. Studio Designs Comet Center with Stool 

STUDIO DESIGNS Comet Center with Stool Silver / Black 13325
  • Overall Dimensions: 50 in. W x 24 in. D x 29.5 in....
  • Top Dimensions: 36"W x 23.75"D

It is a must for any artist, may it be an illustrator or an architect, to have a comfortable work space with all their tools and supplies readily accessible at arms reach. The Studio Designs’ comet center is all about providing the right work environment to its users.

The 3 piece center table top is adjustable up to 20 degrees and includes a 24” pencil ledge that slides up and locks into place when needed. With three adjustable storage drawers and a padded tool, you will be able to work for hours without having to have your neck hurt or your bottom going numb.

In just under 2 hours you will be able to assemble the desk yourself, and it is quite surprising how sturdy it is.

But in retrospect, if you are very particular about your desk needs, then the fabric drawers might feel like a drawback. As it is not a compact box, your instruments when stored will roll around as you pull the drawer in and out. The soft-sided drawer isn’t really meant for more than about a pound of weight in it, so it tends to flex and splay, collapsing a bit under the weight.

But the other drawers make up for this lack, as they are very light and slide in and out with much ease.

  1. Martin Ashley Art-Hobby Table with Stool, White Top, 23-1/2-Inch by 35-1/2-Inch Size Surface

One of the lighter models on the list today, the Martin Ashley series of Art-Hobby tables are perfect for households that have an uneven floor. Each leg of the desk is unique in nature as they can be separately adjusted on any form of surfaces that lack a stable level.

The additional tilt mechanism makes it incredibly sturdy and does not allow the surface top to collapse on its own weight pressure so that you can draw away for hours on end.

The small easy to use drawers are compact and can fit a variety of instruments inside it. Perfect for storing your airbrushes and Rapidograph pens.

But to some while unboxing and installing, the assembly directions may feel unbelievably tricky. Setting it up, as a result, can take more than 3-4 hours, which is absolutely not ideal. And a few models (concerning customer complaints), even though they accommodate height adjustments, may not lift more than a few inches.

The table top might also feel a bit smaller than what is advertised in the photographs, but concerning utility, it is perfect for any kind of work, from illustrations to charting out geometric graphs. Its small compact size is what makes it so sturdy and portable.

  1. Studio Designs Futura Advanced Drafting Table with Side Shelf

Studio Designs Futura Advanced Drafting Table with Side Shelf
  • Collapsible glass side shelf for added convenience
  • Frame features sleek rectangular tubing

Founded in 1985 in Pico Rivera, Studio Designs (formerly known as Studio RTA) is one of the pioneers in everything art sets, drafting tables, craft tables, workstations, easels, and more.

Their brand of Futura Advanced Drafting Tables are all about efficiency. It’s sleek and contemporary design is constructed of durable heavy gauge steel and features a tempered blue safety glass work surface, which has a measurement of 36W x 24D inches. If you chose to work either on a portrait or a landscape, you would not be running out of desk space any time soon.

The side shelf that accompanies this table provides a sturdy surface that remains flat while the work surface is propped and tilted over it. The 35-degree tilt feature of the work surface makes it easier for you to sketch outlines and have a vantage point while filling in those delicate details.

As an added bonus with just a small aid from a light source beneath the glass work surface, you can have a tracing table which is compatible with parallel bars. With the drafting table, you are even provided with two styles of detachable side trays, two circles, and six small pencil holes.

All in all, this is an excellent fully functional product to add to your household.

  1. Studio Designs 10050 Futura Craft Station

Studio Designs Futura Modern Metal and Glass Hobby, Craft, Drawing,...
  • Main Work Surface 38 x 24
  • Tempered Blue Safety Glass Top

Another great model from Studio Designs, the 10050 Futura Craft Station is a perfect addition to our list today. Quite contemporary in look and appeal this multifunctional desk is ideal for any form of drafting, drawing, or crafting on its large tempered safety-glass work surface.  

It stands apart from the Advanced Drafting Table with Side Shelf because of some additional features. Some of them include a large pencil drawer, 4 removable side trays for supplies and 3 slide-out drawers for extra storage (mounts on either side of the table). A 24” pencil ledge slides up and locks into place if you like to keep your pens, pencils, or brushes on the table top.

This very sturdy model is made of heavy gauge, powder-coated steel for durability and is also provided with 4-floor levelers for stability. Additionally, the Futura Leg Extensions raises the table top height of the Futura Craft Station from 31.5” to 37.75” when flat. It allows you to work while standing or while using a drafting chair. It too is constructed of heavy gauge steel for durability and extra support.

Studio Designs have also made your tracing needs easy. If you use your table to trace or draw, you can now easily attach a light pad to the table. The economic Light Pad Support Bars accessory for these metal and glass tables will effectively convert your Futura Craft Station into a light table.

  1. Studio Designs 10057 Futura Tower

Studio Designs 10057 Futura Tower, Silver/Blue Glass
  • 6 Top Angle Adjustments from Flat to 40 Degrees
  • (4) Removable Art Trays for Pens, Pencils, Brushes...

The 10057 Futura Tower is not only efficient like the rest of the Studio Design models but is very user-friendly as well. May it be office and art supplies, notes, photos – the Futura Tower has a place to store everything you want to have on your desk within arms reach.

The desk stores everything all over a 33 W x 21”D blue tempered safety-glass work surface which is constructed of durable heavy gauge steel with a powder-coated finish, the desk also features a 24” x 9” tower shelf and an extra-large slide-out drawer for even more storage options.  

The tabletop can uniquely adjust to 6 different angles, ranging from 0 to 40 degrees and additionally, a 24” pencil ledge slides up and locks into place when needed, making your tools more accessible.

For versatility and stability, the desk is given  4 removable art trays, 2 cup holders and a combo magnetic/cork board (4 magnets included) along with floor levelers for each leg to maintain the perfect balance on an uneven surface.

The two cup holders for water bottles, drinks or supplies lets you constantly work for a very long period of time, without having to go for a drink break.  

  1. Sauder Computer Desk, Brushed Maple Finish

Sauder 402375 Computer Desk, L: 59.45" x W: 23.47" x H: 29.02",...
  • Slide-out keyboard/mouse shelf with metal runners...
  • Two drawers with metal runners and safety stops,...

Sauder’s series of Computer Desk models are specially made to focus solely on creating the perfect office atmosphere. Built with a desktop in mind, the wood-based desk is equipped with all the utilities you might need when working away on your computer.

Whether you’re at the office or home, this maple-finish computer desk from the Sauder Select collection will give your workstation that sleek traditional look, that can compete with any contemporary design. With features like slide-out keyboard/mouse shelf, two easy gliding drawers, and desktop grommet hole for electrical cord access, it almost makes office work seem fun. Working on digital illustrations will no more be a tiring chore.

The tower CPU opening is 11.5 W x 19.5 D x 22.75 H Inches with an overall dimension of 59.5 W x 23.5 D x 29 H inches, which gives it ample space to house the most powerful of computers. With the addition of the long filing cabinet drawer, you can now store letters or European-size hanging files, while the storage area behind the door can hold a vertical CPU tower.

The wooden build makes this table very sturdy and long lasting. And along with the stylish maple brushed exterior polish, it can be a perfect addition to any home or office.

  1. Studio Designs Ponderosa Wood Topped Table in Sonoma Brown 13285

Studio Designs Ponderosa Wood Topped Table in Sonoma Brown 13285
  • Overall Dimensions: 42"W x 24"D x 30"-41.5"H
  • Main Work surface 42"W x 24"D

If you are looking to provide your workspace with a much needed elegant touch, then you cannot go wrong with the Studio Designs Ponderosa Wood Topped Table. For your home or office, the Sonoma Brown finish gives the tabletop a very artistic look, that will appeal to any artist.

May it be for charting out statistical graphs for an office project or just graphic designing, this table is built with a solid wood frame and legs that will not give in, no matter how stressful the work schedule.

The 16 different top angulation adjustments feature ranges from 0-30 degrees and alongside that a 5 partition wood drawer facilitates easy, organized storage, for all your pencils, pens and brushes.  

As another plus you can create your own light table with this desk, as it is primarily made out of wood, you can purchase an LED Direct it Strip Light and fit it into the center section of the desk drawer. All you need to do is drill holes in the side of the wooden board that separates the center section, and then you can run the wire out the side and back of the table keeping the glass top raised. Finally, plug it into the Surge Protect Strip and wall outlet.

On the other hand, if we talk about cons, the storage space that the drawers provide, can feel a bit limited to some.

  1. Alvin Craftmaster Art and Drawing Table, 24 X 40 inch Cherry Woodgrain Top

Alvin CM40-3-WBR CraftMaster Art, Drawing and Hobby Table Black Base...
  • One-hand tilt-angle mechanism adjusts tabletop...
  • Height adjusts 28" to 32" in the horizontal...

The compact and affordable Alvin Craftmaster Art and Drawing Table is a very portable desk that can fit in the corner of any garage and be easily moved inside when it’s too cold or hot out.

This table with great working features is relatively easy to assemble, and the tabletop ratchets up several notches to the exact angle you need for your art. The surface is amply big for even comic pages (11×17) and a couple of books as well.

But on the flip side, It doesn’t have a ton of leg room underneath, but that’s a given considering its compact size. And the drawers may feel poorly made to some, as they can be badly warped (which can be a side effect of heat during shipping). This might, as a result, cause significant problems when trying to snap them together.

Moreover, after fitting them in, you may still end up taking them apart, if you have long limbs, as you would keep banging your knee into them while working.

Even with its fair share of cons, the Alvin Craftmaster Art and Drawing Table is one of the most affordable and effective artist desks in that price range. The fiber wood, and the thin grain laminated, cherry finished table top, gives it an aesthetic appeal suitable for any workspace no matter what the decor.    

best desk for artists

Image via Tim Wright@timdwright



In our list today, we’ve covered a wide range of unique artist tables, with their own set of varying features. While one has mastered an ergonomic design to aid the artist through any field of professional work, the other is equipped with user-friendly traits and manages to provide every tool at an arm’s length distance.

And if we must condense a conclusion from our list, we must then keep in mind your needs and desires. What your decision must be primarily based on is for what purpose you need an artist desk, for graphic design or topographic tracing; the tables in our list cover all.

Hope our guide was of some use and helped you reach a decision.

Till next time!

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